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Read about Adams and Sallys family

Hi my name is Sally. My family is small, my
Hi my name is Adam. I live with my family in a
father, my mother, my sister Joanna and Me.
big house. I have two sisters and one brother.
We live in a flat . I help my family with the
We share many chores with our parents. My
chores. I have to make my bed.
brother and I have to take out the rubbish.
I have to lay the table for dinner while mom has to cook.
We also have to wash our fathers car twice a week. Every
Every Tuesday my parents have to go shopping for food
Friday, My sister has to water the plants. I have to make my
and I have to take care of my sister Joanna and help her
bed in the morning. My sister, Emily, has to sweep the floor
with homework. . My mother has to cook and mop the
every evening and washes the dishes after dinner. She also
floor every night. She doesnt have to do the washing up.
has to help Mom with shopping every Thursday. My mother
has to cook and wash our clothes.My father doesnt have to
cook but he has to fix things in the house

A. Write (A) next to Adams chores, (S) next to Sallys chores, and (A|S) next to chores
they share.
C. True or False? Circle (T) or

Adam washes his fathers car three

T F Answer the questions. Write full
times in the week.
1. Who has to sweep the floor in Sallys house?
Adamss brother helps him to take
T F --------------------------------------------------------------------------
out the rubbish.
2. What chores does Adams father have to do?
Both Sally and Adam make their
T F --------------------------------------------------------------------------
3. What does Sally have to do when her parents go
Every Thursday, Sallys parents have shopping for food?
to go shopping for food.
Adams parents and Sallys parents
T F --------------------------------------------------------------------------
haveto fix things at home.