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Hot and cold water metering for households,

blocks of flats and industry

Ultrasonic water meter Smart design Water metering without waste

MULTICAL 21 is your guarantee allows you freedom to install is what it is all about. The
that the consumption of every the compact MULTICAL 21 in environmental report, Carbon
single litre of water is accurately all operating environments, Footprint, documents the water
registered and billed. By con- horizontally as well as vertical- meter's high reusability and low
trast to a traditional meter, the ly independent of piping and environmental impact. Meter
electronic ultrasonic meter installation conditions. The case and measuring tube are
operates with low start and stop meter is vacuum sealed to made of the synthetic material
flows during the entire life of prevent humidity from reach- PPS which is free from lead and
the meter. It has no moving ing the electronics. You hereby other heavy metals. And
parts and is, thus, resistant to avoid condensation between naturally MULTICAL 21 has
wear and impurities in drinking glass and specially designed built-in leak surveillance, which
water. In combination with the big display. The meter is helps you minimize the waste of
meter's longevity, including up watertight, IP68 type tested. water by possible leakage - for
to 16 years' battery life and This makes it suitable for the benefit of the environment
minimum operating costs you installation in meter wells and and the economy.
are guaranteed the most cost- bath rooms and for remote
effective solution. reading too via the built-in
wireless M-Bus rapidly and

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the most cost-effective solution for water metering
The electronic ultrasonic water meter in the water, which secures longevity. MULTICAL 21
MULTICAL 21 measures with an accuracy which is better than 2 %,
MULTICAL 21 is a static water meter based on new and the flow meter's long-term stability and pinpoint
technology. MULTICAL21 is a MID-classified meter in accuracy is maintained even at flow sizes, which
accuracy class 2, which has been type tested accord- markedly exceed the nominal flow. With a starting
ing to OIML R 49. The meter is used for measuring hot flow of 3 l/h accurate measurement is maintained
and cold water with temperatures from 0.1C to 70C. even at low flows. Thus, the consumer's bill matches
the actual consumption.
The MULTICAL 21 range comprises three meter sizes:
Q3 = 1.6 m/h, Q3 = 2.5 m/h and Q3 = 4.0 m/h. The Flexible installation
meter is available with connections G for pipe
The compact design makes it easy and fast to in-
or G1 for pipe as well as overall lengths 105 mm,
stall MULTICAL 21. The meter can be installed both
110 mm and 130 mm, and furthermore with extension
horizontally and vertically independent of piping
pipes adjusted for nominal dimensions of 165 mm,
and installation conditions, in both new and existing
190 mm and 220 mm.
installations. The specially designed big and mist-free
MULTICAL21 is sealed and verified, and the meter display makes it easy to read the meter. In addition to
can and must only be opened by Kamstrup. If the volume reading, a graphic indication of current flow
meter has been opened and the seals have been bro- and a number of information codes are displayed.
ken, the meter is no longer valid for billing purposes,
Furthermore, MULTICAL 21 is fitted with an optical
and the factory guarantee no longer applies.
eye which makes it possible to read consumption
data, data logger and serial PC connection for configu-
Accuracy and longevity
ration of the water meter.
MULTICAL 21 has been type tested according to
OIML R 49, which guarantees long-term stability as
well as accuracy and reliable measurement. The meter
has no moving parts and is thus resistant to impurities
High demands
require high standards
Ultrasound Vacuum sealing Leak surveillance
The static ultrasonic water meter MULTICAL 21 is constructed as a MULTICAL 21 constantly moni-
MULTICAL 21 is not exposed to vacuum chamber of moulded com- tors the water consumption. If the
wear due to impure water con- posite material, which fully protects meter does not register minimum
trary to traditional water meters. the electronics against penetra- one hour a day without flow, it
More than 20 years' experience has tion of water. The meter has been can be an indication of an untight
proved that the ultrasonic principle IP68 type tested, which documents faucet or a running toilet cistern.
is most reliable in the long run. Two that it is 100percent waterproof. This warning system helps you to
ultrasonic transducers are used to This means that the meter can be quickly discover water waste, which
send sound signals both against installed in bathrooms, where it is reduces both water consumption
and with the flow. The ultrasonic sprayed with water and in meter and expenses.
signal travelling with the flow wells, which are frequently filled
reaches the opposite transducer with water.
first. The time difference between
the two signals can be converted
into flow velocity and thereby also

Environment friendly materials Remote reading Billing

Meter case and measuring tube are MULTICAL 21 comes with integral Guarantee for accurate meter
made of the synthetic material PPS data communication for wireless data is decisive when it comes to
which is free from lead and other M-Bus. Wireless M-Bus is one- the consumer's reliance in con-
heavy metals. The water meter way radio communication with sumption billing. It gives consumer
MULTICAL 21 as a whole fulfils open protocol. A Wireless M-Bus satisfaction and secures payments.
requirements to discharge of heavy System consists of MULTICAL 21 The long-term stable and
metals. The environmental report with Wireless M-Bus, a Wireless accurate ultrasonic water meter
(the so-called Carbon Footprint) M-Bus Reader and a PC program MULTICAL21 with Wireless M-Bus
of MULTICAL 21 documents that for configuration and reading. The gives you optimum data security,
the meter has low environmental list of meters is transferred to the and presents the consumer with a
impact as min. 80 % of the mate- Wireless M-Bus Reader and read- bill for the household's actual con-
rials can be reused when the meter ing data are quickly wirelessly sumption and thereby a bill which
is withdrawn from operation. exchanged between Wireless M-Bus the consumer trusts completely.
Reader and PC-program. The data
can subsequently be exported to a
billing program.
Our ultrasonic metering solution
your ultrastrong partner
Kamstrup is a world leading manufacturer of system solutions for
smart energy and water metering.
Our core areas are measurement of heat, cooling, water, electricity
and gas. Furthermore, in co-operation with you we develop AMR and
service solutions that are customized for your company.
We are represented in more than 60 countries worldwide by

Kamstrup sales and subsidiary offices or by our distributors.
All employees work hard to offer your company the very best service
and to respond to global market information provided by our trusted
In this way we maintain a strong mutual co-operation.

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when you demand quality, reliability, innovation and partnership.

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