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Yasotha Sehgar 17

A25, Taman Indah,

Jasar Valley,

39000 Tanah Rata,

Cameron Highlands.

17th May, 2017.

Dear Puvvan,

How are you? I hope you are in a pink of health. Yesterday, we

celebrated Teachers Day very grandly.

On Sunday, we were as busy as bees doing some early arrangements.

On Monday, we had assembly as usual. The teachers were elated with the
gifts. We had some interesting games and had a whale of time playing.

Later, we had class parties and some performances. It was a charming

day for all of us. I would like to pen off here. Write soon.

Your friend,


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Yasotha Sehgar 17

From : Date : 8 May 2017

To : Time : 7.00 p.m.

Subject : Field Trip

Dear Sivan,

I hope youre in the best of health. Recently, I went on my schools

field trip to Ipoh Recycling Centre. During the tour of the facility, I
learnt what materials are and how they are recycled.

After the tour, we had waste and recycling sorting games. It was fun.
Then, we watched a video on what can be made from recycled materials
followed by a question and answer session.

The trip was enriching as well as an eye-opener. We had a great time.

Hope to hear soon. Bye.

Your cousin,


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Yasotha Sehgar 17

As the teacher in charge of the schools Bookclub, Madam Yasotha Sehgar wants to put
up a notice to inform the pupils about the book exhibition.

Attention to all pupils,

There will be a book exhibition at the Kuantan Town Hall . The book
exhibition will be on from 20th to 25th November 2017.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. 10
Major Bookshops will be taking part in the exhibition. Books featured
during the exhibition are from local and foreign publishers. This is the
best time to buy books because all books will be sold at discounted prices.

Visitors need not pay to enter the exhibition because the entrance is

Teacher in charge,

Madam Yasotha Sehgar.

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Yasotha Sehgar 17

Dear Devi,

Your classmate Leela called when you were out. She wants you to
inform your class teacher, Madam Yasotha that she will not be in school
for the next two weeks because she has measles.

She said that she has to stay at home so that she wont infect
others. She also asked for a favour to collect her homeworks and pass to
her. She said that shell try to complete them during her stay at home.

Your sister,


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Yasotha Sehgar 17

Write a thank-you note to your aunt for her gift.

Dear aunt Gowry,

Thank you for the marvelous birthday gift. I have always wanted an
Oxford Dictionary as my old dictionaries are back dated and even some
pages were missing as time has gone by.

It will be very helpful to look for meaning for vocabularies while doing
my homework or revision. Im very sure it will be extremely useful since
theres an inter-school spelling bee competition around the corner.

You had sent a gift at the right time. I love you.

Your niece,


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Yasotha Sehgar 17

Good morning teachers and friends. Today, Im going to talk about

How to Manage Money Wisely.

Firstly, buy what you can afford. If the desired item is way too
expensive or out of budget, think twice before wasting money on it.

Secondly, putting aside money for daily needs is important. Give

priority to essential items and necessary things.

Finally, put aside money for savings instead of spending all the
money. The savings will help in times of emergency. Remember, not to
spend beyond your budget. Thank you.

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Yasotha Sehgar 17

Tuesday, 20th January 2017 9.00 p.m.

Dear Diary,

I recently took part in a competition and won an apple iPad. I have a

new iPad which my father presented on my twelfth birthday. I do not
need another one.

If I sell the iPad, I can use the money to buy something I need. If I
donate it to the orphanage, the children will enjoy using it. My nephew will
be on cloud nine if I give him the iPad.

I shall think about it. I hope I can make a good decision.



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Yasotha Sehgar 17

25th October, 2016

Dear Puvvan,

Would you like to join my family and me on a trip to Malacca during

the coming holidays? We can visit the AFamosa and learn about the
history of Malacca.

Trishaw riding around the town will be amazing and exciting. Theyre
beautifully decorated with colourful streamers and flowers. You will love
taking photographs of the scenery.

We also can taste the famous laksa and ice kacang. There are many
stalls near the fort where we can buy souvenirs.

I hope you can join us. Bye.

