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Rida Zuraida
16 April 2015
Ergonomics is about designing for people, wherever
they interact with products, systems or processes
The emphasis within ergonomics is to ensure that
designs complement the strengths and abilities of people
and minimise the effects of their limitations, rather than
forcing them to adapt

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Ergonomics Scope
Researchers study the biomechanical, physiological
and cognitive effects of work on people, or users
understanding of processes, or the efficiency of systems.
Practitioners study how people interact with products,
processes and environments day to day in order to
improve them, to make them easier to use, safer, more
comfortable, more efficient.
Digital environment
Digital environment

Switch manual/semi digital

work system to fully digital
system can be frustrating
for some people
Human-system Interface technology
Have at least five subparts, each with a related design
focus as follows :
interface technology

interface technology/
interface technology
interface technology

Human-Job interface Human-organization

technology/ work interface technology/
design macroergonomics


Human-machine interface technolgy
The Human Machine Interface (HMI) includes the
electronics required to signal and control the state of
industrial automation equipment.
Human-environment interface technology
Concern about how technology affect to human-
environment and how to minimize disbenefit when a
technology adopted.
Human-software interface technology/
Cognitive ergonomics is especially important in the design
of complex, high-tech, or automated systems.
A poorly designed cellular phone user-interface may not
cause an accident, but it may well cause great frustration
on the part of the consumer and result in a marketplace
driven business failure.
A poor interface design on industrial automated
equipment, though, may result in decreased production
and quality, or even a life threatening accident.
Human-Job interface technology
Or work system design is focus on how to select and
adapted technology in work system.
Human-organization interface technology/
Macroergonomics can be
viewed as a top down
sociotechnical systems
approach to the design of
work systems and the
application of an overall
work system design of the
human-job, human-machine,
and human-software
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