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Committee: Special Committee on Post-War Reparations (SPECPWR)

Topic: The Question of the trial of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and ISIS leadership and
the measure to prevent future terrorism.
Main Submitter: Denmark
Co Submitter: Germany, South Korea, U.K, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Saudi Arabia,
Japan, Canada
Sponsors: India, DR Congo

Reminding that the United Nations (SPECPWR) has a vital responsibility of

justice, ensuring domestic tranquility and providing a common defence against terrorism
and terrorist organizations currently and in the future,
Believing that each represented country within the UN has the right to contribute to the
decisions made concerning the trial of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and ISIS leadership and
all countries should have a say in using tactics that avert and fend off future terrorism
and the creation of radical groups,
Aware of the immediate need to discuss the procedures on how to manage the
uncaptured prisoners previously part of an extremist organization known as ISIS.
Suggests that the International Court of Justice collaborate with fellow delegates to
address the appropriate and reasonable methods of punishments concerning the
recently captured terrorists, and reiterating that our resolution is attempting to use the
death penalty only when necessary.
Reaffirming that our resolution is dedicated towards educating the extremists, in
attempts to integrate the terrorists back into a peaceful community.

Decides to remain actively seized on the matter.

1. Expresses its hope to create programmes intended to interrogate and
re-educate captured terrorists affiliated with ISIS for knowledge and information
regarding ISIS and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. These programmes are designed to
study ISIS intimately in an effort to prevent future terrorism and understand the
reason behind the acts of terrorism;
2. Recommends the strengthening of the vetting process for refugees or other
civilians fleeing persecution to ensure potential terrorists are unable to escape by
establishing measures including but not limited to
a. Employing increased background checks
b. Increasing the vetting travellers coming from countries that have been
known for proving sanctions to terrorists.
3. Urges nations to prevent any human trafficking that cause young civilians from
nations to become part of ISIS
4. Encourages the organization of another International Conference on
Deradicalisation and Countering Violent Extremism that should be hosted in
Kuala Lumpur and should be attended by all nations that wish to counter
terrorism threats and the alarming and growing membership of terrorist
organizations with radical and harmful beliefs.
5. Calls for the trial of the ISIS leader, Ab Bakr al-Baghdadi and proposes his
execution for his war crimes and severe human rights violations.
6. Requests the addition of anti-terrorism awareness in the education system and
addition of counter terrorism in syllabuses worldwide to discourage young and
impressionable adolescents from joining radical terrorist groups.
7. Further invites nations that are not involved to participate on delivering
information about terrorist attacks.
8. Draws the attention to the fact that this resolution supports the punishment of
the death penalty on Abu Bakr-al Baghdadi but believes in integrating
rehabilitated ISIS members back into society and cease the alienation of Sunni
Muslims in Iraq and Syria to prevent any new terrorist groups and martyrs