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Food in Daily Life.

Malaysia's diversity ethnics has created the country become possess most exciting
cuisines and dishes in the world. After Malaysia independent over more than half century,
Malay, Chinese, and Indian cooking style are all blended together. They learned and tried
to cook each other typical foods. Rice and noodles are the Malaysian main carbohydrates
intake source; but most of the Malaysia loves to ear spicy foods. Tropical fruits in
Malaysia grow in abundance; Malaysians love to eat durian, it also known as king of
fruits. But some foreign tourists do not like durian because of its spiky shells and
pungent smells and tastes. Malaysias economy arise means that Malaysians are allowed
increase amounts of meat intake and consume more processed foods supplement in the
country's diets. They might not concern about health risks caused by high-fat and protein
food is increased. Although Malaysia has so many different cuisines, but some of
Malaysians food might not allow to be eaten by Malay, because of their religion:
Muslims are strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and eat pork which is one of meat source
of the Chinese population. Buddhist is encouraged to eat vegetarian, and Hindus are not
allowed to eat beef.
Eating out is very common in Malaysia. The majority population seldom cooks at home. This is
caused by eating at outside is much cheaper and convenience than Malaysians buy groceries
and cooking at home. Besides that, another reason is that going out to eat is already become
Malaysia sub-culture. There is no place better than bounds relative relationship while having
delicious foods. Malay dishes often contain mutton, fish, chicken and beef; pork is never to be
considered by Malay because their dishes need to be halal. But when it comes to Chinese, they
have so many dishes related to pork. Indian dishes are often vegetarian; and they never contain
beef (though Indians do eat chicken, mutton and fish). Most dishes will be served with some
vegetables; either mixed through the dish or served as a side dish.
The figures below shows what is Malaysian typical and favorite food.

Typical Malay food

Satay Nasi Lemak

Typical Chinese food

Char Kuey Tiao Hainanese Chicken Rice

Typical Indian Food

Roti Canai Tandoori Chicken

Geography of Malaysia

Geography of Malaysia is separated into West and East Malaysia from across the South China
Sea. Malaysia approximately area is 330434 square kilometers.
There is a peninsula, north of Thailand, South and west to Singapore, across the Malacca Strait,
and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, East Malaysia. There are two states, respectively in Sabah
and Sarawak. They are located in southern and northern Borneo, Indonesia, Kalimantan and
Brunei is located in the northern part of Sarawak.
Therefore, it is eight hours late than United Kingdom London time, sixteen hours earlier than the
United States Pacific time. In addition, Malaysia is located near to the earth's equator, the
climate is tropical climate, hot and rainy along the years, the moisture content in the air is very
high. The low temperature is between 21 to 32 degrees Celsius, the temperature plateau is low,
especially in the afternoon. The average annual rainfall between Malaysia reached 2000mm and
2500mm. In the annual November to February rainy season, the northeast monsoon will Simma
east coast, Sabah and Sarawak States brought a lot of rain, sometimes several days of
continuous rain, causing some lowlands in these states. At this time the disaster caused by
flooding water is not suitable for travel or tourism.
The west coast of Malaysia is the rainy season in April, May and October.
The land of Malaysia, a total of 65% and is covered by tropical rainforest, so it is a good place to
love travel in the nature of the people. The highest mountain in the west, Tahan mountain
climber must pass through the tropical forest party strong can be arrived at.
In East part of Malaysia, Kinabalu Mountain is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia; it is
sometimes called the China widow hill or mountain, its height of 4101 meters.
The longest river is Malaysia is known as Sarawak Rajang River
Population and demography of Malaysia

The population of Malaysia is over 31 million in 2017. Malaysias population comprises many
race groups, with the majority race in Malaysia population is Malay almost 50.4% over the
whole population in Malaysia. And other Indigenous group in Sarawak and Sabah is around 11 %
over whole Malaysia population. Malays are Muslim who practice Malay customs and traditions.
Around 23.7% of the citizens is Chinese, while Indian comprises around 7.1% of the population.
In early 19th century, Indians were started to migrate to Malaysia.

In very long time ago, Malays were the only race inhabitants in Malaya (name before Malaysia
independent). When the British comes to Malaya, they brought Chinese and Indian labors to
work as rubber labors and tin supply labors. This is why apparently Malaysia constituted by 3
major races: Malay, Chinese and Indian and other aborigines in Malaysia. When it comes to 21
century, we all called as Malaysian. We live in one Malaysia!

If you heard about Malaysia history, you definitely know the difference between Malay and
Malaysian. So Chinese born and living in Malaysia are not called Chinese neither Indian is also
we address ourselves as Malaysians. Addressing Malaysian as Malay is incorrect, although we
can speak Bahasa Malayu we learn since we are in pre-school; because it is our country official
language. So it is very confuse to foreigners calling someone in Malaysia as Malay. Currently,
many foreign workers also came to Malaysia to improve their life quality. They are come from:
Philippines, Thai, Indonesia, Vietnamese and Nepal countries and etc. Most of them also learned
and speak Bahasa Malayu very fluently with 1 or 2 years.
Original inhabitants

There is also another inhabitants we can find in Malaysia; the Orang Asli. The meaning of Orang
Asli is: Origin Inhabitants. There are about 60 thousands Orang Asli live in Malaysia, 60% of
them still live in the jungle and 40 % of them already started move to the urban or suburban
area. They can be subdivided into 3 groups, the Senoi, the Negrito and the Proto-Malay. There
are many differences can be found among in 3 group of Original inhabitants. For the example:
The Negritos are still live in the jungle. They live in north and northeastern part of Malaysia.
They hunt wild animals for food resources and live in caves. But major Senoi are live in Cameron

Most of them are work as tea plantations. In fact,They are came from Cambodia, Vietname and
Thailand. It was approximately 6000 to 8000 years ago.


Sarawak has three ethnic groups: Iban, Orang Ulu and Bidayuh. They are known as Dayaks,
Dayaks means inland. Besides that, the biggest ethnic group and Sabah are Kadazan Dusun,
Murut and the Bajau. 30% population in Sabah are Kadazan Dusuns.