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pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical care, drug i,formation, (c) Engage in teaching scientific, technical, orprofessional
patient medication counseling, and health promotion.The pharmacy courses irr a school or college of pharmacy; or
pharmacists' profe ssional senrices shal1, therefore, be prom oted
as an indispensable component of the
(d) Dispense pharmaceutical products in situations
total health care system to where supervision of dispensing of pharmaceutical products
ensu-re the physicai well-being ol1hs pilitrinos.
is required; or
Hence, the State shall develop and nurture competent,
productive, morally upright, and well-rounded pharmacists whose
(e) Chemical, bioiogical or microbiological analyses and
assay of pharmaceutical products, food/dietary supplements,
standards ofprofessional practice and service shall be excellent
health supplements, and cosmetics; or
and globally competitive through regrrlatory measures, programs,
and activities that promote and sustain their continuing
professional development. 0 Physico-chemical analyses for medical devices used
in aid of administration of pharmaceutical products; or
SEC. 3. Objectiues. - ThisActprovides for and shall govern (g) Administrirtion of aduit vaccines as approved by the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Prouid,ed, That they
(a) shall undergo the training on the safe administration of adult
Standardization and re gulation of pharmacy ed ucation; vaccines and management of adverse event following
immunization (AEFI) for pharmacists and hold a certificate of
&) Administration of licensure examin31i611, registration,
training issued by an institution duly accredited by the
and Licensing of pharmacists;
Professional Regulation Commission RC): Prouided., further,
That the safe administration of vaccines be part of the higher
G) Supervision, control, and regulation ofthe practice of education curriculum for pharmacists; or
pharmacy in the Philippines;

(d) Development and enhancement of professional (h) Conduct or undertake scientific research in all
rxrmpetence of pharmacists through continuing professional aspects involving pharmaceutical products and health care; or
development, research, and other related activities; and
(, Pror.rde other serwioes where pharmaceuticallmowledge
(e) Integration is required.
of the pharmaryprofession.

Activities under paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (d) and (i) are
- SBc. 4. Scope of the Practice of Pharmacy. -
deemed to be practicing pharmacy,
A person is exclusive to Iicensed pharmacists. However, nothing herein
within the meaning of this
Act, when with or without a fee, salary, percentage or other shall be construed as requiring other persons carrying out
rewards, paid or given directly or indirectly, shall: only the activities under paragraphs (e), (0, (g) and (h) to be
licensed pharmacists, subject to any qualification that is
(a) Prepare, compound or manufacture, preserve, store, imposed by other laws with respect to such particular activity.
distribute, procure, seil, or dispense, or both, anypharmaceutical
product or its raw materials; or A11 pharmacists are expected to abide by current
standards such as the Philippine Practice Standards for
(b) Render servicbs, such as clinical pharmacy seryices, Pharmacists, Good Laboratory Practice, Good Distribution
drug information services, re gulatory services, pharmaceuticai Practice, Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Clinica1
m arketing, medication m anagmen! or wher,reyer, the exp ertise
Practice, which are deemeci vital in the pertbrmance of their
and technical.knowledge of the pharmacist is retiilired; or roles and functions in different practice areas.

r il r:i . i, l,iri, | ;,iiri,lriLfilr. irrr,;


The Professiona-l Regulatory Board of pharmacy,

hereinafter created, subject to the approval of the pRC, as (e) Brand, name refersto the proprietary name given by
provided for by Republic Act No. gggr, otherwise known the manufacturer to distinguish its produci from ihose of
as competitors;
the "PRC Modernization Act of 2000", and in consurtation with
the integrated and accredited, professional organization
(APO), may modify the above-enumerated aets, s-er,,rices, (f) Cipher, Code, or Secret Key refers to a method of
or secret writing or use of characteristic style or symbol by
activities, as the need arises, in to conform to the iaiest
trends and developments in the practice of the pharmacy substituting other letter/s or character/s for the letter/sintended,
profession: Prouided, That such modifications are ^consistent for the purrpose of misleading the consumer;
with the enumeration above.
(g;) Compounding refersto the sum ofprocesses performed
by a pharmacist in drug preparation incruding the calculations,
SEC. 5. Definition of Terms. _ As used in this Act;
mixing, assembling, packaging, or labeling of a drug: (i) as the
(a) Acuedited professional organization (ApO) refers result of a prescription or drug order by a physician, dentist, or
to the duly integrated and accredited professiorrui o"groi veterinarian; or (ii) for the purpose o{ or in relation to, research,
zation teaching, or chemical analysis;
of registered and licensed pharmacisis, of which theie shall
only one (1), as prescribed under section 41, Article vof this Act;
Q't) Continuing professional d.euelopment (CpD) refers
to the inculcation of advanced knowledge, skils, and ethical
@) Adult uaccines refer to cervical cancer, flu (inlluenza),
pneumococcal, other pre-expost[e prophylactic vaccines values in a post-licensure specialized or in an inter_ or
to multidisciplinary field of study for assimilation into
be admrnistered to patients aged eighieen (ia) years and
above, professional practice, self-directed research, andl or lifelong
and such other vaccines as may be d.efined by the Department
of Health (DOH) in an administrative issuance; learning;

(c) Adulterated / Deteriorated. pharmaceutical prod,ucts (, Cosntetics refer to a substance or preparation

refer to pharmaceutical products unfit for human cons'r_rmption, intended tb be placed in contact with the various external
following the standards of quality or purity of which, *" u" parts of the human body or with the teeth and the mucous
those stated in the []nited states pharmacopeia/National membranes of the oral cavity, with a view exclusively or mainly
Irormulary and Philippine pharmacopeia in its latest edition to cleaning them, perfumiag them, changing theirupp"*rrr"L
or any standard reference for drugs and medicines which are andlor correcting body odor, and/or protecting the body or
given official recognition as werl as those provided for in keeping them in good condition, as defined under Repubtc act
Republic Act No. 8720, otherwise known as tle No.9711;
"Food., Drug,
and Cosmetic Act", as amended, and Republic Act No. g?11,
known as the "Food and Drug Administration Act of Z0Og,,;

(,) Counterfeit ph,armaceutical prod.ucts refer to

l pharmaceutical products which do not contain the amounts
(d) Biopharmaceuticals refer to pharmaceutical products I as claimed; with wrong ing:edients; without active ingredients;
that are used for therapeutic or for in uluo diagnostic p^urposes, or with insu{ficient quantity of active ingredients, which result
such as vaccines, sera, and drugs derived from tife iorro, rn the reduction ofthe products'safeti, effi.cacy, quality, strength,
using biotechnology. These include proteins, nucleic acids, or or purity. These also refer to products that are deliberately
living microorganisms where the virulence is red.uced and and fraudulently mislabeled with respect to identity and/oi
are used for therapeutic or for in uiuo diagnostic purposes:
source or with fale packaging, and can apply to both branded
aad generic products, including the foliowiag:

