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- Ogrin, Matej.2015.Air pollution due to road traffic in Ljubljana.

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Environment is the surroundings of an organism consisting of all living and non-living components. It is a
place where plants, animals, humans and microorganisms can co-exist, and it has the ability to change
and adapt due to many natural reasons. But for some time now, it has been endangered because of
humanity. Human population has increased, our technology is more advanced, we consume more
energy, our way of life demands more roads, more buildings, more cars and for that we need more
natural resources and destruction of the environment. We cause deforestation by cutting of trees for
residential areas, industries throw out harmful materials and this leads to pollution of water, air and
land. (Ahluwalia, V.K. 2015, 1) Road vehicle emissions are one of the most important sources of human
exposure to air pollution. Depending on pollutant like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides as well as on
mode of travel, travel distance etc. the exposure while commuting during rush hours may constitute a
substantial fraction of the total daily exposure. (Johansson, Christer and others 2017, 56) Because of the
increasing traffic in Ljubljana and some other factors as well, air pollution is unavoidable. City districts
are usually areas of concentrated pollution sources, thats why Ljubljana is such a good example of this.
Ljubljana became the national center in the 20. century. With the concentrating industry came the fast
increasing of the transport work and motorization which led to traffic pollution. (Mally Vintar, Katja in
Matej Ogrin 2013, 56)