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ASME Young Composers Award 2016

Electronic, Pop/Rock
Primary, Secondary
and Under 25
(New Arranging sections)
Major Sponsor Entries close:
Friday 30 September 2016

Awards concert:
Monday 28 November 2016

Details and entry forms are available

or contact Ben Fuller
Ph: 0450 099 326

Australian Society for Music Education

ASME Pl e a s e phot oc opy a nd di s t r i but e t o s t ude nt s

Young Composers Award NAME: ___________________________________________________

2016 ADDRESS: _______________________________________________

______________________________________ P/CODE: __________
PHONE: ____________________ DATE OF BIRTH: _____________
Dear Music Teacher.
EMAIL: __________________________________________________
The ASME Young Composers Award is a wonderful way to further your SCHOOL/INSTITUTION: ____________________________________
students experience in the fields of composing and arranging. With age
appropriate categories, and sections catering for the composition of TEACHER (if applicable): ____________________________________
specific as well as flexible styles, this competition is sure to address your SECTION (tick one box):
students needs. All entrants receive feedback on their
composition/arrangement, with selected entrants having the opportunity SCHOOL: A B C D E F
for their works to be performed at the awards concert and recorded to CD.
It would be appreciated if you could display this entry form in your school, G H I
where students are best able to access it.
The competition operates in two main categories:
SCHOOL CATEGORY for composers or arrangers 18 years and under ________________________________________________________
on 1 January 2016.
INSTRUMENTATION: ______________________________________
Section A: Composers in school Years R-7 ________________________________________________________
Section B: Sequenced/Rock/Pop Years R-7
Section C: Composers in school Years 8-9 Material included with entry:
Section D: Composers in school Years 10-11 FULL SCORE CHORD CHART/OUTLINE
Section E: Composers in school Year 12
Section F: Rock and Popular Music with lyrics Year 8 12 or up to RECORDING OTHER ____________________
age 18 Statement to be signed by the composer/arranger:
Section G: Sequenced, Rock/Pop Instrumental Year 8 12 or up to
age 18 I, _________________________________________________
Section H: Arrangers in school Years 8-10
Section I: Arrangers in school Years 11-12 agree to abide by the Conditions of Entry for the Young Composers
Award as set down by ASME. I declare that this composition is my own
ADVANCED CATEGORY for composers 25 years and under on 1 work.
January 2016.
Signed __________________________ Date ____________
Section J: Music for Schools - Solo Instrument or Voice
Conditions of Entry:
(accompaniment optional)
Composers/Arrangers entering the School Category must be 18 years or under
Section K: Music for Schools - Instrumental
Ensemble or Choir on 1 January 2016, and attending either a primary or secondary school or college
in South Australia.
Note: Music for Sections G or H can be written for any age range up to Composers entering the Advanced Category must be 25 years or under on 1
and including Year 12. Please indicate a suitable age on the score. January 2016, and resident of South Australia.
Section L: Solo Instrument or Voice For composers/arrangers wishing to enter more than one composition, a
(accompaniment optional) separate entry form is required for each work.
Section M: Ensemble or Choir A composition/arrangement may only be entered into one section. Multiple
Section N: Electronic Music section entries for the same composition will not be accepted.
A composition/arrangement which has won an award in any previous or different
Entries Close: Friday 30th September 2016 competition may not be submitted.
Compositions in Sections A, C, D, E, J, K, L and M must be submitted as a
Awards Concert: Monday 28th November 2016 score. The score may be a photocopy. Compositions using non-standard
notation must be accompanied by a recording on CD, USB or emailed as a
Correspondence and entries should be forwarded to: MP3 or WAV file format.
Arrangements in Sections H & I must be submitted as a score. The score
Samara Churchett
2/40 May St may be a photocopy. An Audio file on CD or USB must also be submitted.
Albert Park SA 5014 Compositions for Sections B, F, G, and N must be submitted on CD, USB
or emailed as an MP3 or WAV format and accompanied by a score, chart
Or submitted electronically via email to: or outline.
Note: If submitting electronically, entry forms and scores should be Compositions must be accompanied by an official entry form, which may be a
submitted together in the same email as PDF file. Please send multiple photocopy or printed from the ASME website:
entries in separate emails.
Selected entrants will be invited to present their compositions at the Awards
Please direct any enquiries to Ben Fuller on 0450 099 326 or by email to
Ceremony on Monday 28th November 2016. Wherever possible, they will be
expected to provide their own performers.
The winner and runner up in each section will receive a prize and certificate;
however, ASME reserves the right not to award a prize if a suitable standard is
not reached.
An adjudicators report will be provided for each entry.
All entries will be returned to the composer following the Awards Ceremony on
28 November 2016.