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IFS Applications for

our SolutIonS dnA
When we first set out to create IFS Applications over 25 years ago, our goal was to
make the most usable business software on the market. And to help us achieve
that ambition, we put simplicity at the forefront of everything we did.
We still do.
We decided that we would make only one product, which can be easily configured
to match the specific requirements of a broad range of industries.
We still do.
We decided that we would build IFS Applications on standards so our customers
would not be locked into any particular technology.
We still do.
We decided to design IFS Applications as a component-based structure so it can be
easily extended and updated.
We still do.
We decided that each software component must be totally compatible with every
other, yet capable of running independently.
We still do.
We decided to build a product that could handle change and long-term evolution.
We still do.
And, that we would make the most user-friendly business software on the market.
We still do that, too.
customer relationship management 3

get a Transparent
to Your Customers
When a customer contacts your company, do your With it, you fuse back-office processes directly
employees have access to the key data that answers with front-office processes to create one connected,
their questionsno matter what department they customer-centric organization.
work in? If not, maybe its time you started thinking
about a customer relationship management (CRM) Center Your Enterprise on Your Customers
solution that fuses your enterprise business process- By ensuring that your business processes and systems
es together and creates one transparent touch-point are centered on your customers, everyone in your
to the customer. extended enterprise can anticipate your customers
needs. Plus, depending on their role, employees
receive the right information they needavoiding
Break down the Barriers of Traditional information overload.
CRM Solutions
Traditional CRM solutions separate front- and Connect Your Front Office to Back Office
back-office processes into individual pillars, each Stand-alone CRM vendors will tell you how easy
with their own view into your customers. Success it is to integrate their CRM solutions to other back
fully acquiring, retaining, and developing customers, office software such as financial or manufacturing
as well as terminating non-profitable customers, systems. Why spend valuable resources integrating
requires transparent access to your customer infor- your CRM solution when IFS Customer Relationship
mation. Management is a part of IFS Applications?

Create One Corporate Memory for Customer Retain Customers and Increase Sales
Information In todays environment where it costs ten times
With IFS Customer Relationship Management more to acquire a new customer that it does to
(IFS CRM), you create one corporate memory with retain one, is your company fused around your
end-to-end visibility to customer information. customers?
4 customer relationship management

Fit Your
CRM Solution
to Your Business
Implement an organization- and industry-specific Automatic Updating
CRM solution cost-efficiently and quickly to meet Use the CRM Process Manager to automatically roll
your companys needs. IFS Customer Relationship out changes to remote users. Once youve defined
Management includes a powerful, yet easy-to-use and refined the CRM solution for your company, a
process manager with predefined industry CRM simple click immediately creates an Oracle script
process templates that help reduce costs and ready to be used. You gain complete control over
improve return on investment. your database without ever writing a single line of

Best-Practice CRM Process Baselines Global Solutions

The IFS CRM Process Manager provides the power

Multi-lingual with support for over 23 languages,
to mold a CRM solution to fit the unique CRM IFS Customer Relationship Management lets you
processes of your business using predefined industry- create a unique CRM solution to differentiate your
specific CRM process baselines. Use these baselines business from the competition.
directly out of the box; or for a custom solution,
create a one-of-a-kind database that meets your Configurable user experience with .Net
companys individual CRM needs. Take advantage Windows Client
of best-practice solutions within your industry, Users can drag-and-drop elements on the screen,
while at the same time molding your CRM solution minimizing items they dont need and expanding
to meet your specific needs. the ones they want. The interface allows a user to
see information from more than one screen or
Easy-to-Use Graphical Environment record simultaneously. Fewer clicks are required
Sophisticated enough for professional developers, the for each action; less time spent clicking and
IFS CRM Process Manager is easy to learn and use. drilling down within fields means increased user
The graphical environment enables you to quickly productivity.
and efficiently create a customized solution for
your business.
cuStomer relAtIonShIp mAnAgement 5

powerful and easy-to-use detailed information:
query engine to retrieve views: detailed information for the
and view any information view selected information selected data on the
within your crm database. based on query results. screen.

documents: Tabs: notes:

attach and check in or display the tables related add important notes and
check out customer-related to each customer from all comments for all users to
documents. your data sources. view.

use the microsoft .net windows client to view and change everything in your crm solution. manage all actions from marketing
activities and sales opportunities to service and support activities to planning, and view management reports and scorecards.
6 customer relationship management

