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Marianne Peeples

984 Ashmor Drive

Little Fork, Minnesota 56653
Contact: (123)-278-6245
Career Objective:
Candidate with a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering and sound knowledge and expertise in
aviation engineering techniques and procedures along with designing aerospace products, intends
to work as an aerospace design engineer in a reputed aviation company.
Core Competencies:

Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and techniques of aviation engineering

In-depth knowledge of aviation, mechanics, machine structure, and technology
Extensive knowledge of designing and developing aircraft products
In-depth knowledge of logistic management, implementation and repair of aviation systems
Sound knowledge of technical documentation with good flow and organization
In-depth knowledge of maintenance planning, flight test engineering and helicopter
Ability to communicate effectively with sound management skills

Summary of Work History:

Organization: CCB Engineering Group, Minnesota
Duration: November 2012 till date
Designation: Aerospace Design Engineer

Handle the tasks of developing theoretical design of aeronautical products and systems
Responsible for designing, fabricating, modifying, and testing aerospace products
Perform the tasks of conducting operational and environmental tests on prototypes and
models of aircraft equipment and systems
Responsible for reviewing performance documentation and reports from field engineers and
identify damaged or malfunctioning products
Perform the tasks of drafting technical documents for engineering staff and customers
Provide guidance in Research & Development programs as well as maintain performance

Organization: Aero Integration Engineering, Minnesota

Duration: May 2009 to October 2012
Designation: Junior Aerospace Engineer

Responsible for assisting senior level engineers in designing and developing aerospace
systems and components like spacecraft and space-based communication systems
Perform the tasks of investigating on system failures, accidents or incidents
Handle responsibilities of gathering specifications for materials and processes required for
aerospace manufacturing, modifications, repair and maintenance
Perform the tasks of coordinating ground and flight tests of air and spacecraft
Handle responsibilities of conducting computer simulations of aerospace vehicles by
applying advanced mathematical modeling
Responsible for preparing first draft on recommendations for corrective action
Career Objective

-Desired a Challenging Aerospace Engineer/ Senior Aerospace Engineer position in a Major

Corporation which will be helpful in seeking country security

Technical skills

-Parallel Programming (MPI)

-Fortran, C/C++

Personality Traits

-Ability to use logic

-Creative thinking
-Structural analyst

Key Responsibilities

-Responsible for design, develop, and test aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles and oversee
their production.
-Responsible for working with earthbound vehicles, such as deep-diving vessels that are used to
do research in the oceans and high-speed trains that float above their tracks.
-Responsible for helping the scientist in their new aircraft designing.
-Responsible for using computer-aided design (CAD) software to draw up project plans.
-Collecting and analysing test data.
-Carrying out ground and flight-testing programmes on prototypes.


-Completed 6 weeks training on the topic of Mechanics of Deformable Bodies from ABC
-Completed 6 weeks training on the topic of Thermodynamics & Compressible Flow from ABC

-Established and operated a new aerospace test lab for NDA


-Currently working with ABC Company as Aerospace engineer since July 20** to till date.
-Previously working with ABC Company as entry level aerospace engineer since 19** to till 20**.

Professional Qualification

-Completed MS, Mechanical from ABC University and secure 67%.

-Completed B.Tech Mechanical Engineering from ABC University and secure 71%.

Academic Qualification

-Successfully completed Secondary Examination, XYZ Board, securing 72%.

-Successfully completed Sr. Secondary Examination, XYZ Board, securing 68%.

Personal Details

Date of Birth-29th March, 19XX

Language Known-English, Hindi, Chinese
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Aerospace engineer CV sample

Sunil Singh
Contact No. +91-779456****
Email ID- ***

Career Summary
-An inquisitive, creative and inventive professional with excellent knowledge of aerodynamics and
physics, structural dynamics and flight mechanics possessing 2 year experience as Aerospace

-Extensive knowledge of techniques, procedure and equipment to design aerospace product.
-Excellent knowledge of design, construction, and study of the science behind the forces and physical
properties of aircraft, rockets, flying craft, and spacecraft.
-Proficient in aerodynamic characteristics and behaviors, airfoil, control surfaces, lift, drag, and other
-Expert to deliver the best and quality product.

Personality Traits

-Self motivated with strong problem solving skills.

-Detail oriented and strong mathematical skills.
-Ability to work in a team.
-Effective communication skills in written and verbal both.

Technical Knowledge

-Expertise in Aerodynamic tools.

-Proficient in various apparatus and technology of Airplane.

Key Responsibilities Handled

-Developing avionic systems like navigation instruments and communications.

-Developing plan and deigning the aerospace product.
-Carrying out ground and flight-testing programs on prototypes.
-Planning and supervising the assembly and fitting of aircraft and components.
-Accomplishing the installation and check the operation of product.
-Scheduling and supervising line (airport) and base (hangar) aircraft maintenance.
-Estimating project costs and timescales.


-Present many papers for modification in FGH Plane.

-Receive Best Employee award in 2011.
-Invited in summit for Modification in Aerospace Industry at France.


-Working as Aerospace Engineer in ABC Company from March 2010- Present


-Masters in Aerospace engineering. in Aeronautical Engineering.

Personal Details

-Date of Birth- MM/DD/YYYY

-Address- SKKSAK
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Aerospace Engineer sample CV

Mobile: +91-98********

Career Summary

-A highly experienced Aeronautical Engineer with four plus years hands on experience on commercial
aircrafts and next generation navigation systems.
-Successfully completed Engineering Projects and controlling them in terms of time, cost and quality.
-Expertise in using the advance techniques to design systems and components for commercial
-Expertise in MATLAB, AutoCAD, MathCAD, CATIA V5 & V6 and advanced Electronic Optics etc.
-Proficiency in aeronautical design and airframe bodies.
-Experience in 3D modeling a Composite Materials.
Key Skills

-Experience in working with Control system design and analysis.

-Strong Technical knowledge.
-Ability to work with provided deadlines.
-Strong knowledge on Commercial Aircraft & Avionics Systems, Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics &
Thermodynamics etc.
-Ability to work under pressure as part of a team and take responsibility.
-Understanding the crack growth analysis of various metallic structures.
-Strong aptitude for understanding the complex mechanical systems.
-Experience in assembling and de-assembling the parts of Aero Engines.
-Strong Analytical skill
-Excellent communication.

