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a new Hydrocone crusher with hi-tech strength


Investing in a new crusher is always a big decision. When your goal is to increase productivity THE RIGHT LEVEL OF PRODUCTION
Whilst a modern crusher enables you to boost
Since your crusher does not operate as an independent at an existing site, there are several
production, it obviously needs to be synchronised
unit, but is often part of a production chain containing important factors to take into consideration: with the rest of your plant or line. In terms of
many different links, buying a new piece of equipment the cost of new equipment and how to production volume, H7800 lies between H8800 and
H6800 (Sandvik Hydrocone models or similar), giving
requires careful consideration not least regarding its install it, versus the increase in productivity you levels of production that are highly efcient, with
efciency and economy. Thats why we at Sandvik Rock it will deliver. Being a neat, compact excellent space/weight/performance ratios, yet not
Processing have gone right back to the drawing board crusher, H7800 ts in nicely where space overproducing in such a way as to create bottlenecks
in your downstream processes.
to design a new Hydrocone crusher, to produce a is limited, and it gives you a high level
machine which delivers really signicant benets over of performance in relation to its size. It BETTER REDUCTION
and above those of your existing equipment. H7800 is therefore provides a cost-effective boost In H7800, two important factors combine to give
greater reduction - new crushing chambers and the
the rst of a new generation of crushers with what we call to production at your existing operation, automation system ASRi. Power is used to improve
hi-tech strength. enabling you to utilize existing infrastructure reduction rather than just increase capacity, so you
get a better quality product in relation to the energy
such as foundations, buildings and material
consumed. The product is simply more efciently
SIZE ISNT EVERYTHING handling arrangements. reduced. Working in combination with the ASRi
In the past it was assumed that the performance of a crusher control system, circulating load is kept to
crusher could be measured in relation to its weight. a minimum. Your crusher is always working at its
upper limit, giving you optimum performance whilst
A heavy crusher was synonymous with a heavy-duty preventing overloading.
crusher. However, the arrival of H7800 challenges this
assumption, so mine and plant owners and operators
can afford to think differently. H7800 gives enhanced
performance in relation to size and weight. It looks like
a medium-sized crusher, yet it has all the strength and
power of a much larger crusher. So, its time to accept
that size isnt everything after all.

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H7800 from scratch do for you?
Why does H7800 look different from other THE RESULT IS that in H7800 you get a lighter It can improve your production capacity. Thanks to It handles tramp metal more effectively. H7800 is
weight crusher with hi-tech strength, i.e. strength in the new design described above, even if H7800 is not designed for a greater shaft travelling height and
members of the Hydrocone family and what a large crusher, it has strength in all the right places. this facilitates the relieving of incidental tramp metal.
all the right places. We put in 520 kW (700 hp) of
are the advantages of this new design? power and this fact, in combination with a greater ASRi ensures that the shaft is returned at the right
The fact is that in addition to having all shaft travelling height (to facilitate the elimination of It can handle the toughest minerals processing moment to its former position.
tramp metal) accounts for its weighty bottom shell. applications in mines and processing plants. H7800
the know-how and experience needed to was specically designed to operate 24 hours a day Gives you enhanced control and protects your
rene our Hydrocone crushers design, we THE TOP MOUNTING of the hydraulic compo- in mining and aggregate applications, the toughest capital investments. H7800 comes with a built-in
also use the latest advanced engineering nents in the oil tanks also represents a new approach. job in the business. This is the best guarantee of the TIMS (Tank Instrumentation Monitoring System) -
It makes servicing far more tidy as oil doesnt spill. crushers ability to handle heavy-duty applications. a small control unit designed to check lubrication,
tools. So in creating H7800 our designers In addition, the lubrication tank and the Hydroset temperature and oil ow. TIMS automatically
were able to rethink the basic principles of tank are divided into two separate units. This means In designing this new crusher, operators feedback watches all functions like switching on cooling fans
they can be placed in different locations, optimising has been taken into consideration. Easy maintenance and heaters when necessary. It also eliminates most
crusher design from scratch, developing a
available space. A plexi-glass window has been tted is an issue we take particularly seriously, hence the of the local installation work and provides enhanced
different shape, applying new materials and in the oil tank making it easy to see oil ow and condition positioning of the dump valve at the side of the control with a full factory guarantee.
nishes, and strengthening the crushers and notice at a glance if the oil levels are low. machine and the design of the oil tank, which is
made for easy servicing. Enhanced performance through compatibility
important points. with our ASRi crusher control system. Used
Sandvik as a leading innovator
For over 100 years we have been making crushers, Change wear and spare parts with minimum downtime. in combination with H7800, ASRi gives you a
and for 30 of those, we have also been developing For example, the liners of H7800 do not require any continual ow of information and constantly makes
crusher control systems to optimise the performance backing material like plastic epoxy or zinc. This saves adjustments leading to more efcient production. For
of our crushers. With H7800, we demonstrate once the time usually spent mixing, pouring and waiting for example, it adjusts crusher settings automatically in
again that Sandvik is the leading innovator in the the curing to take place, whilst also increasing safety order to compensate for the liner wear; it ensures the
eld of rock processing, taking crusher design tech- for your maintenance staff. highest possible crusher performance. Pressure and
nology combined with advanced crusher control power in relation to load are automatically adjusted
to new heights. H7800 is a genuine innovation in H7800 generates downstream process savings to suit rock properties, moisture etc. All inuencing
rock processing equipment from Sandvik, building in cost and efciency, thanks to better reduction, conditions are taken into consideration, 24 hours per
on the strength and robustness of our proven promoted by a new chamber design and by the use day, keeping your crusher pushed up to its 100%
Hydrocone crushers. of ASRi crusher control system. performance, automatically.

