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How to Make $250,000 a Year Selling Cars

REV. 03-2015
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Table of Contents

Selling From the Heart ............................................................................................................................................2

Being Lucky..............................................................................................................................................................3

The Taylor Technique ..............................................................................................................................................4

Attitude-Goals-Work ................................................................................................................................................5

Think of Your Future ...............................................................................................................................................8

Do You Love People? ..............................................................................................................................................10

12 Tips ....................................................................................................................................................................12

How Should Salespeople Look and Dress? ...........................................................................................................13

Experience Not Explanations ................................................................................................................................14

Rejection .................................................................................................................................................................15

Temper ....................................................................................................................................................................16

Common Sense .......................................................................................................................................................17

Intimidated or Intimidation ..................................................................................................................................18

Time Alone in Auto Sales Does Not Give You Experience and Knowledge ........................................................19

Idea of Controlling the Sale ...................................................................................................................................20

There Are Over 1000 Steps in Car Sales ..............................................................................................................23

How To Start a Sale ...............................................................................................................................................25

The Sales Process ...................................................................................................................................................26

Presentation and Demonstration ..........................................................................................................................27

20 Feet/20 Seconds .................................................................................................................................................30

Which One Are You? ..............................................................................................................................................31

Up the Ladder of Car Success the Easy Way .......................................................................................................34

Know Where You Are ............................................................................................................................................36

You Must Be a Master of the Following ...............................................................................................................38


Daily Routine .........................................................................................................................................................40

Appointments .........................................................................................................................................................41

Desk Calendar ........................................................................................................................................................42

Phone Work Made Easy.........................................................................................................................................43

Incoming Phone Calls ............................................................................................................................................45

Sell The Sizzle ........................................................................................................................................................46

Customer Helper Sheets ........................................................................................................................................47

T.O.s Opinions Not Excuses ..................................................................................................................................51

T.O.s or Desk Check - Why, When, How ..............................................................................................................52


High Grosses ..........................................................................................................................................................55

4 Square ..................................................................................................................................................................57

Getting the Cash and Closing Deals .....................................................................................................................58

Writing Deals - When & How ................................................................................................................................60

T.O.s to F&I Department ......................................................................................................................................62

Name Cards and Prospecting ................................................................................................................................63

Prospecting New and Old Customers ...................................................................................................................66

Using Facebook to Sell Cars ..................................................................................................................................69

Split Deals ..............................................................................................................................................................70

Repeat Customers ..................................................................................................................................................71

The Birthday File or Box .......................................................................................................................................72

Importance of a Delivery Check List ....................................................................................................................74

Delivery Check List ...............................................................................................................................................75

Tent Sales ...............................................................................................................................................................76

Success ....................................................................................................................................................................78
Selling From the Heart

Mr. Taylor was salesman of the month 40 out of 43 months in the #1 Toyota/AMC/Jeep/Renault store

in the area at that time. Mr. Taylor learned how to outsell 17 salesmen consistently by listening, then doing

what he heard.

When Mr. Taylor started training, he discovered even more about the art of selling by talking to smarter

people, then doing what he heard.

If you fill a glass up with water, then knock it over, water will run out. Selling from the Heart means

if you learn more facts and truths, you sell more because thats what comes from your heart.

If you take all your friends and watch that glass of water for 24 hours a day for 30 days straight, no

one can see the water level falling. Another person can come in every 10 days and can guarantee the water

level fell from one mark to another. The point is, other people see things differently. Even if you cant see the

difference right away, the results may come later, such as an empty glass.

Keep an open mind reading this book and best of luck.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Being Lucky

If you want a good life and want to work eight hours daily in the later years of your life stay in car

sales. Most salesmen dont get to enjoy the golden years and move from dealership to dealership. Thats not

the way this program works. Most dealerships work two shifts, but I guarantee that if you stay with any one

dealership for five years and do this system, you can work in the evening by appointment only and the dealer-

ship wont bother you because you sell cars. It is a great feeling to sit in a chair on a rainy day and watch other

salesmen go get wet and at the end of the day you sold more and didnt get wet. All good things take time.

So does a mature salesperson and they must have a system this one works. There is no secret. Its hard

work, determination, desire, setting goals, sharing, and giving more than the next person. Yes I am doing

seminars and enjoy it. You can enjoy sales, but it costs you a few years of hard work like I did. Follow

my system and see if you

End Up Being Lucky.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
The Taylor Technique

The major and first part of a sale is the salesmans smile. This technique shows how to start a sale, pres-

ent yourself and the product, and get the people to give a commitment. If the people dont give a commitment, I

show you how to get them to understand that when you give a price, it is a fair one. The secret is they really

give the price, you dont. When the down payment is taken and the people are waiting for the final approval,

you can set them up for F&I easier by offering them coffee and just telling them about it. Make them aware of

the F&I Department.

The best part of sales is after the sale. Thats when it becomes fun. If you continue to send a thank

you note after the sale, then send birthday, Christmas and anniversary cards on a yearly basis, you will find

that your close ratio will become considerably higher, your profits on an average will increase, and most of all,

after three hard years, fun will be the factor not the numbers and you have earned it if you bust your rear

end. If you follow the Taylor Techniques to a T, you will find that it works.

You must always remember that you must work harder, be nicer, and offer more, not only for their car

in general, but give more than any salesman. Give Yourself.

The fastest way to find success is to seek only the truth.

The rest is just plain hard work.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Attitude Goals Work

Attitude never worry about it. If you keep yourself working, your attitude will be great. Its when

you stop working in car sales that makes you have a bad attitude. People can sometimes put you into a real

down feeling, but if you work hard, you know deep down in your heart someone will come in and not be a hard

nose. Even if the next five people that come in are real hard-nosed and are no fun to work with so what. You

have a whole month to sell. If you always keep in the back of your mind that hard work will return and have a

non-free flowing and non-caring attitude, it will work. Not the non-caring attitude, like, so what, I didnt like

him, but rather, I did my best, offered him my best, and tried to be the nicest I could. Always keep in mind, he

is a real hard nose with the other salesmen too; so if you do your best, your so-called attitude will be great and

you will be rewarded afterwards by something called SALES.

Goals go along with attitude. You cannot get anywhere without working. So, by working long hours,

you must have a reason and thats called Goals. Start with easy ones so you get used to getting or acquiring

them. Daily goals are a great start. It puts you in the right frame of mind which go along with attitude. What-

ever it takes, get your first goal accomplished each day. Even if it means staying on the phone two hours in the

morning and three in the evening. Again, all of this is related. The fifth hour you promised as a goal and if you

accomplish it, is a major job well done. Your hard work will come back and you will be much happier because

you are getting what you want. Your attitude must be high because your goals are accomplished. Your goal is

accomplished because you work. Each day you do this your goals will be higher and higher and your attitude

will get better and better. Your work will increase because its all related together in car sales and on any other

job. Remember to set your goals low but not to forget that you must ask yourself where you want to go in life.

You are teaching yourself to be successful. Look for reasons to set higher goals after you feel you are doing

better. Once you get yourself on a rollWhy stop? Why Quit? You worked so hard to get there, why quit? If

its easy, everyone would do it. And everyone can. Remember, it is not how much you make, its how much you

keep. The whole world is full of opportunity so take advantage of it. The world will open up to you in all kinds

of phases and you will enjoy getting into them and it all starts and ends by attitude, goals and HARD WORK.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Attitude Goals Work (continued)

Each day you must remember when your day starts and it should be after some type of breakfast. It is

not good to be ready mentally for a hard day's work when your body needs three things: food, eight hours of

sleep, and some type of physical exercise. Your body requires and demands these things. So give it the things

it needs. This is all true no matter what job you do, so take the necessary time to be nice to yourself, then you

can be nice to others because you feel better.

Some very successful dealers have told me something about attitude. Bruce said, Look ahead to the

future to make changes, rather than wait and have to make changes. The difference is one word profit. Ralph

said, If you see something you like, go and buy it, then work like hell to keep it. Both of these men have a

rare quality. They have control of their lives. If youre not happy, set a couple of goals and look into your future.

Dont be afraid to make changes before you have to. When you start to change you will see a different person

in yourself. When you start making more money, you will buy more things. Remember, looking into the future

for you means setting more goals. Buying things means you must work to keep them. When this happens, your

attitude will be great. No one can do this but you, yet everyone can.

When you set a goal, also pick a date to complete it. If you dont complete your goals by a date, try

again and revise your goal. Make several goals and seek help on how to accomplish your goals. There are only

two ways to learn something. One way is trial and error through experiencing with yourself. The other way to

learn is to trust someone smarter than you and learn from their mistakes. You can learn both ways. The only

difference is, learning from smarter people than ourselves saves time as long as we are listening to the truth.

Shut your eyes and dream of what you want to be in one month, six months, one year, five years, ten

years and when you are old. Think positively about how much fun you could have if you change. Now write

down your goals on how to make yourself happier in the future. Also, think of the pain you will have if you dont

have a written plan or goals. Be specific and read these every day. Find a person whose success you admire and

do what they do. This will put you on the right track with goals, work, and attitude.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Attitude Goals Work (continued)

When you set your financial goals, use the following example. Pay all your bills and take out enough

money for food and clothing. The money left over after paying bills is profit. Invest your profit towards your

goals as follows: Write down 11 goals, on separate envelopes. Number each envelope according to the priority

of the goal, from most important to least important. Write percentages on each envelope:

Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal Goal
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11
House Prospecting Vacation Family Emergency Retirement Investment College Tithing Car Christmas
16% 12% 11% 10% 9% 8% 6% 6% 10% 6% 6%

If you have $500 profit after paying all your bills, put 16 percent ($80) into your top priority goal (Goal

#1). Goal #2, your second priority goal, would get $60. Goal #3 would get $55, and so on. You will eventually

put enough money in each envelope to start a bank account. You will eventually accomplish all your goals.

As you accomplish your goals, start new ones or change your percentages to equal 100 percent. You are

your own little empire. Your attitude will be great, because you will always see yourself improving.

Remember to keep prospecting one of your top priorities because prospecting will bring you customers

and customers pay your bills and help you accomplish all your goals.

Everyone tells you to set goals and this will get you on the accurate path of success. This takes

time and effort and is guaranteed to work for anyone who wants to get ahead.

When are you going to start?

1._________________ 2.________________ 3._________________ 4.________________

5._________________ 6.________________ 7._________________ 8.________________

9._________________ 10._______________ 11.________________

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Think of Your Future

Do you know we all have at least two futures? If you stop and think about it, our future will be

good or bad. We can choose what kind of future we will have. We can actually predict and can guarantee

ourselves a good future. If you open your mind and work at it, you can have a good, happy, successful


Just because someone has money doesnt mean he is happy. If you really want to be happy read

hundreds of books about human relations. Being happy takes patience. If someone you know is really

happy, find out why. Then do what that happy person is doing.

You can learn to be happy for a moment, an hour, a day, or a year. The whole idea is try to learn

how to be happy in the long run. We all know that our days will not be all happy ones. So when we have

bad or unhappy moments, hours, days, weeks, or even years, so what? Its normal. A happy life is exactly

like professional sales people. Happiness is a lot of little happenings and a few really memorable mo-ments.

Its the happy moments that last forever. How is that related to auto sales?

Doing the little extras to create happy customers is a guaranteed way to help you become happier

in life later. Its called be backs, referrals, and repeat customers.

Success is thought about in everyones future. Success is how long it takes to turn a dream into

reality. If you dont dream or have a vision of success, success will never come.

Success is social and spiritual and physical and financial and family and and and whatever

else you want to be successful at.

We have heard that we are all created equal. No one ever told us that we are going to die equal.

By looking at all types of success, you really open up your future to real success. You first must ac-

cept and seek accurate knowledge. In auto sales, do whatever makes common sense while others continue

to do certain things that will not work. If you do the things that work and others dont, it will accelerate

your success because it probably involves more or hard work.

Never fear hard work if it will bring you a good, happy, and successful future.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Think of Your Future (continued)
A quick recap of this article shows us we all can have a good future if we do the little things that
lead up to good in the long run. What works for others will work for you if you just try to figure out how.
All successful people leave success clues. Look for success clues from a lot of people in different areas.
If you know that you must work at being happy, you are vulnerable to many types of enjoyment.
You must learn to take advantage of other peoples minds. (Never take advantage of people.) Learn how
to be prepared to take advantage of opportunities and you will be happy.
The success that is in everyones future depends on you. Most of the bad luck that we have is usu-
ally brought upon ourselves. The same is true of good luck or success. You must look into the future for
success and do what you know should be done now and success will come to you. You must learn to look
for success and then do what you know works, not just what you like. If you do what you know works,
you probably will find hard work that others will not do. This will equal a happy success later because
you will eventually like hard work because you will see success, whereas others will quit because of lack
of accurate knowledge and work.
If you want a good future, go for it. If you want to be happy, find out how. If you want to be suc-
cessful, find out what areas you want to succeed in, and always seek the truth.
If you want to have a good, happy, and successful career in auto sales, look into your future and
work for yourself, then others. If you can learn to have patience, I guarantee you a good, happy, and suc-
cessful life down the road.
On the left, write 10 things you can do to become more successful. On the right, write 10 things
you are not doing that are stopping you from becoming successful.

