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Dianne M.


BPI issue today

Clients of the Bank of the Philippines Islands were worried Wednesday, June 7, 2017
when they discovered strange withdrawals and deposits in their accounts. Because
of unauthorized transactions that deducted money from the account balances of their clients
that led to deductions and negative account balances. For the reason that some clients may
have seen their accounts debited twice or credited twice for a past transaction.

It was first notice by an employee of the international BPO Company located in Ortigas
claimed that they were missing a huge amount of money from their payroll accounts. It was
easily assumed that the problem was only on the company's end, until another savings account
from the said bank has also lost a significant amount of money, which is in no way connected to
the company. Soon after, it was proven that it was not about the payroll department as there
has been a storm of tweets circulating online that BPI accounts may have been hacked as some
are seeing withdrawals and even some are getting negative balances as up to five digit

BPI is currently saying that it is only an internal processing error that caused some
accounts debited or credited twice and would temporarily suspend online and mobile banking
channels to help address the issue faster. BPI deactivates their electronic channels and a lot of
account holder is shouting out their problems regarding in their bank accounts and the
inaccessible website of the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

BPI urges clients not to panic over system glitch. The glitch did not affect all BPI clients
although it may appear so due to social media,' says BPI Senior Vice President Catherine
Santamaria . She also said that the glitch only affected accounts, and not credit cards. During
the briefing, Santamaria also reminded customers who suddenly had more money in their
accounts due to the glitch not to spend any of it, as if they do, it will be debited from their
account. For those who have extra credits, please dont touch the money as it will be debited
from your account. Its not bonus money, she said. The BPI executive reiterated that despite
what the account balances show, there is no money that physically went in or out" of the bank.
"While it may appear that accounts balances either went up or down, the money is in the
bank," she said. Responding to questions, she said it was still unclear if human error contributed
to the incident, and that this was part of the investigation.

And they announced that some of the Bank of the Philippine Islands' (BPI) electronic
banking services will be unavailable at certain times this week due to system maintenance
activities. In a statement, the bank said its automated teller machines (ATM), cash deposit
machines (CDMs) and point of sale (POS) terminals will be unavailable from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. on
Thursday, June 23.