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AE-603A: Introduction to Scientific Computing

Fall 2017

Course Instructors: Tapan K. Sengupta, Rakesh K. Mathpal. One module will be taken
by Prof. Swagata Bhaumik.
Lectures: W, F Time: 12:00 - 1:30 PM, Room: NWTF Lecture Room
Credits: 3-0-0-0-9

Course Contents:

No. of

Basics of computing, introduction to parallel computing, different

types of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs), discretization of 07
PDEs, numerical schemes of PDEs.

Errors: Different types of errors, modelling error, discretization

error, numerical error.

Root finding: Polynomials, Bisection method, Newton-Raphson

method, Secant method, False position method, Interpolation 06
and extrapolation

Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) and their computations,

Stiff ODEs and parasitic error, solution of initial value problems 10
(ODE), boundary value problems (ODEs).
Linear Algebra: Direct method of solving system of linear
equations, Gauss elimination method, Gauss Jordan method, LU
decomposition method, iterative methods: Point Jacobi, Gauss-
Siedel, Successive Over Relaxation (SOR) method.
Finding eigen values and eigenvectors, analysis of dynamical

Suggested text and reference books:

[1] Computational Fluid Dynamics, C. Hirsch, Wiley, Chichester, UK (1990).
[2] Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer, J.C. Tannehill, D.A. Anderson and R.H.
Pletcher, Taylor & Francis (1997).
[3] Numerical Recipes in Fortran 77, W.H. Press, S. Teukolsky, W. Vetterling and B.
Flannery, Cambridge University Press (1992).
[4] High Accuracy Computing Methods, T.K. Sengupta, Cambridge University Press
[5] Introduction to Linear Algebra, G. Strang, Wellesley-Cambridge Press, 5th Edition
[6] A Practical Guide to Splines, Carl de Boor, Springer-Verlag (1978).

Evaluation strategy:
Assignments + Projects: 15%
Quizzes: 15%
Midterm: 25%
Final exam: 45%