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Strike Legion

Mission Logs: Volume I

Strike Legion Game Supplement

Mission Log I Strike Legion
bodies of these vampires will begin to smolder and turn
Mission 10: to dust.
Night Hunters The Legionnaires must move deeper into the underground
labyrinth to find a massive chamber filled with thousands
Introduction of sleep chambers attached to a huge central cylinder that
Your Strike Team has been sent to Epsilon Prime at spans the entire length of the chamber. Clear tubes drain
the request of its Magistrate. For the past few decades, a blood from the occupants of each chamber and send it to
few dozen people each night would disappear without a the central cylinder where it is processed for some un-
trace from this world. The bodies of these victims would known purpose. At the bottom of the cylinder, some ar-
reappear as shriveled up carcasses completely dried of all cane process occurs where the blood from hundreds of
blood a few weeks later. Recently thousands of people are victims is concentrated into a few drops. The team must
disappearing each day and the populace of Epsilon Prime quickly place grenades at the base of the cylinder to bring
is getting scared and they want answers fast. This mission the entire structure down and stop this atrocity.
is considered a high priority because this world is a gate- When the team has finished placing the charges, they
way for the newly discovered wormhole transit network will be confronted by the Magistrate. His eyes glow with
so its stability is vital to the security of the Republic. a bright red light in the darkness of the chamber. The
Magistrate tells them that they have arrived here much
Into the Darkness sooner than he had expected but it makes no difference.
Your team arrives on Epsilon Prime and they are quickly He tells the team that he will no longer underestimate your
brought before the planetary Magistrate. He seems com- resourcefulness but your lives will soon come to an end.
pletely unconcerned about his planets current problems Draining normal people takes absolutely forever because
and he seems totally unwilling to provide your team with they are so weak, but the concentrated essence of a few
any assistance. The Legionnaires leave his office con- Legionnaires will make his master extremely happy. The
fused and wondering if he actually requested the Legions Legionnaires should detonate their charges and escape us-
help or not. Without permission, the Legionnaires should ing the distraction of the entire chamber collapsing around
break into the planets Central Control station and install a them. Your Strike Team must escape to the city above and
search virus to look for any anything unusual recorded on decide what to do next.
this worlds safety and monitoring network. After analyz-
ing the planets network, the Legionnaires will see that as Safe Haven
soon as night falls people start being pulled into the shad- Your team decides to look for help so they should go
ows. After further analysis, the heat signatures of these to the local Mastery Guild to see if their ancient tomes
victims all move toward local subway terminals. These have any solution to this vampire plague. When the team
victims must be needed alive for some unknown sinister arrives, they are welcomed by the Guild Master who has
reason because they all appear to be living when they are already heard that Legionnaires were on his world. The
brought underground. team asks to see the Librarian because they believe this
The Legionnaires should wait till midnight to find a local world has been infested with vampires for a very long
subway terminal that has closed for the night to look for time. The group is led to a sealed chamber where all the
clues. Once your team has bypassed terminal security and Guilds most sacred documents and artifacts on this world
gotten inside the station, they will hear screaming com- are stored. The Librarian tells you of the ancient stories
ing from below. The team must run down to the subway of vampires that have plagued this world for thousands
boarding area to investigate where they will see a few of years. The only weapon that can hurt them is a blade
dark figures pulling a screaming woman into an opening made of pure iridium. He goes into the sacred antecham-
in the wall of a nearby subway tunnel. The passageway ber and returns with an ancient hide covered weapon. The
slams shut before the Legionnaires can reach it. The Le- Librarian unwraps this artifact and pulls out a shiny blade
gionnaires must quickly open the secret door and get into that gleams with a myriad of colors and hands it to one of
the passage because an automated subway train is rush- the Legionnaires.
ing toward them. Once inside, the Legionnaires should This weapon is called the Dark Slayer and it is one of the
cautiously move down the passage where they will catch few things that can kill a real vampire. Sounds of scream-
five vampire warriors totally by surprise. Once killed, the ing can be heard from outside the chamber so the team