Take Advantage
of the Right
Getting the right customers in the first place Detailed sales reports and scorecards provide you
depends on effective lead management and taking with up-to-date information at your fingertips.
advantage of the right opportunities at the right
time. IFS CRM supports your sales staff with a step- Contact and Activity Management
by-step qualification process providing a complete Manage customer interactions. Get complete
overview of where you are in the sales process. information for communicating with customers
(name, role, telephone number, etc.) Complete
contact history tracks details such as correspon-
dence and discussions with customers.
Opportunity Management
Support a step-by-step qualification process that Product Catalog
guides sales personnel through a structured process Guide sales personnel and customers through the
that moves leads to prospects and on to customers. selection of products, product characteristics, and
accessories. Deliver an accurate customer order to
Account Management the factory, making it possible to reduce delivery
Enhance the status of existing customers by advanc- time and increase customer satisfaction.
ing them further up the value chain. By using the
comprehensive customer history and comparing Integration & Synchronization
completed deals with the customers needs, offerings Have all the advantages of an advanced sales
can be extended and sales increased. automation system, with the added benefit of
complete and seamless integration to your back-
Sales Process Management office. Synchronize leads, prospects, orders or other
Provide an overview of the position in a sales p
rocess; work done off-line as soon as you connect to the
what deals are in progress and what revenue can be network.
expectedessential information for your sales
forces daily work and for managements long-term Integrate with Email and Office Software
strategic planning. Integrate appointments, contacts, and tasks using
Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. Schedule
Reporting and Analytics activities, access other users tasks, and create
Receive information on pipeline operations, revenue prioritized task lists. Integrate with Microsoft Word
forecasting, forecasts, margin quotations, the value & mail-merge function. Create, attach, and track letters,
probable value of new opportunities and much more. memos, and other documents.
cuStomer relAtIonShIp mAnAgement 7

StAY connected
You Are
give your sales staff the power to communicate swiftly
and accurately no matter where they are. Stay in
touch anywhere in the world using the Internet and
IFS state-of-the art on-line when available mobile
technology. use wireless access points and airport
hotspots to access and update information on-line
via the Internet.

proceSS Support & WorkFloW

Free employees from time-consuming tasks by
automating the workflow. Use process and workflow
rules to automate tasks that are passed to co-workers.

A powerful event manager automatically reminds
employees of important dates, information or

poWerFul SYnchronIzAtIon
Synchronize leads, prospects, orders or other work
done off-line as soon as you connect to the network.
The fast, flexible and reliable synchronization system
can support hundreds of remote users and meet the
unique needs of your sales network.

moBIle clIent
IFS mobile client gives support staff access to work
orders, etc. on the run. It supports laptops, Pocket
PCs, and Palm Pilots, as well as WLAN, GSM,
GPRS, Bluetooth, and 3G.
8 customer relationship management

Make Your
Customer Support
By using IFS CRM throughout your organization, you information is required to respond s atisfactorily
can efficiently resolve customer problems through to the issue.
proactive customer support. Quickly answer customer
concerns on support, service contracts, warranties, Role-Based Portals
and returns. Manage customer service contracts and You, your customers, and your partners can enter
accurately specify and control the service level for and communicate support issues and solutions.
each of your customers and service activities. Via the Internet, customers use IFS Portals (B2B)
to easily monitor their support issues and the
solutions they receive.
Knowledge Database
Resolve common support issues through a Traceability & Document Management
searchable knowledge database that contains Provide your service staff with complete follow-up
information on the most common issues. Includes and traceability through the Internet, an intranet, or an
fast and easy search capabilities. Enable external extranet. Assign issues for automatic internal follow-
access to the knowledge database through FAQ up and attach service documents for quick access.
pages on any web site. Keep track of products ordered by linking sales
and marketing documents, drawings or product
Product Catalog catalogs.
Complete integration with the back office ensures
that customer service staff knows exactly what Contract Management
product the customer has ordered or purchased Manage all aspects of the service contracts from
thereby simplifying and speeding up the support service level and preventive maintenance agreements
process. to flexible invoicing and pricing levels.