1.________________________________ 1._______________________________
2.________________________________ 2._______________________________
3.________________________________ 3._______________________________
4.________________________________ 4._______________________________
5.________________________________ 5._______________________________
6.________________________________ 6._______________________________
7.________________________________ 7._______________________________
8.________________________________ 8._______________________________
9.________________________________ 9._______________________________
10.________________________________ 10.______________________________


You will now see that you probably have written the same thing down. The choice is
yours. You know what you have to do. Just make a commitment to change.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Do You Love People?

You must love people to be great in auto sales. If you really love people you can listen to their problems,

needs and wants. You must be a good listener. You then can help customers or people in life and auto sales.

First, as a person and then as a salesman, you must learn to be the first to give. Then when you give first you

will receive. Courtesy and respect is the first start.

When you love people you will master the art of listening. With this great lesson you will teach yourself

by listening to become successful. You will find people that are successful and by being friendly and loving

people you will learn.

By loving people and by helping people you will be liked as well. If you really love people it shows be-

cause you speak from your heart. You will take care of problems in auto sales. This will automatically put you

on the road to success.

When you love people in general your attitude is superior because everyone likes to talk and be with a

nice person. The reason people will be nice to a person who loves people is because you care about them first.

In auto sales this is a great step in the top five percent in the world.

If you love people you probably will learn to call people back out of sheer respect. This process is called

Follow-up. This is the common courtesy we talk about. If you love people you will send birthday, Christmas,

anniversary, Thanksgiving and Easter cards. As a salesman you should put your name card in the letters with

a referral stamp on the back of each card and an up-to-date used car list.

If you love people you will care about yourself and teach yourself by listening to other successful people.

By your being nice they will want to share success with you.

You never tell anybody anything; a nice person shares ideas. When you give something and do not

expect anything in return, you will receive knowledge and wealth.

Usually people who are nicer will tell the truth. The truth will last an eternity and false things fade

away. The truth will set the stage for a long and lasting career or life in auto sales. Ask and ye shall receive;

seek and ye shall find.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Do You Love People? (continued)

You have two futures, good and bad. You choose which future you will have in years to come. I guaran-

tee if you love people and are nice, you will have a great future in auto sales. If you keep talking with smarter

and more successful people than yourself, you will have that bright future and successful life.

Love people for the right reasons: honesty, respect they give others, how they speak to others, advice

they give, how they treat others, do they love things other than money, do they help others and do they believe

in God or a Supreme Being.

If you find people who fit the description above, learn from that person, and, if you dont love people,

you soon will, and people will love you.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
12 Tips

1. Silent.

2. Listen. You will learn more from your eyes and ears than you will ever learn from your own mouth.

3. Before you start a customer helper sheet, did you sell yourself? There are no instant replays on first


4. How many salesmen ask or tell a customer you will take care of them if they have a problem before you

start selling a car?

5. Start by being different. Not just, How may I help you? Welcome to A.B.C.Motors. My name is Fran

Taylor. We appreciate your stopping by and your business. What brought you to this dealership? Do you

have a particular model in which you are interested? Sell yourself, the dealership, service and car with

the price last, in that order, every time.

6. Why should anyone give you important and personal information without your doing something for it?

Explain that you care. Earn the answers by being nice.

7. Explain the customer helper sheet to get the customer to answer.

8. If the customer is qualified, go demo and give a presentation and demo.

9. Show service, not tell. Show awards.

10. Offer coffee.

11. Closing. Does it really matter what we give you for your trade? Its the bottom line that counts, right?

Are we on the right car?

12. Close the deal. Find out the objections for not buying today.


T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
How Should Salespeople Look and Dress?

Anybody who tells you how to dress and look and has never been in your town is crazy. I dont think

there is any special outfit or suit that one can prescribe that fits into all dealerships. I think ties should be

demanded by all dealerships.

If you are in the country it might be okay to have a nice suit and wear hiking boots or high top leather

boots as long as you look presentable and do not look out-of-place with your surroundings. Remember, people

dont care whether you went to college or even where you are from providing you give a good deal to them. But

it always helps if you look as neat as possible, and, SMILE.

If you do not have a lot of nice clothes when you start selling cars, just keep what you have neatly

pressed and ironed as nicely as you possibly can. Keep your shoes polished it will help you a lot. Shiny shoes

can make a dull suit look nice.

If you are in the city and dont have a lot of nice clothes, its about the same as country people. People

dont care about your having on a $300 suit. They just want you to treat them fairly. Always keep cologne and

mints in your desk and be sure to use them. Anyone would rather talk to a salesperson who doesnt look like

the President and has good breath rather than a tall onion in a $500 suit.

Always have on some type of aftershave or cologne. Looking nice doesnt mean it all has to be your

clothes. Your smile, hair, nails, and teeth are part of your looks, too.

If you do some type of exercise you will look healthier and you will probably feel better. Do not be afraid

of what people say about your looks. If you dont like it, work and change it. Honesty pays off.

Ask the boss to give you a suit or sports coat for being salesman of the month. Or ask him to give a tie

or shirt to the salesman who sells a particular unit. Ask for shoes if you need shoes; then work to get them.

Pressed and ironed, average looking clothes along with a bright smile and shiny shoes add up to sales

in any dealership.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Experience Not Explanations

We all have learned from childhood that experience is our best teacher. We also have taught ourselves

through the experience of years that we dont do some things that are necessary in sales. If experience is in

fact our best teacher, why do most salespeople fight success?

The really successful salespeople do more of the right things time and time again. Its because time

and experience have taught salesmen to do the (basic) things that work. You dont have to do the finer things

in sales; just basics would be fine. If you learn to master the basics in any sale you teach yourself to automati-

cally be successful and the speed of your success is up to you.

Most people leave out at least one step in sales each time they talk to a customer. Experience tells us

that the odds are against us when we do this.

Explanation tells us how to do necessary or so-called basic steps in auto sales. There is no explanation

when we miss any one or more of the basic steps in sales especially if they work. Experience tells us time and

time again we are wrong when we do so.

When you know you have missed a major step in selling an automobile you are merely giving yourself

an unjust explanation and I doubt if you will ever enjoy and understand real experience in auto sales unless

you change. Experience does not come just with time but by doing the right things. Practice and concentrate

on doing the right things and not on fixing your mistakes. Too many people look for their mistakes. Look for

success; that comes from doing the right things time and time again. Sure its good to know your mistakes, but

do what you know best and master all the basic steps. Thats the difference in a salesman making an extra

$20,000 after being in business several years. When you want to learn you ask a successful person, dont you?

Ask yourself and you decide on gaining experience or giving yourself an explanation.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success

Learn to understand it, but never accept it.

Rejection in sales should be like an atomic bomb. Everybody knows about it, everyone fears it, but we

all learn to live with it. Most of us dont learn or fear rejection and most of us accept it, but 90 percent of us

really dont try to understand it.

Never make excuses; give only reasons why something did work. You must always keep in your mind

any honest answers or reasons why you may have failed, but concentrate on what is right.

In auto sales percentages, for example, if you were a major league baseball player and could get on base

three out of ten times, or, 30 percent, you would make a million dollars. So, why would you think you should

sell everyone a car?

If you could sell two out of ten, or 20 percent, when you first start, that would be excellent. Remember

the question why should everyone buy from you. A new salesperson doesnt have anything going for him except

himself. He has no be-backs, repeat customers, or referrals. So why be, or get, upset for not selling when you

first start out. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it is not personal. The new salesperson lacks experience not


If you have been selling for two years or more and feel you are getting more than your fair share of

rejection or no sales, the one bit of good advice is try to be nicer. I have found that when your sales drop

off you have reason to frown. If you know that, learn to reject it. Smile, say please more, and try harder.

Your close ratio should be above 20 percent or you are not doing the basic six steps in sales, and follow-

up after the sales.

The word follow-up means customers will follow you only if you start by taking care of them properly

by following up (when they didnt buy the first visit) and after the sale.

Now you know about rejection, understand it, and, you should never fear it.

Most of all, never accept it.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success

When I Have Lost My Temper, I Have Lost My Reason Too

I Am Never Proud Of Anything, Which Angrily I Do

When I Have Talked In Anger, And My Cheeks Were Flaming Red

I Have Always Uttered Something, That I Wish I Hadnt Said

In Anger I Have Never Done, A Kindly Deed Or Wise

But Many Things For Which I Felt, I Should Apologize

And Looking Back Across My Life, In All Ive Lost Or Made

I Cant Recall A Single Time When Fury Ever Paid

Author Unknown

When you get angry at someone for not buying a vehicle, what can you do differently to sell the vehicle?










T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Common Sense

As an owner, manager or salesperson, do you have common sense? We at Taylor Techniques believe

that less than 50 percent of the automotive people in the world have common sense. We had better describe

what we feel common sense is before we continue. If anyone in auto sales knows something works and isnt

doing what it takes to improve, he doesnt have common sense. What we have described is laziness. Anyone

who finds something that will improve his dealership as an owner, manager, or as a salesman and does it to

improve has common sense.

When a person realizes the secret of success sometimes isnt a miracle answer, but rather something

very simple, and does something about it, they have common sense.

Common sense is knowing when people are trying to help you and listening to what they say and then

doing what you were told.

People with common sense realize that there are smarter people than themselves in the real world and

look forward to meeting them. This is when an interesting conversation and relationship sometimes starts.

Just because you make a mistake doesnt mean you dont have common sense.

I really believe that common sense can be taught to anyone at all levels, from owners to any job in auto

sales. Meeting and sharing information is part of common sense, because you are using other peoples minds

to assist yours. If you tell someone something to help him, he might share something with you. If you dont ask

for anything and dont go looking for it, you will never find common sense.

I must specify that making mistakes and failing is a major part of obtaining common sense. Laziness

is your enemy in your quest for common sense. If you ask the most successful people you know what common

sense is, they will probably mention doing basics again and again. Successful people arent looking for a secret

that they dont have. Successful people want to know a proven way that works and then go do it.

We are our own worst enemy sometimes, but we are the only ones who can go and get help to satisfy our

souls and fulfill our ultimate goal of success. Seek and ye shall find, and when you find, do something about it.

That is common sense.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Intimidated or Intimidation

When you feel that you are being intimidated, learn and practice being the intimidator. Be as nice as

you can but occasionally you will be faced with a real sharpie. He may or may not be a nice person, but, there

are no particular group or size. They are a great type of people for you to get experience with. The people who

intimidate you can teach you a lot. Learn to speak with them. This will make you stronger and you can learn

a lot toward becoming the intimidator when its your turn.

Sometimes when you keep pushing and pushing, always after being nice, you could be called intimidat-

ing. It doesnt matter what people call it. Dont quit being persistent and a little pushy. You will learn to feel

or tell if you are beating people out of the dealership. But learn to have the pleasure of understanding when

and why to stop. If you can reach this point you must learn to be a pushy, pushy salesman. When being pushy,

always have a serious face or look as a sales person trying his best. You dont have to be mean, nice, quiet, or

loud to be intimidating. Hard selling doesnt work. Be nice, polite, courteous, then push softly.

Try not to think about being the intimidator. If you try and really help a customer and be the nicest

salesman they ever saw, you will have great success. You dont have to be the intimidator, but always keep it

in the back of your mind. If someone is pushy, do not challenge him, but learn to talk with him. Learn to listen

as there is strength in silence quite often. Learn that when they are busting off not to look away but remember

not to stare in their eyes either. Just be normal and learn to have patience working with intimidating people.

When a person panics they cant think. So be patient and slow down and think about what to say next. It is

difficult to say who is intimidating whom sometimes. Learn to work with all types of people and when you are

nice and learn to push, push people might come up to you and say you are intimidating people. If they tell

you this very many times, you had better back off. Sometimes you can become too pushy. Try to look for help

with your ears and then try to understand what you hear.

If you try to work with people in every possible way you know how, I dont think the words will ever exist.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Time Alone in Auto Sales Does Not Give You
Experience and Knowledge

Experiencing correct sales steps and follow-up makes you successful in time. Experiencing means ac-

tually doing something. Experiencing something does not make you successful unless its completed correctly.

You may experience what not to do, but that doesnt make you successful.

Learning that experience alone teaches and to constantly change to accomplish it is the answer. The

secret is whether the experience was good or bad. The word secret isnt the success. The success is when you

learn the secret and it is by experiencing you get experience by doing the right things. Ninety-nine percent of

successful businessmen on the way up are constantly looking to experience new ideas and are trying them.

