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Kathryn Leventry Morton, RDN, LD

1231 Woodlands Way, Helena, Al 35080 2059379875

SUMMARY: Enthusiastic dietitian with copious clinical experience, training, leadership experience and
research exploration that has further developed my ability to provide excellent evidence based nutritional
care to patients.

The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
Masters of Science in Human Clinical Nutrition, Expected August 2017
GPA 3.50 / 4.0
The University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL
Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, August 2016
GPA: 3.72 / 4.0

The University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL
May 2015 August 2016
UAB Wellness under Meg Baker, Director of Wellness
May 2015- July 2015 (200 Hours)
o Gained cooperate wellness experience through organizing UABs summer health and
wellness programs for employees
o Participated in Scale Back Alabama state wide weight loss initiative conference calls
and planning sessions
o Conducted and planned monthly UAB campus wide employee biometric screening
Camp Seal Harris Camp for children with type 1 Diabetes
July 2015- August 2015 (125 Hours)
o Planned and prepared diabetic meals and snacks for children
o Educated children on carbohydrate counting and insulin corrections
o Presented diabetic education classes for children and their families
o Conducted daily blood sugar checks and recordings
University of Montevallo Cafeteria
September 2015 December 2015 (150 Hours)
o Conducted plate waste studies to help improve food service organization
o Analyzed school meals for the proper nutrient composition
o Provided in-service training for foodservice employees on food allergies
o Provided in service training for foodservice employees on proper hand washing
HealthSmart UAB - Wellness education for the community of Birmingham, AL
January 2016 April 2016 (255 hours)
o Assisted in providing weight management education and support
o Participated in community nutrition education and outreach programs in the
Birmingham Area
o Designed nutritionally balanced meal plans and snacks for elderly clients
o Presented wellness education local youth organizations
Shelby Baptist
April 2016 (65 hours)
o Planned and taught cooking classes for older adults
o Assisted in food service employee scheduling
o Conducted inventory evaluations
o Revised disease specific menu options
o Participated in daily food service production meetings
Shelby Ridge Rehab Select
May 2016 June 2016 (155 hours)
o Conducted physical malnutrition assessment for older adults
o Provided weight loss education to overweight patients
o Provided diet education for dysphagia patients
o Attended various sallow studies
o Participated in weekly clinical planning meetings
Reliant Renal Care
June 2016- August 2016 (250 hours)
o Provided diet education to dialysis patients
o Assessed and interpreted patient labs values and tests
o Conducted fluid education with dialysis patients

Nutrition Trainee, August 2016 August 2017
The Pediatric Pulmonary Center at Childrens of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
o Actively conducted research on the impact of Health Literacy and CPAP/
Bi-PAP adherence.
o Collaborated with other trainees at the Pediatric Pulmonary Center to conduct
a Family Centered Care project
o Obtained Motivational Interviewing Simulation Training
o Presented a Cystic Fibrosis Family Case Study Presentation
o Attended weekly intensive classes with respiratory, nursing and social work
o Implements the nutrition care process in caring for patients with pulmonary
o Planned and facilitated the Nurses C.A.R.E. ( Chronic Health Awareness and
Response Education) continuing education conference
o Presented with other trainees on the Dietitians Role in Sleep Clinic at the
National Pediatric Pulmonary Centers Annual Meeting

o MCHB H.O.P.E.S nutrition mentor for Carver High School Students (April 2017)
o Attended the Alabama Dietetics Association Annual Meeting ( March 2017)
o Present The Role of a Dietitian in Sleep Clinic at the PPC Annual Meeting
(February 2017)
o Attended An Intensive Course in Pediatric Nutrition, Birmingham, AL (February
o Volunteered at Childrens of Alabamas Intensive Feeding Unit (May 2015-
December 2016)
o Served as the Public Relations Coordinator for the University of Montevallos
Dietetic Association (January 2014- January 2015).
o Studied Spanish at University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina ( May
2014-July 2014)
o Registered Dietitian, CDR # 86100379 (Expiries 08/31/18 )
o Licensed Dietitian in Alabama LD2737 (Expires 08/30/17)
o ServSafe, Nationally Certified

o Most Outstanding Coordinated Program Student (May 2016)
o Senior Honors Award (May 2016)
o Miriam Collins Kinesiology Scholarship (2014-2016)
o Edyth Saylor Special Kinesiology Scholarship (2014-2016)

o Alabama Dietetics Association (2016- Present)
o The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2016- Present)

o Communication
o Cultural Competence
o Medical Nutrition Therapy
o Nutrition Assessment
o Nutrition Counseling
o Interdisciplinary Teamwork
o Research
o Trained in Nutritionist Pro Software
o Proficient in Microsoft Office