Strike Legion Mission Log I
and the Librarian rush outside to see what is happening. your team as he feels the power escalate within his body.
The torn bodies of other Masters litter the blood stained He starts to look scared as his body will not stop expand-
hallways but the screaming continues toward the central ing and his skin begins to glow with power. He suddenly
courtyard of the Guild stronghold. When the team steps explodes so the team must react quickly to avoid being
into the courtyard, the Guild Master will project a beam covered in corrosive blood and gore. The team walks
of energy from his hand that tears the Librarian in half. away from the tower knowing that they still have to hunt
The Magistrate will then step into view only illuminated down thousands of vampire servants that will be cower-
by the light of the moon. The Magistrate and the Guild ing in the dark waiting for their destruction now that the
Master seem almost indestructible so the Dark Slayer is vampire lord has been destroyed.
the Legionnaires only hope. This ancient weapon will
automatically kill any vampire, no matter how powerful Conclusion
it is with a single hit. When the Magistrate receives a The team must contact the sectors Librarian Magistori-
mortal wound, he will fly away from the battle toward the um to request the assistance from a few Inquisitors to help
safety of his master. If the group follows his blood trail clear out any remaining vampires still hiding in positions
which actually melts through anything that it touches, it of power on Epsilon Prime. The team should also deliver
will lead them to a massive glass tower in the center of the the Dark Slayer to a Guild Librarian on a nearby world
local city. Once the Legionnaires arrive, they will find the for safe keeping in case another vampire incursion is ever
smoldering remains of the Magistrate right in front of the encountered by the Legion again.
entrance to a normal looking business tower.
Mission Data
Dark Tower
When the Legionnaires walk through the entrance of this Magistrate Thorum Dierul
building, they will find some very surprised looking vam- STR AGI INT PER RES PRE DEF ACT LIFE
pires dressed as security guards protecting the main eleva- 12 12 8 8 8 8 10 8 50
tor of this tower. In this fight with ten vampire warriors, Fight 12 / Diplomacy 8 / Infiltrate 8 / Pilot 4 / Vampire
the elevator will be destroyed so the team must make it to The world of Epsilon Prime has flourished under the
the top of the tower using the stairwell. They will fight leadership of this great man but it is unknown when he
a group of vampires every three levels of the tower. The was tainted by the vampires curse. It is now believed
team must fight ten groups of twenty vampire warriors to that he has been undead for a very long time and he was
get to the top of the tower and discover the true source of simply fattening up the populace of his world so that they
evil. The Dark Slayer will make these battles very easy so can be harvested by his master. Once this monster per-
these vampire minions should be portrayed as wave after fects the life force distillation process, he plans to spread
wave of warriors that cannot understand why they are so his operation throughout the universe and make the entire
easy to destroy. Once the Legionnaires reach the top of Star Republic his masters feeding ground. His master
the tower, they stand before a huge set of doors made of grows impatient so he has devised a plan to lure a team of
human flesh and bones. These doors open themselves and Legionnaires to Epsilon Prime to use their immense life
the Legionnaires walk into a huge room to discover who energy to give his master a taste of true power.
has been running this world from the beginning of its his-
tory. Grand Master Roald Dahan
The Dark Lord stands behind an immense black desk STR AGI INT PER RES PRE MAS DEF ACT LIFE
with a glowing red vial of blood on its surface. The Dark 8 8 6 6 6 6 8 10 8 30
Lord is a huge man with an almost gray complexion and Fight 8 / Diplomacy 6 / Infiltrate 6 / Pilot 6 / Vampire /
bright yellow eyes. He wears a skin tight black suit and a Energy Blade
long black cape made of some type of reptilian skin. He This powerful Ardent is respected throughout the uni-
seems very pleased to see such powerful opponents but he verse for his ability to teach and reform troubled Adepts
laughs because he knows you dont stand a chance after and his incredible control over his aspect of Mastery. His
whats about to happen next. Before the fight begins, the conversion to the undead must be very recent because
Dark Lord will drink an entire flask of human elixir. His such corruption could not go undetected for long under the
body will swell with power and he will begin to laugh at watchful eyes of the local Guild Librarian, Thelma Fedor.