(1) The pharmaceutical product itseif or the container (2) Any article intended for use in diagnosis, cure,
or labeling thereof or any part of such product, container, or
mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease of man or animals;
labeling, bearing without authorization; the trademark, trade
name, or other identification marks or imprints or any lilreness
(3) AnV article, other than food, intended to affect the
to that which is owned or registered in the Intellectuar property
structure or any function of the human body or animals;
Office (PO) in the name of another natural or juridical person;
(a) Any article intended for use, as a componentof articles,
(2) Apharmaceutical product refilled in containers bearing
specified in clauses (1), (2) and (B), not including devices or their
legitimate labels or marks, without authority; and
components, parts snd accessories; and
(3) A pharmaceutical product which contains no amount
(5) Herbai or traditional drugs as defined in Republic Act
ofor a different active ingredient; or less than eighty percent
(80%) of the active ingredient it purports to possess, as
distinguished from an adulterated drug including reduction
fti) Entergency cases refer to life-threatening situations
or loss ofefficacy due to expiration; where a patient needs immediate medical attention and treatmen!
including the occurrence of epidemic or natural calamities;
@) Dangerous drugs refer to those listed in the:
(L) Schedules annexed to the 1g61 Single Convention on (o) Expiratioru d,ate refers to the end date when the
Narcotic Drugs, as amended by the Lg72protocoi; (2) Schedu_tes manufacturer can guarantee that a product possesses its
annexed to the 1921 Sing1e Convention on psychotropic claimed potency, efficacy, quality, and safety; after which its sale
Substances; and (3) Annex of Republic Act No. g16b, otherwlse or distribution is prohibited;
known as the "Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of Z0OZ,,
and its amendments; FiUing refers to the act of dispensing or providing
medicines in accordance with a prescription or medication order;
Q) Dispensing refers to the sum of processes performed
by a pharmacist from reading, validating, and inierpreting ($ Food/Dietary supplements refer to processed food
prescriptions; preparing; packaging; labeling; record. keeping; products iiitended to supplement the diet that bears or contains
dose calculations; and counseling or giving information, in relation one (1) or more of the following dietary ingredients: vitamins,
to the sa-le or transfer of pharmaceutical products, with or without minerals, herbs, or other botanicals, amino acids, and dietary
a prescriptlon or medication order; substances to increase the total daily intake in amounts
conforming to the latest Philippine-recommended energy and
(m) Drugs refer to pharmaceutical prod.ucts that pertain
nutrient intakes or internationally agreed minimum daily
to chemical compounds or bioiogical substances, other than food,
requirements. It usually is in the form of capsules, tablets, Iiquids,
intended for use in the treatment, prevention, or diagnosis of gels, powders, or pills and not represented for use as a conventional
disease in humans or animals, including the following: food or as the sole item of a meal or diet or replacement of drugs
and medicines, as defined under RepublicAct No. g711;
(1) Any article recognized in the official United
States Pharmacopeia/ National Formulary, Homeopathic (r) Generic nam.e refers to the seientificalty and
Ph.armacopeia of the United States of America, phiiippine internationally recognized name of the active ingredients, as
Pharmacopeia, Pltilippine National Drug Formitarl,, approved by the FDA pursuant to Republic Act No. 66Tb, otherwise
British Pho,rrnqcopeeia, European, pharmacopoeia, known as the "Generics Act of 1988";
Japanese Pharmacopoeia, and any official compendium
oI anlr supplement to them; r:t:,1:i:.,:.

::::ir:it::j:l:i-r. lf
: r,- !t:i:::!l: :

:1.::i:L.!,r!1r!:lt;.. !l

(s) Health supplem.ent refers to any product that is supporting or sustaining life; preventing infection; control
used to maintain, enhance and improve the healthy function of of conception; disinfection of medical devices; and providing
the human body and contains one (1) or more or a combination of information for medical or diagnostic purposes by means of
the following: (1) herbal fatty acids, enzymes, probiotics, and other in uitr o exam i n ation of specimens derived from the human body.
bioactive substances; and (2) substances derived from nhtural This device does not achieve its primary intended action in or
sources, including animal, plant, mineral, and botanical materials on the human boily by pharmacological, immunological, or
in the form of extracts, isolates, concentrates, metabolites, metabolic means, but which may be assisted in its futended
synthetic sources of substances mentioned in (1) and (2). It is function by such means, as defined trnder RepubJic Act No. g71" 1;
presented in dosage forms orin small unit doses such as capsules,
tablets, powder, liquids and it shail not include any sterile (z) Med.ical mission refers to an activity conducted on
preparations (i.e. injectibles, eyedrops); normal circumstances of an individual or a group of health
care practitioners to provide health seruices outside the hospital,
(t) Hor"r.sehold. remed.i,es refer to anypreparation containing clinic, and health care facility premises as differentiated
pharmaceutical substances of common pr ordinary use to relieve from humanitarian missions and relief operations which is
common physical ailm snts and which may be dispensed without conducted during emergency situations such as calamity, war,
a medical prescription in original packages, bottles or containers, or natural and man-made disasters;
of which the nomenclature has been duly approved by the FDA;
(aa) Medicines refer to drugs in their appropriate dosage
(u) Institutional pharmacies refer to pharmacies of forms, with assured quality, safety and efficacy for humans or
institutions, organizations, and/or corporations thatprovide a range ,
anims[s, or both;
of pharmaceutical services, given exclusively to the employees
and/or their qualifred dependents; (bb) Med.ical representatiue or prbfessional seruice
represer*atiue referc to one who represents an5, duly authorized
(v) Interiship program. refers to a supervised. practical manufacturer, distributor, trader, and wholesaler of
experience that is required to be completed for licensure as a pharmaceutical products and whose primary duty is to promote
re gistered pharmacist; their products to duly Iicensed health professionals;

(w) Label refers to a fisplay of written, printed, or graphic (cc) Nontrad,itional outlets refer to entities licensed by
matter on the immediate container of any article; appropriate government 4gencies to dispense oyer-the-counter
medicines based on an approved list;
(x) Labeling materials refer to all labels and other written,
printed, or graphic matter: (1) upon any item or any of its (dd) anhne pharmacy seruices refer to pharmaceutical
containers or wrappers; or (2) accompanying any such item; services of a duly licensed pharmaceutical outlet done over the
0) Med.ical d,euice refers to any instrument, apparatus,
implement, machine, appliance, implant, in uitro reagent or (ee) Ouer-the-counter @fC) med,icines refer to medicines
calibrator, software, material or other similar or related, article used for symptomatic relief of minor..eilments and which may be
intended by the manufacturer to be used alone, or in combination, dispensed without a prescription;
fs1 furrman beings, for orte (1) or more of the specific pulToses
of: diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment, or alleviation @) Pharmaceutica,l establishments refer to entities
of disease; fiagnosis, monitoring, treatment, gr alleviation of or [censed by appropriate government agencies, and which are
compensation for an injury; investigatiofil.,,, placem.ent, involved in the manufacture, lppp{t4f,o-n, 9{pqdtAt|gn,, rep-afJgl},
modjfication or support of the anatoml o{ a phpr$iol.,Scal process;" anddistributlonof ptr,a5.p.Acp-.r+ti-"AlpJoaugi".i[.p,hqo*;;;;tdi

