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Altieri Balka Day Gonsalves Grace Krulik

Malloy Molix-Bailey Moseley Mowry Myren
Price Reynosa Santa Cruz Silbey Vielhaber
About the Cover
California Focus About one-fourth of Californias total land area is
desert. The Mojave Desert has the highest and lowest points in the
United Statesnot counting Alaska and Hawaii. The highest point is
Mount Whitney, which is 14,495 feet above sea level, and the
lowest is Bad Water in Death Valley, which is 282 feet below sea
level. These two points are less than 100 miles apart.
Mathematics Focus This year you will learn about fractions. The
rabbit on the cover is biking to Halftown. It is _ mile to Halftown
and _ mile to Thirdsville. Which is farther away? Use the front
wheel of the bike to help you decide.

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Start Smart
Chapter 1 Place Value and Number Sense

Chapter 2 Addition and Subtraction

Chapter 3 Algebra: Use Addition and Subtraction

Chapter 4 Statistics: Data and Graphs

Chapter 5 Multiplication and Division Facts

Chapter 6 Algebra: Use Multiplication and Division

Chapter 7 Multiply by One-digit Numbers

Chapter 8 Multiply by Two-digit Numbers

Chapter 9 Divide by One-digit Numbers

Chapter 10 Geometry

Chapter 11 Geometry and Measurement

Chapter 12 Algebra and Graphing

Chapter 13 Fractions

Chapter 14 Decimals

Chapter 15 Decimals: Addition and Subtraction

Chapter 16 Probability

Standards Review
Looking Ahead to Grade 5

Mary Behr Altieri Don S. Balka Roger Day, Ph.D.

Putnam/Northern Professor Emeritus Mathematics Department Chair
Westchester BOCES Saint Marys College Pontiac Township High School
Yorktown Heights, Notre Dame, Indiana Pontiac, Illinois
New York

Philip D. Gonsalves Ellen C. Grace Stephen Krulik Carol E. Malloy

Mathematics Coordinator Consultant Mathematics Consultant Assistant Professor of
Alameda County Office Albuquerque, Cherry Hill, New Jersey Mathematics Education
of Education and New Mexico University of North
California State Carolina at Chapel Hill
University East Bay Chapel Hill, North
Hayward, California Carolina

Rhonda J. Molix-Bailey Lois Gordon Moseley Brian Mowry

Mathematics Consultant Staff Developer Independent Math Educational
Mathematics by Design NUMBERS: Mathematics Consultant/Part time Pre-K
Desoto, Texas Professional Instructional Specialist
Development Austin Independent School District
Houston, Texas Austin, Texas

iv Meet the Authors at

Doug Martin Photography
Christina L. Myren Jack Price Mary Esther Reynosa
Consultant Teacher Professor Emeritus Instructional Specialist for
Conejo Valley Unified California State Elementary Mathematics
School District Polytechnic University Northside Independent
Thousand Oaks, California Pomona, California School District
San Antonio, Texas

Rafaela M. Santa Cruz Robyn Silbey Kathleen Vielhaber

SDSU/CGU Doctoral Math Content Coach Mathematics Consultant
Program in Education Montgomery County Public St. Louis, Missouri
San Diego State University Schools
San Diego, California Gaithersburg, Maryland

Contributing Authors

Viken Hovsepian Donna J. Long Dinah Zike

Professor of Mathematics Mathematics, Consultant Educational Consultant
Rio Hondo College Indianapolis, Indiana Dinah-Might Activities, Inc.
Whittier, California San Antonio, Texas

Doug Martin Photography
California Mathematics Advisory Board

Glencoe wishes to thank the following professionals for their invaluable

feedback during the development of the program. They reviewed the
table of contents, the prototype of the Teacher Wraparound Edition,
and the California Standards Review chapter.

Cheryl L. Avalos William M. Bokesch Patty Brown

Mathematics Consultant Rancho Bernardo High Teacher
Retired Teacher School John Muir Elementary
Hacienda Heights, California San Diego, California Fresno, California

David J. Chamberlain Eppie Chung Lisa Marie Cirrincione

Secondary Mathematics K-6 Teacher Middle School Teacher
Resource Teacher Modesto City Schools Lincoln Middle School
Capistrano Unified School Modesto, California Oceanside, California
San Juan Capistrano, California

Carol Cronk Ilene Foster Grant A. Fraser, Ph. D.