Your bosom friend,

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Yasotha Sehgar 17

Title of book : The Smart Fisherman

Author : Sivan Sehgar

Characters : a fisherman, a fish

What the story is about : The story is about how once a fisherman

caught a small fish using his net. The fish

begged the fisherman to let it go. It told the

fisherman to look for a bigger fish in the sea.

The fisherman refused to throw back the fish

into the sea. He said, Its better to keep

what I have now than to wait for something I

may not get as the saying goes a bird in hand is

worth two in the bush.

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Yasotha Sehgar 17

A neem tree is very useful. It has white flowers with five petals
which are pretty and fragrant. Some people cook and eat the flowers.
They are also used to make neem flower oil.

The leaves are long and green and made up of small leaflets. They can
be processed into neem tea and used to treat skin problems.

The fruit is egg-shaped, small and yellow with one seed in it. It can be
processed to make skincare products. It is indeed a special tree.

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Yasotha Sehgar 17

Puvvan wants to make a kite. First, he collects a piece of paper, two

strips of bamboo sticks, a ball of string, a bottle of glue and a pair of

Then, he ties the sticks with the string to make the frame. Next, he
glues the frame onto the paper. After that, he decorates the kite with

Finally, he ties the strings to the kite and it is ready to fly. He

enjoys flying kites with his friends on windy days.

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Yasotha Sehgar 17

The above recipe shows us how to make kiwi fruit juice. It is easy to
make the juice. First, you need 2 ripe kiwi fruit, 5 tablespoons of sugar, a
litre of water and some ice-cubes. Before blending, you need to peel the
skin of the fruit.

Next, slice the fruit into small cubes. Then, add in water and sugar
and blend.

Finally, pour the mixture into the glasses and add in some ice-cubes.
The juice is ready to serve. (80 words )

Yasotha Sehgar 17

Giving direction from the bus stop to the Post Office based on the map

Walk straight along Jalan Putra from the bus stop until you come to a
crossroad. You can see a school and town hall on your right. At the
crossroad, turn right into Jalan Puteri. Continue walking straight till you
see the Stadium Mewah on your right. Just after the stadium you will see
a turning on your left. Take this turning, you are now on Jalan Permaisuri.
The Post Office is the first building on your left which is next to the

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Yasotha Sehgar 17

Mother : Well, Sivan. How do you find the magazines?

Sivan : Oh, they are very interesting.

Mother : Which one do you prefer?

Sivan : Todays Young Magazine. It contains 30 pages and the

magazine has more variety.

Mother : Yes but dont you think the comic strips wont be of much

Help in your studies?

Sivan : Thats true but I can make new friends through the pen-pal

Column and at the same time, I can practice my writing skills.

Mother : Well, since you are going to read the magazine you choose, go


Sivan : Thank you, mother.

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Yasotha Sehgar 17

Reporter Madam Yash interviewed Datuk Lat, the famous cartoonist.

Yash : Good morning, Datuk Lat and welcome to the show.

Lat : Good morning and thank you for inviting me.

Yash : Where and when were you born?

Lat : I was born in Perak, on 5th March 1951.

Yash : What is the title of your first comic book?

Lat : Tiga Sekawan, its a story about three good friends and it

was published in 1979.

Yash : Is writing your job?

Lat : No, I started as a crime reporter. My aim is to be a


Yash : Ok, well take a break now. Well continue our interview later.

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Yasotha Sehgar 17

During the holidays, Puvan and his brother spent three days
at an adventure camp in Parit Fall. Puvan wrote a journal.

Day 1

My father drove Kavin and me to Parit Fall. After we had put our bags in
the dormitory, we assembled in the hall. We learnt how to give first aid.

Day 2

In the morning, I took part in an obstacle course. My brother spent the

morning jungle-trekking. I learnt how to tie knots and start a fire.

Day 3

We trekked through the jungle until we reached a waterfall. Our

instructors taught us how to read maps.

Day 4

We put on life jackets and went canoeing. That evening, we went home.

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Yasotha Sehgar 17
Yasotha Sehgar 17