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6/24/2017 FFCS - Student Login

Student Login(Chennai Campus)
Welcome MICHAEL SUKHAM - 15MCD1062 - SMBS Logout Saturday, June 24, 2017

Home GRADES - Winter Semester 2016~17

Academic Regulations Passing Conditions :
My Profile Even if a student gets a performance letter grade based on grandtotal as per the grading range,
he/she is declared to have passed in a theory only Course or lab embedded Course only
My Curriculum
Faculty Information if he/she meets the following conditions:
Circular Should have secured a minimum of 40% marks in the theory FAT (TEE) alone
Syllabus Should have secured a minimum of 50% marks out of total marks awarded to the laboratory component alone
Program Migration
Internship Diary Course Grading Detailed
Sl.No. Course Code Course Title Course Type LTPJC Course Mode Grand Total Grade
System Type View
VIT Scholarship(FAS)
SAP Masters
1 MEE699 Project 0 0 0 0 14 FFCS PBC AG 82 A Hide
Service Request
DSW Events Range of Grades
Research Sl.No. Class Strength Grading Strength Mean () SD () S - with a
Library min. of 90%
Summer Sem 2016-17 80 70 60 55
50 and <
Winter Sem 2016-17 1 127 127 0 0 90 and < and < and < and <
< 55 50
Time Table 90 80 70 60
Physical Education Course Code Course Type Classnbr
Riviera Registration MEE699 Project 2533
SDC ,VIT -Chennai
QC Meeting Weightage
Sl.No. Mark Title Max. Mark Weightage % Status Scored Mark
Co-Extra Curricular Mark
Academic History 1 Final Assessment Test 100 100 Present 81.35 81.35
Arrear Grades
(C)GPA Calculator
Question Bank
TEE Question Bank
Paper Seeing
Paper Re-Evaluation

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