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recommended template:

Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan

An EMMP should either be included in or developed for (1) all IEEs that have at least one
Negative Determination with Conditions and (2) all Environmental Assessments (EAs).

If the EMMP is not developed as part of the IEE, the implementing partner should usually lead
development of the EMMP, subject to review and oversight by the MEO and CTO.

In all cases, the tasks identified in the EMMP are incorporated into the implementing partners
Work Plan, budget, and reporting.

The following EMMP format is recommended. It can be adapted, as necessary.

Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan

Activity Title:

Implementing Partner:

Activity Mitigation Monitoring Monitoring and Party(ies)

measure(s) indicator(s) Reporting responsible.
List all activities in If mitigation Specify indicators For example: If appropriate,
IEE that received a measures are well- to (1) determine if separately specify
negative specified in the mitigation is in monitor weekly, the parties
determination with IEE, quote directly place and (2) and report in responsible for
conditions. from IEE successful. quarterly reports. If mitigation, for
XXX occurs, monitoring and for
Do not list any If they are not well- For example, immediately inform reporting.
other activities. specified in the visual inspections USAID activity
IEE, define more for seepage manager.
specifically here. around pit latrine;
sedimentation at
stream crossings,