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SUBJECT : English

DATE/DAY : 1 August 2013 / Thursday

TIME : 11.05 am 12.05am
CLASS : Year 3 Maju
LEVEL : Average
THEME : World of Knowledge
TOPIC : Unit 11 In School
FOCUSED SKILL : Reading & Writing


2.2 Demonstrate understanding of a 2.2.1 Able to apply word attack skills by:
variety of linear and non-linear texts in the a) reading and grouping words according
form of print and non-print materials using to categories.
a range of strategies to construct meaning.
5.1 Use different word classes correctly 5.1.5 Able to use prepositions correctly and
and appropriately. appropriately:
a) on
d) up
g) at
1.1 Pronounce words and speak 1.1.4 Able to talk about a stimulus with
confidently with the correct stress, rhythm guidance.
and intonation.
LESSON OBJECTIVES : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
a) read sentences and identify the prepositions in it.
b) create sentences using the model and the things observed in their surrounding.

LANGUAGE CONTENT : prepositions on, at, up

a) Thinking skills : Encourage pupils to think when matching the correct contexts
to its prepositions.
b) Contextual learning : The examples provided by the teacher are related to pupils
daily lives.
c) Multiple intelligences : Visual-spatial, verbal linguistic, kinesthetic
PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE : Pupils have been exposed to prepositions in the previous unit.
ANTICIPATED PROBLEM : Pupils may not be able to match the contexts to its
POSSIBLE SOLUTION : Teacher provides examples of sentences so that pupils can
visualise the situation.
TEACHING RESOURCES : pictures, contexts in using prepositions, text book, grammar
exercise book, preposition cards

Stage/Time Content Teaching-Learning Activity Rationales

Set Induction Pictures 1. Teacher shows a few pictures - To introduce grammar
to the pupils. item in a contextualized
(5 minutes)
2. Pupils are to describe the
pictures using the words - To arouse pupils
provided. interest in learning
3. Teacher reveals the item pupils
are going to learn prepositions.
Pre-reading Prepositions 1. Teacher shows some contexts - To encourage pupils in
describe a in using the prepositions correctly. expressing their
(15 minutes)
relationship opinions.
2. Pupils read through the
between words
contexts and try to match at its - To provide opportunities
respective prepositions. for pupils in participating
the teaching-learning
Contexts in 3. Teacher informs pupils that
using they are going to check again the
prepositions answers while doing the next

While-reading Sentences: 1. Teacher provides a few - To enhance pupils

sentences on the whiteboard. thinking skill by relating
(10 minutes) 1. She goes to
the sentence with its
school at 8am. 2. Pupils read through the
sentences and identify the
2. There is an
prepositions in it. - To make lesson in
assembly at the
learning grammar more
school hall. 3. Teacher and pupils check the
answers by comparing the
3. Pupils should
contexts they have matched
hand in their work
earlier see whether it is correct.
on Monday.
4. Pupils copy the contexts in
4. There is a book
using the prepositions and its
on the table.
respective sentences into their
5. She walks up grammar exercise book.
the staircase
Text in textbook
(page87) as
Post-reading Model sentence: 1. Teacher put students in - To involve pupils
groups of three. individually in teaching-
(25 minutes) The book is
learning process.
under the table 2. Pupils are shown the
model answer for the - To engage kinesthetic
sentence construction learners in learning
task. grammar.
3. Pupils are brought around
school compound:
canteen, court, field, and
school hall.
4. At every station, pupils
observed their
surroundings and use
them to construct
5. Pupils write down the
sentences using the model
given by the teacher.
6. Pupils go back to the
7. Teacher paste the
example of sentences and
the questions on the
8. Pupils answer the
questions in groups.
9. Pupils collect their tasks
and send them to the

Closure Prepositions 1. Teacher revises the - To consolidate what

prepositions taught with the pupils have learnt.
(5 minutes) on, up, at