Support Center Reporting and Analytics

Transform any issue into a support solution. Receive information on customer service levels,
Reassign and comment on an issue until it is profitability of service contracts and compliance
resolved and the customer or supplier is satisfied with agreed service levels. Detailed reports and
with the support solution. Use the support solution scorecards provide you with up-to-date informa-
to communicate with the other party if more detailed tion at your fingertips.
cuStomer relAtIonShIp mAnAgement 9

hIt the BullS eYe

WIth the rIght
growing revenue and generating the right leads that mArketIng communIcAtIon plAtForm
provide long-term customers requires you to efficiently Design, implement and evaluate different types of
manage your marketing mix and understand which campaigns. Tie sales leads directly to campaigns to
campaigns are working and which ones are not. You track every marketing dollar spent.
get up-to-date information on purchasing habits to
strengthen marketing campaigns that enable you to reportIng And AnAlYtIcS
cross-sell and up-sell to current customers and Detailed reports and scorecards provide you with
acquire new customers. up-to-date information at your fingertips. Track,
manage and analyze your direct mail, advertising,
tradeshows, Internet and email-based campaigns to
cAmpAIgn mAnAgement increase their effectiveness and get more value for
With full control over the actions, companies, and your money.
people you have engaged in your campaigns, you
create a platform for developing and improving vISIBIlItY
your future marketing communications. Get complete visibility and control over actions,
companies and people who have been contacted,
outcome, etc.

powerful embedded reporting capa-

bility in the microsoft .net client
enables real-time analysis of your
opportunity pipeline, project profit-
ability, year-to-date sales, and more
to better track and manage business
and operational performance.
10 customer relationship management

Configurable User
In todays busy world, using the latest in technology This results in a unique user experience and benefits
advances can provide your company with many for end-users, including greater flexibility to present
benefits and advantages. IFS Customer Relationship data the way users wish to see it as well as embedded
Management offers state-of-the-art mobile and reporting tools for important metrics such as sales
integration solutions designed to provide you with pipeline.
real value and business benefit.
Microsoft Compatible
The application is compatible with Microsoft
Integration with Back Office (ERP) Solutions BackOffice and can run on Microsoft Windows 7,
A part of IFS Applications, IFS Customer Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP,
Relationship Management seamlessly connects Windows 2003 and Windows 2000. IFS CRM is
front-office/CRM functions with critical back-office seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Word, Excel,
functions. Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server.
However the component-based architecture also
enables IFS Customer Relationship Management to
connect to and operate with any back-office Mobile Client
solution. Supports the rapidly growing number of different
devices in use todayLaptops, Pocket PCs, and
Greater Agility with IFS CRM Palm Pilotsas well as communication technologies
The plug-in architecture in the IFS Sales & Marketing such as WLAN, GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, and 3G.
.Net Client, a cornerstone in IFS CRM, allows Synchronizes work done off-line directly when
organizations to use standard tools and competence connected to the back office.
to add custom visualizations and functionality.
The solid product architecture assures that all
security and business rules apply automatically to
such customized views.

IFS Customer Relationship Management

is part of IFS Applications
cuStomer relAtIonShIp mAnAgement 11

AchIeve return on
monitoring, controlling, and developing your Improve cuStomer ServIce & SAtISFActIon
business efficiently and profitably means looking By giving your sales staff access to critical back-
at your entire company as one organization, not office information, such as stock and manufacturing
several departments. With a complete crm solution data, they are better equipped to make decisions
integrated with your back office you can achieve your that not only positively impact your bottom line,
goals with a rapid return on investment. but also are focused on increasing customer satis-

StreAmlIne AdmInIStrAtIon Better InFormed decISIonSFASter

Reduce costs and provide consistent information by Reports and scorecards presented in web-based
eliminating redundant data entry. One corporate portals tell at a glance how well your company is
memory used throughout the entire application doing in meeting its strategic objectives. Alerts
eliminates re-keying of data and gives up-to-date inform you of predefined events, allowing you to
information that helps improve customer service perform management by exception.
and satisfaction.

In our very competitive environment cosalts foremost strategic objective was to

differentiate by providing better customer service. We replaced our stand-alone crm
software with the IFS package as it seamlessly links to the back office. this has allowed
us to drive our strategy right through the organization directly to each individual. the
result is a huge improvement in customer satisfaction and a 2% improvement in margin.
Annualized, our crm solution will pay for itself seven times over in the first year.

WInSton phIllIpS, mAnAgIng dIrector, coSAlt InternAtIonAl ltd, uk

About IFS and IFS Applications
IFS is a public company (OMX STO: IFS) founded in 1983 that develops,
supplies, and implements IFS Applications, a component-based
extended ERP suite built on SOA technology. IFS focuses on agile
businesses where any of four core processes are strategic: service
& asset management, manufacturing, supply chain and projects.
The company has more than 2,000 customers and is present in
50+ countries with 2,700 employees in total.

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