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Benefits of a Legacy

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about lifes benefits if you are an image of a legacy.

Central Idea: By being blessed with the physical features of a legacy then you will be
beneficiary to society.

INTRODUCTION Label the parts of your speech Introduction, Body and Conclusion

I. (Attention Getter) In the Ted Talks speech model Cameron Russell states that
image is superficial
II. (Reveal your topic) The title of her speech is Looks are not everything, believe me,
I am a model.
III. (Establish Credibility) Based on the title of her speech you can rather see which
side of the fence she stands on when it comes to preference in the beauty industry.
IV. (Relevancy Statement) This is relevant to society because in her speech she gives a
few statistics saying that in 2011, over 120,000 Blacks and Latinos in the state of
NY between the ages of 14 and 18 were stopped by police.
Also 53% of 13-year-old girls in America are unhappy with their bodies and that
percentage rises to 78% by the age of 17
V. (Preview of Main Points) That being said if you are blessed with having the
physical features of a Legacy then you will be beneficiary to society and would
rarely ever run into the problems that a typical African American, Latino, or an
average American girl would.

(TRANSITION: Previews whats to come, or summarizes what youve already spoken about, or

BODY (notice that the Roman Numerals start over).

I. Definition of a LEGACY

A. Russells definition of a legacy was tall slender figures and feminine and white skin
1. In a survey, I did amongst random individuals 87.5% agree that the beauty standards
today only fit a specific type of person while the other 12.5% were neutral. No one
B. Russell tells us that in 2007, an NYU PhD student counted each individual model at a runway
show and out of the 677 models only 27 that are, less than 4% was non-white.

C. This shows that we all know the image that most people look up to in the industry and we
recognize the possible consequences that people who are not born with the qualities of a legacy
may get.

(TRANSITION: Does this mean people with model like features often live a better life? The
answer is yes. )
II. Benefits of being a Legacy
A. Russell explains how the free things she gets as a model are also free things she gets in
everyday life just because of how she looks.
1. Tells us that she went to buy a dress in a store and realized that she had left her wallet
and they gave her the dress free.
2. Also tells us that her and her friend ran a red light, all it took was a sorry officer, and
they were on their way.
B. according to an NBC news article by Maggie Fox Blacks, Native Americans and
Hispanics had higher stop/arrest rates per 10,000 population than white non-Hispanics
and Asians.
C. This doesnt mean that if you do uphold the standards of a legacy then nothing bad will ever
happen to you and you will get you way, but it does mean that youre less likely to be questioned
or discriminated upon because of your looks.

(TRANSITION: now Russell feels as though benefits doesnt always make you happy

III. Accepting your own Legacy

A. In her speech, she tells us that being a model is equivalent to winning the lottery. Its out
of your control, its awesome, and its not a career path
1. Why be a model when you can be anything and create your own legacy instead of
trying to be like someone else just because of your image

B. Models are truly insecure because

1.they have to focus on what they look like everyday
2. they have to uphold to a certain standard with themselves to become the legacy
C. the pictures are constructions of the models built by a variety of cosmetologist and
production editors
1.why be someones product when you can sell yourself just as you are and
appreciate it for what it is.

(TRANSITION: Be your own Legacy


CONCLUSION define who you are as an individual, know your worth and accept that youre
beautiful and do not need a specific face to tell you that if you do not look like them then you
wont benefit anything from life. image is superficial - Russell

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