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:10Anh Vo : Hello Razyl

11:10Razyl .: Thank you for contacting US Visa Service Desk. My name is Razyl. Ill
be glad to assist you.
11:10Razyl .: May I have the applicants passport number please?
11:10Anh Vo : Myes, it is N1160079
11:11Razyl .: May I have the applicants name as it appears in the passport?
11:11Anh Vo : VO HAI ANH
11:11Razyl .: How many applicants are applying for a visa?
11:11Anh Vo : one
11:12Razyl .: Is this the first time you contacted us for this concern/issue?
11:12Anh Vo : No, I have contacted you guys before but they only ret?n the yello
11:12Anh Vo : the yellow slip with instruction
11:13Anh Vo : to apply for waiver of ineligibility
11:13Anh Vo : However, there was never a clear instruction on how to apply
11:13Razyl .: What is the instruction indicated on the slip?
11:15Anh Vo : it just say that i am eligible to apply for the waiver of eligibility
11:16Razyl .: I see. Weren't there any instruction on which department you have to
11:17Anh Vo : the paper slip indicated that it came from the US Consular Officer,
without a clear name of the officer
11:17Anh Vo : no specific department to contact
11:17Anh Vo : there is also no contact number and I would like to talk to some one
about how to apply for a waiver of ineligibility
11:17Razyl .: In regard to your query, please coordinate with the Department of
Homeland Security / U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (DHS/USCIS), Manila
by following the instructions below in getting their contact information: We
recommend you to visit our website,
us/contact-us-uscis-manila-field-office for more details about your concern. Walk
through for DHS/USCIS Manila contact information. 1. Go to
2. Click Find a USCIS Office then International Offices 3. Under Asia/Pacific
(APAC) District Select Philippines - Manila Field Office Also, any inquiries can
also be made by email at . You may view their contact
information on the bottom part of the page of the last paragraph.
11:18Anh Vo : Can you also please check my status of the visa application process?
11:18Anh Vo : thank you so much
11:20Razyl .: What did the consular officer informed you after the interview?
11:21Razyl .: Was your application approved?
11:21Anh Vo : It said that the embassy is unable to issue a visa because i have
been found ineligible to receive a visa under the section 212(a)(1)(A)(iii)
11:22Anh Vo : my applicated was received
11:22Anh Vo : the consular check the box that said you are eligible to apply for a
waiver of ineligibility
11:24Razyl .: Then, you need to follow the instruction provided for the
reconsideration of your application.
11:25Anh Vo : I understand that and I am here to inquire about the step to take to
apply for the waiver
11:25Anh Vo : the information i got online was the consular will process the waiver
11:25Anh Vo : but i have nto received any update
11:28Razyl .: What do you mean about the information you got online? Have you
received an email?
11:31Razyl .: Generally, the Waiver is applied with the USCIS.
11:33Anh Vo : i see
11:34Anh Vo : thank you for clarifying with me on that information
11:34Razyl .: Youre welcome. Is there anything else that I can help you with?
11:34Anh Vo : so I have to apply for the waiver through USCIS?
11:35Razyl .: Yes, USCIS in Manila.
11:36Razyl .: You may send an email to
11:36Anh Vo : thank you very much
11:36Anh Vo : you have a great day
11:37Razyl .: Youre welcome. Is there anything else that I can help you with?
11:37Anh Vo : That is all i really appreciate your effort
11:37Anh Vo : thank you very much
11:37Razyl .: Thank you for contacting US Visa Service Desk. Have a nice day.