(gg,) Pha,rmaceutical manufanturers refer to establishm ents

(n) Pharmacy techrdcians referto persons who assist in
engaged in any or all operations involved in the production of compounding and dispensing ofmedicines in eommurrity, hospital,
pharmaceutical products including the preparation, processing, institutional and industrial settings or engaged in other
compounding, formulating, filling, packaging, repackaging, activities under the supervision of the pharmacist as
altering, ornamenting, finishing and labeling, preparatoly to described in Section 39, Article IV of this AcU
their storage, sale, or distribution, except the compounding and
(pp) Philippine hactice Standardsfor Pharm.adsfs refer
filling of prescriptions in pharmaceutical outlets;
to the established national framework for quality standards
g refers to any activity and guid.elines of the practice of pharmacy that respond to
}rh) Pharmaceutical marketin
undertaken, organized, or sponsored by a pharmaceutical ilt the needs of the people who require the pharmacists'services
establishment or outlet which is direcied at promoting its product;
to provide optimal, evidence-based care as formulated
, .i'j,
r;t,. I

by the integrated APO and approved by the Professional

(t)Pharmaceutical outlets refer to entities licensed by Regulatory Board of Pharmacy;
appropriate government agencies, and which are involved in
compounding and/or dispensing and selling of pharmaceutical
r$lir @S Physician's refer to meficines given to health
riijHrii: professionals for promotional purposes only;
products directly to patients or end-users; jg
fij) Pharmaceutical prod,ucts
refer to drugs, medicines,

(rfl Prescription' / Ethica,l nr.edicin es refer to medicines
biologicals, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical prod.ucts/
!:;l, which can only be dispensed by a pharmacist to a patient, upon
the presentation of a valid prescription from a physician, dentist,
specialties, veterinary products, veterinary biologics and
or veterinarian and for which a pharmacist's advice is necessary;
,_t:t, I

veterinary medicinal products; t.L r

refers to a health professional who has

(x) Refitting of aprescription vefers to the act of
kk) Pharma,cist dispensing the remaining balance of medicines ordered in
been registered and issued a valid Certificate of Registration
(COR) and Professional Identification Card GIC) by the PRC the prescrition;
and the Professional Regulatory Board of Pharmacy; '1.
(O Referral rgfgrs to th.e plocess wherein apharmacist
(ll) Pharmacist-only OTC med,icines refer to over-the-
provides consultative services and conducts preliminary
.: assessment of symptoms and refers the patient to a physician or
counter medicines classified by appropriate government agencies
other health care professional;
to be obtained only from -a licensed pharmacist, with mandatory i
pharmacist's advice on their selection and proper use; '1" (uu) Referral registry refers to the record book maintained
by pharmacists, Iisting the patients referred to different health
(mm) Pharmacy aid,es refer to persons who assist the
pharmacists in the different aspects of pharmacy operation based
facilities for further diagnosis;
on established standard operatingprocedures and processes, with
(vv) Refresher program refers to a prescribed study
very ninimal degree of independence or decision making and
progxam in an accredited school of pharmacy; and
wrthout direct interaction with patients ;

(ww) Telepharnl.acy sequices refer to pharmaceutical

(nn) Pltarrnacy assistanfs refer to persons who assist the
services of a d,uly licensed pharmaceutical outlet done through
pharmacists in different lspects of pharmacy operation based on
the use of telephone, teleconferencing, or facsimile.
established standard operatingprocedures and processes, with a
minimum degree of independence or decisiom Paking and may
have supervised interaction with patients; :i

ARTICLE II (a) Administer and implement the provisions of thisAct;

Tur PnorrSsIoNAL RoCur,Itony BoARD oF PzuRMAcY
@) Promulgate rules and regulations, administrative
orders, and issuances necessary to carry out the provisions of
Suc. e. Creation of the Professional, Regulatory Board this Act;
of Pharmacy. - There is hereby created a Professional Regulatory
Board of Pharmacy, hereinafter called the Board, under (c) Prepare licensure examination questions, score, and.
the administrative control and supervision of the PRC, to rate the examinations and submit the results thereof
be composed of a Chairperson and two (2) members, to be to the PRC. The Board shall prepare, adopt, issue, or amend
appointed by the President of the Philippines from a list of the syllabi or tables of specifications of the subjects in the
three (3) recommendees for each position ranked in the Iicensure examination, in consultation with the academe and
order of preference and submitted by the PRC from a list of the Commissioa onHigher Education (CHED);
five (5) nominees submitted for each position by the duly
integrated APO of pharmacists. (d) Recommend the issuance, suspension, revocation, or
reinstatement of the COR, PIC or SpeciaVTempornry Permits
SEc. 7. Qualifications of the Ch,airperson and Members (STP) for the practice ofpharmacy;
of the Board,. -The Chairperson and members of the Board, at
the time of nomination, must: (e) Administer oaths in accordance with the provisions of
this Act;
. (a) Be a citizen of the Philippines and a resident for at
least five (5) years; (0 Regulate and monitor the practice of pharmacy in
the Philippines, including the practice of subprofessional
O) Be a duly registered and licensed pharmacist in the services such as pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistante,
Philippines, preferabiy a holderof a masberal degree inPharmacy, aides, and other medicine handlers, as described in this Act; adopt
or its equivalent; measures that may be deemed proper for the enhancement
of the profession and the maintenance of high professional,
(c) Have been in the active practice of pharmacy for the academic, ethical, and technical standards; and conduct
past ten (10) years; oeular inspection of pharmaceutical establishments and
higher education institutions (HEIs), in coordination with
(d) Have not been convicted of a crime involving moral concerned governm ent agpncies'
(g) Promulgate and prescribe the Pharmacists' Code of
(e) Be a member in good standing of the APO for at Ethics, Code of Technical Standards and Guidelines for
ieast five (5) years, but not an officer or trustee thereof; and the Professional Practice of the Pharmacy Profession, in
coordination with the APO;
. (0 At the time of appointment, must neither be a member
ofthe faculty nor an administrative offrcer ofany school, college (r) Represent the pharmacy profession in all fora
or univers.ity offerjng degree programs inpharmacy 4or has any involving conce:ns and issues related to pharm-ace_utic-al
direct or indirect pecuniary interest or connection in any review products and the practice of pharmacy;
center or similar institution.
G) Investigate caees arising from violations of this
SEC. 8. Powers, Functiorus, and, Responsibilities of the Aet, the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto,
Baard.. * The Board shall eFercise the [o,[[,0,-ying powers, the Pharmacists'Code of Ethiqs, Code of Technical Standards
functions; and responsibilities: .:" '' ,1