Work Experience

Company Name -Place

Aeronautical Engineer June 2008- Till Date

-Working on aircraft wing design.

-Responsible for developing repair procedures and techniques and managing maintenance schedule.
-Responsible for testing aircraft system and aviation.
-Responsible for installation of instruments, engines, and other equipments.
-Responsible for tracking down resources and scheduling staff.
-Responsible for regular inspection, maintenance and servicing.
-Resolving issues during design, production and testing process.
-Preparing all kind technical documentation like procedures and process maps.
-Working on research and development.
-Contact with regulatory authorities and customers as they require.
-Working in a safe manner in order to satisfy Health and Safety legislation.
-Auditing of internal processes and activities.


-Secured appreciation in All India Aeronautical Exhibition while working with XYZ.
-Represented for College name in All India Aeronautical Fest.

-M Tech in Mechanical Engineering in year 2007 from XYZ Institute with 75%.
-B.E in Aeronautical Engineering in year 2005 from XYZ with 70%.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 19 March. 19**.

Languages known: Hindi and English.
Address: XYZ.

Gabriel Preda
6789 Aliso Creek Rd, Apt 5678
Bayside, New York 11360
Phone: (555)-111-5601

Career Objective:

More than five years of professional experience in planning, developing, and implementing aerospace projects.
Looking for a responsible position as an aerospace project manager in a defense organization.

Summary of Skills:

Hands-on experience in aerospace project management and execution activities

Comprehensive knowledge of aviation project management methodologies and techniques
Proficient in handling the day-to-day aerospace activities with excellent knowledge of aerospace
Skilled in communicating professionally with excellent communicational and interpersonal skills
Ability to handle multiple tasks with good management and organizational skills

Educational Summary:

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, 2009

Engineering College of New York, New York

Work Experience:

Organization: New York Aerospace, New York

Duration: September 2012 till date
Designation: Aerospace Project Manager

Responsible for providing guidelines to the project team to ensure standard compliance that meets the
project estimated cost and quality
Handle the task of dealing with negotiation activities with sub-contractors as well as developing project
development plans and activities
Perform the responsibility of estimating and hiring resources that are required to carry out the projects
Perform project controlling activities and the processing of budget and time
Shoulder the responsibility of managing and overseeing large projects as well as the management of
procurement activities
Handle the task of defining project scope and statement of work to achieve project goals and objectives

Organization: AUD Space, New York

Duration: July 2009 to August 2012
Designation: Senior Aerospace Project Engineer

Handled the responsibility of providing directions and managing the project development activities
Performed the task of scheduling project timelines and preparing project communications documents
Responsible for preparing project progress reports and updating the reports to the manager for review
Completed the task of managing project dependencies and administering the project staff and stakeholders
Performed the task of delegating responsibilities to project team and explaining project life cycle to the
Handled the responsibility of assisting the project manager in developing and implementing project plans


Highly respected, dynamic professional demonstrating expertise and broad ranging experience in structural and mechanical
systems maintenance; finite element analysis, complex 3D and simple 2D models; elastic, elastic plastic, dynamic, heat transfer
and buckling analysis; and strong structures engineering and design experience. History of accomplishing exceptional change
management practices to achieve cohesive, productive teams, increased efficiency and reduced expenditure, and improved client
relationships. Consistently recognized by management for outstanding technical, interpersonal, leadership and communication
skills. Vital ability to thrive in high stress environments.


Organizational Performance & Productivity Complex Engineering

Strategic Direction & Procedures Client Relationship Management
Written & Oral Communications Trainer & Motivator
Dynamic Team Building & Leadership Vital Team Member
Change Management Project Design & Management
Rapid Problem Solving & Decision Making Interpersonal Expertise
High Stress Challenging Environments Public Speaking & Presentations


Microsoft Word, Excel, Project, Access, PowerPoint; eMatrix; MSC.Nastan; MSC.Patran;

Software Applications: HKS Abaqua, CATIA; Solidworks
Operating Systems: Windows; SGI IRIX; UNIX
Programs: C++; Fortran; AWK; MSC PCL


BOEING AUSTRALIA RAAF, Amberley, Qld 2003 to Present

F-111 Airframe Systems Team Lead
Received rapid promotion from Senior Structures Engineer after one month. Charged with implementation of proactive change
management strategies and direction and motivation of team of structural and mechanical engineers, systems technicians and
technical assessors responsible for all engineering and logistics aspects of RAAF F-111 airframes, fuel, environmental control
systems, hydraulic and flight control systems and including RAAF 707 tanker/transport mechanical systems engineering support.
Accountable for F-111 fleet in-service management planning and strategies; all aspects F-111 structural integrity management
plan; and compliance with RAAF airworthiness regulations. Lead team of 32 in the management of numerous multi-million dollar
F-111 upgrade and running system projects and development and implementation of procedures to ensure long-term F-111
viability. Manage day-to-day staffing matters including hiring, training, performance plans and reviews and disciplinary issues.
Coordinate sub-contractors. Exercise full team budget and resource accountability. Maintain excellent personal and team relations
with RAAF personnel. Liaise with Strike Program Manager and other project managers to ensure accurate resources.
Unique Challenge:
Inherited a team that was fragmented and lacking motivation resulting in low morale, severely reduced
Challenge: productivity, inability to meet deadlines and poor client relations.
Rapidly assessed environment and implemented more open style of management ensuring ease of
access, guidance and advice, and assertively leading and motivating by personal example. Encouraged
ownership by allowing decision-making power where appropriate and consolidated broad range of team
Action: experience and expertise to form a cohesive unit.
Outstanding turnaround was rapidly achieved resulting in a team demonstrating strong, committed work
ethic, harmonious and productive environment, active participation in identifying strategies to increase
efficiency and reduce costs, and able to consistently meet all deadlines. Achieved greatly improved
Result: level of communications between team members and clients.

Selected Achievements:
Recipient of Instant Recognition Award for rapid identification in F-111 wing fatigue test failure resulting in grounding of entire
fleet. Implemented diverse strategies to ensure rapid short-term fleet recovery and long-term capability.
Increased aircraft safety and availability and recognized significant time and revenue savings through development of specialist
work group of aircrew and engineers.
Hold engineering authority for F-111 airframe design changes and logistical authority for airframe and mechanical systems
design changes.
Established tools to track and measure improvements in engineering efficiency.
Member of Boeing Australia Structural and Mechanical Systems Engineering Process Council with responsible input into setting
relevant policies and developing new processes throughout Boeing Australia.
Receive outstanding senior management feedback and reviews as dynamic leader and excellent company representative.


