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Vocabulary: Three, Four & Five Letter Words

Look up the words below. Think about them. Use them in sample sentences of your own. In your mind, try to
make connections between these words and information you already know, so as to form a reference point for the
word in the future.
Once you have a reference point for each of the words, verbally apply the words. Use them. Think: How do the
words fit in certain situations? What context would you need to use the word correctly? Can you justify the
negative and positive applications of these words? (Hint: Applying the words, in context, is what I will ask you to
do in class.)

affix fray pique

agile gist poise
ally horde ply (n,v)
abate icon privy
awry ire query
bask impel queue
bide laud rue
cull lithe savor
duo lurid sear
dwell levy staid
emit mete tacit
extol molt teem
flout ode trite
flux orate vie
forgo oust wane
gauge (n,v) pall whet
filch pare wry