t' ,.
t4 15

and Guidelines for the Professional Practice of the Pharmacy examination and to enhance and upgrade the practice of the
Profession, and other Board issuances; issue summons, subpoena pharmacy profession in the country.
ad testificand,um and subpoena d,uces tecum to secure the
attendance of witnesses or production of documents, or both, and Spc. 9. Term of Office of the Members of the Board. -
other evidence necessary for such investigation or hearing; and The Chairperson and members of the Board shall hold offrce
render decision thereon which shall, unless appealed to the PRC, for a term ofthree (3) years from the date of appointment or
become final and executory after ftfteen (15) days from reeeipt until their successors shall have been qualified and appointed.
of notice of judgment or decision; They may be reappointed in the same office for another term
of three (3) years immediately afber the expiry of their term:
(,) Delegate the hearing or investigation of administrative Prouided, That no member of the Board shall hold oIfice for
cases filed before the Board, except where the issue or more than two (2) terms or not more than six (6) years: Prouided,
question involves the practice of the profession, in which further, That the first Board appointed under this Act
case, the hearing shall be presided over by at least one (1) shall hold these terms of office: the Chairperson for three (3) years,
member of the Board, to be assisted by a Legal or Hearing the first member for two (2) years, and the seeond member for
Offi"cer of the PRC; one (1) yex: Prouided,, finally, That an appointee to a vacancy
shall serve only the unexpiredportion of the term of offi.ce. The
(k) Conduct, through the Legal Officers of the PRC, Chairperson and members of the Board shall duly take their
summary proceedings on minor violations of this Act, the oath of office before a duly authorized officer
General Instruction to the Examinees, including the
implementing rules and regulations issued by the Board, SEC. 10. Compensatioru and Allowances of the Board.. -
and to render summary judgment thereon which shall, unless The Chairperson and members of the Board shall receive
appealed to the PRC, become final and executory after compensation and allowances comparable to the compensation
fiftoen (1-6) days from receipt of notice ofjudgment or decision; and allowances reeeived by the members oJ the other existing
professional regulatory boards under the PRC, as provided for in
0 Issue and promulgate guidelines on CPD, in the General Appropriations Act.
coordination with the APO;
Snc. f f . Ground,s for Su,spension or Rernoual from, Office
(m) Recommend the accreditation of the standardized of the Chairperson or Member of the Board.. - The President of
training programs for and certifications of medical the Phitippines may, upon recommendation of the PRC and after
representatives or professional service representatives, pharmacy due process, suspend or remove the Chairperson or any member
technicians, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy aides and of the Board on any of thdfollowing g'rounds:
other medicine handlers covered in Section 39, Article'IV of
this Act. The Board shall promulgate the criteria and (a) Gross neglect, ilcompetence, or dishonesty in the
guidelines in the accreditation of training programs and discharge ofduty;
certifications as described above, in coordination with the APO
and with other concerned government agencies; &) Involvement in the manipulation, tampering, or
rigging of the licensure examination, its questions or results,
(n) Accredit Specialty Boards of Pharmacy based on or both, and in the disclosure of classified and confidential
the criteria that it shall establish and prescribe; and information pertaining to the licensure examination;

(o) Perform and discharge such other functions and (c) Conviction of an offense involving moral turpitude by
responsibilities, as may be deemed implied, incidental, and a court of competent jurisdiction; and
necessary, to preserve the integriff of the phpmacy licensure

(d) Unprofessional, unethical, immoral, or dishonorable promulgated, in consultation with the duly recognized associations
of pharmacy schools and the CHED.

The PRC, in the conduct of investigation, shall be guided

SEC. 15. Scope of Examina.tiorl.
- by Sections 7 and 15 of RepublicAct No. g9g1, the existingrules - The pharmacists'
Licensure Examination shall cover the following subjects on
on administrative investigation, and the Rules of Court.
Pharmacy Science and Practice: Inorganic pharmaceutical
Chemistry, Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry, eualitative and
SEC.12. Custodian of its Records, Secretariat and.
Quantitative Pharmaceutical Chemistry, pharmacoguosy and
Support Seruices. -AII records ofthe Board, pertaining to the Piant Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Microbiology
applications for examinations, administrative and other and Parasitology, Physical Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutics,
investigative hearings conducted by the Board, shall be under
Pharmacology and Toxicology, Manufacturing, euality
the custody of the PBC. ?he PRC shall designate a Secretary Asswance and Instrumentation, Pharmaceutical calculations,
who shallprovide the Board with secretariat and other support
Drug Delivery Systems, Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical pharmacy,
services to implement the provisions of this Act.
Dispensing and Medication Counseling, pharmaceutical
Administration and Management, public Health, I_egal pharmacy,
ARTICLE III and Ethics.
The Board, subject to the approval of the pRC, may
introduce relevant changes on the subject areas, format, and
SEC. 13. Licensure Examination Requirement. _ Unless
content of the examination, as well as on the relative weight
exempted therefrom, aII applicants for registration for the
attributed to each examination subject, as the need arises, and in
practice of pharmacy shall be required to pass a licensure
consultation with the duly recognized associations of pharmacy
examination, as provided for in this Act and Section 7(d) of
schools and the CHED.
Republic Act No. 8981.
Suc. 16. Hold,ing of Examination,. * The pharmacists'
SEC. 14. Qualifications for the Licensure Eramination. *
Licensure Pxamination shali be given two (2) times a year in
An applicant for the Pharmacists'Licensure Examination shall
places and dates as the PRC may designate in the Resolution
cstablieh to the satisfaction of the Board that the following
providing for the master schedure of all licensure examinations
q ualifications are met:
pursuant to Section 7(d) of RepublicAct No. g9g1.
(a) A citizen of the Philippines or of a foreign country
which has a law or policy on reciprocity for the practice oi
SEC. 17. Ratingsinlthe Li,eensure Estminq.tiorl. *
to be registered and licensed as a pharmacist, a candidate
the pharmacy profession;
must obtain a general weighted average of seventy-five
percent (75o/o), with no rating lower than fifty percent (500/0)
ft) Of good moral character and reputation;
in any of the subjects.
(c) A degree holder of Bachelor of Science in pharmacy
An applicant who failed in the licensure examination for
or its equiwalent degree confened by an HEI in the phiiippines
or an institution of iearning in a foreign country duly recognized the third (a'd) tine shall not be allowed to take the next succeeding
by the CHED;and examinations without having undertaken a refresher profram
in a duly accredited institution. The Board shall issue guidelines
(d) Has completed an internship progrem approved by the on the refresher program requirement.
Board-, pursuant to such guideiines as may hereirrafier be
18 19

The Board shall submit to ad.mitted to licensure examilations, given a COR to practice
SEc. 18. Report of Ratirtg. - as pharmacist nor be entitled to any of the privileges under
the PRC the ratings obtained by each candidate sithin three (3)
this Act.
working days after the last day of the exami:ration, unless
extended for just cause.Upon the release of the results of the
SEc. 22. Practice Through Special/Temporary Permit
examination, the PRC shall send by mail the rating obtained by
(9fry. - The practice of pharmacy in the Philippines shall be
each examinee at the given address using the mailing envelope
limited to natural persons only and shall be governed by
submitted during the examination.
the provisions of Republic Act No. 8981 and other issuances
pertinent thereto: Prouided., That any foreign citizen who
SEC. 19. Oath of Profession. - A11 successful candidates
has gained entry in the Philippines to perform professional
in the licenswe examination shalltake their oath of profession
services within the scope of the practice of pharmacy,
before any member of the Board, of,Ecer of the PRC, or any person
including the following: (a) beine a consultant in foreign-funderl
authorized by law to administer oaths, prior to entering the
practice of the pharmacy profession.
or assisted projects of the government; (b) beins engaged or
employed by a Filipino employer or establishment; (c) providing
Snc. ZO. Issuance of Certificate of Registration a,nd free services in humarritarian missions; and (d) being a
visiting faculty member in any field or specialty in pharmacy
Professiorual ld,entification - A COR as a pharmacist
shall, before assuming such duties, functions and
shall be issued to those who passed the licensure responsibilities, secure an STP from the Board and the
examination, subject to compliance with the registration
PRC, under the following conditions:
requirements and payment of the prescribed fees- The COR
ehall bear the registration number, the date of its issuance, (1) The person is an internationally renowned pharmacist
and the signaturee of the Chairperson of the PRC and
or expert in a field or speeialty of pharmacy;
the membere of the Board, strsmped with the official seals of
the PRC and of the Board, certifying that the person named (2) The person is engaged in the provisio:r of a professional
therein ie entitied to the practice of the profession, with all service whichis determined to be necessary due to Lackof Filipino
the privilegee appurtenant thereto. This COR shall remain in
specialist or expert; and
full force and effect until suspended or revoked in
accordance with this Act- (3) The person is required to work with a Filipino
counterpart, a naturalperson who is a registered and licensed
A PIC bearing the registration number and dates of pharmacist
its issuance and expiry, duly signed by the Chairperson ofthe
PRC, shall likewise be issued to every registrant, upon payment
SEC. 23. Ground,s far Non-registration. -The Board shall
of the pres*ibed fees. The PIC shall be renewed every three (3)
not register any successful examinee who has been:
years, upon presentation of the Certificate of Good Standing
(COGS) from the APO and proof of completion of the CPD (a) Convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude by
roquirements. a court of competent jurisdiction;
. Ssc. 2L. Foreign Reciprocity' - Unless the country or
@) Summarily adjudged by the Boaid as guili, for
state of which the foreign pharmacist is a subject or citizen, misrepresentation or falsification of documents in connection with
specifically permits Fillpino pharmacists to practice within its the application for examination or for violation of the General
territorial limits on the same basis as the subjects or Instructions to Examinees;
citizens ofthe said foreign country or state under reciprocity
and international" agreementp, n-p,:lifo4.&,8, I Ehel,I.b,,: '-r""'
, :r ,i,.r r .r,l.i;.ir,l,iiijiti , ,r,;, ,,, ;,;r,ili,:ri*;,rr"i!1ii;.';*:r;iiij.'i;,.,1 ,, ,; t :, , t r'.it ,i

