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Life Elementary Unit 2a

this, that, these, those (demonstrative pronouns): The pronoun one

Is this your coat? Are those your shoes?

No, thats my coat.

Which one?
No, these are my shoes
The blue one. the black ones.


Singular Plural

this that Which one? these those Which ones?

this one that one The red one. these ones those ones The blue ones.

This These
one ones
That Those

Which one? Which ones?

Key vocabulary Clothes and accessories: coat, hat, shirt, shoes, trainers, trousers, sunglasses, watch
Colours: black, white, red, yellow, blue

1 Look at the pictures and complete the questions. Use this, that, these or those.
1 2 3 1 Is this your watch?
2 Are these your sunglasses?
3 your camera?
4 your bike?
4 5 6 5 your books?
6 your phone?

Practical Grammar 1 1 National Geographic Learning

Elementary Unit 2a
2 Look at the pictures and write sentences. Use the words in the table.
1 These trainers are old.
This 2
hat is
That big.
shirt 3
shoes 4
These old.
trainers are 5

1 2

h) man + Christ the Redeemer.

4 5 6

3 Look at the pictures and complete the conversations.

1 2 3

A: Thats my phone. A: Thats A: Those

B: Which one? B: Which ? B: Which ?
A: The black one. A: The A: The

4 Complete the conversation with one, that or which. Then listen and check.
A: Whos 1 girl?
B: 2 3
A: The 4 in the red shoes.
B: 5
s Sue. Shes my girlfriend.

Practical Grammar 1 2 National Geographic Learning