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NTSE (National Talent Search Examination)

STSE (State Talent Search Examination)

For NTSE 2014 second stage - click here

For NTSE 2015 1st stage (10th studying students of session 2014-2015) : Click here

NTSE Syllabus for 10th class NTSE:

The Syllabus for NTSE is not announced as such by the NCERT. There is no prescribed syllabus for this examination. Paper will
be based on the curriculum of Class IX and X.

NTSE Stage 1 Syllabus NTSE Stage 2 Syllabus

For NTSE Second stage:

Concentrate on NCERT books only with advanced

approach spcifically for social studies and language test.
Covers 9th - 10th class properly (maths, Phy, Chem, Bio,
His, Geo, Civ, Economics). Language test covering synonyms, antonyms, idioms and
phrases, Reading comprehension, grammatical mistakes
etc. In NTSE 2013 Language test was of qualifying nature
After that also covers history, civics and Geo of junior
IN MAT - try to do various problems related to MAT
Go through state board books as well.
In maths - try to do lot of problems
NTSE Language test in first stage is of only qualifying
Science - expect questions from 9th, 10th and first few
chapters of 11th class
Most of the states prefers state board books in the first stage
NTSE exam. IN our NTSE correspondence course we
cover state board books of all the states except JK, HP and
NE. Subject No. of Mark Subject No. of Mark . Questio s
. Questio s n
n (approx
1 Physics 12 12 )
1 Physics 13 13
2 Chemistr 11 11
y 2 Chemistr 13 13
3 Biology 12 12 y
3 Biology 14 14
4 Economic 05 05