(c) Found euilty of immoral or dishonorable conduct by The CORs, PICs or STPs hetd by such persons in good
the Board; standing shall have the same force and effect, as though they
were issued. on or a.fter the effectivity of this Act.
(d) Medicaliy proven to be addicted to any drug or alcohol
by a meilical or drug testing facility accredited by the government; SEC. 26. Affixins RPh After o Registered, Pharmacist's
and Name. Only duly registered and licensed pharmacists
shall have the right to affix to one's name, the title "Registered
(e) Declared of unsound mind by a court of competent Pharmacist" or 'RPhu.
jurisdiction. $
SEC. 27. Ind.ication of Infor rnotion. - A pharmacist shall
In refusing the registration, the Board shall give a written I be required to indicate the serial numbers, the date of expiry
statement setting forth the reasons therefor and shall frle a copy of the pharmacist's PIC and APO Certificate of Membership
thereof in its records. Shou1d ground (d) be proven to be no longer on all pertinent documents signed by himlher.
existent, the Board shall issue a Board Resolution allowing the
issuance of such COR. SEC.28. Registry of Pharmausfs. - The Board and the
PRC shali prepare and maintain a registry of the names,
SEc. 24. Reissuance of Reuohed, Certificate of Registration, residences or office addresses, or both, status ofregistration and
Replacernent of Lost or Damaged, Certificate of Registrati.on, area of practice of all registered pharmacists, which shall be
Professional ld,entificatian Card or Special, / Tetnporary Permit. updated annually, in coordination with the APO. This registry
or reissue a revoked shall be made available to the public upon inquiry or request,
- The Board may, upon petition, reinstate
(2) years from the date of its subject to such guidelines that shall be estabtshed therefor.
COR after the expiration of two
revocation. The Board may, in its discretion, require the applicant
The petitioner shallprove SEC. 29. Disptay of Certificate of Registrq,tiorl.* It shall
to take another licensure examireation.
valid for reinstatement. be the d.uty of every pharmacist engaged in the practice, whether
to the Board that there is a reason such
For the grant of the petition, the Board shall issue a Board in private or under the employ of another, to display the original
Resolution, to be approved by the PRC. copy of one's COR in a prominent and conspicuous place in the
drug establishment in which one is employed in a professional
A dupiicate copy of the COR for display in Category B capacity as pharmacist. When employed in establishments under
establishments may be issued. Replacement of lost or damaged Citegory B, as defined in Section 31 of this Act, the d.uplicate
COR, PIC or STP may be issued in accordance with the pertinent copy of the pharmacist's COR shail also be displayed therein'
rules that shall be issued thereon.
No pharmacist shall knowingly allow the COR to be
ARTICLE IV fisplayed in an establishment where one is not actually employed
as a professional pharmacist.
SEc. 30. Dispensing/Sate of Pharmaceutical Prod'ucts'
Snc. 25. Vested Rights; Automatic Registration - AX - No pharmaceutical product, of whatever nature and kind,
pharmacists registered before the effectivity of this Act shali shall be compounded, dispensed, sold or resold, or otherwise
automati.eallybe registered hereunder, subject to compliance as be made available to the consuming public, except thlough a
to future requirements. retail drug outlet duly }icensed by the FDA.

Prescription d.rugs and pharmacist'only OTC meficines

shalL be fispensed" only by a duly registered and licenseC

r rirl ,rii. r,rlrrr,i-rrirjr:


