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The given pie chart and table depict the significant causes of less productivity of agricultural

land in three parts of the world in the 1990s.

As is observed from the pie chart, the main reason for land degradation around the globe is
due to over-grazing. It can be clearly seen from the table that Europe had the highest
percentage of total land degraded than the other two regions.

Over-grazing is the main cause of worldwide land degradation at 35%. It is followed closely
by deforestation at 30%. The third reason for land degradation is caused by over-cultivation,
at 28%. The non-specific reason which is categorised as other stood at 7%.

Europe has the highest percentage of land degraded at 23% in comparison with Oceania at
13% and North America at 5%. In Europe, the most detrimental cause of land degradation is
deforestation by human beings which stood at 9.8%, whereas in Oceania, it is caused mainly
by over-grazing which accounted for 11.3% rather than deforestation (1.7%). In America the
largest cause of land degradation was over cultivation at 3.3% compared to Europe (7.7%)
and Oceania (0%)

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