Failures never lose; quitters do. Failures can try again, where quitters wont. You must learn accepting ex-

periencing is your only teacher and is the fastest and only way to achieve real success. Learning from other

peoples bad experiences makes you learn quicker and saves time. Experience is a good teacher. Experience of

others is the best.

After realizing that experiencing is the best teacher, you will then find out about your self-image. It is

like your credit, either good or bad. Where do you want to be or go in life? You will be faced with more decisions

and become more positive about yourself. Wear your oldest clothes for a day, then wear your best clothes and

see if your attitude and self-image isnt different. You will feel better with your new clothes and people will put

you in a positive mood. Associate yourself with people who are positive and motivated. The key is to associate

yourself with as many different positive people as you can. You will then see when your old self-image is there,

or if you put on your old clothes. After 21 days of experiencing, you start to master and accept a particular

thing and then you can make positive decisions. You should learn not to argue or defend any new ideas within

those 21 days. You might be talking yourself out of being positive because of your lack of experience in that

one particular area. Most people say experience is the best teacher and in auto sales experiencing good work

habits on a daily basis is guaranteed success.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Idea of Controlling the Sale

I feel if you think you are strong enough to control a buyer on a sale, you have a lot to learn. I feel that

one human mind cannot control another humans mind only assist. I believe communication and compromise

are the key to sales.

If you know or have a feel of what you are doing and have confidence in yourself, you can control one

thing yourself.

Remember, all you can do is advise, suggest, promise, give, take or allow something to happen.

Always remember the basic steps, and, if at any time you feel the customer might not buy a vehicle,

go back and do all the steps over again. It might be just to demo, even if he owned the same brand all his life.

That is control, and it is you controlling the customer. If you do the basic steps start high in price, low on

trade, high in payments its a breeze.

If you have qualified the person correctly, all you have to do is sell yourself, the dealership, service,

and, by all means, the car. You never sell price alone.

Controlling conversation means you know what to say to a new customer, a referral, or an irate cus-

tomer, and, especially what to do. If you can take the time to think what should I do now, rather than to give

up and T.O., you learn quicker. If you feel you are wrong, then go T.O. or Desk Check.

Yes, control is knowing if a customer left your dealership and did not buy, but you did everything you

could. Thats control. Remember, the manager should be the last person to try to close a deal, even if it is just

to affirm what you have said. You must then decide whether to low ball or bracket or just to say we are here

and will do our best whenever you decide to purchase a vehicle and will take care of all of the problems you may

have. The biggest thing a salesmen cant control is not the customer; it is his own mouth and ears. If you can

learn to listen for the right things and take advantage of it by saying the right things, that, then, is control.

If and when you capture a buyers attention, get straight to the point with whatever you need to tell

them. Examples parts, safety, quality, gas mileage, service, etc. Try to talk a little faster than normal, not to

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Idea of Controlling the Sale (continued)

confuse a customer, but to help him make a new decision. This means you must learn your products and your

program so you do not stumble through the sale. You will sound better and, of course, you must always tell the

truth about your vehicle, service, and the advantages of the vehicle.

If you run into a problem, stop and think and when you finish, then shut up. Answer questions if

asked; let what you said sink in.

It should take no more than two minutes to meet and greet. That is when you sell yourself. The time it

takes to qualify varies depending on how far advanced you are in car sales. The veteran salesmen can qualify a

person in less than three minutes. Some programs work with people who are buried in their trades, and we do, too.

When you are on a demo and after you explain the dash, let the people enjoy you and the vehicle they

are driving. Talk about their hobbies, and always use a trial close.

Control is knowing you have a qualified buyer and all you have to do is get them to enjoy the vehicle.

Always remember if you feel you are losing ground, you are. Then go back and do all of the steps. If you run out

of time, T.O. before you give brochures, if you havent done so already, then be patient. Control is knowing you

are not going to sell to everybody but will sell more than the average or next salesman. You will sell more units

if you sell the people what they want, not what you want to sell. If you are trying to be fair, it will sound like it.

Control is like a football game. You can be hard in a few areas and it gets tougher the closer you get to the goal

line. The closing of a sale is the same thing. It is tougher at the end, but not if you have kept control of yourself

by doing all the steps the best you could.

Just remember as you are smiling and ask yourself whether I did everything I could have done to sell

to these people.

control yourself:
To do all the steps in a sale
To prospect daily and add new prospecting tools monthly.
To follow up daily (new and old customers)
Means a richer, happier, and a better life.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Idea of Controlling the Sale (continued)

This is only control of yourself during a sale. You have all day to control yourself to make all of your

phone calls, send cards, and take care of everything that needs to be done at work. When you go home in the

evening, and everything is completed for the day . . . thats control.

Make a commitment now to do something different that you are in control of that will make you more


1. ____________________________________________________________________










Remember a commitment is a start. It takes 21 days to make it a habit. Stick with it.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
There Are Over 1000 Steps in Car Sales

You only have to master six:

Meet and Greet, Qualifying, Presentation, Demo, Service Walk, and Closings.

1. The meet and greet should be casual, as in talking to your best friend. You dont have to jump in on

the numbers right away, even if there are a lot of customers. Hurry the little things in between, like run-

ning for the beverage or candy to keep kids quiet.

2. Qualifying can and should be just as casual. Get to the point right away, and when you get all the num-

bers (if you can), figure it out. If he is qualified, go demo or make your presentation. If you dont have all

the numbers (what he wants for his trade, etc.), go T.O.

3. Presentation isnt hard. Just point out some features and benefits you think the average person should

know about. There are thousands of things to point out, so pick the most important and listen to what

questions he wants answered, and answer all. Dont drag out the presentation, and always let them take

time to look at the vehicle. Learn to make three different kinds of presentations safety, mechanical,

and a general presentation. Listen to the customers wants and needs, then decide what presentation

to make.

4. Demos should be at least 10 to 15 minutes or more, preferably more. On the demo, point out the neces-

sary safety features and explain the car, then shut up enough for him to enjoy the ride. Halfway through

the demo, start to find something you have in common. This will relax the customer. Always drive off the

lot and have them drive back. Drive on bumpy roads, if possible, to show off your car or truck. Learn to

heat them out, freeze them out, fog them out. Feature and Benefit.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
There Are Over 1000 Steps in Car Sales (continued)

5. During the Service Walk, you dont have to let them fall in love with anyone back there, but let them

at least know that there are real people back in the service department. Introduce them to your parts

and service manager and body shop manager, if you have one. Remember that they are working, too,

so be polite, and dont spend a lot of time talking with the managers unless they are the ones who keep

talking. Explain the hours and the capabilities of the departments and everything that is a benefit to the

customer about you and the dealership.

6. Closing isnt as hard as people think. If you have done all of the major steps, its easy. Sometimes just

asking What do I have to do? can earn their business. At other times the manager must close them.

Work with the people first, and then the manager. The more you ask customers to buy, the more times

you have to close the deal. Learn to master the basic steps.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
How to Start a Sale

You should always approach customers with a smile and let them know you are approaching them.


By dragging your feet on the ground outside the showroomthat enables the customer to look at a

smiling and friendly face. The very next thing is a few friendly words before you start, such as, Hey, looking

to buy one or two? or How are you today? If the answer is Fine, how about you? that, then, is a great op-

portunity to say Better, if I can sell a car or two. Just be yourself. Have fun!

Then you introduce yourself with a firm handshake and a smile. Being a friendly person is a great start

with a potential customer who may be interested in buying a car.


First Step: Usually you have a greeter. If not, introduce yourself again with a smile and a firm hand-

shake, and then ask if they are familiar with the product and know about the sale. (You always have a sale of

some kind, whether it is advertised or too small to have informed all of the public.) Make them aware of some

kind of sale.

Second Step:

You must get the customer to sit down and answer a few important questions before you demo.

1. Do you have a trade? If so, do you know how much it is worth?

2. Do you owe anything on it? If so, to whom and how much do you owe on it?

3. What kind of payments are you looking for besides as little as possible, and how much cash are you

putting down? If none, can you come up with the tax and tags?

Fill in the helper sheet completely. You can get most of the answers outside if you are good enough.

No matter how good you will ever be, you will not remember all of your customers information. So, fill in your

helper sheets and you wont have to try to remember. Forgot or too busy are words closely related to $0 profit.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
The Sales Process

1. 2 Minute Meet and Greet

a. Sell yourself: I promise to take care of you if you have any problems.

b. Sell
 the Dealership: A.B.C. Motors is one of the fastest growing dealerships around.We believe its
OK to have a problem but not OK if you dont fix it.

c. Sell Service: We dont have mechanics, we have technicians and up-to-date equipment.

d. Sell the vehicle: Dont talk about price until you have sold the vehicle.

e. Price: Avoid until all steps are done completely.

2. Qualify: Fill your customer helper sheet out and T.O., or List Price
Get a commitment, T.O., or Demo if qualified. Trade (Figure at least $1,000
(A commitment is cash. If you dont have cash, less than the
you have conversation.) customer wants)
= Difference
+ Taxes
If you get a commitment, stop, write the deal + Tags
and get a down payment, then T.O. If you did + Payoff
not Demo or do a service walk, go do it, because Down payment (48 months)
its easier to bump.
= Bottom line x (.02 for new cars or
.04 for used cars)

(36 months)
.22 lease 48 months

3. Presentation: Point out everything on the car and touch it. Safety, mechanical, general.

4. Demonstration: Take a long drive and go over all the features. Heat em out, freeze em out and fog em
out. Use your product knowledge to review features and benefits. Talk about hobbies, shut up, trial close.

5. Service Walk: Should be done after the demo. Dont tell. Show the customer the service department and
managers, parts, bathroom, lounge, etc.

6. Close or 100% T.O.: Always offer a beverage and be fair. Leave a doubt and room in the final price so the
manager can close the deal and bump.

Decide what steps to take.

The Manager
should be the last face to see the customer to make the final decision
no matter what!

(Some states require an exact payment and interest rates quoted. Check with the laws in your state)

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Presentation and Demonstration

Presenting a car and demonstrating should come after you have selected a vehicle that fits the customers

needs and budget. Presentation of a car starts at the drivers door and goes around to the front hood, back over

the car, and around to the drivers door again missing nothing. Then do the inside before you demo.


When you demo the car, the salesman always drives the car off the lot and explains the inside features

before he moves the car. Always have the car running to show all of the lights. Start at the right side of the dash,

come across to the steering wheel, and sell all the features and benefits. Dont forget to point out the roominess,

seats, non-combustible fabric, and easy, usable seatbelts that work well. Always have the brake on until you are

ready to move, and, if children are in the car, wait until they are in their seatbelts before you start the car. While

on the demo, tell them that this cars qualities will sell the car itself. Your talking about the product on a demo

usually only lasts a few minutes to sell features and benefits. This is all done while you are still behind the wheel.

When the customer drives, sit up front if possible to answer any questions and to talk about the dash.

Show how the equipment works. If you happen to be in the back, by all means relax and make sure the customer(s)

go on a long demo if they have enough time. Do not be afraid of hills or bumpy roads. Ask if the wife wants to

drive, but dont be pushy about it. Get the customer to answer yes to 50 questions on a demo. Try to talk about

something in common where they live, sports, hobbies, etc. Look in his trade-in for help to see what he likes

to do. Ask what price he has gotten before the demo, if possible. At the end of the demo, ask if he (or they) like

the vehicle. Try to get a commitment to buy if the price is right. If they make an offer, just simply write it up

no matter how crazy it seems as long as there is a profit and get a 20 percent deposit. But before you go to your

manager, always make sure that the customer knows that it is most likely an unreasonable offer or you might

not be able to make the deal stick and not to get angry if it does not work. Tell the customer you will do the best

you can because you dont make any money if you dont sell the vehicle, and, if you do, say I will take care of

you if you have problems.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Presentation and Demonstration (continued)

This leaves the customer with a feeling of relief that you are trying to help him and the assurance that

if the vehicle is sold, the salesman will take care of any problems. It also leaves a memo in the customers mind

that the offer might not be accepted. That is what you want. It makes the managers job easier to bump a cus-

tomer a few hundred, and, you can still have a friendly atmosphere. Always take the customer to the manager

for a bump and be quiet when letting the manager bump unless asked a question. If you could not sell the car

outside the managers office, what makes you think you can sell it in his office? So be patient. All managers

know you want to sell a car, so let him try. A good manager will sell 30% of all T.O.s or desk checks, if set up


Some questions to get a guaranteed yes on a demo:

Tell the customer to adjust all mirrors, then ask them if they can see good. Of course they are going

to say Yes. Then ask, Are you sure?

Do you have enough headroom?

Do you feel comfortable?

Pull along side of a water puddle on the customers side and ask, Is there a water puddle out there?