pharmacist, except irt emergency cases, where the services of a

estabUshments with processes involving the preparation,
registered and licensed pharmacist are not avail abLe: prouid,ed,,
That a report shall be made to the supervising pharmacist within
manufacture, assay, regulation, product research and
development, quality control, repacking importation, exportation,
twenty-four (24) hours after the occurrence of the emergency so
distribution, sale or transfer of pharmaceutical products in
that product recording in the prescription books can be done.
quantities greatly in excess ofsingle therapeutic doses; and
Compounding and dispensing shall be done onJy by duly
(4) Government units, including local government, city,
registered and Iicensed pharmacists, in accordance with current
Good Manufacturing Practice, laboratory practice, philippine
first to third
class municipal health units, nongovernment
organizations and/or associations involved in the procurement,
Practice standards for Pharmacists and dispensing guidelines.
distribution, dispensing and storage of pharmaceutical products;
A registered and licensed pharmacist may refuse to compound,
dispense or sell drugs and pharmaceutical prod.ucts, ilnot in
accordance with this Act and the abovementioned standards. @) Category B * Pharmaceutical establishments/outlets
where the supervision and oversight of a duly registered and
licensed pharmacist is required under pertinent provisions of Iaw,
Licensed manufacturers, importers, distributors, and
wholesalers ofpharmaceutical products are authorized to sell their
products only to duly licensed pharmaceutical outlets.
(1) Retail outlets selling household remedies and OTC
drugs as differentiated from the pharmacist-only OTC medicines;
SEc. 31. Pharmacist Requiremenf.
outlets which are required
- Establishments/
smploj and./or retain and maintain
(2) Satellite institutional pharmacies providing medicines
the professional services of duly registered and licensed
pharmacists shall be classified as follows: solely to employees of their respective companies or the employees'
qualified dependents, or both; or members of,a duly registered
(a) Category A - Pharmaceutical establishments/outlets organization or institution;
where the direct and immediate control and supervision of a duly
(3) Fourth, fifth and sixth class municipal health units
registered and licensed pharmacist is required, per establishmeni,
involved in"the procurement, distribution, dispensing, and storage
whether in-store or online, including:
of pharmaceutical products ;
(1) Pharmaceutical establishments/outlets selling
(4) Institutions providing telepharmacy services; and
or otherwise making available to the consuming pubiic
prescription/ethical medicines, combination products
(medical device and drugs) classified as drugs according to
(5) Nontraditional outlets of pharmaceutical prod.ucts:
Prouid,ed, That no prescription medicines and pharmacist-only
the primary intended mode of action, pharmacist-onty OfC
OTC medicines are sold.
medicine, whether owned by the government or by a private
person or firm, whether sold at wholesale or retail;
The FDA, in coordination with the Board, and the
(2) Establishments involved in the manufacture, approval of the PRC, may add to, delete, reclassify, or mofifr
importation, exportatioq distribution, and sale of combination the above list of establishments, as the need arises, in order
to keep pace with the developments in the pharmacSr praetiee.
products (medical device and drugs) classified as drugs according
to the primary intende&mode of action;
A pharmacist working in a Category A estab[shm ent may
(3) Departments/Divisions/Units of pharmaceiitical. be allowed to simultaneously work or render pharmacy services
in Category B esiablishments, the maximum number of houre of
laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing la,b-oratones, or other
which strall b-e deter-mrged, !n accordancg wilh such guidelines
.li :
1l'. I lr;
as may beestablishedthereforby the Board, in coordinationwith pha:macist, in accordance with the Philippine Practice Standards
the FDA, and other agencies, establishments, institutions, and for Pharmacists, Dispensing Guidelines and other standards
regulatory bodies. pertaining to purity, safety and quality. Completely filleit
prescriptions should be surrendered to the pharmacist for
Procurement, storage, distribution, or dispensing ofany recording.
pharmaceutical product in the national government and local
government units shall be made only under the supervision of a Partial filling ofprescription less than the total quantify
duly registered and licensed pharmacist. indicated in the prescription shall be allowed, subject to
dispensing guidelines as provided in the immediately preceding
All units or sub-units of establishments, institutions, and paragraph. It is the responsibility of the pharmacist
regulatory bodies whether government or private with functions dispensing the last quantity completing the prescription to
and activities that are exdusive for pharmacists, as defined in keep the prescription according to proper prescription
Section 4, paragraphs (a), &), (c), (d) and (i), shallbe head-ed and recording guidelines.
managed by a qualifisd duly registered and licensed pharmacist:
Prouided,, That an appointment in government service shall Prescription medicines may be dispensed only by a dulq
comply with the provisions of other pertinent laws. registered *rrd li""rr"ud pharmacist and only with a valid
prescription of a physician, dentist, or veterinarian.
SEc.32. Respansibility for Quality of Pharmaceutical
- It shall be the duty of a duly licensed and registered
Prod,ucts. SEc. 34. Physicinn's Sample. - Pharmaceutical products
pharmacist of a pharmaceutical establishment and outlet to g"iven or intended to be given free to any health professional by
ensure that all pharmaceutical products conform to a manufacturer or distributor or its professional service
standards of safety, quality and efficacy, as provided for in representative as part ofits progxam or promotion shall not be
this Act and other pertinent rules and regulations and to any pharmaceutical outlet or the consuming public'
iesuances. Owners, managers, or pharmacists in charge of "oid
the operation of pharmaceutical establishments and outlets The statement "Sample, Not for Sale", or its equivalent,
ehall be held jointly responsible for nonconformance with shall appear conspicuously on the primary and secondary
these standards. packaeing of the drug or combination products (medical
device:imd d:ug) classified as'drug according to the primary
It shall unlawfui for any person to manufacture, prepare,
be intended. mode of action to be given. It shall be unlawful to
sell, or dispense any pharmaceutical product uhder a fraudulent remove; erase, deface or qark the original labels of samples'
name, or pretense or to adulterate any pharmaceutical product
offeredfor sale. . Pharmaceutical prod.ucts classified as antimicrobials,
including anti-TB meilicines and other classifications of medicines,
In cases of pharmaceutical products sold in their original as may be prescribed by the FDA, shall not be given or distributed
package, the seal of which has not been broken or tampered with, as physician's samples,
the liability that may arise because of their quality and purity
rests upon the manufacturer or importer, the distributor, SEC. 35. Prohibition Against the Use of Cipher, Cod'es,
representative, or dealer who is responsible for their distrihution or [.Inu'sual Tenns in Preseri'ptti'ons and. Preseription
or sale. Substitution - Pharmacists shall not compound or dispense
preecriptions, recipes, or formirlae which are written in ciphers,
SEC. 33. FillingLnd'PartintFitlingof hesuiption - A11 codes or secret keys or prescriptions ofpharmaceutical products
prescriptions and pharmacist-only OTC medicines shall be fiIled, with unusual r.ames whieh differ from those in standard
compounded and dispensed only by a registelpd and licensed pharmacopeiaso-rformulariep' j
, . ,...r.',...,;ii::..lii'i+r.ii :" .L:' l''
., :
,,.':iii.'t:ti,",: , *',i.i

The pharmacist dispensing or compounding prescriptions All referrals such as tuberculosis patients undertakrcn by
shall not substitute the medicine called for in the prescription the pharmaceutical outlets shall be recorded in the Referral
with any other drug, substance or ingredient, without prior negistry and shall be open for inspection by the BoarL or
consultation with, and written consent of the person prescribing, representative of the Department of Health @OH) or the FD{
except in accordance with Republic Act No. 6675, as auiended, orioth, at any time of the day when the pharmacy is open, and
otherwise hnown as the "Generics Act of 1988', and other pertinent must be kept ior a period of not less than two (2) years after the
Iaws andregulations. last entry.

Suc. 38. Requirements for the Opening an'd' Operation of

Spc. 36. Lo,bel of Dispensed, Med,icines. Upon every - Retail Pharmaceutical Outlet or Establishment. - The opening
box, bottle, or package of medicines compounded or dispensed by
a registered and Iicensed pharmacist based on prescription, there of a retail pharmaceutical outlet or establishment shall be subject
shall be pasted, affixed, or imprinted a seal or label bearing, among to requirements provided for in this Act and the rules and
others, the name of patient and generic name of drug; brand regulations prescribed by the FDA.
name, if any, strength, expiry date, directionsfor use; and name
and address of pharmacy, name of the doctor, the dispensing The application for the opening and operation of a retail
pharmacist and other requiiements prescribed iro the Philippine drug outlet or other similar business establishments shall not be
Practice Standards for Pharmacists and Dispensing Guidelines, appioved, unless applied for by a Filipino registered and licensed
Republic Act No. 9502, otherwise known as the "Universally pfuarmacist, either as owner or as pharmacist-in-charge, pursuant
Accessible Cheaper ancl Quality Medicines Act of 2008", its to the provisions of this Act.
implementing rules and regulations and such other guidelines
that may be promulgated by the Board. Ssc, 39. Hand,ling of Pharmaceutical Products by Persons
Other Than a Pharmacist' - For the purpose of this section,
Auxiliary labels containing special pharmacists' persons handling pharmaceutical products,',other than the
instructions for the patient shall be required as prescribed for pharmacist, which shall include pharmacy owners who are
dangerous drugs, external-use-only drugs, drugs with special medical representatives or professional service
storage and administration instructions and such other drugs as representatives, pharmacy support personnel, pharmacy
may be required bylaw. technicians, pharmacy assistants; pharmacy aides, persons who
assist pharmacists in any part of a pharmacy operation, ,o: any
SEC. 37. Record,ing of Patient Medication Profile. - AIl other ierson performinB"functions involved in the handling of
prescriptions fispensed in the pharmacy shall be recorded in an pharmaceutical products, shalL be duly certified by appropriate
appropriate recording system indicating therein, among other government agencies after undergoing an accredited training
things, the name and address of the patient, name of prescriber, proglam.
generic name and brand, dosage strength, quantity ofdrug and
initials of pharmacist. It shall be open for inspection by the No person, except pharrrary graduates, shall be allowed to
representatives of the Board or the FDA, or both, at any time of render such services without undergoing a comprehensive
the day, when the pharmacy is open, and must be kept for a standardized" training program; houided,fhat the job description
period of notlesstha:ltwo (Z}years after the last entry. is defined. in the impieme-nting rulesand regulations of -!'!is Act,

