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Higher pay,
better work benefits

Working people standing together 4. Safer workplaces

and negotiating with managers as
one means that, on average, union Workplaces where there are
members get: 2. Being treated with unions are safer workplaces.
higher pay than non-members respect at work 3. Stopping bullying Every year, unions train
and discrimination 10,000 workers in health and
better sickness and pension Unions argue for working safety so they are able to
benefits people to be treated with stop unsafe working practices
Unions work to end bullying and
more paid holiday respect for example, opposing and cut accident rates. Thats
harassment at work, pushing
managers downgrading and why workplaces with union
the right to more flexible managers to make workplaces
closing pensions schemes, representation have significantly
working hours. safer. We stand up against unfair
stopping bosses using intrusive lower injury rates.
treatment of all kinds, including
surveillance and preventing
discrimination against women,
new workers being employed on
lesbian, gay, bi and trans workers,
worse terms andconditions.
black and minority ethnic workers
and disabled workers.
If theres a strong trade union in
your workplace, youre more likely
to have a better work/life balance.
And women are far less likely BENEFITS
to face problems at work while LEGAL
pregnant, on maternity leave or
when they return to work. RESPECT

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7. Good public services
for everyone, and a
strong British economy
6. Help with your career
Unions representing nurses,
midwives, firefighters, teachers WORKING LIFE
and 1,000s of other dedicated
Unions run huge training and public servants campaign for
education programmes to help high-quality public services
Unions eectiveness is based
our members get the skills they foreveryone. on one core truth: that when a
need to get better-paid jobs. And
Unions work with employers to
group of workers act and speak
5. Legal help we argue for employers to have together, their employer has to
better development programmes maintain a stable and productive
If you run into problems at so that ordinary working workforce. Workers who are listen. So, wherever you work,
work, your unions legal team people get chances for training involved in decisions about their please think about getting some
can make sure you are treated andpromotion. company have great training mates together and joining a
opportunities, are fairly rewarded
fairly without you having to
and can help companies survive union. You can find out which
worry about paying. Whether
bad times. is the right one for you at:
the problem is with employment
contracts, harassment, Learn more about trade unions at
redundancy, pensions or and to find the
discrimination your union will best one for you go to:
be there to help you.

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