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The history of
Kodikarai or Point Calimere [112 kms] : This is a popular Migratory Birds Sanctuary. Water Birds, Fowls
Tamizhagam goes
especially Flamingoes flock the sanctuary during the season. This is a paradise for the Bird watchers too. The
back about 5000

Nagapattinam[83kms]:Has a population of 102,905 [ 2011 census]. The town came to prominence during
the period of Cholas between 9th and 12th century and served as their important port for commerce and east
Chettinad The Land of
Beaches Heritage & Devotion It
Tamil Nadu is known is a place that
Nagore [88 km] : This is the Dargah of Hazrat Meera Sultan Sayed Shahabdul
especially for its blue enchantsandenhances
HameedpopularlycalledasHazratMian,wholivedaround500yearago.It is 4 Kms
beaches and sunny thesoul.More...
north of Nagapattinam Town. The tomb of Hazrat Mian is located here, a structure
skies. Some of south with a Golden Dome and five Minarets. The tank within the precincts called as peer
India's spectacular Festivals
kulam is believed to have curative powers and people of all faiths visit this Dargah
beachesMore... Tamil Nadu is a land
of many festivals.
January marks the
Thirubuvanam [45 kms] : It is on the Mayiladuthurai Kumbakonam Road. Kampaheswarar Temple and
7DXTheatre beginning of the
The 7DX Theatre festival season in the
located near state.More...
Velankanni [90 kms] : It is 12 kms from
Mahabalipuram bus Nagapattinam.MostimportantChristianPilgrimCenterof
stand screens India's IshaYogaCenter
firstandonlyhistorical Thirtythreekilometers
church to get the blessings of Our Lady of Health.
7DX movie, Pallava from the hustle and
Velankanni is famous for its annual festival during
Dynasty A time bustle of Coimbatore
AugustSeptember that attracts millions of pilgrim from
travel..More... rise the Vellaiyangiri
all parts of India and world too. Devotes offer metal
Hills, located at an
altitude of 6000 feet.
answering their prayer. There is a Small Museum
VGPSnowKingdom More...
attached to the church which displays collection of the
Hot. Humid. Summer, offeringsmadebythefaithfuldevotees.
These are some of the Sikkal[70kms]:AtemplededicatedtoSikalSingaravelarorLordSubramanyaislocatedhere.Tendayfestival
words you may iscelebratedduringOctoberNovembereveryyear.
associate with
Snow Kingdom, a
snow leisure family 1.Suriyanar koil [Sun Temple] : This temple, believed to have been built by Chola King Kulothunga I,
entertainment centre.. dedicatedtoLordSuriyan[Sun]is58kmsfromThanjavur.ThisisaPariharaSthalamdedicatedtoLordSuriyan
More... [Sun]forPlanetaryDosharelief.

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