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Practices of
Cebu Mitsumi

Compiled by: DELFA G. CASTILLA

Company Profile
Cebu Mitsumi, Inc. is a premier electronics manufacturing firm founded in the year
1989 supplying superior quality electronic components to leading electronics brand in the
world. With product applications, ranging from mobile devices, car electronics, medical
devices, home and industrial applications and wearable technology, it is a reputed industry
leader recognized for its' product quality and innovativeness.

Mitsumi's worldwide network covers the electronic parts market all over the world.
With headquarter in Tama-shi, Japan, it connects Southeast Asia, Europe and North
America to back up the quick supply of high-quality electronic parts and devices.

As a testament to Cebu Mitsumi's work of excellence, numerous citations and

awards have been given to the company, recognizing its exemplary performance in the
areas of productivity, quality, safety and corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Mission
Beautiful Friendship
Beautiful Products
Beautiful Business

The word Beautiful also connects up with such ideals as purity, uprightness
and honesty, while at the same time indicating such ideals as protecting the
environment, the product, the people, and achieving ideal collaboration with our

MITSUMIs Risk Management System

Recent years have seen an increase in the risks for enterprises as well as the
types of risks. Risk-prevention and appropriate responses when risks occur are an
important element of corporate governance. In addition to preventing risk occurrence,
MITSUMI has created risk management systems for speedy and accurate responses
should risks occur. Concrete measures include extraction of all conceivable risks when
conducting operations to determine response priorities while implementing and directing
concrete countermeasures.

Risk Management Structure

Cebu Mitsumi had organized the
company in order to ensure safety for the
workers, the product and the environment.
Risk and Management Committee was
created that takes responsibility in
disseminating risk management policy and
guidance of risk management policy in
order to warrant safety and mitigate risk.

Disaster Control
Natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, flooding are great risks for
enterprises, with the possibility of major damage to operations when an enterprise is hit
by them. By distributing its production bases over a wide area that includes Japan and
foreign countries, MITSUMI is working to minimize any influence on production in case
of emergency and thus insure stable supply of products. They were performing aseismatic
reinforcement of their buildings and reconstructing aging buildings one by one in order to
secure the safety of visitors as well as employees. In addition, they are storing substances
such as emergency rations, water and portable toilets for visitors and employees who are
unable to return home so that they will be able to support them smoothly in disasters.
They had also organized their own firefighting brigades at each business division in
different locations, and conduct disaster control training at regular intervals to prepare for
disasters such as fires.
Cebu Mitsumis Implementation of Safety in the

Installation of
for fire extinguisher to
prevent obstruction and
easy access during
emergency usage.

Installation of
for chemicals to prevent
intrusion to drainage
pipes during incidents of
Posting of Safety
Kanbans for necessary
required at specific

Provision of
at specific areas as
warnings for possible
Provision of
for Cylinders (Acetylene,
Oxygen, Argon,
Nitrogen, etc.) to
prevent falling hazard
which may cause
unnecessary accident.

Safety is a common denominator across all

aspects of life,
hence knowledge should always be shared.
It is not a matter for industry it is a matter
for humanity.
Doug Bourne