Allrequired infofmationon dangerous drugs dispensed by

apharmacy shall be recorded in the Dangerous Drugs Book or an
equivalent recording system as required by Sepublic Act No' I 165
andotherapplicablelawsandissuanc"". '. ". 1l
" :: ::'l ,::""":i'i::'al": lll-'li:li-' l I
,,. .,,;j:,!,.:,:ir.,i;.r.:r,r,,,.;.,li.-ifi+*;l***ui*ig;i;,;*.#!!;.i'i$;4{dr*or.?.r.,8.",!. .,
28 29

shall have a doctor's prescription which is not more than seven practice within different specialties, qualifications, a-nd
(7) days old and submit a monthly vaccination report and A_EFI requirements for the certification of practitionets under
report to DOH regional offices using the prescribed form. each specialty, among others.


Accnnorrro Pnonpssrolrm OncaNrzertoN VrolettoNs, AD[flNIsrRATrvE SANCTIoNS, AND PRoCEDURES

Spc. 41. The Integrated, and Accred.ited professional Src. ++. Reuocation or Susperusion of the Certificate of
Organization (APO) of Ph,armacists. - The pharmacyprofession Registration and' Cancellation of Special/Temporary Permit' -
shall be integrated into one (J.) national organization registered The Board shall have the power, upon notice and heari4g,
with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which shali to revoke or suspend the COR of a registered pharmacist
be recognized by the Board and the PRC as the one and only or to cancel an STP of a foreign pharmacist on any of the
inte grated and accredited professional organization of pharmacists. following grounds:

A pharmacist duly registered with the Board shall (a) Violation of any provision of this Act, its rules and
automatically become a member of the integrated and regulations, the Pharmacists' Code of Ethics, Code of
accredited professionaL organization of pharmacists, and Technical Standards for the Professional Practice of the
shall receive the benefits and privileges appurtenant thereto Pharmacy Profession, Code of Good Governance and all
upon payment of the required fees and dues. other guidelines, policies and regulatory measures of the
Board and/or the PRC relating to the practice of the
Membership in the integrated APO shatl not be a bar to pharmacy profession;
membership in other associations of pharmacists.
@) Conviction of an offense invoiving moral turpitude by
Spc. +2. Membership to the Integrated, o,nd. Accredited, a court of competentjurisdiction;
* NIre gistered pharmacists must
Profes sio n al Organization.
be members of the APO and must maintain membership (c) Unprofessionalism, immorality, malpractice,
throughout the duration ofthe praetice ofthe profession. The incompetence, gxoss negligence, or imprudence in the practice
PIC shall not be renewed if the requirements for membership ofthe profession;
with the APO are not met including credit units for attendance
to duly accredited CPD. (d) Fraud or deceit in the acquisition of the COR, PIC
or STP, or renewalthereof;
All pharmacy support personnel must be registered as
affiiiate members of the APO and must likewise maintain (e) Allowing the COR to be used or displayed in
membership throughout the duration of employment in establishments where the pharmacist is not actually empioyed
pharmaceutical establishments and outlets. andpracticing;

Snc. 43. Specialty Board,s in Various Areas of Pharrnacy (0 Addiction to alcoholic beverages or to any habit-forming
Practice. - SpecialtSr Boards in various areas of pharmacy drug rendering a pharmacist incompetent to practice the
practice shall be created, subject to accreditation by the profession as provided for in Section 23 hereof;
Board and the PRC. The Board shall issue guidelines in the
accreditation of specialty boards in ':v*4.r,ioru,s: &tr.aS of (g) Aiding or abetting the illegal practice of a non-registered
p har m a cy p r a ctice, w hich s ha II incl u a e :ii$i6tip,13*:tiLffi ; , j,,. .,:'l:i
: i. ^.:;il
_: rf ;ilJr.i1it,nt,:!i;"1 i r!1
. i r:1_ ri;'r -r:::t, ar'itrlfi :i:r i t.
,l:r:r- . : ir;rr,iii!:ri:r i :..r.1
/. r. i;l,r i r.r. :::,i!:_:i r.:.ifi i _-, l

(h) Insanity or any mental disorder that would render the thousand pesos (P250,000.00), but not exceeding five
person incompetent to practice pharmacy; hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00) or imprisonment of
not less than one (1) year and one (1) day but not more than
(, False, extravagant, or unethical advertisements and six (6) years, or both, at the discretion ofthe court:
endorsements of pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical outlets
and establishments where the pharmacist's name or the (a) Commission of any act in violation of Sections 30 and
pharmacist's professional organization and similar 31 of this AcU
information, or both, are used;
&) a pharmaceutical
Allowing the display of one's COR in
0 Manufacture, sale, offering for sale of counterfeit, establishment where the pharmacist is not employed and
spurious, substandard and falsified pharmaceutical products practicing;
and committing other acts in violation of RepublicAct No. 9L65
and RepublicAct No. 8203, otherwise known as the "Special Law (c) Displaying of the pharmacist's COR by pharmacy
on CounterfeitDrugs"; owners/operators in a pharmaceutical establishment where
the pharmacist is not employed and practicing;
G) IIIegaf manufacture, sale, possession, dispensing of
dangerous drugs and other acts in violation of Republic Act (d) Dispensing or allowing the dispensing or offering
No. 9165, and other applicable laws and issuances; for sale of prescription drugs or pharmaceutical products
in a place not licensed by the FDA as a pharmaceutical outlet;
Q Committing acts in violation of Section 6 of
Presidential Decree No. 881, entitled "Empowering the (e) Dispensing of prescription and pharmacist-only
Secretary of Health to Regulate the Labeling, Sale and OTC pharmaceutical products by a person other than those
Distribution of Hazardous Substances" and Section lL of under the direct and immediate supe,rvision of a duly
Republic Act No. 3720, as a-ended; registered and licensed pharmacist;
(m) Practicing pharmacy with a suspended COR or expired (0
Allowing the dispensing of prescription and pharmacist-
PIC; only OTC pharmaceutical products, without the direct and
immediate supervision of a -duly registered and licensed
(n) Unauth ofizeddispensing of pharmaceutical products pharmacist;
through unregistered online services or direct selling businesses;
and (g) Compounding Lnd dispensing not in accordance
with current Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Laboratory
(o) Being found guilty of immoral, unprofessional, or Practice and Philippine Practice Standards for Pharmacists,
dishonorable conduct by the Board. and such other standards and guidelines issued by the Board;

ARTICLE VII (h) Seltins of prescription and pharmacist-only OTC

drugs by manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers to
Ppxar- Pnousrous unlicensed pharmaceutical outlets. and other establishments;

Src. +tr. Penal prouisions. - Any person who shall (r) Substituting presbription drugs which are not
commit any of the following acts shall, upon conviction, be generically equivalent to what was on the prescription, without
sentenced to pay a fine of not less than two hundred fifty ih" cortterrt of the prescriber or not in accordance with
:"].:i.,rr- .... . .,.,.. .,--:,.,.. ..- .. RepublicAct No. 6675;
. ,,, , t,.t,t',l.,.,,,i..t;i1,.r'.1 ' lt]
, . 1,11.,,,,ri1i,1;Ji",'; ,."il.,*',1 '*u'titir*;iiri...i,r,

