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June July 2017 Report

Mayad Digital

The main challenge that the organization is still facing is those clients that are not paying on a reasonable amount of time.
Managing the finances is a tricky task in maintaining diligence to the people the organization hire for a project, and at the
same time trying to maintain a good cash flow.

As of the moment, the team is doing its best in communicating to the clients that we are hoping to receive their full payments
after 30 days, tops.

We are also expected to pay loans from last year to Mayad Studios.


Based from the last report, here are the updates regarding those matters:

Stabilization of Workflow for Chapters

There has been a chance to apply an ideal workflow during the shoot of Hennan Resorts in Bohol. However, it
has not been processed with the team due to load of work and transitions happening.

Roadmap for the Mayad Academy

Under the leadership of the Manager of Mayad Academy, Bea Charlyn Laio, it will allow the Mayad Digital brands
to prosper, together with Mayad Studios. As of the moment, the challenge that Bea is facing is that she also
handling projects as project manager. She is not being utilized on what shes supposed to do because of the
opportunities being presented with Chapters. However, she got a directive from me to work on it and spread the
influence of the Academy and Studios, organically. A separate report will be presented regarding this.

Purchase of a new laptop and adapter

This was done this July and will be utilized to address additional demands.

Digital Marketing Campaign

The campaign was launched this month and was to reach the audience that Chapters need to reach. However, it
should be followed up with another campaign so that it will be constant and Chapters presence is consistent.

Joyce Villanueva, Chapters editor for nearly two (2) years, tendered her resignation early this month and I accepted it.
Shes facing personal challenges and we are wishing her the best in her next endeavor.

Consequently, we searched for a talented replacement for her. On July 24, Stephanie Joy Cea will start her designation
as the new Junior Editor for Mayad Digital. She will be evaluated twice in six (6) months.

Karlo Calingao, Chapters Intern, was hired as an apprentice to answer the need of delivering video contents for Mayad
Digital partners.

III. Goals
By August we are expected to the following:
- Schedule a workshop in partnership with Sony and Henrys;
- Significant results from the training of Stephanie and Karlo;
- Present a proposal to a client for utilization of their top endorser, a former Ms. Universe; and
- Mid-year planning with the Team.

Prepared by

Jackner John Borja