Mathematics Program Teacher Specialist Professor of Mathematics
Specialist Mathematics California State University,
San Bernardino City Unified Pomona Unified School Los Angeles
School District District Los Angeles, California
San Bernardino, California Pomona, California

File Photo
Suzanne Bocskai Freire Beth Holguin Donna M. Kopenski, Ed. D. Kelly Mack
Teacher Teacher Mathematics Coordinator K-5 6th Grade Teacher
Kingswood Elementary Graystone Elementary City Heights Educational Captain Jason Dahl
Citrus Heights, California San Jose, California Collaborative Elementary
San Diego, California San Jose, California

Juvenal Martinez John McGuire Dr. Donald R. Price Kasey St. James
Dual Immersion/ESL Associate Principal Teacher, Adjunct Professor Mathematics Teacher
Instructor Pacific Union School Motivational Speaker Sunny Hills High School
Aeolian Elementary Arcata, California Rowland Unified School Fullerton, California
Whittier, California District
Rowland Heights, California

Arthur K. Wayman, Ph. D. Beverly Wells Frances Basich Whitney

Professor Emeritus First Grade Teacher Project Director, Mathematics
California State University, Mineral King Elementary K-12
Long Beach School Santa Cruz County Office of
Long Beach, California Visalia, California Education
Capitola, California

File Photo

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill wishes to thank the following professionals

for their feedback. They were instrumental in providing valuable input
toward the development of this program in these specific areas.

Mathematical Content Family Involvement

Viken Hovsepian Paul Giganti, Jr.
Professor of Mathematics Mathematics Education Consultant
Rio Hondo College Albany, California
Whittier, California
Grant A. Fraser, Ph.D. Literature
Professor of Mathematics David M. Schwartz
California State University, Los Angeles
Childrens Author, Speaker, Storyteller
Los Angeles, California
Oakland, Califorinia
Arthur K. Wayman, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus
California State University, Long Beach Vertical Alignment
Long Beach, California Berchie Holliday
National Educational Consultant
Silver Spring, Maryland
Deborah A. Hutchens, Ed.D.
Jane D. Gawronski
Director of Assessment and Outreach
Norfolk Highlands Elementary
San Diego State University
Chesapeake, Virginia
San Diego, California

Cognitive Guided Instruction

Susan B. Empson
Associate Professor of Mathematics
and Science Education
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas

English Learners
Cheryl Avalos
Mathematics Consultant
Los Angeles County Office of Education, Retired
Hacienda Heights, California
Kathryn Heinze
Graduate School of Education
Hamline University
St. Paul, Minnesota

California Reviewers

Each California Reviewer reviewed at least two chapters of the

Student Edition, giving feedback and suggestions for improving
the effectiveness of the mathematics instruction.

Sherry G. Anderson Kristi Iverson Deborah Shapiro

Teacher/G.A.T.E. Coordinator First Grade Teacher 5th Grade Teacher
Will Rogers Elementary Village Oaks Elementary Nancy Cory
Lynwood, California Stockton, California Lancaster, California
Ysaaca Axelrod Sheri Leiken Maureen Smith
Kindergarten Teacher Teacher Curriculum Specialist
El Monte Elementary Weathersfield Elementary Fremont Unified School Dist.
Concord, California Thousand Oaks, California (retired 6/2006)
Fremont, California
Cathy Bullock Sarab H. Lopes
Teacher Teacher Joseph M. Snodgrass
Capri Elementary Anza Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher
Encinitas, California El Cajon, California Park Elementary School
Alhambra, California
Michelle Callender Karen E. Lund
Teacher 5th Grade Teacher Marie W. Stevens
Morgan/Kincaid Preparatory School Meadow Park Elementary Elementary Mathematics
of Integrated Studies Irvine, California Coordinator
Victorville, California LAUSD
Efrain Melendez Los Angeles, California
M. Olivia Campos Teacher
4th Grade Teacher Livermore Valley USD Jane Traut
Morrison Elementary Livermore, California Classroom Teacher
Norwalk, California Lang Ranch Elementary School
Jean A. Nelson Thousand Oaks, California
Malaura Page Easton, M.S. Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher Fremont Elementary School Rachel C. Trowbridge
La Pluma School Alhambra, California Teacher
La Mirada, California Evergreen Elementary
Tara Pahia San Jose, California
Priscilla S. Edwards Elementary Teacher
5th Grade Classroom Teacher Bear Gulch Elementary Cynthia H. Vandemoortel
David Reese Elementary Rancho Cucamonga, California Educator
Sacramento, California Alderwood Basics Plus School
Dr. Donald R. Price Irvine, California
Lisa B. Friedberg Teacher/Professor/Motivational
4th Grade Teacher Speaker Norine Yale
Alderwood Basics Plus School Alvarado Intermediate Teacher
Irvine, California Rowland Heights, California Justin Elementary
Simi Valley, California
Wendy Smith Hernandez Kitty Ritz, M.A.
Kindergarten Teacher Teacher Dr. Darlene York
Herndon-Barstow Elementary Monte Vista Elementary Education Consultant
Fresno, California Rohnert Park, California Associate Professor/Antioch
Beth Holguin Corinne E. Schwartz Seattle, Washington
Teacher First Grade Teacher
Graystone School Lincrest Elementary School
San Jose, California Yuba City, California