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Action Plan for English Month Celebration

Division of Paranaque
Paranaque National High School (Main)
Action Plan for English Month Celebration
November 8-26, 2010 (Classroom Based)
December 1-15, 2010 ( Campus Based)

Academic Year 2010-2011

I- Activities Objectives
1. Mass - To start the celebration and activities with
the blessing of the Holy Spirit December 8, 2010

Participants- All students, English teachers, Principal, Department

Heads, Teachers
Venue- Gymnasium
Teachers Involved/ Students/ Coordinators
Chairman: Ofelia Ignacio
1. Rosie Rumbaoa
2. Johna Daguro
3. Myrna Camandono
4. Apple Soriano - to head the "Spark Marshalls"
5. all English Teachers

II- Opening Program

Objectives: - To formally start the celebration and launch the activities for the month.
- To state the celebration's objectives.
Date - December 8, 2010
Logistics - Funds coming from the English Club/ English Department
Participants - All students, Teachers, Department Heads
Venue - PNHS Gym
Teachers Involved/ Students / Coordinators
- English Club Adviser, English Club Officers and English Department Head

III - Implementation of English Month Activities

1. Debate - To speak coherently and convincingly

2. Essay Writing - To write unified, coherent and well organized paragraphs.

3. Poster Making :
Objectives: - To develop one's innate creativity and aesthetic adeptness through
through Poster Making.
4. Declamation Contest
- To recite a declamation piece with proper pausing, intonation and rhythm with
proper facial expression as well.

5. Oratorical Contest:
To recite an oratorical piece applying proper pausing, phrasing and intonation
with proper body movement and facial expression.
6. Poetry Recital:
-To recite a poem using proper intonation, diction and rhythm; to show
correct emotions; demonstrate keen understanding of literature through poetry recital with proper
7. A.Choral Reading
B. Speech choir
Objectives: To develop creativity and craftmanship among students through on stage
8. Mobile Theatre:
Objectives: To showcase one's talent through acting.
. To build one's confidence through acting.
9. Spelling Bee:
Objectives: to spell words correctly
10. Film Showing: To analyze and make a film review using the elements of a short
11. Comprehensive Interpretation:
Objectives: To speak one's ideas spontaneously after a few minutes of
To exhibit one's craft in organizing a meaningful speech off hand.

12. Story Telling:

Objectives: To tell a story with feeling and with facial expression taking note of
correct intonation, pronunciation and proper diction.

13. PNHS Singing Idols

Objectives: Expose one's talent taking note of correct pronunciation of words,
proper diction and intonation.
To build one's confidence on stage.
14. Chamber Theater
Objectives: To develop creativity and craftsmanship among students through on
stage performance.