Mission Log I Strike Legion
Master Dahan was a powerful force in the war against the vampire has no Stamina rating and it is completely im-
Dark Master and his loss will forever change the balance mune to Stun damage. They restore all their Life at the
of power in the secret war being fought against the dark- end of each combat turn so they can be very difficult to
ness within the Republic. kill with standard weapons. They deal standard damage
for all hand attacks instead of Stun damage.
Dark Lord Umpiral
20 20 10 10 10 10 10 10 500 DAM X Special

Fight 20 / Diplomacy 10 / Infiltrate 10 / Pilot 6 / Vampire S 1 Melee

This vampire lord has spawned all other vampires on This ancient weapon is a small blade made of pure iridi-
Epsilon Prime and he has existed on this world since it um. The slightest impurity would make this weapon use-
was first colonized. He has slowly built up his power base less for it purpose as a vampire slayer. The Dark Slayer
and developed his arcane technology to create a massive actually tears the seal that stores the evil energies that
underground network of life distillation altars on this surge throughout a vampires body allowing it to instantly
world. He has slowly converted thousand of people into kill any creature with Vampire with a single hit.
his vampire slaves that sit in positions of power all over
Epsilon Prime. His goal is to not only dominate this little
world but to consume the entire universe and as he per-
fects his life draining machines, he can see his dreams of Mission 11:
conquest about to be realized. Once he is destroyed, all of Rescue Force
his underlings will lose most of their power so they will be
easy to hunt down and destroy. Introduction
One half of all Legionnaires must remain on Home Duty
Vampire Warrior and stay within Star Republic space at all times. These
STR AGI INT PER RES PRE DEF ACT LIFE warriors stay behind to protect the Republic from possible
5 5 3 3 3 3 8 3 10 Imperial and alien invasion. Many of these Legionnaires
Fight 5 / Infiltrate 3 / Pilot 3 / Vampire volunteer for Rescue Duty to maintain their edge and to
These vampire minions are the ground troops for the help pass the time. Your team has been assigned to the
Dark Lord on Epsilon Prime. They are extremely danger- modified Strike Cruiser, Rescue Gamma, and you are hur-
ous because of their powerful bodies and their ability to tling toward Pechan 6 where massive fires are erupting all
regenerate all damage inflicted to them. These vampires over this forest world.
have become extremely powerful because their Dark Lord
has grown so strong after taking small doses of life elixir Firestorm
over the past few centuries. All these vampires work hard Once the team is orbiting Pechan 6, they must suit up in
to serve their master because they know that their masters Rescue power armor and drop down to the surface of this
power is also their power. world to discover what is causing this terrible planet wide
firestorm. As the team hurtles down in these special suits,
Vampire they can see a massive energy vortex ripping through the
These are true vampires that were not created by a virus rainforest that covers the entire southern continent. Any-
or nano tech. The life force of these creatures has been thing touched by the vortex instantly erupts into a blazing
drained and their life has been linked to a more powerful fire. If the Legionnaires fire any weapons at the vortex,
creature. The first vampire is the source of all power for a these attacks will be reflected back at them.
vampire hierarchy so the power level of the original mon- If the Legionnaires use their armors force generators,
ster determines the power of all other vampires that it has their force field projections can stop the movement of the
created. As more powerful vampires are destroyed, their fire vortex and even push it backwards. If the Legion-
underlings become weaker and weaker. Vampires are de- naires surround it on all sides and push it inward with
stroyed if they are ever exposed to direct sunlight for more their force generators, it will permanently disappear with
than a few minutes. They do not have to eat but they must a flash. Once the vortex is gone, the Legionnaires must
drain the life blood of other people in order to survive. A quickly put out the global inferno before it spirals out of

