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NP Patrick

This note was from Matrix Nurse Practitioner Stacey following a member visit:

Matrix NP Patrick saw the member last year. A lot has happened since.

The member told me that over the past year he was diagnosed with colon cancer.
A colonoscopy found 13 polyps, three of which were larger than a nickel and
cancerous. They were removed. However, despite monitoring and treatment, more
polyps developed and more surgery was necessary.

The member was quite astonished by the turn of events as he never experienced
any symptoms. But, he did have the visit from Patrick. Patrick strongly
recommended he have a colonoscopy because of his age and because he had
never had one before. And so, the member did.

His gastroenterologist said he was very lucky. The cancer had not spread, his
lymph nodes were not affected and his PET scan was clear. Which is why the
member asked me to thank Patrick for saving his life. Thank you, Patrick!

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