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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region I
SCHOOLS DIVISION OF _____________________



Accomplishment Journal
1. Teaching 1. Prepared daily DLL prepared DLL submitted DLL and DLL / IMs Achieved
and Learning logs of activities for (Science - and prepared interactive IMs. indicators
Process including PELC 1.1 to for the month
appropriate, 1.7; Math of JUNE with
adequate and PELC 1A.1 to corresponding
updated IMs 1A1.2) with ICT integrated
adequate IMs
interactive &
ICT integrated
First summative
75% of the 100% of the test (mean/SD/ Data Report/ Achieved
class achieved class achieved mean recorded indicators
HOTS skills HOTS skills percentage and
through through passing graph)
summative the summative
test. test
Worksheets for
2. Facilitated DLL must be peer tutoring Activity Achieved
learning in facilitated PWA/ IBL and agreement sheets/ indicators
through functionally Peer tutoring pictures
functional daily with the use were used at all
logs and of PWA/ IBL times
innovative and peer
teaching tutoring DLL Self -
strategies. techniques. developed PPT
presentation Achieved
ICT Utilized various and multi - Compilation of indicators
integration is ICT tools media IM, PPTs and
utilized in all (projector, AV research research
DLL equipment) in outputs through outputs
delivering the the internet (pupils
DLL portfolio)


Classroom indicators
orientation on 100% of the Attendance
school policy class attended sheet
3. Initiated and the classroom
discipline of homeroom orientation.
pupils including rules & Classroom
classroom rules, regulations. behavioral
guidelines and agreement
individual and forms duly Achieved
group task. Classroom signed by indicators
behavioral 100% of the parents. Anecdotal
agreement pupils signed records,
signing form. the agreement classroom
form Anecdotal behavioral
records agreement
with parents
signature. Achieved
75% no report indicators
on bullying, SF2 Form
school and 100% NO
homeroom bullying and
violations violation
reflected on recorded
the anecdotal SF2
75% of the indicators
pupils are Certificate of
present at all NO Drop out
times for June 100% pupils
4. Monitored attendance as were present SF 1 and Drop
attendance, reflected in out report
diversity SF2.
appreciation, Achieved
safe, positive No report on Classroom indicators
and motivating Drop out. evaluation Certificate of
environment, Class
overall physical 100% monthly Inspection Achieved
atmosphere, 75% maintain enrollment indicators
cleanliness and a conducive maintained
orderliness of classroom Quizzes, Oral Class record
classroom 100% classroom recitation, printout
including proper maintained assignment,
2. Pupils waste disposal. conducive for project and Achieved
Outcomes 75% of pupils learning monthly test indicators
ratings in all records.
subject areas Pretest results
handled are 100% of pupils with complete
1. Monitored reflected in rating are data analysis.
and evaluated the class reflected in the Pretest results
and maintained record class record in (Science &
pupils progress. MSEP Molave
and Acacia, EsP Achieved
Pretest is 75% & Math- Acacia) indicators
in all subject Picture and
area to all Pretest was attendance
pupils 100% Remedial record form duly
(supported by administered in book and signed by the
analysis report all subject area accomplishment participants
on subject to all pupils form
area per class)
75% of the
identified Enrichment Picture and
(10/55) pupils record book and attendance
2. Conducted who needed 10 pupils accomplishment form duly
remediation & remediation undergo form signed by the
enrichment undergo the reading participants Achieved
programs to program. remediation indicators
improve program
performance 75% of the Test results
indicators identified with data
(10/55) pupils analysis
with potential
for (science, 10 pupils
math and SIP) undergo Periodical Test
academic enrichment
competition program in
undergo the math, science
enrichment and SIP
DOWNLOADED 3. Attained the
AT DEPED required GSA for
TAMBAYAN grade level and
learning areas. In progress

3. Community 1. Conducted 1st monthly 100% Election of Minutes of the Achieved

Involvement regular PTA HPTA meeting attendance officers, meeting indicators
meetings with 75% in recorded during classroom
attendance the 1st monthly projects and
parents / HPTA meeting agreement
representative forms

2. Visited FIRST Distance Picture and

parents of QUARTER In progress Learning Form signed DL form
students (when
DOWNLOADED needing assessment
AT DEPED academic needed),
TAMBAYAN monitoring teacher- parent

75% of the Collection Receipts and Achieved

parents 100% of the record from the treasurers indicators
3. Undertaken agreed and parents agreed treasurer, report
projects with contributed and some purchase order
external funding. for homeroom parents already and completion
floor repair paid their floor of the project
project. project
4. Professional 1. Conducted 75% of the 1st 100% of the Chapter 1-3 and Pictures and Achieved
Growth and Action Research action action research instrument print out indicators
Development research is is administered presented.
and ready for

2. Produced 75% of the 100% of the of Furnished copy Transmittal Achieved

publication work action the action to EPS / school certificate indicators
for school/ research will research was head research
DOWNLOADED division and be submitted submitted coordinator and
AT DEPED alike for to the school other research
TAMBAYAN publication head, EPS and journal
to the

Application of
75% of (5) In progress the different Certificate of Achieved
3. Attended targeted trainings Participation/ indicators
various trainings seminars and seminar recognition or
- seminars in training attended appearance
school, division, attended for
regional, the 1st quarter
national levels
and alike.
Workshop Achieved
Conducted at 1 re echo outputs Certificate of indicators
least 1 reecho seminar RPMS recognition/
seminar conducted evaluation
4. Served as within the sheets
resource quarter
speaker in Receive awards
school, division Received at Pictures and
and alike least 5 special In progress certificates.
trainings and award

5. Received
special awards,
citations and DOWNLOADED
recognition and AT DEPED
for exemplary TAMBAYAN




Principal I