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Paper 2

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1 Scientific Investigation
1.1 Method of Scientific Investigation
Scientific Method
1.2 The Need to practise Scientific Attitudes and
1.3 Noble Values When Carrying Out Scientific

2 Body Coordination
2.1 Body Coordination
2.2 The Human Nervous System
2.3 Nervous Coordination
2.4 The Role of Proprioceptors in maintaining
Balance and Coordination
2.5 The Human Brain and Its Complexity B5
2.6 Hormonal Coordination in the Body
2.7 Coordination between the Nervous System and
the Endocrine System
2.8 Effects of Drug Abuse on Body Coordination
and Health
2.9 Effects of Excess Consumption of Alcohol and
Body Coordination and Health

2.10 The Importance of a sound and healthy mind

3 Heredity and Variation

3.1 Cell Division C2
3.2 The Principles and Mechanism of Inheritance
3.3 Sex Determination and the Development of B6
Twins in Human Beings
3.4 Mutation
3.5 Effects of Genetic Research on Human Life
3.6 Variation among Living Things
3.7 The Need to adhere to a code of Ethics in
Genetic Research

4 Matter and Substances

4.1 Changes in the States of Matter
4.2 The Structure of an Atom
4.3 The Idea of Proton Number and Nucleon
Number in Atoms of Elements
4.4 The Classification of Elements in the Period
4.5 The Properties of Substances based on the C1
Particles Present in Them
4.6 The Properties and Uses of Metals and Non-
4.7 Method of Purifying Substances A1
4.8 Appreciating the Existence and Uses of
Various Substances

5 Energy and Chemical Changes

5.1 Physical and Chemical Changes
5.2 Heat Change in Chemical Reactions
5.3 The Reactivity Series of Metals A2
5.4 Application of Reactivity Series of Metals

5.5 Electrolysis
5.6 The Production of Electrical Energy from
Chemical Reactions

5.7 Chemical Reactions that Occur in the Presence

of Light
5.8 Innovative Efforts in the Design of Equipment
Using Chemical Reaction as Sources of

6 Nuclear Energy
6.1 Radioactive Substances
6.2 Productions of Nuclear Energy and Its Uses
6.3 The Need for Proper Handling of Radioactive

7 Light, Colour and Sight

7.1 Formation of Images by Plane Mirrors and
7.2 Formation of Images by Optical Instrument
7.3 Light Dispersion
7.4 Light Scattering
7.5 Addition and subtraction of Coloured Objects
7.6 The Appearance of Coloured Objects
7.7 Effects of Mixing Pigments
7.8 The Importance of Colour in Daily Life
7.9 Appreciating the Benefits of Optical
Instruments to Mankind

8 Chemicals in Industry
8.1 Properties of Alloys and their Uses in Industry

8.2 Production and Uses of Ammonia in Industry

8.3 Effects of Individual Waste Disposal on the
8.4 Environment
Preservation and Conservation of the

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