Project Manager / Principal Engineer F-111 (2000 2003)
Full management accountability for all F-111 related activities and direction of numerous RAAF F-111 projects. Functioned as
companys Principal Engineer for Finite Element Analysis. Key team member responsible for achieving one of the best finite
element capabilities in Australia.
Developed aircraft external and internal in-flight loads and specifications to assess aircraft structural integrity. Advanced company
procedures for conduct of finite element analysis and trained engineers. Supervised up to 10 personnel and assisted in hiring and
performance reviews. Developed relevant short and long-term resource requirements. Conducted F-111 running system
engineering tasks, investigation into effects of AGM-142E standoff missile on continued structural integrity of F-111C, and others.
Selected Achievements:
Managed $2 million F-111C Strain Survey designed to establish stress capabilities and maintenance methodologies to ensure
government stated planned withdrawal date.
Grew client base from one major account to five through exceptional degree of customer service, dedicated hard work and
demonstrating outstanding technical competence and value for money. Established dedicated staff to meet increasing work load.
Developed specifications serving both RAAF and the company governing all fatigue related engineering.
Consistently achieved early promotions and ranking higher than peers. Received senior management feedback as energetic,
dynamic and technically astute engineer.

Senior Engineer Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems (LMTAS) (1999 2000)
One of only 5 engineers selected to travel to Lockheed Martin, Texas, USA, for 18-month duration to commence development of in-
country expertise when Australia became sole operator of the F-111.
Requested by RAAF to be posted to LMTAS while under F-111C Sole Operator Program. Undertook construction of F-111C
Internal Loads Finite Element Model. Gained high degree of exposure to F-16 and F/A-22 fighter aircraft construction
environment and developed further in-depth understanding of design progress from conception to manufacture.
Selected Achievements:
Vital member of 3-man team to construct F-111C Internal Load Finite Element Model using OEM (Original Equipment
Manufacturer) supplied data. This major project involved the construction of geometric surfaces using CATIA, meshing of
geometry, property assignments, debug of the FEM and application and balancing of representative in-flight aerodynamic load
Collaborated on the development of external aircraft loads and certification of crack growth software currently used on RAAF F-
111 aircraft and USAF F-16, F/A-22 and JSF (F-35).

Senior Engineer PC-9A Fatigue Test / F-111 Program (1997 1999)

Promoted to Senior Engineer in charge of the conduct of Aircraft Fatigue Data Acquisition System calibration of fleet PC-9A
aircraft involving specification of external test loads and design of test rigs. Developed RAAF documentation and procedures for
managing testing activities.
As Engineer on F-111 SOP accountability included correlation of F-111C Wing Pivot Fitting FEM with measured strain data,
elastic plastic analysis of stiffener runouts and investigation into the effect of removal of boron doublers from the F-111C Wing
Pivot Fitting upper plate.
Selected Achievement:
Collaborated on development of optimized stiffener runout profiles, subsequently implemented on RAAF F-111C fleet.

Engineer AMRL PC-9A Fatigue Test (1997)

Developed Finite Element Models for fatigue damage sites, repair designs and the running of the OEM supplied loads model of the
PC-9A. Executed all modeling in conjunction with OEM engineers.
Selected Achievement:
Developed software in FORTRAN77 and FORTRAN90 in support of test loads development utilizing monitoring and fatigue


Fishermans Bend, Melbourne, Vic 1996 to 1997
Contract Engineer
Employed as vital team member for F/A-18 International Follow-On Structural Test Program. Areas of accountability included
interpretation of measured strain data; implementation of OEM finite element models; development of F/A-18 fuselage load
Selected Achievements:
Developed and implemented finite element models for the F/A-18 aft fuselage for loads and stress analysis and developed repairs
for F/A-18 fatigue test article.
Wrote software for data health checking for high speed buffet data recording on F/A-18 IFOSTP.

BECA SIMONS PTY LTD Melbourne, Vic 1994 to 1996

Mechanical Design Engineer
Recruited as new graduate with responsibility for design and analysis of high-pressure piping, design of tanks and pressure vessels,
and static and dynamic analysis of engineering systems using finite element analysis. Prepared tenders and conducted bid
evaluations. Wrote equipment specifications.
Selected Achievements:
Designed and oversaw construction and installation of large storage silos, and piping and pump arrangements for the Australian
Paper M4 paper machine upgrade at Maryvale, Latrobe Valley.
Participated in the design of the new M5 paper machine at Australian Paper Maryvale, Latrobe Valley.

AUSTRALIAN ARMY RESERVES Rifle Company 1990 to 1996

Achieved Section 2IC with command of 9 men.



Graduated with 2nd Class Honors

Leading & Managing People Australian Institute of Management (2002)


RYE YACHT CLUB (1983 1999)


To advance my career as an aerospace engineer at the biggest airplane manufacturing

company in the United States. I hope to obtain a managerial or supervisory position at
the Boeing Company.

1. Strong leadership skills

2. Highly motivated and resourceful
3. Perform quality work while meeting deadlines
4. Able to work independently or collaboratively
5. Proficient in Simulink, AutoCAD, MathCAD, TMR Tool
6. Years of experience in design structure on commercial aircraft
7. Extreme attention to detail
8. Ability to organize and prioritize workload effectively
9. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
10.Flexible and adaptable to change
11. Experience in project planning and documentation
12. Wide knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment and
computer software and hardware


Aerodynamic Engineer, 2007 to Present

Boeing, Everett, WA

Assist with the design and analysis of Boeing commercial airplanes

Assist in the design of aerodynamic surfaces for optimal vehicle performance
Calculate and present airplane performance capabilities
Assist with certification and qualification process of Boeing commercial planes
Define market requirements to support development of new models
Perform requirements and design verification and traceability analysis
Participate in design reviews and problem reporting
Work with mechanical, electronics and software design disciplines

Aerospace Program Manager/Project Engineer, 2003-2007

Zodiac Aerospace, Redmond, WA

Proposal and contract development

Detailed schedule and budget monitoring
Product design and documentation
Risk management
Detailed budget monitoring
Status reporting
Gave presentations to executive management
Manufactured program planning