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TECHNICAL FEATURES Inlet 2200 Approximate weights H7800

Heaviest lift during maintenance: 13000 kg

Weight (excl. motor): 50 Tonnes
of H7800 Total weight (incl motor & subframe): 58 Tonnes

Nominal capacities for Hydrocone H7800

(With splitter)

(Without splitter)
Max feed size Nominal capacity (t/h)



(mm) C.S.S. (mm)

8 10 13 16 19 22 25 29 32 38 44 51 57 64 70

H7800-EC 300 980 1060 1120 1240 1350 1490 1610 1740 1860
H7800-C 240 1030 1110 1180 1300 1420 1570 1690 1830 1960

H7800-MC 195 990 1060 1140 1200 1330 1460 1610 1730 1880 2010

H7800-M 155 850 910 970 1040 1100 1220 1330 1470 1580 1720
H7800-MF 100 770 830 880 940 1020 1070 1180
H7800-F 90 700 760 810 870 920 1000 1050 1160 4084
1600 4226
H7800-EF 80 520 550 600 650 690 740 790 850 900 990
Nom 6354
Max. motor size: 500 kW/700 Hp

Capacity, MTPH Crushing chambers

Performance gures are approximate and give an indication of what the H-crushers:
crusher can produce. Several standard crushing chambers are available:
They apply for open circuit crushing of dry material with a bulk density of EF = Extra ne
1600 kg/m3. It is assumed that material much ner than the crushers closed F = Fine
side setting (CSS) is removed from the feed. MF = Medium ne
Consult us regarding the application of the crusher since the chosen M = Medium
eccentric throw, degree of reduction, the materials crushability (Wi) the size MC = Medium coarse 3095
analysis of the feed, the design of any recrushing circuit and the moisture C = Coarse

MIN 4400
content in the feed all affect performance of the crusher. EC = Extra coarse

Product curves
The product curve and the percentage of the crusher product that is smaller than the closed side setting (square hole, mm) is dependant on the
crushability (Wi), of the material, the size distribution of the feed and other factors.

Hydrocone H7800

MIN 1720
80 MIN 2850
CSS 8 10 13 16 22 25 32 38 44 51
Weight Fraction Passing Through (%)

70 1600 4226
2671 1224






20 1584

10 80(4x)
180(4x) 2489
1 10 100
Particle Size [mm]
6 7
7. The two top shell arms are protected against
wear by robust liners made out of special
steel alloy.
1. A taller piston that improves the travelling
height of the main shaft, thus increasing the
8. The main shaft is protected by replaceable
ability to handle tramp metal.
sleeve and inner head nut.

9. CLP (constant liner performance) crushing

chamber is standard. The CLP-chamber
design maintains feed opening throughout
the entire life of the liners. One top shell is
used for all crushing chambers.

10. Inspection doors are provided in the

bottom shell.

11. Operates at low noise level and has a long

life thanks to bevel gears with hardened,
spiral cut gears.

2. A new shell liner design that does not

require the use of plastic backing and
makes the changing of wear and spare
parts quicker and simpler.
1. Separate lubrication and hydroset tanks. The oil tank unit
automatically maintains oil ow to the various bearings.
The pump is independent of the crusher and permits
full lubrication even before the crusher itself has been
started up. The oil is ltered and cooled automatically.

2. All components in the tank are easily accessed through

inspection doors.

3. TIMSTM (Tank Instrumentation Monitoring System) to

check lubrication, temperature and oil ow.

4. The condition of the oil can visually be checked through

the plexiglass window.

3. The interior of the crusher is protected from 5. Duplex lters can be changed during operation.
dust by a self-lubricating seal ring.
6. The function of the Hydroset tank is to control the
movement of the main shaft. Motors and pumps are
easily accessed.

4. Product curve and capacity can be

optimised by adjusting the eccentric bushing
supplied with the crusher.


5. H7800 is compatible with the widely 5

recognised ASRiTM (Automatic Setting
Regulation System) implying further 3
opportunities for enhancing performance.

6. A dump valve is positioned at the side of the

crusher for ease of maintenance.

idfolket 2004
JAWMASTER: Characterized by attention to detail in design and manufacture.
The ideal crusher to choose when high production and low total cost are in focus.

HYDROCONE: Ideal for secondary and tertiary crushing, this crusher is

characterized by its robust design, reliability and high performance. Hydrocone can
also be equipped with an automatic crusher control system.

IMPACTMASTER: An impact crusher best suited to primary, secondary

and recycling applications. Allows high product reduction and provides quality
products (cubicity).

MERLIN-VSI: An advanced vertical shaft impact crusher, designed mainly, but

not exclusively, for crushing abrasive and hard materials: such as in sand and gravel
plants, industrial minerals, mining and recycling.

Sandvik is a high-technology engineering Group with advanced

products and a world-leading position within selected niches;
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products in stainless steel, special alloys, high-temperature
materials and process systems. Sandvik Rock Processing is a
business sector within Sandvik Mining and Construction and
manufactures products for the mining and construction industry;
crushers, screens, feeders, mobile crushers and screening
stations. Worldwide business activities are conducted through
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