Of course, the customer is going to say yes. Back up and ask, Am I back far enough? Of course

the customer is going to say yes you just backed up. Are you sure? Of course he is sure. He just saw

you back up. Creative things to get the customer to say yes really work. Turn the radio on loud to a

station the customer likes. Ask the customer if the radio is too loud. I guarantee he will say yes.

Turn the radio down and ask if that is better. You can bet another yes will follow. Look around

when customers are inside and ask if the doors are shut. You can bet the answer is yes. You just

saw everyone shut the doors. Look and see if everyone is in a seatbelt. If they are, look front and

ask whether everyone is in a seatbelt. Be creative.

Think about how to get the customer to say Yes as many times as you can. Are you sure is a way to get

the customer more committed and to say Yes more often.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Presentation and Demonstration (continued)

Things you must do on a demo

1. You drive off the lot first.

2. Do feature benefit on all equipment.

3. Listen to their favorite radio station.

4. Get the customer to say yes 50 times.

5. Gain common ground (Hobby).

6. Shut up. (Make sure they relax and enjoy the drive.)

7. Go on long demo ride (12 miles or more).

8. Trial close.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Closing questions after the demo. Walk 20 feet from the
car and ask these questions. It takes 20 seconds.




T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Which One Are You?

A friend of mine was going to buy a car. She wanted to visit several dealerships to be sure she was

getting the best price and the best product for her money. What she found out was that every dealership and

salesperson works and sells differently.

She said the first salesperson at ABC motors asked her all kinds of questions over the phone before she

went to the dealership. She then found out he was the number one salesperson at the dealership. He qualified

her over the phone before she arrived. The other salespeople didnt.

When she pulled up to look at the car, another salesperson asked to help her. He was dressed neatly

and was more than kind. He pulled the car out so she could sit in it until the other salesman could talk to her.

While she waited, the other salesman answered all of her questions and gave an excellent presentation of the

car. Team work.

When the salesman she originally talked to came out, he immediately started to requalify her. He

asked if the other salesman had shown her the car. She said yes. He never hesitated and started to go over

the car again his way. She was impressed that both salesmen were knowledgeable about the car and kept her


On the other lots, the salesmen were sort of nice. They seemed to be pushy because they talked less about

the vehicle and more about the price. She said they started out differently. The number one salesman, George,

had a hard, firm, confident, memorable handshake. The others were average. He took time to say hello and to

welcome her to the dealership. The others didnt. At Georges dealership, salesmen helped each other; the others

went through the motions rather than doing the job.

On the demo ride, George talked all about the car, the weather, and what he would do on a nice day

like this if he were off, but was quiet for about half of the trip so she could enjoy the ride and ask questions. The

other salesmen said to take the car this way by yourself. This way was about five blocks. Another sales person

drove less than three miles. One salesman talked to her all the time and wouldnt leave her alone to enjoy the

car, didnt let her ask any questions, and over sold the car. Again, George won. He took a longer demo so he

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Which One Are You? (continued)

could say what he wanted to say. George also gave her time to ask questions and time to enjoy the car. While

George was confident working his deal properly, the others were more interested in trying to make the customer

commit to price or bottom line.

After the demo, she sat at Georges desk to figure the numbers. When George found out there was a

payoff, he immediately called the bank to get the correct amount. He then told her that her payments

were bad news. He told her that her car isnt worth that much and couldnt give her what she wanted. He also

told her she needed more money down and her payments were going to be higher. George assured her he would

do the best he could.

The other salesmen didnt get a chance to close the deal because they didnt earn the right to talk num-

bers. All they talked about were numbers, unfortunately at the wrong time. George went for advice several times

during the sale; the other salesmen never once left her to ask for help. When George left to see the manager,

he gave her a little self-made book which welcomed her to the dealership, told about service, and listed the

hours for the body shop, parts, and sales, and the numbers to call if she had any questions. The book told her

about the rust proofing, paint preservative, extended service policies, and, most importantly, that price doesnt

mean everything. It also stated that you receive a lot more at the dealership that cares. George proved that.

George sat still for at least 15 minutes and never budged on price. When he felt he couldnt get a com-

mitment, he took her to a manager.

Before the final price was finished, the payments were lowered $110 by starting at 48 months and

taking the bottom line x .03 for new +$25 and extending payments to 60 months. The trade price was in-

creased by $1,000 by starting at actual cash value and adding a few hundred to the trade two or three times

and stopping at $1000 above the actual cash value. The dealership gave her several choices to fit her budget.

The difference between George and the other salespeople is that he did what the others didnt do.

George did the basics to a T.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Which One Are You? (continued)

Ask yourself: Do I have a good, fair, or poor handshake? If you said yes to any of the three, you are still

behind George. His was excellent. He had a firm, positive and confident handshake, the customer said.

You must start off your first impressions by being different. George did just that. You must do the same

or the Georges will sell all the cars. Do you just give a customer the keys and say that you helped your fellow

salesmen? Or do you do like Georges friend and take time to be nice to others and they, in turn, take time to

be nice to you.

George has it all over the other salesmen from the handshake to going to the manager for help. George

spent his time wisely on giving an excellent presentation. His product knowledge was superb. Can you match

George in the enthusiasm and his excitement? His demo ride again was superior because he accomplished all

the things the other salesmen did, plus one more thing. The customer and he enjoyed the demo ride. The reason

they had fun is because he gave himself enough time to do what had to be done plus one important thing. The

customer got to know the salesman a little bit more than just car talk.

The other salesmen didnt even get into a pricing situation because they didnt know or didnt do the

basics. George makes a lot more money than they do because he builds up faith and is more personal than

the others. Because he did the basics and took time that the others wouldnt, the customer listened more. She

believed him more and was told to come up with more money and her trade wasnt worth that much. She knew

her payments would be higher and the term would be longer. Because George wouldnt budge, he had plenty

of room for the manager to close the deal. And when George went to his manager, he told her he was going to

do his best and to look at this book that tells you that he and his company arent a bad organization. Who can

say no to someone like George and his company especially if they drop $110 in payments and give you $1,000

more for your trade. The secret is that George still made a decent profit and had a happy customer. When you

compare yourself to George, you ask

Which One Are You?

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Up the Ladder of Car Success the Easy Way

There are two sides to go up the ladder of success the hard way and the easy way. If you lean a lad-

der on a roof, which side would you rather climb on, top or bottom of the ladder? If you choose the bottom, you

are on the hard road to success. Of course, the top would be a superior choice. But, there are still two ways.

If you have to work with people, learn and teach each other the easy ways. Do not be afraid to


Car sales work is when you come to work on your so-called days off to deliver, or sell, or have any ap-

pointments. If you dont show up on that day when you are off and someone else delivers your car, he is entitled

to get half or more of the deal. Or if someone sells a car and you had the appointment on your day off, and they

get the deal, thats work.

The real people who get along and respect each other work smarter. This is the top side of the ladder to

successful car selling. Work should be fully trusting each other. When you are off one day, you should be able to

leave your problems, or any other business, at work. Thats when fun will be the factor, not the numbers, and

you can truly enjoy your day off and not think of how somebody else is getting some of your hard earned money.

When you deliver another salesmans unit, try to treat the customer like he or she were your own customer.

Explain that you are doing it because the other salesman is just as nice to all your customers and he gets a lot

of referrals. Be sure to tell the customer if the salesman who sold you this car were here, he would probably ask

you to send him some customers. He would appreciate it. I know he is not here, but if you have any problems, he

will take care of them. If he is not here, someone else who is available will try to help you.

This is not a hard way to work; you just have to start. I guarantee that if you can get going, fun will defi-

nitely enter into work and you can still make money.

If all of the salesmen are busy, by all means ask the manager to help. Thats what he is there for. A good

manager will do anything to help in a sale, but most salesmen dont give him enough opportunity to help. Do not

get into the habit of dumping customers on the manager, but if everyone else is busy, ask if its okay. If you dont

make a habit of asking too much, the manager is a great tool to use if you have to.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Up the Ladder of Car Success the Easy Way (continued)

The more you give, the more you get. It takes time to get good at anything and a tightly grouped sales

force is not only rare, but tough. Like anything else, you must work at it. If done this way, it is easy and more

fun. This is the top side of the ladder of car sales success.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Know Where You Are

Most salesmen dont get to enjoy that feeling. They are too busy getting prices on a car, worrying about

whose turn it is, or have their mind on something else. The day starts by getting up, and you should know what

must be done before you leave your home. Refer back to AttitudeGoals & Work; thats the beginning. This

puts you in the right frame of mind, but, the masters of sales keep it going throughout the day. They know

what must be done and do it.

The buildup of a sale is a lot of major happenings. You should learn them by teaching yourself. If you

know you should do something in a sale and dont, you are not only lazy but foolish. You should not expect

someone else to do it for you because it usually costs you money in some way.

When a customer calls, comes on your lot, or even sees you outside of work, know where you are.

Do not give unnecessary prices if you dont have to, or make up something that is not correct. Its okay not to

know. Dont guess.

If a customer is making you an offer and you know you can sell the vehicle at that price, dont stop.

Continue your sales steps as usual demo, presentation and service walk, and be sure to sell yourself. Do

this only after writing the deal, getting a big deposit, and leaving a doubt. Just because a customer gives you

money does not necessarily mean that you sold a car. Remember to know where you are.

Remember, if he doesnt want to demo the car, be sure to make the presentation anyway. If he knows

about your service department, remind him. All of the points you are bringing out are good ones. If he has

bought cars from you before, you are merely reassuring him about possible future problems and that you will

take care of them. If you ever get into a situation you dont know about or cant handle, just T.O. or go for help.

You must learn that car sales are basic and you only have to master a few steps. Once you do this, fun will

become the factor, not the numbers. Thats when youll know where you are.

Know where you are going by setting goals by investing in yourself by prospecting and know exactly

what you will get back by prospecting and setting goals.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Know Where You Are (continued)

Know where you are going by doing a follow up system and what you will get in return.

Its not knowing what to do; its doing what you know. Remember the big money makers in auto sales

know where they are going in life. They are looking into the future and know why they work long hours. When

you learn this, thats when you

Know Where You Are.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
You Must Be a Master of the Following:

Goal Setting ........................................ Every pay check helps your goals come true.

Prospecting ......................................... Have at least six items working for you daily.

Product Knowledge........................ Go over the sticker with the customer completely.

6 Steps .................................................. Do the best you can with every customer.

Follow-up System .............................. Saves time and is less stressful.

Phone .................................................... Call until you get appointments every day.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success

You should at all times have every type of equipment and the necessary papers to complete a car sale

and delivery without getting up from your desk. It is so frustrating to have to get up and go get something in

the middle of a sale. Leaving your desk breaks concentration and shows you are not organized. Nuts, bolts,

pliers, screwdrivers, tracings whatever should be there. Get a small 4" x 6" file box and start putting all the

insurance agents phone numbers and what company they are affiliated with on the cards and place them in

alphabetical order. It does take time to get them, but how many hours you might spend trying to get a phone

number in Texas, like USAA. Some customers dont know their own phone number, so when you get it, write

it down and put it in the file it saves time in the long run.

Forms, such as buyers orders, should be in the top of your desk. It is faster to get it out when you get

a commitment. Keep your area as clean as possible. Have your name cards sitting out so customers can see

them. Keep all magazines that have information about your product close at hand and use them. Dont tell

people show them. Keep your birthday and anniversary cards in the open and be proud of them. If you share

your desk, agree to put certain things in certain places. If you make a copy of anything that the whole sales

force uses, make extras and pass them out. If everyone did this, you would hardly ever run out of materials

and people wouldnt steal from your desk. If they take your supplies, get a lock for your desk. If you look as

neat as you can, smile, have a clean desk area, and are pleasant, people in general know that you have your

act together. Organization means planning, and planning saves time. You dont want to babysit people if you

do not have to. Let your sales run as smoothly as possible; organization is a major part. Learn to master it.

Organization is not only in auto sales or at your desk. You must organize your life, according to many

interviews with the top producers in auto sales. Learn to keep things in particular places at home and any

place you are and your life will change. When you become neat and organized, you will be headed to the top

five percent of the best salespeople in the world.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Daily Routine

8:30 Mail Cards Send copy of ads in paper with all mail outs.

9:00 Delivery Make sure car is ready before the customer comes in.

10:00 Facebook

10:15 YouTube

Phone Calls Appointments and referrals three per day is our goal.

11:30 Appointment Be free of other work so you can concentrate on a sale

Take Ups At least read a brochure on product knowledge.

1:00 Lunch Prospect every time you go out.

2:00 Phone Calls Dont forget who do you know that is looking for a new or used vehicle?

3:00 Appointment Verify the time so there are no delays.

4:00 Go Prospecting Be productive and get your name out there every day.

5:30 Phone Calls Always ask Who do you know that is looking for a new or used vehicle?

6:00 Take Ups Smile and do all steps.

7:00 Phone Calls You must get three appointments to equal one person coming in.