Aerospace Engineer Intern, 2000-2003

Zodiac Aerospace, Redmond, WA

Troubleshot aircraft systems to resolve complex issues

Analyzed project proposals regarding aeronautical products
Created specifications and drawings on parts for many commercial aircraft systems
Design structural modifications of aircrafts
Help improve equipment navigation


Masters of Aerospace Engineering, University of Washington

1998-2000, 3.4 GPA
College, University of Washington
Deans List 1996-1998
Bachelors of Science, Aeronautics & Astronautics
1994-1998, 3.8 GPA
Inglemoor High School
High School Diploma
1990-1994, 3.6 GPA


1. Thermodynamics
2. Structural Vibrations
3. Atmospheric Flight Mechanics
4. Orbital and Space Flight Mechanics
5. Gas Dynamics
6. Aircraft Design
7. Propulsion
8. Aerospace Heat Transfer
9. Systems Engineering
10.Compressible Fluid Mechanics
11. Space Power Systems
12. Mathematical Foundations of Systems Theory
13. Physics of Fusion Plasmas
Personal information

Married with four children

DOB: 05/20/1975
Hobbies include photography, golf and hiking

Process Engineer Fuel Gases Resume Samples

Work Experience

Process Engineer- Fuel Gases, LINDE INDIA LTD (Feb 2013 - Present)
Design-Engineer, LINDE INDIA LTD (Nov 2011 - Feb 2013)
Production Engineer, BOC INDIA LIMITED (Sep 2005 - Dec 2011)


Bachelor of Technology, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, MG University (2005)

safety standards, quality management, Design development, AutoCAD 2D & 3D/
Inventor fusion, Project engineering.

Manufacturing Process Engineer Resume Samples

Work Experience

Manufacturing Process Engineer, B/E Aerospace (2010 - 2011)

Consultant - Independent Contractor, AFSI Inc (2009 - 2010)
Manufacturing Engineer/Project Manager, Decore-ative Specialties (2002 - 2008)
Engineering Manager, Leggett and Platt Corporation, Maxwell Division (2001 - 2002)
Industrial Manufacturing Engineer, Black Belt, Acting Quality Engineer, Crane Corporation -
Barksdale Inc. (1998 - 2001)


Masters, Pepperdine University (2007)

Bachelors, Cal Poly University (1988)

Communications and People Skills, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Project,
Spanish Language, ERP and MRP Systems, Management and Supervision

Candace Murphy, PE
1507 Maple Road
Sometown, VA 23337
(555) 555-5555

Specializing in Structural Design of Commercial Aircraft & Aviation Systems

PE-certified aerospace engineer with more than four years of design structures experience on
commercial aircraft and next-generation navigation systems.
Talented engineer -- apply advanced techniques and industry best practices to the design of
systems and components for commercial airliners.
Proficiency in MATLAB, Simulink, AutoCAD, MathCAD, CATIA V5 and V6, TMRTool, Oracle,
C++, Perl and advanced electronic optics.


Commercial Aircraft & Avionics Systems

Structural Design & Build Management
Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics & Thermodynamics

Project Plans & Documentation

Geometric Tolerancing & Dimensioning
FAA & DOT Regulatory Compliance

Education & Credentials

ABC UNIVERSITY (Sometown, VA) -- Top-ranked aerospace program

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering Program, 9/09 to Present (expected graduation: 5/12)

XYZ UNIVERSITY (Sometown, VA) -- ABET-accredited aerospace program

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, 12/07

Professional Engineer (PE), National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, 4/08

Professional Experience

DEF COMPANY (Sometown, VA)

Offered full-time position following internship with aircraft design and manufacturing facility.
Aerospace Engineer,1/08 to 2/12
Aerospace Engineer Intern, 1/07 to 12/07

Collaborated with multidisciplinary engineering teams to design structural modifications of aircraft

and systems. Engineered structural modifications for the following aircrafts: Boeing 737s, 747s,
757s, 767s and 777s; Airbus 320s and 330s; and DC-9s.
Helped elevate safety and quality specs, improve aerodynamics, and equip navigation and
control systems with cutting-edge advancements.
Used 3D CAD modeling tools to design and improve systems meeting FAA standards;
communicated with regulatory authorities for approvals on design deviations.
Created drawings, instructions, specifications and documentation on equipment, devices and
parts for numerous commercial aircraft systems.
Analyzed project proposals and engineering data regarding aeronautical products and aviation
structures to determine feasibility, production time and costs.
Troubleshot aircraft systems to resolve complex issues relating to interpretation of design data.

Manufacturing Engineer
Led international team of Japanese/American technicians and engineers to develop,
implement, and automate notching cell that increased productivity by 400%

Led cost-down team to improve manufacturing methods of outsourced parts resulting in reoccurring
savings of over $65,000 annually
Managed retrofitting outdated equipment to convert all high-speed stamping machines from gear-driven
to servo-controlled in order to decrease machine setup times by 70% and improve part quality
Developed engineered safety controls to improve high-speed stamping production capacity by 40%
Developed layout and production flow for shaft sawing process resulting in 65% reduction in material
handling resources

Manufacturing Engineer
Designed, programmed, and built custom machines and equipment for day-to-day tasks
including: a mobile part counter, automatic part etching machine, and Overall Equipment
Effectiveness (OEE) system

Increased weekly throughput resulting in an estimated $2.5 million annually earned/saved by

eliminating waste, promoting automation, and reducing cycle time
Assisted in the negotiations and purchasing of new supplies, repair and troubleshooting of machines,
and designed solutions for day-to-day operations
Implemented the use of 3D printing technology for use in daily operations resulting in a significant
decrease of downtime
Partnered with Maintenance and Safety to create a more lean footprint for facility operations by
implementing an efficiency training program and redefining the facility layout
Acted as Project Manager and interim Facility Manager during multi-facility consolidation project directly
responsible for 14 individuals

Manufacturing Engineer
Supported electric submersible pump product line through safety initiatives and process
improvements that resulted in over $100k in cost savings in one year.

