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1: Introduction to PHP programming

This is a complete PHP tutorial for absolute beginners series, to teach PHP to people who are new at it.

PHP is easy to learn and should not be made harder than it really is, and this is what I'm hoping to accomplish. In this lesson I will introduce the
programming language called PHP and talk about the requirements of getting started on it. I will also give examples of what you can do with PHP.

Step by step:
There is no code available for this lesson.

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1: Introduction to PHP programming (course.php?c=php&l=1)

2: Installing a local server for PHP (course.php?c=php&l=2)

3: Output in browser using PHP (course.php?c=php&l=3)

4: How to create PHP variables (course.php?c=php&l=4)

5: How to write comments in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=5)

6: What are internal functions in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=6)

7: Different data types in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=7)

8: What are arithmetic operators in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=8)

9: What are assignment operators in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=9)

10: What are comparison operators in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=10)

11: What are increment and decrement operators in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=11)

12: What are logical operators in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=12)

13: Various conditional statements in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=13)

14: Switch statements in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=14)

15: Exercises using PHP: Let's build a calculator (course.php?c=php&l=15)

16: Exercises using PHP: Scheduled message programming (course.php?c=php&l=16)

17: What is a while loop in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=17)

18: What is a do while loop in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=18)

19: How to create a for loop in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=19)

20: How to create a foreach loop in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=20)

21: Using arrays in PHP to store data (course.php?c=php&l=21)

22: How to create your own function in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=22)

23: How to include documents in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=23)

24: Local and global scope in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=24)

25: Different superglobals in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=25)

26: POST and GET superglobals in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=26)

27: Session and cookies in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=27)

28: How to start a session in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=28)

29: How to create a MySQL database for PHP (course.php?c=php&l=29)

30: Create a MySQL table in database (course.php?c=php&l=30)

31: MySQL insert into database (course.php?c=php&l=31)

32: Select data from MySQL database (course.php?c=php&l=32)

33: Update data from MySQL database (course.php?c=php&l=33)

34: Delete data from MySQL database (course.php?c=php&l=34)

35: Set data order from MySQL database (course.php?c=php&l=35)

36: How to connect to a database in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=36)

37: How to show database data on a website using MySQLi (course.php?c=php&l=37)

38: Insert data from a website into a database using MySQLi (course.php?c=php&l=38)

39: Protect your database against SQL injection using MySQLi (course.php?c=php&l=39)

40: What are Prepared Statements and how to use them (course.php?c=php&l=40)

41: Create error handling for PHP login (course.php?c=php&l=41)

43: Hashing and de-hashing data using PHP (course.php?c=php&l=43)

44: How to create a login system in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=44)

54: How to prevent SQL injection in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=54)

55: How to create prepared statements in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=55)

56: Developer tool security in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=56)

57: What are arrays used for in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=57)

58: Insert data into array in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=58)

59: Inserting database results into array in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=59)

60: Different types of array in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=60)

61: What are associative arrays in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=61)

62: What are multidimensional arrays in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=62)

63: Upload files and images to website in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=63)

64: How to upload profile images to users using PHP (course.php?c=php&l=64)

65: Delete profile image using PHP (course.php?c=php&l=65)

66: How to delete files from folder (course.php?c=php&l=66)

67: Delete more than one file or image in PHP (course.php?c=php&l=67)

68: Search for full file name in PHP tutorial (course.php?c=php&l=68)

69: How to create a search field with PHP and MySQLi (course.php?c=php&l=69)