7:30 Delivery Card in gas tank and door jam. Ask for referrals

Phone, Take Ups Stay working smart all day = big $ and fun

* All phone ups, fill out or complete a worksheet and qualify the customer before they arrive. This

helps you with your follow-up and you are more organized. Deliver cars early in the morning or late in

the evening so you can sell cars when you have traffic. Deliver all cars before noon on Saturday so you

can sell in the afternoon. Your goals should be one car per day sold, 1-2 ups, 1-2 appointments, 1-2

incoming calls + prospecting tools and mailers = one sold unit per day.

By planning and being organized, you find time to make appointments. Be-backs have a 60% close

ratio. A total of 26 working days a month with only one customer out of three showing up for an appointment

equals 10.4 units a month not including fresh-ups. One fresh-up a day and 26 working days yields 5.2 units a

month with a 20% close ratio. You now have 15-plus units by being organized. By prospecting and mastering

the basic steps, in time you will deliver 15 20 units every month. Remember, you must stick with a game

plan to win. No base-ball team wins every game. It starts over each day and works all season and ends up the

champ. Daily planning means excellent years to come.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success

Appointment itself means to be at a particular place, and usually at a given time. You should know how

to get a commitment from customers for a particular time. When a customer says, Ill be there tomorrow, that

might be considered an appointment to some salesmen, but not to the professional. They usually say, Morning

or evening? When the customer answers, keep going by saying, Would that be after 6 or before? When they

answer, keep going by saying, I have two appointments open, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. or 8:30 p.m. which suits

you better? You accomplished, in a nice way, what is a real and just appointment. Write the appointment on

your desk calendar immediately. It now leaves you free to make other plans or make other appointments. Be

sure to tell the customer, Please be courteous enough to call me if you cant come so I can let other custom-

ers take your place. That tells a customer that you have a planned evening and are a busy person. They will

usually be on time so be ready when they get there. Do not be afraid to tell them, Please be on time

because I owe everyone the same amount of respect and I try not to hurry people. That makes the customer

feel relieved before they get there, and they know or feel you wont be pushy. Verify an appointment if you feel

its a shady one. When you verify say, I just wanted to make sure youll be here. I have wholesalers ready to

look at your trade or Im just trying to plan my evening. Id appreciate your promptness. Take care. See you


Be professional.

Be on time

for appointments.

for deliveries.

for morning meetings.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Desk Calendar

A desk calendar is, and should be, the greatest asset to your daily sales. Write down everything you do

and are going to do for each day on it. Tracings, appointments, deliveries, bills, insurance verifications, prob-

lems, and, you should even write down personal things you are going to do. Any part of your day dinner,

laundry, go pay rent, see friends, etc., should be on your desk calendar. It is hard at first, but if you can work

from a calendar and plan your whole day and follow it, you will become more organized and you will find that

things will go a lot smoother. You will look and feel more professional because you are.

Your best bet is to tape the calendar to your desk so it doesnt move and it will look neater. At the bottom

right or left, write all the phone numbers you call related to daily business. This should include other dealers,

wholesalers, tire companies, parts stores, wrecker, friends, and whatever numbers you might call during the

day. Put them on the calendar to save time.

When you accomplish whatever you write on the calendar, cross it off so you know it has been completed.

By all means, try not to doodle on the calendar because most other people do this sort of thing. It will then show

that you are different and have self-control. Do not wait until the end of the month to tear off a sheet if it is a

dirty sheet. A clean calendar adds a brighter look to your smiling and friendly face.

If you share a desk, then one person uses the top of the daily square and the other writes from the bot-

tom up but make sure the calendar is big enough for two; 16"x18" should be big enough. Keep it as neat as

the smile on your face.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Phone Work Made Easy

Most salesmen do not like to use the phone for several reasons. The most common ones are: A) Not enough

prospects; B) I feel uncomfortable; C) I dont know what to say. The rest are excuses not problems or plain laziness.

If you continue to use the follow-up program and take advantage of the future file you should always have plenty

of calls to make after a few months. If you have a customer and you know they arent going to buy for awhile, put

them in the future file. Remember to write down a month or two before they say they are ready. Customers often

change their minds. Put the number of your follow-up date on the left side of the customer helper sheet like your

other sheets. When the time arrives just pull them out and call and everything stays in place and organized. If

you feel uncomfortable remember no one has ever been punched in the face through the phone so eliminate any

fear. Practice. Try to smile and it will show on the other end. Believe me if you are happy it sounds great and

sometimes rubs off. You feel uncomfortable because most people dont get in a rhythm. When you are talking for

an hour or two youll get into a rhythm. The best times to call are 9:30 to 11:00, 1:00-2:30 and 6:00-8:00 p.m. Plan

your appointments and deliveries between these times. Saturday is the best but anytime is O.K. to call.

If you feel you dont know what to say tell them what they want to hear. You always have some kind

of sale going on. Tell the customer you will work with them every possible way you can. You must give people

reasons to come in to see you or you will sound like an ordinary salesman. Dont be average. Tell customers you

have a buyer for the trade and probably can give them more money. If they ask how much, say you dont know,

Wholesalers want to look at your trade and we may be able to get you more. When the customer comes in, ask how

much are you looking for your trade and we will call the wholesaler. Its a start to simply getting the customer

in and to get them to commit to a price. Have a wholesaler or used car manager ready to help.

Please make sure to tell the customer to ask for you not just by name but give them a thought to keep in

mind. Im the only person from the country or Im the only one with red hair. Anything to single you out. This will

stop a lot of mixup and problems. Always remember you must give customers a reason to come in and a reason

to ask for you. Dont forget to ask for referrals and ask if they know anyone else who needs a car. Mention the

referral fees you will pay for referrals if a customer buys from you. Make sure they write down your name and

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Phone Work Made Easy (continued)

telephone number.

Always try to qualify a customer over the phone before they come in. If a customer is calling about prices

or a sale, ask the customer if he has a payoff, ask if you can verify the correct amount. You will be ready when

the customer arrives at your dealership and you have accurate numbers. Customers are not aware they are being

qualified over the phone and work with you easier. If you get the customer helper sheet filled out you are on your

way to a smoother and easier sale because you have all the necessary answers before the customer arrives. If you

can be persistent enough to qualify a customer over the phone you have eliminated the second step, Qualifying.

Qualifying is one of the hardest steps in sales. You now can meet and greet a customer, skip qualifying because

you already have the customer qualified and complete the other steps. Qualifying over the phone saves time and

allows you to be a different salesman.

Remember your last question should always be Who do you know that is looking for a new or used vehicle?

Never ask, Do you know anyone looking for a car? People buy vans and trucks too. If you ask do you know they

dont think as much as when you ask who do you know.

You should learn to make phone work fun. If phone work isnt fun you are not learning enough. Keep

trying and ask power questions that will give you a positive answer to your goals or area of success you seek. A

phone is the best tool you have. Master it. Dont let it master you.

If a customer wont give you their phone number, ask at the end of your conversation if you were courte-

ous, fair, and possibly nice. When the customer says Yes, tell them you are not going to change. Ask them, How

can I call you with good news if I dont have your phone number. If I call you and the call is bad or pushy, please

buy from someone else. I am not that way. Usually this will get the customers phone number. If you cant get a

phone number, look up their name in the phone book and send a letter. Phone calling is fun, not work.

Always tell the customer to write down your name and telephone number, and set a specific appoint-

ment time. Tell the customer to write the $25 referral beside your name, and never forget to ask, Who do you

know who is looking for a new or used vehicle?

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Incoming Phone Calls

What I Should Do Everytime!

Get: 1. Name

2. Address

3. Phone Number

4. Set Appointment Specific Time and Date

5. "Who do you know that is looking for a new or used vehicle?"

Fill out the Work Sheet completely.

Send Thank You for calling card.

Always ask for referrals.

Verify any appointments and be ready.

Check the vehicle for gas and to be 100% ready before the customer comes in.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Customer Helper Sheets

Tell the customer that you have a few questions that will help you help him or her, that it will take less

than two minutes, and that in doing so it will tell you approximately what type of vehicle he or she is interested

in. Find out if the customer wants a stick shift or automatic. Do not give the customer time to say yes or no.

Just ask the first question and keep going down the list. You must get, or try to get, a friendly atmosphere

built up or a good rapport because you might have to get a little pushy (in a nice way) at closing. If you are a

nice person in the beginning, the customer sometimes will put up with more pushing and they might say yes.

Dont be afraid to talk the customer language (no swearing) its a real world and not all people understand

fancy talk, so, dont try to be someone you are not. If you dont know, you dont know. It is much better to look

stupid rather than lie and get caught. If a customer asks you a question and you dont know the answer, and

if it is a big issue, get up and go get the correct answer. They will respect you for it and it will look like you

are trying to help them and you are. You must go out of your way more than the next person in order to sell

a car. If you do, it will show, and they like that personal attention. Somehow, some way, whatever it takes, get

their phone number. Start by asking what model they are looking for. When they answer, you are then getting

a response but then keep going by asking how to spell their last name. When they answer, dont look up and

follow through by politely asking for a phone number and just wait. Ninety percent of the people will give at

least a work number. If they dont give you a number, ask well do you live around here? When they tell you, you

can also politely say, Sir, if you give me your number, I promise I wont bother you unless it is good news, or

if I can give you what you are asking for. If they do give you a number, dont call unless you can help them, or

you can give them what they want. Never give the customer a copy of what you write down bracket, or low

ball them, but do it in a manner that if they come back you can still get respect and only have to bump $200 or

so, if possible. Check with the manager first before any low ball numbers are given, if any at all.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Customer Helper Sheets (continued)

Our Helper Sheet is designed for several reasons. It helps control and slow down the customer. It also

Helps with SMILE

advertising. Incoming Calls
Good (morning). My
name is _____. Who
is calling, please?
Helps with We are having a
great sale.
daily Get customers
follow-up STOCK #
name and phone
DEAL # number.
dates and future
Have them write
prospects. WRITE DOWN
The next day salesman CUSTOMER HELPER SHEET
PRICE down your name.
will call customer back This helps me help you Set up an
_____ Salesman's Name _________________________________________________ Prior Customer___________________ appointment.
_____ Today's Date _____________________________________________________
Ask for referrals
It helps Qualify. _____
What brought you to our dealership? Paper Referral Radio or other
What model are you interested in? ____________________________________________________________________________
(who do you know?).
_____ Do you want stick or automatic? ________________________ Radio _____________________________________________ Qualify (using our
_____ Air conditioning _____________________________________ Sun roof ___________________________________________ Helper sheets).
_____ HOW DO YOU SPELL YOUR FULL NAME (SIR OR MA'M)? Be ready when the
_____ Address ______________________________________________________________________ Zip Code ________________ customer comes in.
_____ And your phone numbers HOME ( ____ ) _____________________ WORK ( ____ ) ________________________
_____ CELL ( ____ ) _____________________ EMAIL ( ____ ) ________________________ It helps with
_____ What's the most you want to spend for your vehicle, or what price range do you feel comfortable at?
$5,000$10,000 $10,000$15,000 $15,000$20,000 $20,000$25,000 trade
$25,000$30,000 $30,000$35,000 $40,000$45,000 $45,000-$50,000+
$ _______ $ _______ $450$500 $400$450 $350$400 $300$350 $280$300 $240$280

_____ HOW MUCH CASH ARE YOU PUTTING DOWN? _____________ If none, can you come up with the taxes? ______________

Do you have a trade? _____
Is your car nanced? ___________
Year________ What make is it? ___________
Stick or Automatic ________________
Model_____________ Miles ______
Does it have air conditioning? ___________
It helps sell
_____ HOW MUCH DO YOU OWE ON IT APPROXIMATELY? _________ Do you have the title with you? ____________________ warranties.
_____ Do you know the account number?__________________ What company is it nanced with? __________________________
_____ Did you purchase an extended service policy with your last vehicle?__________________ If yes, it's worth more money.
_____ If you're selling your trade to a relative, what's the lowest price you would take for it? _______________________________

Cream & Sugar
Cream & Sugar
Black with Sugar ________________
Soda _________________________
with spot
_____ Comments:
_____ customers
_____ and
Address ______________________
_____ Birthdate _____________________
Comment area _____
_____ SS# _________________________

for warm follow-up _____

Applicant authorizes to check their
_____ credit for the purpose of taking imme-
calls or important diate delivery of purchased vehicle.

information Designed by Taylor Techniques, Inc.

