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Students Name: Fatin Amirah Binti Abdul Aziz

Matric Number: 2015218278

Faculty/Group: Information Management Library Science/ IM244ST1

Lecturers Name: Puan Nurfaathinah Bin Mohammad Roshdan

Title: The bright side of travelling

Organisational Pattern: Monroes Motivated Sequence

Visual Aid: Power point slides

General Purpose: To persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to agree that travelling have a lot of benefits

Central Idea: Travelling makes you get out of your comfort zone, helps you build
confidence in yourself and makes you immersed in other language.


I. Is travelling really important to us? Do we benefit from this experience and how?
Travelling is certainly a basic activity which we should think about at a certain point of our
life. Through it we gain important experience, learn many new things about the culture and
the history of other countries.

II. In high school and college you have the luxury of having flexibility since you can study
anywhere in the world and have relatively long study breaks. The skills and experience you
gain from traveling abroad can give your life-long personal benefits as well as a leg up in the
professional world.

III. People of all ages, from all countries, travel to foreign places for many different reasons
namely work, family and leisure. Whether by plane, train, ship or automobile, travel is
generally a pleasurable experience, at least for the people who can financially afford
comfortable and safe methods of travel.

IV. I have done reading the reviews and doing some research about the travelling which is
related to this topic. To make you more understand, first I will talk about why people did not
want to go for a travel. Secondly, I will tell you the solution regarding the problem that I had
mention and lastly I will share to you the benefits of travelling.
V. Here I stand in front of you because I would like to persuade all of you to open your mind
to start going for a travel.

(Transition: Here are several problem and issue)


I. Why people did not want to go for a travel? There are few problems and issues
on this topic.


A. As young people most of us have a pretty established comfort zone.

1. At home with mom and dad, in a community that has known you for
probably a good part of your life. You have your established, friends,
activities, hangouts and possibly jobs. We become comfortable in these daily
roles and the idea of breaking out them can be scary and uncomfortable.

2. Nobody wants to feel uneasy and fearful when they dont need to. Most
people do not understand that being in a comfort zone slowly abolish their
efficiency over time.


B. People nowadays didnt have enough confident to go for a travel especially

travelling alone.

1. Mostly people did not want to risk their life at other places. This is because
for them, travelling alone make is something that out of mind. They did not
want to open their mind to think that travelling alone can build their self-

2. You have already built the relationships with people who are close to you.
That is why you feel comfortable in their company and can easily start a
conversation without the confusion. However, if you travel alone you only
have a possibility to meet only new people and try to contact them.


C. People did not want to go for a travel because of language barrier.

1. Language barriers are the most common communication barriers which

cause misunderstandings and misinterpretations between people.

3. Other than that, mostly people are shy to speak another language. This is
because they afraid that others will laugh at them if they didnt speak other
language fluently.
Ladies and gentlemen, you dont have to worry because I have the solution regarding to the
problem that I had mentioned just no.

(Transition: Lets see the solution)

II. Travelling is a good activity that you can do. Here are some solution that I found
regarding to the problem that I already said before.

(Lets see to first point)

A. If you being brave to break your comfort zone it can makes you become a
knowledgeable person and you can also widen your perspective.

1. By view new customs, different ways of living is fantastic for the mind. It gives us
a new perspective about life and especially our life, it can help us change some of our
habits or even create new ones.

2. There is evidence that show number of Malaysians go to travel.

i. The 2015 Global Travel Intentions Survey, commissioned by Visa Inc, also
noted that business and leisure trips were also on the rise among Malaysians.

a. Based on the survey involving 503 respondents, Visa found that

Malaysians mostly travelled within the region, with top destinations
being Singapore (41%), Thailand (32%), Indonesia (30%) and Hong
Kong (26%).

(Lets go further to the second point)

B. The more you interact with others people you can build up your confident level.

1. As you conquer the obstacles of figuring out how to use public transit in a foreign
country, or asking for simple things in a grocery store, you are building a confidence
and ability to adapt in foreign situations.

2. While traveling, you might find yourself stuck in situations you would not ordinary
experience in your daily life. It is my belief that such a situation can help you
understand yourself and how you react to such circumstances and prepare you for
future similar situations.

4. The world contains lots of countries and not all people are the same. When
travelling, you get the opportunity to meet different people from different places. In
life, one of the most important social skills we learn is how to interact and
communicate with people who are different than we are.
(Lets move to the last point)

C. You can go for language classes to make you immersed in other languages.

1. Going for a language classes is really the best way to learn a new language since
you are forced to challenge and practice your skills on a daily basis.

2. Language is the best introduction to a new culture. It automatically makes you

interested in the cultural traditions that are tied to learning a language. Of course, you
can still learn about other cultures, but language learning really allows for a more
immersive experience.

4. Even knowing some basic words can help break the ice when youre in a foreign
country. Its not the same as being able to have an entire conversation, but most
people appreciate the fact that youre trying to speak their language.

III. There would be lots of benefits that you can gain by going a travel.

A. Travelling makes you feel the new environment at new places.

1. If you go for a travel, you can make some memorable experience that you never

2. From that you know that the world have lots of thing that they can show to you

B. You also can improve yourself to become a better person in the future.

1. Travelling makes you realize that there lots of changes that you can make in

2. Going for a travel also makes you more understand yourself and know what you
really want in your life.

I. To put it briefly, travelling can makes you become an open minded person. It is a prime
time to take advantage on your freedom and youth.

II. According to Samuel Johnson, All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better
countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn
to enjoy it.

III. So today I already exposed to you the problem on why did people did not want to go for a
travel, I have also gave you the solution regarding the problem that I had mentioned just now
and I also informed you what you get if you go for a travel.

IV. I hope that I can encourage all of you to open your mind to start going for a travel.

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