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A Dark and Stormy Knight

Session 1 (May 26, 2015)

Cross (Half Elf Paladin)-Jesse
Zaraki (Half-Orc Barbarian)-Aldian
Zersha (Half-Orc Barbarian)- Kesha
Sknives (Human Fighter)-Ton
Daevean (Human Cleric)-Tops
Ice (Elf Ranger)-Kat(pilot)
Shane (Halfling Rogue)-Ange(pilot)

The characters were caught in a hailstorm in the middle of the wilderness; they took shelter inside a
hallowed-out tor. While they are camped in the outer chamber, the characters tried to wait out the
storm. The storm broke open the three doors in the chamber which released a swarm of rats that
attacked Zaraki, Zersha and Cross. The three managed to rid the rats but Zersha was slightly wounded
from the skirmish. They entered the western room and were immediately confronted by a Lesser
Vargoulle. The characters had no problem of disposing the creature and continued to explore the
eastern room. The room is empty save for the dust and a single, small, stone chest in the centre of the
floor. Cross and Zaraki cautiously approached the chest as Sknives rushes in to kick open the chest
setting off a fusillade of darts that hit him. They found treasure inside, then an argument ignited among
the characters as to who would take the treasure. Cross, Zaraki and Sknives took the treasure in the end.

Session 2 (May 31, 2015)

Valanthe(Elf Sorcerer)-Kat
Magna (Halfling Rogue)-Alec
Ellywick(Gnome Druid)-Ange
Gaia(Elf Sorcerer)-Louise
Daenir-(Elf Rogue)Oneil

The characters continued their exploration to the northern passage and found a locked door but Shane
managed to pick the lock. The characters entered the room and found two elves chained to the ceiling.
They were initially hesitant to approach the prisoners but later decided to free them. Sknives easily
pulled the chains off the ceiling. The elves introduced themselves as Daenir and Valanthe, both from a
nearby settlement of Elves. Danenir and Valanthe told the characters that they were abducted three
days ago by a group of unidentified bandits. Daevean gave the elves water to drink and tend to their
wounds. Without the groups knowledge, Shane silently locked the characters inside the room and took
off with their gold. Daenir managed to unlock the door with his lockpick that was stashed under his
ragged clothes. The party decides to press on the northern stone hallway. They arrived shortly in a stone
chamber where three hobgoblins charged them. The encounter was bloody and brutal as Zersha slashes
one of the hobgoblins easily. Outnumbered, the hobgoblins were easily defeated in battle.