Buyer ________________________
(717) 232-0494

Lots of room on the back to work deals at a full list price and start
with fluffed payments at short term. Also, an area for lease payments
when payments are too high for some customers with good credit.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success


write down SELLING

will call customer back This helps me help you

_____ Salesman's Name__________________________________________________ Prior Customer___________________

_____ Today's Date______________________________________________________
_____ What brought you to our dealership? Paper Referral Radio or other
_____ What model are you interested in?_____________________________________________________________________________
_____ Do you want stick or automatic?_________________________ Radio______________________________________________
_____ Air conditioning______________________________________ Sun roof____________________________________________

_____ How do you spell your full name (sir or ma'm)?

_____ Address ______________________________________________________________________ Zip Code ________________

_____ And your phone numbers HOME (_____ )______________________ WORK (_____ ) _________________________
_____ CELL (_____ )______________________ EMAIL (_____ ) _________________________
_____ What's the most you want to spend for your vehicle, or what price range do you feel comfortable at?
$5,000$10,000 $10,000$15,000 $15,000$20,000 $20,000$25,000
$25,000$30,000 $30,000$35,000 $40,000$45,000 $45,000-$50,000+
_____ What kind of payments suit your budget, besides as little as possible?
$________ $________ $450$500 $400$450 $350$400 $300$350 $280$300 $240$280

_____ How much cash are you putting down?______________ If none, can you come up with the taxes?_______________

_____ Do you have a trade?______ Year_________ What make is it?____________ Model_____________ Miles_______
_____ Is your car financed?____________ Stick or Automatic_________________ Does it have air conditioning?____________

_____ How much do you owe on it approximately?__________ Do you have the title with you?_____________________

_____ Do you know the account number?___________________ What company is it financed with?___________________________
_____ Did you purchase an extended service policy with your last vehicle?___________________ If yes, it's worth more money.
_____ If you're selling your trade to a relative, what's the lowest price you would take for it?________________________________

_____ Coffee-Cream _____ Cream & Sugar ____ Sugar _____ Black ______ Black with Sugar_________________
_____ Tea-Cream _____ Cream & Sugar ____ Sugar _____ Plain ______ Soda__________________________

_____ Comments:
_____ Birthdate______________________
_____ SS#__________________________
Applicant authorizes to check their
_____ credit for the purpose of taking im-
mediate delivery of purchased vehicle.
Designed by Taylor Techniques, Inc.
(717) 232-0494
48 Buyer_________________________
Stock No.________________________


List price________________________

- Trade________________________

= Difference________________________

+ Taxes________________________

+ Tags________________________

+ Payoff________________________

- down payment________________________

= Bottom Line________________________

Payments 30________________________



Lease Payments________________________

T.O.s Opinions Not Excuses

If you ever listen to your average salesman T.O. a deal, they usually bring in an excuse. Your number

one salesman, or the ones on top of the board, usually try to figure out what they have to work with and if it is

time to close or not.

Many things happen on a T.O. The most important is the managers attitude. If you start off by telling

him negative things, it automatically sets the stage for a poor T.O. You now have the manager working harder

than he should mentally. His mind should be free of all excuses, objections, and whatever negative things

you have. Keep them to yourself. When a manager goes in to close a deal for you, he should be as positive

as possible.

When you T.O. or desk check properly, all you need are numbers: price of the car, how much money

down, monthly payments, trade price, money owed on it, and if the customer is ready to buy now, and are the

decision makers here. You should T.O. to your manager if you are not sure about the price of a trade. If that is

why you are T.O.-ing, tell the manager that immediately. That way the manager doesnt waste time. He can

then make a decision and you can go back to work. Use the manager as a tool, not a crutch.

If payments and everything are in line, now is the time to let him know your positive feelings. Tell

the manager if you feel they are almost ready to buy, or if you feel giving them a little more for their trade will

help, lowering the payments, or, anything that will work not excuses.

Get to the point and dont waste time. The manager doesnt want a life story, just the facts. A positive

T.O. or desk check means one thing more and happier sales.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
T. O.s or Desk Check Why, When, How

Sometimes it is okay not to T.O. or desk check. The only time you dont T.O. or desk check is if a customer

makes you an offer. STOP and write the order no matter how crazy it seems as long as there is profit and you

get a big down payment. If you get a down payment, at least the customer is serious and you can usually work

things out if his offer is too low. If you cant get a down payment, dont forget to do all the necessary steps in the

build-up of a sale and get a deposit before you T.O. if possible.

Why T.O., now or any other time? Any manager should close at least 30 percent of all customers he talks

to, if set up right. If you figure 30 percent of your commission of last years business and do not T.O., that is how

much you lost. And that is probably low.

Salesmen arent fully aware of the power of a manager. You can use him as a good guy or bad guy. Learn

to T.O. as many times as it takes to close a deal, 50 if necessary.

I cant stress the point enough or just plain say you are a fool if you dont T.O.; at least enough that your

manager sticks his face in the picture. If your manager is busy, get someone else to talk to the customer, anybody,

just T.O. to someone.

If you have any questions you cant answer correctly, go and T.O.

Whenever you T.O. and have a big down payment, always leave doubt about your price you agreed on or

that which he has offered, because it is easier to bump the customer. If you are struggling in car sales, dont you

think a manager might be a little smarter than you? You cant say it any plainer than 99 percent of the time the

manager is smarter and is looking forward for T.O., if set up properly. Who wouldnt want to get in on a close if

you already have a commitment and a down payment and the customer knows his offer might be turned down?

Do not be afraid to T.O. if you cant get a commitment. Do all the sales steps the best you can and then

T.O. It is easy to get away from a customer; just say excuse me for a minute please. Dont lay a song and dance

on a customer. Excuse me for a minute tells them you are leaving for a minute. Great, thats what you want. The

customer doesnt know if you want to go to the bathroom or what. Remember to offer a beverage on your first T.O.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
T.O.s or Desk Check Why, When, How (continued)

and also if you are still trying to close a deal and have to T.O. anytime later, always offer another beverage.

This will relax a customer and gives you a little more time.

If you keep a record who T.O.s the most in your dealership, that person is usually the most successful

in your dealership and is at the top of the sales force. You can bet on it. T.O. works.

When you T.O., and wonder what to say, thats simple. Just BRING your customer helper sheets with

you completely filled in. You must do this as quickly and effectively as possible. Now is the time all of your

hard work will pay off, so dont take 20 minutes to T.O. T.O. should not take more than three minutes if you

dont have to wait for someone. Tell the manager the honest answer if he asked you a question. How can a man

help another if he asked for help but doesnt tell him what he needs help with? Get right to the point. Start by

telling the manager how you qualified the person, if he qualifies, has a trade, owes anything on it, how much,

and what company he owes the money to. How much cash down he has if any, and if he is ready to buy today

if we can come up with the right price. That really doesnt take long at all and you can cover a lot of major fac-

tors in a sale. Here is where a manager is worth his salt. He may ask: Did you demo? Did you settle on color?

Anything he does is for you. Try to be friendly with your manager as much as with your customers and fellow

workers. The managers job is a tedious job that can be made fun providing salesmen learn to T.O. properly

and often.

Remember, if the manager closes only one deal a month, it is more than you may have without him.

You owe your manager the right to teach you the finesse of sales. Everyone can learn to learn from each other

if you all work together. Try to remember that you and your manager against a customer is far better than

you and the customer against the manager.

The real fun starts when you realize you are on both sides and nobody wins including yourself, if you

do not let the manager help you.

So, T.O. often and always smile and offer a beverage and the T.O. part will make you at least 30 percent

more money than you are making now, if you dont T.O. 100% of the time.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success

Commitment should not only be given by the customer, but by the salesperson as well. Courtesy and

respect are things we all know about but seldom give. The more respect you give, the more you get in return. If

and when you get a commitment, STOP and write the deal and get a 20 percent down payment. Do not T.O.

Write any offer as long as there is a profit and get a big down payment. You should get the customer to say yes

as many times as you can, and, right before a close, be sure to ask, Do you like the car? It makes it easier for

the customer to give you a strong positive yes. In auto sales, a closing commitment is cash. If you dont have

cash, you have conversation.

A salesman should make several commitments himself during a sale. If you promise a person something,

it must be given to them. You must promise to take care of any problems they may have if they buy the car.

Ask: Did anyone else promise you that? Be prepared to say I will. If the customer has to ask you if

you will take care of a problem, it is not as impressive as when you not only tell, but promise them. If you

can, show the customer you send cards and appreciate their sale; customers respect you a little more because

you show concern. If the salesman makes more commitments than his competition, and if he means them, the

world of sales will open up with great results. You must stress the fact that you will be his or her friend after

the sale. Being fair, and being a friend who smiles, are probably the best commitment anybody can ever offer

to anyone in life not only car sales.

The top five percent of the sales people in the world have a great common factor. A commitment to

them is not only cash but they have a commitment to themselves. They are determined to get ahead by working

smarter and harder. They know they will be better off if they keep the commitment to do what others usually

dont or wont. They will get ahead in life tomorrow because they do the basics


T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
High Grosses

High grosses are made easy if you take the proper steps. Always start with a friendly face and a firm

handshake. Take a little time to talk, but mostly listen to a customer if you can get them to talk.

Believe me, to get an answer you dont have to ask What do you want? Just ask politely, Are you

familiar with the product? If the customer says yes, then be up front and ask what model interests you the

most and follow up by saying, No disrespect, but would you know a good deal if I gave you one? If the customer

says yes, say, Good, would you buy this one or give me an order if I gave you better than a good deal? If the

customer says yes, STOP and write any offer and get a big down payment and take it to the manager after all

sales steps are done.

I have written deals in less than five minutes; you dont have to beat around the bush if youre up front.

It doesnt happen every day, but you can write an order sometimes by just asking them to write an order. When

you get a down payment, ask to go demo anyway. When you go demo and do a service walk, it creates a desire.

Usually most offers are low so when you get a 20% down payment, leave in the back of the customers mind

doubt about the deal. Its easier for the manager to bump. Offer a beverage before you leave to take the deal to

the managers office.

Whatever numbers are discussed they are always unreasonable. Always make the customer make the

offer, whether its on a trade or cash price. Tell the customer youre not out to make a killing, you just have

to make some profit. Ask What do you think is reasonable? This way you arent giving the numbers and the

word reasonable is a fair word, especially if you did all of the steps in getting to the figures.

If you smile and take your time, things should be flowing smoothly. Remember you should always

have shown all books and cards, have all questions answered and be sure you are selling the right car or all

the numbers you get are worthless.

If the customer has a trade and makes an offer, start looking serious and be patient. As long as the

customer is sitting there he is thinking. Sometimes when you get an offer and it is a hard sale, take the money

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
High Grosses (continued)

and run to the manager. High grosses are something you usually have to work for.

When the customer makes his offer and he isnt a real hard nosed person, always say in a serious way,

I dont think I can get that. You arent saying no and you arent saying yes. Let him think. Now is the time

to give your counter offer after you get the 20% down payment and check with the manager.

NEVER start off by discounting the vehicle being bought. Whatever the appraised value of a trade is,

start at actual cash value or lower, be serious, and wait for the customers answer. Remember that if you are a

nice person during the entire sale, he wont jump up and scream. He might get a little excited but you already

know that is coming, so keep looking serious and say Well, your figure is way too much for me too! Whatever

offer you get will usually be higher than when a salesman offers a price. Usually the customer will shop if you

give the price so let him commit and get a 20% down payment or more.

When you cant get or reach a figure on a trade and you know you stopped at actual cash value, ask if it

would help if you could manage to get the payments lowered. Always start $25 higher than the real payment.

Managers have the factors set up by F&I and shouldnt go under a certain percentage unless you discuss it with

your business manager. If you do this right, you can lower your payments and still have a full list deal and leave

room for F&I to sell warranties, life, accident and disability insurance.

If there is no trade and the customer wants a cash discount, always start with discounting the dealers

service prices that are added on. Everyone knows thats all dealers profit so start by giving it away; but thats

all and thats only after he offers you some kind of discount. Say no discount; this isnt distressed merchan-

dise. You might have to be prepared to do some quick talking if he says youre crazy and starts walking away.

Remember to smile and laugh now and then. There isnt anything wrong in trying to tell the customer this: Im

only trying to do my job. What do you think is fair? Whatever offer or commitment you get, look serious and say

(continued on page 62)

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
High Grosses (continued)

4 Square

Selling Trade

0 Payoff
25 3000
Trading yours for ours with 2000 down your payment is in 480's for 48 months. The
2000 480s reason we go to 48 months is you build up equity quicker. However, most people go
longer term to get a lower payment. What would you like to do? If customer makes an
Cash 48-Month
Down Payment offer, Get The Cash.

480s Customer wants to be at $400 per month.

Set the customer up for drawing the circles on a demo. "Mr. Smith, my hardest problem

400 isn't getting someone to like the car. It's getting them where they want to be as far as

down payment and monthly payments. But I will work with you. Will you work with me?"

When the customer says something nice about the car say it again.

When working the deal remind them you will work with them and the customer said they will work

with you. Draw the circles and say "It's time to work with me" and hand them the pen to put a number in the

circles. Do this with down payment and payments.