Strike Legion Mission Log I
control. A Rescue suits force generator can be used to see another of these deadly energy vortexes that caused
push the air away from a fire allowing a Legionnaire to the previous disasters. The Strike Cruiser can fire on the
put out an entire forest fire in an instant. vortex but nothing will happen. If the star becomes unsta-
ble, it will unleash deadly solar flares that will kill billions
Whirlwind of people on the four inhabited worlds of this system. The
The world of Akanas 3 has sent out emergency signals only chance that the Legionnaires have is to suit up in
for help so your team must rush to this ocean world. Mas- Rescue armor and surround the vortex with force genera-
sive cyclones have been pulling in thousands of mobile tor projections to destroy it. The vortex is so close to the
fisheries and floating villages each day on this doomed star that this will be a one way trip because these suits can
world. When the team arrives, the first thing they see is only survive a few seconds being so close to the surface
the incredible cyclone created by another energy vortex of a star. When the team surrounds the vortex with their
that lies on the sea floor pulling everything above it into force generators, their suits will begin to disintegrate in
the deep. Giant burning oil slicks and wreckage cover the the solar fury and the last thing that the Legionnaires will
entire surface of this pristine ocean world making it very see is the vortex disappearing with a flash.
difficult to find a safe dive zone for the team.
The huge vortex can be seen from space as it moves Dimensions
from one place to another, leaving a path of death and The team will awaken floating in total darkness. Even
destruction. The team must suit up in their Rescue armor though there is no light, the Legionnaires can still see one
and dive into the ocean below. They must dodge all the another. A massive light suddenly appears in front of the
underwater wreckage that is being whipped around by the team and it telepathically communicates with each Le-
currents generated by the vortex. If the Legionnaires can gionnaire. It tells the team that this has been a grand test
surround the vortex with force generators and crush it, it to see how far the life forms of this region of space have
will disappear with a flash. Once the vortex has been de- evolved. The being tells you that it is very pleased with
stroyed, the team must quickly leave this world because your current level of evolution and looks forward to what
another emergency is happening in the distant system of your people will become in another few millennia. It tells
Ryogo. the team that it may someday even lower the galactic bar-
rier and let the rest of the universe see your people. With
Space Time a flash, it disappears and the Legionnaires find themselves
Ryogo has an incredible ship construction facility that aboard their Strike Cruiser heading for their home base.
completely surrounds its star. When the teams Strike
Cruiser arrives in Ryogo, another vortex is tearing apart
construction rigging and pulling in unfinished ships. The Mission Data
team must quickly suit up in Rescue armor and rush to-
ward the spatial vortex already knowing how to deal with Rescue Power Armor
these menaces. The team must surround and crush the STR AGI DEF SPD ACT X SHD ARM SIZE
vortex with their force generators and it will disappear 8 8 8 8 6 10 100 10 1
with a blinding flash. The team must help the injured and Structure Crew Type Move
stabilize damaged sections of the construction facility be- 3/6/9 1 Armor Grav / Walk
fore they decide what to do next. Once the Legionnaires Special

are aboard Rescue Gamma, they can look at a star map to Biomech / Force Generator
determine if there is any relationship between these three Sensor 20
disasters that have been caused by the same unknown This suit of Legion power armor is designed to protect
force. The three disaster systems form a perfect equilat- a Legionnaire in the worst possible conditions so it has
eral triangle and at its exact center is the system Ranmi. extremely powerful shielding and the versatile force gen-
erator system. The force generator allows a Legionnaire
Solar Storm to manipulate the world around her with incredible force
The teams Strike Cruiser arrives in Ranmi to see its star and precision. It can be used to protect another person
changing color and its magnetic field beginning to col- from falling rocks, change the path of an avalanche, or lift
lapse. Right next to the surface of the star, the team can a small mountain in times of great need.

Mission Log I Strike Legion
Force Generator
The force generator system is fully integrated into every
suit of Rescue armor. It projects an immense force projec-
Strike Legion
tion that can be formed into any shape with almost unlim-
ited power. In its simplest form, this force can be forged
Mission Log
into a shovel to move immense amounts of dirt around or
a saw to cut down an entire forest of trees. A force genera-
Volume I
tor can be used to reach and catch multiple people at once
and move them to safety. It can be used to protect people
from almost any danger and at its highest setting it can be
used to shift the position of a continent. It is the ultimate
utility device that makes a Rescue suit the perfect search
and rescue machine. The force energy produced by the
Game Design
system can be set to be any color that the user desires. by
James T. Kato

Produced by JEN Games

Copyright 2011 James Tadashi Kato.

All rights reserved.

All incidents, institutions, and people are fic-

tional and any similarity to persons living or
dead is strictly coincidental. Printed in the

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