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Topic: Are Modern Wars not holy Wars?

Please, all assess my outline on the subject topic


1. Introduction

2. Present Scenario: Non-existence of Holiness in Modern Wars

3. Misinterpretation and misrepresentation of Modern Wars as Holy Wars

4. Use of Religion as a tool to attain political and strategic objectives in Modern Wars

a. Rise of IS Russian suspicion about US relationship with IS, a banned terrorist outfit, to
achieve strategic goals in Middle East
b. Political Motives of TTP and Afghan Talibans in Pakistan and Afghanistan respectively Use
of religions Islam as a tool to expedite political motives and gain n

5. Consequences

a. Image of a Religion is Jeopardized

b. Religious Values are Norms are devalued
c. Irrational Behaviours Emerge

i. Islamphobic Attitide

ii. Hatred towards others

d. Global, Regional & Territorial Peace is Disturbed

6. Control Mechanism: Capping Modern Wars to be used as Holy War

a. Promoting Peace and Harmony through International Collaboration to end extremism in the
name of religion
b. Addressing humanitarian Crisis arising out of civil wars fought in the name of holy wars

i. Israel-Palestine Issue Hundreds of Thousand die each year.

ii. Middle East Crisis in Syria, Yemen and Iraq Thousands are brutally killed and injured.

c. Ending defamation of religion through cooperation at regional level

d. Role of Media in projecting true picture
e. Religion as an agent to promote peace rather than wars

7. Conclusion