Designed and implemented multiple tooling changes and revisions for use in winding stators
Completed Engineer Development Training as well as SolidWorks FEA training
Took part in safety initiatives including: stop work, lock out tag out, hands off, and commitment to zero
Collaborated with other engineers on CAPEX projects which resulted in a more efficient work flow that
was lean and which minimized waste

Manufacturing Engineer
Led a team of inmates through a correctional industrial program to facilitate changes in
production and data gathering

Compiled metrics to evaluate double hole/scrap production

Generated weekly and daily reports on production numbers and cost of non-quality
Evaluated metrics to find root cause of double hole/scrap, analysis used to implement solutions
Measured effectiveness of solutions on double hole/scrap production and cost
Reduced scrap production from 20% to 8% utilizing new production method
Cost savings of 27% over a 5 month period
Designed and developed a prototype for reducing human error in the remanufacturing process,
reduced human error, in some cases, by 10-15%

Manufacturing Engineer
Conceived and developed an algorithm to quantify and identify overproduction scenarios
prior to roll-out beyond the customer's demand. Produced an overall cost avoidance of

Devised and initialized complementing algorithm capable of identifying the lowest cost supply chain to
meet unique customer demands and lead time. Improved quality and lead time while reducing logistics
costs, and assuring expedient delivery with time specifications.
Implemented new coating system to improve corrosion resistance beyond competitive market.
Performed over 1,000 process improvement and routing updates.
Revamped company quality standard to match customers' expectations, process capabilities, and
lowest cost manufacturing.

Manufacturing Engineer
Airplane Interior Protection plan

Resolved technical problems affecting interior monuments such as: galleys, closets, lavatories across
all 777 airplane programs on performance, cost, and schedule/delivery.
Developed a systematic approach to mitigate interior damage and improved process controls to
support a 16% production rate with less tags being recorded during inspection, transportation and
Launched a workshop to reduce the interior damage commodities of $1.8 million expenditures spent on
rework, repair and scraped items yearly.
Put in place a standardized protective measure for interior monuments on all 777 airplane programs.
Resulted in 60% reduction of workmanship and unnecessary items during installation and contributed
to the creation of best practices for improved operational process and enhanced overall customer
Manufacturing Engineer
Led the implementation of Mach 1 systems, Teamcenter VPP and SAP for facility and was
key to its success

Oversaw the data management of Teamcenter and SAP and trained Manufacturing Engineer (ME)
team members on the use of both systems
Created and managed assembly and manufacturing Bills of Material (BOM) and process plans for
Lower Powertrain Products facility
Team Lead during a Six Sigma Lean tool Rapid Improvement Workshop (RIW) and implemented
process plan structures to enable system based level scheduling
Effectively managed 3 contract ME resources, while ensuring cost effectiveness
Manufacturing Engineer / Project Manager
Manufacturing Engineer project manager in fast-paced environment coordinating actions
for various support departments. Project coordinator for 150K labor hours with budget value
in excess of $50M containing 2500 work packages. Maintain Work Breakdown Structure
(WBS) budgets and resource activities. Analyzed project work in progress, material
availability and potential production risk to ensure resources and services support critical
path methodology and milestones.

Standardized aerospace modifications processes for Department of Defense contract.

Created improved procedures conducting root cause analysis and corrective action implementation for
production processes.
Estimated, established, and monitored budget requirements for statement of work (SOW).
Utilized SAP, desktop applications, engineering drawings, and technical specifications.
Prioritized, prepared, and controlled production schedules, planning documents and Bill of Material
(BOM) for Department of Defense aerospace modification contracts.
Managed project change request, Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTO), Earned Value
Management System (EVMS) and Integrated Management System (IMS).
Manufacturing Engineer
Reduced Low Cost Container Load Lift Strap production process cycle time by 50%
Facilitated inclusion of $500K BAE Retention product line into current plant layout
Processed business case analysis for new $100K retractable rollerball pen project
Contributed launching preventative maintenance program in support of ISO 9001 and AS9100
Researched customization of a $250K bag filling system for visually impaired operators
Prepared material and labor quotes for potential new business opportunities
Created & managed matrix for packaging artwork changes


Years In

At This Job

Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing & Enterprise Engineering

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
Developed and executed process validation and test protocols for two new products launch
for 510K submissions

Qualified two new products and processes

Lead and facilitated builds for initial prototypes, product verification testing and production
Performed extensive DOE using Minitab to establish specifications and Gage R&R using Minitab for
measurement variability.
Qualified the processes and equipment.
Redesigned and qualified the device packaging system for different products and conducted Design of
Experiments (DOE) to establish optimum equipment setting. Updated all the documents and BOM for
the new packaging material.

