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Physician .

Suggested Characteristics
Physicians have studied the inner workings of life, seeking
You are skilled in the art of healing, but not with spells &
to understand how the body heals itself when afflicted by
prayers. Rather, you employ salves, tonics & diagnostic
illness, injury, and disease. This study makes some doctors
cunning. Many people distrust your practice as witchcraft,
humble in the face of the vast unknow, but fills others with
but those whom you help regard you as a worker of
wonders. Your knowledge of anatomy & disease, along
with your skill in extracting vital serums from various plant
life, make you an asset to any community that is D20 Personality Trait
openminded enough to welcome what it does not 1 All I can think of is the lives that I have failed
understand. to save.
2 I practice in the name of my religion, nation
Skill Proficiencies: Medicine & Nature. of clan.
Tool Proficiencies: Healers Kit & either the Herbalism Kit 3 I am cold and calculating in my every word &
or Poisoners Kit. deed, even when furious or frustrated.
Languages: One of your choice. 4 When bodies hit the floor, my hands fly into
Equipment: A healers kit & book of known diseases, a action.
bottle of black ink & a quill, Common Clothes & a belt 5 I consider magical healing to be either
pouch containing 10 gp. cheating or an integral part of some future
master medical art.
MEDICAL SPECIALTY 6 I am waging a personal war on death itself.
d8 Specialty d8 Specialty 7 I am entranced and inspired by the brilliance
of the living body.
1 Battlefield Medic 5 Tonic Seller
8 I keep all my belongings meticulously
2 Coroner 6 Surgeon cleaned & hate filth of any kind.
3 Hermetic Healer 7 Tribal Doctor 9 I am honest to a fault; knowing all the
4 Midwife 8 Veteranarian information is the only way to make an
accurate diagnosis.
Feature: Medical Notoriety 10 I talk down to others when speaking on a
Although simple folk are suspicious of you, those from field I consider myself knowledgeable in.
more civilized societies and noble birth are well aware of 11 I present everything I say as a question to
the usefulness and skill of a physician. You can usually save face if I turn out to be wrong.
gain a audience with anyone who needs treatmenteven if 12 I set very high standards for myself & expect
protocol should prevent you from doing sosimply by others to follow my example.
offering your assistance. 13 I use medicine and healing to gain notoriety
and fame.
14 I always look for the practical explanation for
an illness first, even when the symptoms
seem supernatural.
15 Once, I purposefully gave myself disease just
so that I could feel its effects.
16 I have no issue removing an arm or leg if
such a procedure would save the patient
17 The direr the emergency, the more focused I
18 I believe every poison is a medicine
improperly administered.
19 I always pretend I know what Im doing, even
when I havent the foggiest.
20 I routinely ignore quarantine orders in orders
to tend to the ill.
d8 Ideals
1 Duty I swore an oath, and now must live by its
tenants. (Lawful)
2 zzzzzProfit Is it really my fault that those who
come to me suffering also come with
compensation? (Evil)
3 Aid Every sick of wounded person deserves
my help, regardless of the life they lead.
4 Benefice I use my skills to help the sick
whether they can pay or not.
5 Innovation To break new ground in medicine,
you have to be willing to take risks others will
not take. (Chaotic)
6 Education I must pass on my medical
knowledge to the next generation of doctors.
7 Longevity I am bent on discovering the
secrets that will lead to immortality. (Neutral)
8 Pacifist I prefer to resolve things through
words, and will only fight if there is no

d10 Bonds
1 I give my aid to those who protect my
country and my king.
2 I wish to prove that mundane healing is
just as viable as magic.
3 My patients are my everythinglosing
one of them is like dying a death that
never ends.
4 I took up this profession because
someone I loved died of curable disease.
5 My mentor showed my the divinity of my
6 I have an unhealthy competition with
another healer who always tries to outdo
7 I seek atonement for rash experiments I
performed in my youth that cost the lives
of several people.
8 A loved one is slowly dying from an
unknown disease, & I must cure it,
9 Ancient Medical secrets lie hidden in
tomes scattered across the world. I must
find them.
10 I owe everything to my family, clan, or
village, who pooled their resources to
send me to the university.
d8 Flaws
1 I use unproven methods on my patients
without their consent.
2 I refuse to give aid to members of a
certain species or nationality, no matter
how much they need it.
3 If a disease is particularly deadly, I refuse
to treat it out of fear for my own life.
4 Memories of a horrible plague I was
unable to cure haunt my dreams to this
5 The sight of blood makes me queasy, & I
can only treat patients with no eternal
6 I am only interested in the ailments my
patients suffer from, not the people
7 After Several botched surgeries, I am
filled with doubt.
8 I get to play god, & I like it a little too