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Manufacturing Process Video

Video Title Terminology introduced Examples of products Find at least one

-Record and research the produced with these company with a
definitions of any methods site located in
terminology introduced in Indiana that uses
the video this process

Casting Expendable Sheet steel Newport Steel

mold/reusable pattern Aluminum bar

Composites Composites: Made up of Concrete, bricks, Bremen

at least 2 intended
materials (plated, clad, or
coated metals)
Matrix: base material,
binds reinforcement.

Die Casting Die casting-rapid high Sheet metal, car frames RYOBI
production, often thin wall and bodies
precision aprts. Often
small in size.
Non-ferrous metals:

Ergonomic Force- Lumbar support chairs Bishamon

Safety Posture-

FMEA FMEA- failure mode Brake pads and callipers Kevin Kennedy
effects analysis Associates
Defect- error in products

Forging Forging- the controlled Hammers, swords, and Bahco

deformation of metal into crow bars
specific shapes by the
use of compressive
Directional grain flow-
Industrial Have either hydrolic, Car parts, anything built Abb robotics
Robotics pneumatic, or electric on an assembly line
power source. They hae
many configurations
Degrees of freedom/axis
of modem- up to 7 axis.
Number of axis help
determine the dexterity of
the robot.
Motions- either linear or
Work envelope- robots
maximum reach in every
Rectangular arm robot-
Selective compliant
articulated robot
Articulated/joint robots-

Laser Cutting Laser cutting- uses a Car parts, electronics, Bralin Laser
beam of laser light to and any metal working Services Inc.
generate heat for cutting with thin sheet metal.
materials. Cost effective
only for thin materials.
LASER- light
amplification by the
stimulated emission or

Lean Lean manufacturing- a Recycling/Reusing Work One

Manufacturing production philosophy, a products
way of mapping the
overall process of All companies try to do
manufacturing from raw some kind of lean
material, to finished manufacturing to get the
goods, all the way to the most for their money.
Lean because these
principles help you
produce more with less.
Total manufacturing
effort- sum of activities
that create the final

Metal Extrusion Extrusion- deformation of Automotive, aerospace, Zycon

metals or plastics forced construction, furniture,
under pressure through utility conduit, electronics
one or more dye and more.
Tapered extrusions- the
thickness of the material
increases or decreases
Hollow, thick or cross
sectional shapes can be
Can be formed into
Products, assembly
components, or raw

Plastics Plastic Extrusion is a Bar and rod, tube and In-House

Extrusion continuous process when pipes, or profile, sheet
thermoplastic feed stack and plate products,
material in an extruder is flexible film for
transformed into a packaging,
molten, viscus fluid using monofilaments, and
heat and mechanical wiring insulation.
Feed stock- PVC pipe, shades, more.
Drag flow- causes
thermoplastic molecules
to slide over each other
to melt the material.
Profile extrusion-
horizontal process, used
to make long, continuous
Blown film extrusion-
uses an extruder to pump
molten plastic to pump
die vertically. Creates
tubular bubbles
Nip rolls- help to maintain
tension on the flattened
plastic film

Water jet cutting- using Gears, screws, sheets, Abrasive Water

Water jet cutting high pressure water jets jet of Indiana
to cut into material Noblesville, IN
Thermal cutting- using
high temperature lasers
to cut materials

Stamping dies Stamping dies- Springs, molds, IQE, LLC

Cutting- shearing, Indianapolis, IN
blanking, hole punching,
Forming- Drawing,
bending, flanging,
Compound dies- press
tools that use cutting
Combination dies- press
tools use forming
Progressive dies- parts
are made from
continuous coil stock
Transfer dies- parts are
blanked at the beginning
of an operation.

Rapid Ultrasonic consolidation- Mating separate metals Piezo

prototyping- Sonotrode- uses and surfaces through Technologies
ultrasonic vibratory energy to create ultrasonic vibrations and Indianapolis IN
consolidation bonding between pitches

Rapid Stereo lithography-liquid Model cars, chess Metro Plastics

prototyping- base process for making pieces, bell, gears, golf Technologies
stereo models. Uses low beam balls Noblesville, IN
lithography laser to mold material

Rapid Selective laser sindering- Molds, bras, ping pong Realize, Inc.
prototyping- powder processing balls, rings, pearls, Noblesville, IN
selective laser technique. Fuses powder
sintering particles together.
Maintenance costs are

Pro metal system used Precise metal designs, Oak Rite Mfg.
Rapid for creating metal models computers, ipod parts Corp. Plainfield,
prototyping- pro by using an ink jet. IN
metal system

Fused deposition For specific high strength Oerlikon Balzers,

Rapid modeling- thermal plastic models Inc. Richmond,
prototyping- element into a extrusion Does not need support IN
fused head. abs structures.

Plastic injection molding- Frisbee, trash can, IQE, LLC

Plastic injection injecting molten plastic remotes, all types of Indianapolis IN
molding into a mold. plastics.
Reciprocating screw- the
most common.
Two stage screw-
another technique that
uses to stages.