Check with the laws in your state on how to present deals so you don't have problems, credit reports,

interest rates, etc.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
High Grosses (continued)

Getting the Cash and Closing Deals

Banks require at least 20% down to do business. If you don't have 20% down (cash or trade equity) the

banks will usually cut the deal (lower your gross).

480 My boss is here

Down 400 You're here
Let the customer put their number in the circle and they bump themselves. After drawing the circle = cash

down or payments ask "You're serious, I know you're serious that $1000 will get the boss real serious. Will

that $1000 be cash or check?"

"My boss hears good but he sees a lot better. That $1000, will that be cash or check?"

If you don't know what your mission is for the customer, how can you sell a car. If you know what your

mission is, it usually is down payment, payments or trade. Bring the cash to the desk and you have control of

the deal. Be ready to bump.

When you have cash you usually have a deal. No cash usually means you just have conversation.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
High Grosses (continued)

I dont think I can do that, but lets try. Leave doubt in all customers minds. If a customer says, Do you think

I am some kind of an idiot or something? smile and say, No disrespect, but if you were, I didnt want to miss

the opportunity. This will relax buyers if you learn to laugh and have fun.

If you have a tough time and you are still only discounting dealer service, try giving away rust proof-

ing, sport stripes, paint preservative, interior guard, radios, or a cassette player. If F&I sells this, dont give

it away unless the manager approves. Sometimes this will work. The word give is a killer to people who work

real hard. Usually the cost is minimal compared to list price. Keep in mind, you only gave away dealer service

and maybe rust proofing and a stripe. STOP. Dont give any more money away. Start on payments. Stay high

in interest rates and drop that down later taking plenty of time to make big money.

As long as a customer is sitting there, he is interested, and if you were nice the whole time, he is ready

to be pushed pushed pushed (in a nice way no hard selling); smile and be nice and polite.

People will pay more to a nice person who gives respect and promises to be fair after the sale. Its only

natural for a customer to feel a little obligated if you work hard, and if you desk check or T.O. several times,

which you should. The customer knows you are trying. When asking for money, never smile look serious.

If you get a commitment, get a 20% down payment and be ready to bump the customer and T.O. to the

manager. If you cant bump, you should still have a decent deal. If the customer has to leave, either low ball or

dont give a price at all. Let the manager decide what to do.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Writing Deals When & How

Writing a deal should be the most fun. Thats when all the hard work is done. Even if you know the deal

will be turned down, you are getting a commitment and a 20% down payment. Some people dont know what

a good deal is, so dont offend them by laughing at their offer. Play dumb, and at least try! Let the manager

bump when you T.O. if the offer was that bad. He will remember you because you were at least kind enough

to present it to your boss.

Writing a deal can happen at any time during the course of your six step program. Whenever you get

an offer, STOP and write the deal (as long as there is profit), get a 20 percent down payment and then T.O.

If a customer is nervous, even after you give him a beverage, you should say something calm to him.

Ask, Do you ever think about selling cars? Usually they ask why. DONT TALK a lot. KEEP WRITING

AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Answer by saying, You would make a good salesman. Flattery sometimes gets you

everywhere. Dont keep talking; keep writing. He shouldnt be so nervous and you shouldnt be either. If you

relax, the customer will too. Show youre trying to help the customer. Get a drivers license and insurance card

before money. This gets the customer used to giving you something. The license has the correct spelling and


Dont be afraid to say to a customer, Lets go write your offer and see if the boss takes it. Do not be

afraid to write anything you and the customer agree upon on the buyers order. This will definitely relax a

customer and show youre honest. Dont be afraid to tell him whatever we write down is legally binding. Subject

to wifes approval, subject to managers appraisal of the trade and subject to bank financing are often good closes

to use. This allows you to get a big down payment and you will deliver more units.

Money Refundable is something that no one likes to write down. It can be very effective if done cor-

rectly. Set a deadline like 10:30 a.m. the next day. This puts the customers mind at ease and doesnt give him a

lot of time to shop. Even if he cancels, you have another shot at him if you make him come in to get his refund.

Always try to get a non-refundable deposit and ask for 20 percent down to start. If the customer says no, let him

make the counter offer. Always have the manager, or whoever takes the down payment, write out a receipt or

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Writing Deals When & How (continued)

sign for the deposit. The more down payment, the more spot deliveries you get, saving time later.

Never give a copy of the buyers order to a customer until delivery, if possible, unless you have a big

non-refundable down payment. The buyers order is a fierce weapon that can be used against you, so dont give

a customer a chance to use it against you. Tell him any reason that his cash receipt should be good enough and

he will get a million copies of all this stuff the day he picks his car up. Usually that will do it. If a customer

insists on a receipt, give him a copy and tell him you will try to get him a few hundred more for his trade, if

possible. Do this only if you have a high gross. If you have an average deal, dont worry about it. If no trade is

involved and you have a high gross, ask the customer, Do you want to take it along now? If he says no, ask,

Can you pick it up tomorrow? Tell the customer, If it is inconvenient for you to come here I will bring it to

you. Writing a deal can and should be fun because people buy at the peak of relaxation.

Subject to:

Wifes approval
Bank financing
Managers appraisal of trade
Getting payments under ??
(Example: $260/month for 48 months)
Driving vehicle before delivery
Money refundable
Installing equipment

Check with your manager for final approval.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
T.O.s to F&I Department

Several times in this book I mentioned about not taking money from the F&I Department.

When you T.O. to the F&I or business manager with the customer, you should have already talked to

him at least once before about that customer. When that happens, the F&I manager knows exactly where the

customer must be in payments. If you are spotting a vehicle, you should be ready to set the customer up for

warranties. Try to remember to be higher in payments and leave as much room as you can. Try to do this ev-

ery time, if possible. Example: A customer makes you an offer. You go in with the customer and the manager

bumps and you are a little low in the trade or at actual cash value (ACV). If the payments are where he wants,

dont stop. If you say Yes, you lose 90 percent of the time. The customer will think it was too easy and say

Ill think about it. So, bump him $10 to $15 at least in payments. Then if he agrees, you still have a high gross

and gave the F&I manager a little room. Remember, never smile when asking for money.

If you work real hard to help the business or F&I manager, he will help you. The F&I manager will go

out of his way to help others who work and help them, guaranteed.

True professionals know how to work customers and not other departments and managers. They also

get a lot back. Make the F&I experience of a sale good for you and the customers as well.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Name Cards and Prospecting

Name cards and prospecting is something that can be fun and rewarding if you do it enough. Start out

by handing out a card to everyone you deal with, like McDonalds Drive Thru. Dont give the money until they

take the card with it. Believe me, after a while everybody at McDonalds knows you sell cars. If you leave a

bird dog book, or tell them to write their name and phone number on your card, you will send them $100, you

will get business. Even walking through a store, just lay down a card. Somebody will sooner or later pick it up.

Put them on every bulletin board you see, all over laundromats, and in phone booths. Flea markets are a great

place to get prospects. Buy 1,000 pens with your name, phone number and $100 referral on them and talk to

a person at the flea market who does a lot of business traveling. Tell him you will give him the pens free and

charge the customer one penny. With the pens put your name card on it and write you are giving away a set

of carpet mats free with purchase. Have the flea market owner put his name on the back of the card and send

him a referral fee. He will usually be willing to do it, and pay him if you get results, or it will stop.

When you send out cards on birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and peoples anniversaries, put

four name cards in each envelope and put the persons name on the back and tell him if you send me a customer,

I will pay you a $100 referral fee. Put an up-to-date used car list and a copy of Sundays ads inside every card

you send out. You will sell more vehicles. Put cards on all cars in your dealership on Sundays if you have permis-

sion. Pay kids to hand out cards and promise baseballs, gloves, etc., and put their name on the back of each card.

Everybody loves an excited kid and its fun. Put an ad in the paper if you get a real nice car with low mileage.

People buy good products and one sale will pay for a years ad. Check with your managers first.

Use a stamp that reminds customers about the $100 referrals and stamp it on the back of each of your

name cards. Carry at least 20 cards on you at all times. You should give seven out in a day or youre not seeing

enough people. Every store you go to give out cards and dont be afraid of giving the same person a card several

times. He will remember you, and, if you are friendly, it gets to be fun. Tell him you get tired of carrying them.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Name Cards and Prospecting (continued)

If you go to the bank, go to a different teller and each time leave a card. In gas stations, coffee shops, ice cream

parlors, churches, bowling alleys, movies, diners, every time you buy something, give a card and tell them to

put their number on the back and you will send them a $100 referral fee.

You must be different. Why should anybody you dont know hand out your card and not get anything

in return? So offer to pay them if it is legal in your state. While youre giving out a card, ask them if they

want a car. Hair parlors and people at other car dealerships will help if you ask. Make a friend of someone who

sells another make. When you know a customer is going to look at another model, tell the customer to ask for a

particular sales person and make arrangements with that other sales person to do the same. It will all balance

out. The more you give, the more you get. Every time you send out a letter to a friend, a business associate,

paying an electric or phone bill, or to anyone, put four name cards in the envelope. Distribute your business

cards at every opportunity. It really works.

All salesmen should have a small birthday and anniversary box (index card box) containing information

about their customers. A 4" x 6" box is fine, with 12 months for birthday and 12 months for anniversary index

cards. Have the cards printed with 11 lines on each side numbered B-1 to 30 or 31 and A-1-30 or 31 for each

month. Write the customers name, address, phone number and model of auto purchased all on one line. If you

write small, you can do this. Its necessary to write small because you have a small box of index cards and you

might get 22 customers down during one day all on one card. Use a back-up card when one is filled.

The best time to get the customers anniversary, birthday, etc., dates is at delivery. Use the delivery

check list to be sure you get everybody's birthdate. When you deliver a vehicle put the information from your

delivery check sheet into your birthday box before you do anything. If you have forgotten to get the dates, just

call the customer.

If you send cards one week prior to the date, it is possible that yours might be the first if not the

only card the customer will receive. Customers remember you for this. Always put at least four name cards

in the envelopes before you send them and copies of your ads from the newspaper.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Name Cards and Prospecting (continued)

Another good idea is to tape your name card on the inside of the gas tank lid with clear postal tape

or use the sold by stickers with your name on. Customers get to their gas tank a lot more than into the glove

compartment and get a little chuckle when opening the gas tank lid. Always write your name with a felt tipped

pen on the warranty books with the dealers 10-digit phone number along with the word sales. The important

thing is that people will see your name. Every time you mail a letter of any kind, put at least four name cards

in the envelope. You never know who needs or wants an automobile. Write the new owners key number on the

back of your name card. If they ever lock their keys inside, or lose them, they have the number on your card.

Drive around with a For Sale sign on your demo, with your home number on the sign, especially for a used

car you are trying to promote for the used car department. Baby sitters work all day for very little. They are

a great way to find referrals. Pay them $100 a car. Prospecting takes little time and is guaranteed to work for

everyone who does it on a regular day-to-day basis.

Prospecting can be talking. Always ask everyone who do you know who is looking for a new or used

vehicle. Ask everyone you talk to on the phone, and always HAND OUT CARDS!
The best kind of sticker is a 1.5" x 3" Sold by Your Name, address and phone number.

Stick it on the bottom of the door jam and show the customer. Tell him you put it there for them to

remember you if they have a problem or want to send you a customer.

Most people drive two different places every day. He will see your name when he gets into the car to go

somewhere and when he gets out of the car. The same will happen on the drive home, and he will repeat this

sequence at least one more time during the day. That means he will see your name eight times a day, every

day 2,920 times a year14,600 times in five years. If you sell 10 units a month every month for the next

year, you will have 120 customers seeing your name 14,600 times over the next five years. Your name will be

seen 1,752,000 times.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Prospecting New and Old Customers

Go outside everyday and prospect. Say "Hello, how are you?" Customer says "Good, and you?" You say

"Better if I could sell a car or two. Who do you know that is looking for a new or used vehicle?" Customer answers

"No one." You reply "I help make people's car and house payments. Could you use a few hundred extra per month?

Yes? How would you like to work for me?" Explain the $100 referral reward. Get their name, address, phone

number, and birthdate if possible. Stay in touch with them.

Matches, beer coasters, personal ads in papers are a good way to find new customers. Mention the $100

referral on any prospecting tool you can.

Key rings, pens, sold by stickers, magnets, send birthday cards, call customers on their birthday.

Holiday cards with your referral and magnets work great.

Anytime you can keep your name in front of your old customers you have an awesome chance that they

return and ask for you.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Name Cards and Prospecting (continued)

Your name is seen:

8 times a day x 365 days = 2920 times a year for each car

x 120 units = 350,400 times a year

x 5 years = 1,752,000 times in five years!

Does prospecting work? You bet, and it costs so little.

An ad in your Sunday paper is effective with your picture and a few inexpensive used cars. This takes

time but will work. Remember to reinvest in yourself and believe in yourself.