Work in cooperation with a team to develop and implement Engineering action plans to accomplish business goals.
Key Skills
Manufacturing Methods:
Conventional Machining
Non-Conventional Machining
Mechanical Design: Joining
Engineering Change Process Metallurgical/Chemical
Gas Turbine Repair Methodologies CAD/CAM:
Configuration Management NX7.5: Modeling/Sketcher/Drafting/Mill
Manufacturing Engineering: MasterCAM 5: Mill/Lathe/Modeling
New Product Introduction AutoCAD
Process Planning Achieving Competitive Excellence
Inspection Methods 6's
Tool Design & Make QCPC
Machine Programming Setup Reduction
Machine Setup and Operation Standard Work
Drawing Interpretation: DIVE
Part Drawing, Turbine Engine Design/Function
GD&T (ANSI Y14.5) Military
Specification Interpretation Commercial
Technical Orders Industrial
Professional Experience
Barnes AerospaceFebruary 2013 to CurrentProcess/Manufacturing Engineer
Windsor, CT
Responsibilities include development of manufacturing process plans for both New Product Introduction (NPI) programs as well maintaining
legacy manufacturing programs. Skills required to create and maintain manufacturing processes include:
Analyze customer engineering drawings and documentation for material, unique processes, and quality elements.
Development of associated Bill Of Material (BOM) and process traveler in an ERP system.
Create and maintain in-process part geometry, using Unigraphics. In-process part geometry is used for detailed operation sheet creation,
tool design, and C.N.C. Programming.
Support and revise legacy BOM and operations sheets to support both internal and external customer requests.
Monitor key manufacturing elements and provide corrective actions to return the process to production status.
Assist in the conceptual design and modification of fixtures, cutting tools, and gages.
Work with a diverse team of manufacturing engineers, tool designers, C.N.C. programmers, and production personnel to achieve the
business goals for all manufacturing programs.
Additional responsibilities include:
Repair procedure creation for in-process nonconforming product and customer returns.
Evaluate customer initiated Engineering Changes for the following elements: cost, manufacturing processing, and BOM revisions.
Support estimating process.
Perform root cause analysis and implement corrective actions to eliminate both product and process deviations.
Provide day-to-day production support to meeting customer quality and on time delivery.
Mallory IndustriesOctober 2011 to October 2012Manufacturing Engineer
Farmington, CT
Provide manufacturing engineering support for NPI programs, existing legacy manufacturing programs, production support/guidance (hands-on),
and the assessment of new product proposals. Examples of manufacturing engineering support provided include: the development of
manufacturing process sequence based on customer drawings/models, commercial and customer specifications, materials, and design team
interaction. Additional engineering activities include: manufacturing process documentation and process drawing creation, cutting tool selection,
fixture design and make, solid modeling, N/C programming, and inspection techniques. Provided engineering shop support through: part specific
drawing/process interpretation, durable and perishable tool selection and purchase, process modification, N/C program modification, and
setup/operate manual/CNC machinery. Support the quotation process through: develop and document a manufacturing sequence, provide process
setup and run times, and identify critical engineering requirements and/or needs (e.g.; tooling, gaging, and non-conventional processes).
Pratt & WhitneyMay 2008 to October 2011Mechanical Design Engineer, Global Services Engineering - Military
East Hartford, CT
Develop innovative repair solutions to observed and predicted distress on operational Military jet engines components. Solutions will
economically return engine components to service. Provide engineering support for the following activities: develop and maintain repair technical
data for military nozzle (exhaust) components, execution of controlled experiments to validate technique sensitive repair methods, prepare repair
technical data for overhaul depots and repair unit use, and engineering solutions on field supportability issues. Mechanical Design Engineering
activities include: researching operating environments of components, understanding functionality of components and their interaction with
mating parts, understanding the nature and extent of service related damage and developing strategies which will return damaged parts to service,
create technical documents that provide the engineering requirements for repairs including a high level sequence of operations forming the basis
for manufacturing operations sheets, working with diverse engineering disciplines to insure repairs are safe, durable, and meet the quality
requirements of OEM parts. Additional responsibilities included providing mentoring/guidance to new Design and Project Engineers to the
Global Services Engineering organization through the use of engineering tools, references, and work experience to facilitate task resolution.
Team leader and an active member of multiple ACE teams.
Pratt & WhitneyMay 2006 to May 2008Manufacturing Engineer, Hot Section Engineering
East Hartford, CT
Develop manufacturing solutions to produce Pratt & Whitney gas turbine components (Nozzle and Combustion Systems). Manufacturing
Engineering duties included Manufacturing Liaison linking between the product design and manufacturing teams to reduce product risk (cost and
delivery). Risk reduction was achieved by increasing the manufacturability through the product design and engaging manufacturing suppliers
with the demonstrated process capabilities and shop capacities to produce new and legacy products. Manufacturing Engineering representative on
a cross functional design team (IPT) tasked with designing and manufacturing spare IGT combustion system hardware for non-Pratt & Whitney
Industrial Gas Turbines. N/C Programming Discipline Chief responsible for the establishing NC programming Standard Work.
Pratt & WhitneyJune 2004 to May 2006Mechanical Design Engineer, Global Services Engineering - Military
East Hartford, CT
Develop innovative repair solutions to observed and predicted distress on operational Military jet engines components. Solutions will
economically return engine components to service. Provide engineering support for the following activities: develop and maintain repair technical
data for military components, execution of controlled experiments to validate technique sensitive repair methods, prepare repair technical data for
overhaul depots and repair unit use, and engineering solutions on field supportability issues. Mechanical Design Engineering activities include:
researching operating environments of components, understanding functionality of components and their interaction with mating parts,
understanding the nature and extent of service related damage and developing strategies which will return damaged parts to service, create
technical documents that provide the engineering requirements for repairs including a high level sequence of operations forming the basis for
manufacturing operations sheets, working with diverse engineering disciplines to insure repairs are safe, durable, and meet the quality
requirements of OEM parts. Additional responsibilities included providing mentoring/guidance to new Design and Project Engineers to the
Global Services Engineering organization through the use of engineering tools, references, and work experience to facilitate task resolution.
Team leader and an active member of multiple ACE teams.
Pratt & WhitneyJuly 1999 to June 2004Manufacturing Engineer, Hot Section Operations
East Hartford, CT
Develop manufacturing processing solutions to produce gas turbine components to meet cost and schedule. Solutions required working with a
diverse team consisting of engineering, manufacturing supervision, shop personnel, and the coordination of internal and external suppliers. Daily
manufacturing engineering activities included: N/C and CMM programming, manufacturing process development, part inspection, tool design,
process planning, and machine tool application. Manufacturing processes responsible included: machining (milling, turning, drilling), coating (air
plasma spray), inspection (layout, NDT, CMM).
Pratt & WhitneyJuly 1997 to July 1999Manufacturing Engineer, Manufacturing Engineering Development Program
East Hartford, CT
The Manufacturing Engineering Development Program (MEDP) is a two year rotational program that is comprised of four - six month
Manufacturing Engineering positions. The MEDP participant is entry level engineer that is exposed to various Manufacturing Business Units and
their respective manufacturing processes and receives professional development training. Manufacturing process exposure included, but was not
limited to: process planning, machining, assembly, plasma spray coatings, process sheets creation and maintenance, fixture and tool design, N/C
Programming, and the Pratt & Whitney Quality System.
North Dakota State University - Fighter FactoryJune 1996 to June 1997Manufacturing Engineering/Machinist, Co-op
Fargo, ND
Developed manufacturing processes, from Smithsonian part drawings, to produce airworthy parts for vintage military aircraft. Responsibilities
included CAD models from paper part drawings, manufacturing process plans, N/C programs using CAM software, part fixtures (design and
make), cutting tool selection, machine operation (automated and manual) for tool make and part production, and quality control.
Education and Training
Boston University2003Master of Science: Manufacturing EngineeringBoston, ND, USA
North Dakota State University1997Bachelor of Science: Aero-Manufacturing Engineering TechnologyFargo, ND, USA

Manufacturing Engineer Resume Sample

999 Main Street
Any Town, NY 99999
999.999.9999 (h)

A position as a Manufacturing Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Supervisor or Shop or
Production Manager and Supervisor in a successful company.
Supervised and controlled production, maintenance, machine shop, and machine repair.
Coordinated all machining, manufacturing, and fabrication of equipment, parts, and
repair activities.
Directed staff from exceeding 250.
Experienced good labor relations, assisted in contract negotiations and day-to-day
grievance activities.
Oversaw all staff performances, developed new and improved methods of operation
achieving increased efficiency.
Coordinated training, operation, set-up, and inspection of high-precision machining
operations including CNC and NC systems.
Directed machine tear-down, rebuilding, testing, and verifying of operational capabilities
upon installation.

