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History of Coursework

Course Term Professor Key Learnings

EDTC 511 Foundations Fall I Dr. Bacer Adobe Acrobat

in Educational APA Format
Technology Bookmarking

EDTC 527 Fall I Professor Bettger Podcasting

Special Topics in Google Collaboration
Educational Blogging

EDTC 517 Fall II Professor Weebly

Digital Communications Hernandez Google Forms

EDTC 518 Fall II Professor Global Learning Projects

Global Learning/ McMillan (GLPs)
Cross-cultural Planning lessons for GLPs

EDTC 521 Spring I Professor Video Production

Digital Imagery for Torrence YouTube Channel
Learning Environments Rule of Thirds

EDTC 523 Spring I Professor Price Building effective websites

Educational Taking into Consideration fonts,
Applications of font sizes, colors, and images
Information Design and when building a website

EDTC 520 Spring II Professor Silver Creating an implementation

Managing Tech plan
Supported Curricular Implementing technology into a
Tools School Improvement Plan (SIP)
Making a technology
implementation rubric

EDTC 524 Instructional Spring II Professor Price Backwards Design Stages

Design and Transferable goals
Development Fair Use and TEACH Act

EDTC 515 Summer Dr. Brown MOOC Courses

Emerging Trends in Project Based Learning

EDTC 526 Summer Dr. Bacer Building an ePortfolio

Practicum in Collaborating and building a
Educational website as a group
Applications of Writing a growth assessment