Remember to have a prospecting account as part of your goal setting. Your ad must have your picture in

it. Let people know you sell new vehicles. Have 5 used cars in the ad marked My Specials of the Week. The

best way is run an ad North of you. When you make a sale put the profit back into your prospecting account

until you have enough money to run another ad. When you do this you should be running ads North, South,

East, and West of your dealership. Never run the same ad or you are competing against yourself. How can you

not sell cars with a plan like this?

Why do people want to keep taking fresh customers when prospecting brings in people who are more

fun, bigger average grosses and close ratios that are larger, and more fun? If you are new, believe in prospect-

ing and you will be successful. Dont listen to people who tell you about prospecting; listen to people who make

money by prospecting, because they are the ones who believe in it. Its not knowing what to do that makes you

money, its doing what you know that makes you super successful, and prospecting is

Big $.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Using Facebook to Sell Cars

You don't have to spend hours a day to use Facebook to sell cars. Have a business page so you can have

millions of friends instead of a personal page with only 5000 friends. Do both.

Have your specials of the week and advertise two vehicles together. Do this every Monday. Promote

the Bonus cars.

Do not put just a picture on Facebook. Do a video every time. Have a hook at the end of your videos.

No high pressure. That's my promise or I will take all the time needed to help you make the right decision.

Want a response? Ask a question and people will answer. Have Fun Friday and ask a question, like

"What is the least picked number in the lottery?" Answer: 46. Give a free oil change to the winner, good for 30

days. Most customers never come in to claim their prize.

Spend more time offering free advice instead of selling. Talk about why it is important to change oil

regularly, check the pressure in your tires for better wear and so on.

Promote fundraisers and community events. Someone gets married, congratulate them. Don't keep

selling. It's a turn off. At the end of every month do a soft sell. I would like to thank all my Facebook friends

for sending me customers and having a great month. Keep sending me customers and I will keep sending you

those $100 referral checks.

Facebook can be fun and effective if done properly.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success

Split Deals

Split deals are an unhappy adventure we all had problems with one time or another. The hard workers

seem to get along without splitting deals, and the ones who dont work hard want to split more deals. Give the

person whom you have helping you to demo $20. Anyone would be happy to demo for $20, and you will soon do

it for each other free. If you try to be fair, it comes back. If you know it has gotten out of line and you are not

doing as much for them as they have been doing for you, then buy a dinner for them sometime and thank them.

This is usually less than $20 and you keep a friend on the sales force. Now, if a person closes a deal for you, of

course its split. Each dealership is different. If you talk to the salesman with respect who sold the car, gave a

demo, or did anything to help you sell a car, something can usually be worked out. Do not go to the manager

unless you have to, because he then must choose which person is right and in this process there will always be

one unhappy salesperson whether the manager decides to split it or not. Congratulate people when they are

doing a good job on a daily basis. Do not condemn them when they are doing a bad job. Offer to help instead of

selling them short. A happy sales force is something managers and owners must work at.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Repeat Customers

The following is what you want. A Repeat Customer already has respect and confidence in you, so dont

send him away to find out that you may have hit a home run. Hell never be back. Always be happy to make a

deal. It should be easier and more fun. Ask, Did you get my birthday cards? Of course you assume they will

say Yes. Now then, you are getting positive answers. Offer the same as on any other sale with a smile, being

nice, the beverage, etc., but whatever offer you might give, and it is O.K. to give an offer if you feel they are go-

ing to buy from you today, be a little high in price. Be serious and say thats fair and you know I will take care

of any problems. Customers will usually not take the first offer. Its not natural. They always want more. The

usual statement is look, I am a repeat customer and I should get a little more off than the next person. Their

counter offer usually is under $400. Whatever the offer, laugh and say, But I am the only salesman who sends

you Christmas cards. Now you may be in the laughing mood and are in a nice way working on a final selling

price which usually ends up being split. When the final numbers are agreed upon, always have a catch. Tell the

customer that you would appreciate it if he or she would send you a potential customer. This person will most

likely be back to you many times and will also most likely send you new customers. Remember, customers are

not stupid. If customers like you and you take care of their problems, you then are worth $200. If they call and

say that they have found a better deal, match it, but say that you dont think it is possible. By the time they hang

up the phone, you must leave them with the thought that you did your best. But whatever happens, you will

sell them a car lower than anyone. When the customer takes delivery, remind them that you were fair and will

continue to do the best you can. Dont be bashful about saying Send me a customer. Follow through by saying,

When you come in for service, come see me and Ill buy you a coffee. Have a nice day.

Repeat customers usually result in bigger grosses, higher close ratios, and more fun, and they will send

you other customers. Concentrate on building a large following. Contact old customers regularly and success will

follow you because you follow your old customers. Repeat customers are what true sales is all about fun for all.

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The Birthday File or Box

The birthday file or box should be approximately 4" x 6" x 14" and should be used as follows: Fill the

box first with the 12 months of the year for both birthdays and anniversaries. You should have two separate

sections from January to December. Take the white file cards that have 11 lines on them and number them

from B-1 to B-31 for birthdays and A-1 to A-31 indicating anniversaries, according to the month of the year.

Put the number at the top right so it is easy to read when you are looking for a date. You should now have two

complete sections that have 365 white cards numbered for each day of the year.

The best time to get the dates is at delivery. Stop and put the dates in your box as soon as the customer

leaves. Write the customers dates on your copy of the purchase order. We found it better to ask for his birthday

first, then hers and the anniversary last. If you ask the questions the same way all the time, it becomes simple.

If you mark his or her anniversary on your purchase order, it will help. This tells you the date is in your box.

You should send the cards out one week in advance of any date. Your goal is to be the first one to wish

the customer joy on that special day. Send Christmas cards out by December 1. You want people to talk about

you and this is prospecting at its best. Be sure to have a copy of your Sunday ads inside each card.

A card is longer lasting than a phone call and just as personal. When you call a customer and then hang

up, your call is remembered by the customer. The customer might bring up your phone call in a conversation

with someone who is prospecting to purchase a car. It is guaranteed that you will get much more response from

sending out cards providing you send them well in advance of that special day. If you put two name cards in

each envelope your chances of getting a referral or prospect become even greater.

If you are not going to send cards at least call the customer. A customer would not come back and ask

for you if you never gave him a reason to come back. Mailing out cards is better than a two-minute phone call.

The best salesmen probably do both. Remember to put an ad from Sundays paper inside.

Buy your cards in bulk and let them stand out for the customer to see. Tell the customer that when

they purchase a vehicle from you, that you will take care of them and send them cards. When you see or meet a

customer along the way somewhere and have forgotten his name, you can always ask if he or she has received

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
The Birthday File or Box (continued)

your cards. In time it is normal that you will forget a customers name, but the cards that you have sent wont

let the customer forget your name and the care that you have shown. Cards are the best prospecting tool with

the least effort and very little expense involved.

Be sure to write the customers name, address, phone number, and the make and model of car purchased

all on one line to save space. By making a note of the model it helps when you write notes on your cards.

Be sure to put an up-to-date used car list or a copy of the latest newspaper ad in every envelope . Include

a copy of any new car sale ad you have. Sending the extra things with your cards will increase sales 15 to 20

percent a year.

We have all kinds of cards for as little as 15 to under 22 depending upon the quantity. This includes

specialized printing and the envelope. Sending cards is something all the best salespeople do because it


T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Importance of a Delivery Check List

Put all the family in your birthday file. This check list reminds you to give customers your prospecting

tools or keeps you focused on what tools you still need.

Ask for referrals every time.

Impossible not to get at least one per month which equals 12 per year. Simply by asking the question.

After every delivery put all names in your birthday file, so you don't forget or have to go back. Send a

thank you for buying car.

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Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
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Salesman Customer
Phone #
Be a Friend of Mine on Facebook


His Birthday
Her Birthday
Children's Birthday

_______ Send a Thank You for Buying Letter to Customer

_______ Put your Sold By name stickers in door jams and gas tank lid
_______ Give customer key rings
_______ Give customer magnets

Who do you know that is looking for a new or used vehicle?

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Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Tent Sales

Tent sales are and should be for two major things. First, of course, is sales, but equally important are

leads or prospects. Most salesmen dont realize that you must talk to as many people as possible. Keep in mind

that you are looking for future sales as much as buyers. Always have a hefty pocket full of name cards with the

$25 referrals on the back. You should have a small pocket-size tablet so you can write down a customers name,

phone number, and what they are interested in. If you have time, ask the questions that are on the customer

helper sheets so when you call back, it is a friendly conversation and factual.

Even if they are looking for another make, give them a card and explain the $25 referral fee. Be nice and

thank them for coming to the tent sale.

If the models you sell are featured in a major magazine, carry a copy in your back pocket. Mark every

page with yellow, pink, or blue magic marker and outline the important facts about your cars with pen and be

very neat. You want the customer to look only at what you want him or her to see. The magic marker does the

trick. Dont tell show. Use scotch tape all over the outside of the book and in the center of each page to hold

and to protect the book. Remember, you are going to show it to everyone who is even a little interested in your

model. Be ready before the tent sale starts, and always have plenty of pens and whatever you need at the

desk to do your job fast.

Don't be afraid or get discouraged in tent sales. Know your odds. A good salesman will sell to only 910

percent of the new prospects. That number does not include customers you may have already set up for the sale.

Remember, 10 percent is an excellent closing ratio at a tent sale compared to the closing ratio at your dealership.

People come to a dealership to buy, and people at a tent sale are a combination of lookers, buyers, and people who

want to see all the cars at one time. Its your job to make them aware of your product and dealership.

If you know your close ratio is going to be less than youre used to, so what? About 85 percent of the

salesmen get a little frustrated or discouraged the first day, and its common. So prepare yourself to get all the

prospects you can and any sales are a bonus. You can still get high grosses at a tent sale if you ask for it.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
Tent Sales (continued)

If the book says deduct for no automatic and air, point it out. Always say, this is what your car is worth,

minus high miles, dents, tears in seats, and bad tires. Some cars will have add for air and automatic. Dont

show them that. Be sure to put the book away before the customer asks to see the book value of your car. This

will give you an edge to start. Show the book before you demo the car. Qualify before demos are made and

try to get the manager to appraise the car while you are on a demo to save time. Remember to leave yourself

plenty of room and try not to get into pricing before you sell the vehicle and yourself. Ask the manager for the

factors to use before the sale because they sometimes lower interest rates for sales. Write them on the back of

your pad so you always have them if you forget. You must remember to sell the product, not the price. Be

sure to be a little under the actual cash value if you must give the price, as far as trade-in price. Try to get a

commitment. This is a little easier if you show book value. Get a down payment and leave a doubt. The final

question after you ask if they like the vehicle is: If I can get your numbers, will you take the vehicle with you

today, and will you please send me a customer? Never smile when asking for money. If you get a commitment,

SHUT UP and write as fast as you can. There are more buyers at a tent sale than youll ever see on your lot,

so hurry. Be nice and courteous on deliveries; apologize for being in a hurry. They will understand. Call them

in three days to ask for leads and to take care of any problems. Tent sales are fun if you are prepared and

know what to look for and the results will happen. The more people you see, the more you will sell. The odds

are on your side. Remember not to get frustrated and always stay away from the other salesmen and you will

have better luck. Prepare your previous customer who didnt buy for the tent sale and sound excited. Now is

the time to buy. If you do all these things, you should have excellent results. Check with your manager to see

if he approves of using books and using factors.


T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success

The smallest acorn can turn into the mightiest tree in the forest. Through the test of time the

tree will endure many adversities violent winds, deep snow, ice, tropical rains, and land droughts.

But, still, the tree grows stronger and stronger. The older and stronger, the more beautiful it gets with

its rainbow of colors.

Success comes the same way. Many of us start with little or nothing at all. We will go through

many troubled times. We must be firm and realize success will take time. If we endure the evils of drought

and overcome trying times, we will reap the fruits and beauty of success. The oak tree must be honest

and strong or it will be destroyed by the many hardships everyone must endure.

Even as the biggest of oaks eventually die and our success will be measured the same. Will we

leave behind the fruits of success to be shared by others, or will we simply fade away?

Success could be measured in the dollars we have accumulated. To some, success will be measured

after we die and by where we go. Others measure success by how much we give away. Some people mea-

sure success by how much we share our knowledge and wealth with others. I believe we should measure

success by all of the above. There is one thing simple. The oak tree doesnt have a choice and you do.

Some people, like the oak tree, dont ever make a choice. Start now with a thought and make it grow.

The choice is yours. You have the rest of your life to make success grow to be big, beautiful, strong, and,

when you die, you can leave a lot behind for someone to start it all over again.

T A Y L O R T E C H N I Q U E S, I N C .
Taylored to fit you and your needs on the way down the road to complete car sales success
The achievers and people who have
the ability to see possibilities and
dreams are the ones who will

To be successful, be real picky who you get advice from.

Happy selling and best of luck.