., :,.. i :. ..:' 1,,; I t': ilil r.,r"l',.rg,,lrl,:,:,;li*it;,r:ll#;Ji;i,ti*.;i
0 Forcing, coercing, or intimidating a duly registered and (v) All other acts or omissions analogous to the foregoing.
licensed pharmacist to compound or dispense medical and
pharmaceutical products in violation of the provisions of this SEC, 46. Other PenallLtles. - Any person who shali commit
Act; any of the following acts shall, upon conviction, be sntenced'to
pay a fine of not less than one hundred thousand pesog
G) Preparing and compounding ofpharmaceutical products G100,000.00), but not exceeding two hundred thousand pesos
in quantities greatly in excess of single therapeutic doses, without (P200,000.00) or imprisonment of not less than thirty (30)
the presence and supervision of a duly registered and licensed d.ays but not more than one (1) year, or both, at the discretion of
the court:
(l) Noncompliance with the labeiing requirements for (a) Affrxing of the title uRPh" by a person who is not a duly
dispensed medicines by a pharmaceutical outlet;
registered and Iicensed pharmacist;
(m) Manufacturing and selling of pharmaceutical
@) Practicing the pharmacy profession in the Philippines
products under fraudulent name or address, or both;
without a valid COR, PIC or STP;
(n) Adulterating and misbranding of pharmaceutical (c) Non-indication of a pharmacist of hislher COR and
products; professional tax receipt numbers in official documents requirins
such information;
(o) Manufacturing and selling of unsafe, substandard and
counterfeit pharmaceutical products; (d) Refusal to display the COR of the pharmacist in a
proninent and conspicuous place in the establish:qent and outlet
(p) Operating an unlicensed pharmaceutical outlet
where the pharmacist is empioyed and practicing;
such as online pharmacy service or direct selling not
authorized by the FDA; (e) Noncompliance by a duly registered and licensed
pharmacist with the requirements on the filling of prescription;
(q) Operating a Category A establishment which opens for
business without a duly registered and licensed pharmacist; Noncompliance by a d.uly registered and Iicensed
pharmacisd on the requjrements forp artially-filled prescription;
(r) Operating a Category B establishment without the
supervision and oversight of a duly registered and licensed (g) Se[ing of physiCian's shmples;
(r) Distribution of antimicrobials, including anti-TB drugs
(s) Practici"ng pharmacy with an expired, suspended or
and other product classification as may be prohibited by law as
revoked license;
physician's samples;
(t) Filing and refilling of prescription and pharmacist-only (, Removal, erasure and alteration of mark or tabel of
OTC pharmaceutical products by a person other tharr a duiy
physician's sample;
registered and licensed pharmacist without the direct and
immediate supervision;
0) Use of cipher, codes, or secret keys or unusual names
or terms in prescriptions;
(u) Dispensing prescription drugs and pharmacist-only
OTC drugs by rural hgalth units without the supervision of a (k) Filling of prescriptions where cipher, codes, or secret
duly registered and licensed pharmacist; and
keys or unusua-I names or terms are used;

The penalties and liabilities herein provided shall be without

0) Noncompliance with iabeling requirements for prejudice io other sanction/s that may beimposed for violation
dispensed medicines; 'otoifr"t
applicable laws, policies, rules and regulations'
(m) Noncompliance with the requirements on the keeping
of record books by a pharmaceutica-l outlet;
outlets and the duiy registered and -Iicensed pharmaeistsl
(n) Employment of personnel in a pharmacy or pharmacy support personnel are jointly liable for the willjul
pharmaceutical operation without the required training and violation ofany provision ofthis Act.
(o) Refusal of a non'pharmacist owner/operator of a
FrNar, PRovIsIoNs
pharmaceutical outlet to undergo training and certification;
SEC.47. Eruforcement. - It, shall be the primary duty
(p) Refusaf by the owner/operator to allow and require duly
registered and licensed pharmacists and pharmacy support of the Board and the PRC to effectively enforce the
provisions of this Act' Ali duly constituted law enforcement
personnel to undergo CPD, training and certification;
agencies and officers of the national, provincial, citV o1
(q) Rendering dispensing-related services by non- municipal government or of any political subilivision thereof
pharmacists in a pharmaceutical outlet without undergoing the shall ensuie the effective enforcement and implementation
required training and cer[ification;
of the provisions of this Act.

SEC. 48. Appropriationst. - The Chairpersonof thePRC

(r) Dispensing pharmaceutical products in medicai
missions without the supervision of a duly registered and licensed
shall immediatefu includ'e in its programs the implementation
pharmacist; of this Act, the iunding of which shail be charged against
their current years' ap-propriations and thereafter, in the
(s) Noncompliance with the required training and annual General Appropriations Act'
r:ertification of professional serrrice or medical representatives or
professional service representatives, pharmacy technicians, SEC. 49. Transitory Prouisions: - Tl" incu.mbent
pharmacy assistants, pharmacy aides, pharmacy clerks, and other Chairperson and members of the Board shall, in an interil
medicine handlers of pharmaceutical products. Both the medical
;;;;rty, continue to function as such until the Chairpers-on and
**-tr"*. of the new Board, created under this Act, shall have
representatives or professional service representatives, pharmacy
been appointed and qualif-ed.
technicians, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy aides, pharmacy
clerks, or medicine handlers and the pharmaceutical SEC. 50. Implementing Rules and Regulafion's' - Witljn
establishment and outlet employing any such individual shall be
one hundred twenty (120) days afterthe approvalof this{ct' -the
held jointly liable; and
Board, subject to the approval by the PRC, and in consultation
(t) Violation of any provision of this Act and its rules with the APO, shall formulate and issue the rules and regulations
to implemen.t the provisions of this Act'
and regulations not aforementioned above.
SEC. 51. Separability Clause- * Ifany clause, provision'
Any person, other than the citizens of the Philippines,
paragraph o, puri hereof sha1l be declared unconstitutional or
having been found. cuilty of any violation as provided fo'-*
irrrrrlia, such declaration shall not affect, r-nvalidate, or impaii
this seliion anri the preced'ing section shall,' after having paid the
fine or having *u"'o"d the seitence, or both,'when so adj'udged'
SEC. 52. Repealing Clause. - RepublicAct No. 5921, as
amended, is hereby repealed. All other laws, presidential decrees,
executive orders and other administrative issuances or parts
thereof which are contrary to or inconsistent with the provisions
of this Act are hereby repealed, arhended, or modfied accordingly.

SEC. 53. Effectiuity. - This Act shall take effect fifteen

(15) days after its publication in the Official Gazette or in a
newsp aper of general circulation.

Speaker of the House
of Representatives

This Aet was passed by the House of

Representatives as House Bill No. 5616 on May 23, ZALG
and adopted by the Senate , amendment to Senate
Bill No. 2436 on May 30, 20L6.
/t --*-*.ft
{.slpu{n o,
Secretary ofthe Senate Secretary General
Hops e of Reprgs entatives



President of the Philippines

Lapsed into law on iul
2 I ?010
Withoutthe signature of the President
!n accordanc* tvrti: Article Vl, Section
ZT (1't of the Constriution.