Engineering Skills
Provided technical support, engineering assistance, and guidance in manufacturing
techniques, equipment design and operation, and the debugging of sophisticated
mechanical and electrical and electronic systems.
Skilled in the evaluation of manufacturing requirements, flow, time and motion, the
design of specialized machines and equipment, and other related manufacturing tasks.
Prepared capital equipment justifications, evaluations on production, design reviews and
studies, cost reduction systems, and technical responsibilities.
Purchased materials, supplies and production machinery.
Strong knowledge of OSHA and other safety considerations.

Computer Skills
CAD and CAM.
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook), Internet.

ABC Inc. Any Town, NY March 2005-July 2008
Manufacturing Engineer
Successfully Manage projects.
Create and maintain process planning instruction sheets, routers and rework
Design, Redesign process planning and tooling to reduce cost and increase production.
Interpret engineering drawings and facilitate correction of errors on drawings and
Successfully train operators in proper methods and usage of tooling, fixtures and
Effectively support the production floor as needed.
Review engineering specifications to maintain knowledge of manufacturing methods,
processes and activities.
Confer with engineering, quality control, manufacturing, and other departments to
provide technical support.
Recommend and Incorporate Engineer Design Changes reducing cost and increasing
Aggressively investigate reports of defective or damaged parts to determine nature and
scope of problem.
Carefully inspect defective parts for non conformance to engineering design.
Initiate root cause analysis and perform mistake proofing.

XYZ Corp. Any Town, NY Oct. 2000-March 2005

Manufacturing Engineer
Design both simple and complex tools, gages, and fixtures to support production.
Write operation sheets, routing, and new product variation requirements.
Apply Six Sigma methodologies to solve problems and improve quality output.
Communicate with vendors to bring quick and beneficial resolutions to vendor part
problems, fostering quality improvements.
Participate and quality and lean manufacturing Kaizen events.
Work directly with the quality department to address, contain, and correct production
related problems.

BCD Inc. Any Town, NY Nov. 1998-Oct. 2000

Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing sustain and support on all product lines.
Develop and deliver Production workstations, assembly and test fixtures, tools, and
Resolve Material Non-conformance issues with Supplier and Manufacturing
Resolve hardware and software replacement due end-of-life.
Technical Support for Customers and Field Engineers via phone, email, or remote
New Product Development roles include: R&D, Component Specification and
Qualification, Shipping Packaging, Bill of Material creation, Manufacturing Process Flow.

University of California, Santa Barbara Buffalo, CA
Associates Degree Awarded, Mechanical Technology

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Twin Cities, MN

Coursework towards Mechanical Engineering

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

-Senior Information Professional with nearly 8 years of demonstrated career excellence in Project
Management, Service Delivery Management and Operations Management.
-Presently associated with ABC as Vice President, Project Management for Retail Financial Services in
-Proficient in managing & leading cross-functional teams that collaborate as a focused cohesive unit to achieve
aggressive business goals.
-Successfully run process operations with substantial experience of developing procedures, frameworks and
service standards for business excellence.
-A keen planner, strategist and implementer with demonstrated success in end-to-end program management
and ensuring effective management of various resources to meet project specifications.
-Insightful knowledge of business process analysis & design, re-engineering, process rationalization, cost
control, capacity planning, performance measurement and quality.
-Significant experience working with Customers, Project Managers and Technical Teams for securing &
executing concurrent projects.
-Proven expertise in IT Service Management. ITIL Foundation (V3) Certified and experienced in the definition,
implementation and delivery of Incident, Problem and Change Management through

various support vendors and internal technology teams.

-Experience in Business Relationship Management for IT Service Delivery. Complete ownership for IT Service
Delivery and Business Relationship management for the Highly Critical and time

sensitive Transaction/ Wholesale Banking business. Adept at building and maintaining relationship and
servicing all levels of the business organization.
-Strong problem solving & technical skills coupled with confident decision-making for enabling effective
solutions leading to high customer satisfaction and low operational costs.
-Good understanding of Wholesale Banking and Payments, Trade Finance, Retail Banking and Private banking
from an operations and technology perspective. Hands on experience and good functional

knowledge of the Foreign Exchange, Money Markets and Treasury Businesses.

Key Skills
Service Delivery Management
-Converting business strategies into structured projects with deliverables identified.
-Overseeing delivery of projects from conceptualization to delivery within preset budgets and deadlines.
-Reviewing existing services, negotiating with the customers and producing & monitoring the Service Level
Agreement (SLAs). Implementing Service Improvement Policy and establishing priorities

& planning for service growth.

Operations Management

-Proficient at setting up of new teams for process operations and managing transition of work.
-Formulating the process vision and design, enhancement strategy and transition strategy.
-Developing and deploying of key execution strategies across businesses.
-Hiring and on-boarding of the appropriate resources to carry out the process operations.
-Effective team management to ensure goals and objectives for the process are being exceeded or met.

IT Infrastructure Planning and Management

-Devising IT infrastructure project plans within preset budgets and deadlines.

-Identifying & appraising vendors for technology or business process solutions.
-Ensuring technical excellence in service delivery to ensure customer satisfaction & to minimize down time.
Providing training to the team members on solution components.

Work Experience

Since Jan 20XX at ABC, Hyderabad

Key Assignments Handled:

Since Jan XX Vice President Project Management, Retail Banking IT, Retail Financial Services
Job Role:

-Instrumental in setting up the PMO / BMO for Retail Banking IT in Hyderabad.
-Responsible for and instrumental in Working with the Retail Banking IT leadership team in Columbus and
Hyderabad to define processes, tools and framework for smooth transition of work to the

teams in Hyderabad and define KPIs and Metrics to track progress.

-Managing reporting analysts within the PMO/BMO team for tracking and reporting of all status updates and
metrics for the Retail Banking IT team in Hyderabad and Columbus.
-Responsible for the on-boarding process of all the new teams and resources within the new setup in
Hyderabad. This includes managing the real estate, procurement and the new employee setup


Project Management -

-Responsible for managing multiple projects and multiple resources and teams across applications to Organize,
facilitate, and manage the activities of projects that involve participation from

and impact multiple functions within the Retail Banking line of business as well as other lines of business.
-Responsible to direct activities of project functional teams across technology, relationship management,
testing, operations, retail, product development and sales to ensure quality and

timeliness of project completion and adherence to standard project delivery framework.

-Ensure projects are completed within established time schedules, and that objectives conform to the overall
standards and operations objectives and client requirements within RFS.
-Maintain and update overall project plans as well as define opportunities to standardize overall plans.
-Define problems/needs and solutions involving substantial latitude in course of action.
-Identify ongoing project management process improvements including tracking and implementation of said
process improvements.
-Enforce all project management and testing standards in accordance with RFS expectations.
-Prepare, review, and/or present status updates to senior management and stakeholders.
-Escalate appropriately any issues that need additional attention to senior management.
-Managing multiple complex work efforts with differing implementation timelines.
--Successfully completed project to setup a development and test lab in Hyderabad, the first of its kind to be
setup in India for JPMorganChase.
--Managing the Technology Refresh Program for Retail Banking IT that aims to refresh more than a couple of
thousand Server, OS and DB components across the board, in a time bound and

regulated manner.
--Working on setting up the Project / Portfolio management framework for the Consumer Wealth Management
business under retail.

Other responsibilities -

-Leading or participating in multiple initiatives and programs as part of the Leadership team for RFS IT in
-SPOC for all Global and India GSC related processes and metrics for the entire RFS IT organization in
Hyderabad that includes the Retail Banking, Home Lending, Student and Auto Loans and
Data Management.
-Representing the RFS IT India team in multiple forums and initiatives for India Global Service Center and the
India CIO/COO office.

Educational Qualifications

-ITIL (V3) Foundation Certified.

-B.E. (Mechanical) from ABC University, 20XX


Received-Special Cash Award from ABC Express Bank for valuable contribution
Nominee-Premier Performer Club 20XX & 20XX, ABC


-Member of Various Technology and Business Forums related to the Banking and Financial Services Industry,
to stay abreast with the latest updates and trends.
-Member of Employee Satisfaction and Employee Engagement Teams within American Express.

Personal Details

Date of Birth
Languages Known:
Sample project management CV 10-15-2012
Sample project management CV
Anurag XXXX
Mobile: +91 9********
Email: xxx***

Career Summary

- 10+ Years of total IT experience

- 4 years of Project/Practice & Service Delivery Management experience
- 8 Years of experience on Application/Desktop Life cycle Management
- PMP, ITIL V3, MCP, MCTS, MCSE certified Professional
-Experience on Project/Practice Management, Service Delivery Management and Pre-Sales
-Experience in managing Data Center Migration projects, Application life cycle management stages like
Application Assessment, Design & Implementation of SCCM 2007 SP2, Application Packaging,
Application Virtualization, Application Deployment, UAT Support and Maintenance in various cross domains
like Banking and investment, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing and FMCG
-Onsite Experience of working with clients like ABC, XYZ
-Defined the processes for Infrastructure Management Services practice within ABC based on ITIL framework
-Designing technical & process documents for Application Packaging and Sequencing projects
-Experience of working on Application Packaging/Virtualization proposals with pre-sales team
-Experience of managing an Application Packaging factory for a UK customer from offshore
-Currently playing a role of Senior Project Manager-Practice & Delivery Management for Cloud & Virtual Data
Center Infrastructure & Application Infrastructure practices in PQR


Management Skills

Project Management Skills & Responsibilities -Plan & Direct various project activities, constantly monitored and
controlled proceedings to keep project objectives on track considering the

scope and service level agreements (SLA)

-Practice Development Planning Growth Plan

-Arrange and host the conference calls on a weekly and need basis to discuss/update the project status
-Manage people and project activities like conduct team appraisals, staff hiring, performance goal setting,
handling customer billing, cost and effort estimations, provide projections &

submit actual for every month

-Motivating and mentored team members and consistently help them in building their skills
-Address the team issues effectively by conducting regular 1-on-1 discussions with the team members
-Help team in troubleshooting complex technical problems of application packaging/virtualization
-Prepare/Review and circulate weekly status report to all the stakeholders of the project
-Confronted issues and provided direction to team members by giving logical and technical guidance
-Responding to RFPs for new initiatives including estimating cost, effort and resources

Communication Skills

Excellent verbal and written Communication and Presentation skills

Training Skills Provided corporate training and mentoring on Application Packaging Wise Package Studio,
Installshield Adminstudio and Application Virtualization Microsoft App-V


Team Leading Skills

-Experience of leading an onsite team of Application Packaging for Getronics UK.
-Experience of managing medium to large teams.

Documentation Skills

-Designing technical standards, process, templates & Checklist documents for application
packaging/virtualization projects
-Design, Installation & Configuration, Server Build, Server and Operations, Backup & Recovery Documentation
for SCCM SP2 Implementation
-Technical writing on various tools & technologies in the application life cycle management area
-Project Management Process Definition for Infrastructure Management Services practice based on ITIL
Framework within PQR Limited

Technical Skills

Packaging Tools - Wise Package Studio 5.1/5.6/6.0/7.0, Install Shield Admin Studio 5.5, 6.0, 7.5, 8.0, Orca,
Microsoft App-V 4.5, VMware ThinApp
Deployment Tools - SMS 2003/SCCM 2007 SP1, R2, SP2, IBM Tivoli Software Deployment tool, MS APP-V
4.5 (SoftGrid). Had corporate training on HP Radia Deployment Tool
Scripting and Troubleshooting Tools - VB Scripting, DOS Scripting
OS - Windows NT/2000/XP SP1, SP2 and SP3/Windows Server 2003/2008 R2/Windows Vista/ Windows 7
App Virtualization Skills - APP-V - Microsoft Application Virtualization Tool (SoftGrid), VMware ThinApp