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Surviving the Sharktank

(A Guide To Successful Living).

1. Success is distilled persistence.

2. When you lose, dont lose the lesson.

3. The four pillars of authenticity: true feelings, true thought,

true speech, true action.

4. Dare to believe, to know, to understand and to do.

5. Mass Media is consensus brain trancing. Avoid the slave plantation of

common mental conditioning.

6. Experienced believing is practical magic when applied.

7. You gain in strength by caring and acting within your own unique competences.

8. Be gentle with yourself.

9. You are part of the solution when you integrate others.

10. Truth is not a word it is a way of living.

11. You are not an animal you are a spirit.

12. Each year is a sacred cycle. Initiate yourself throughout it.

13. Character grows through difficulties transcended.

14. What matters is how you react to events not the events themselves.

15. Elemental nature heals.

16. Silence is the eloquence of wisdom.

17. Divinity, which is practical love, acts through the hero of selfhood.

18. Creativity and resourcefulness valued through exchange is prosperity.

19. Do not let yourself be emptied and refilled anonymously.

20. Dont fear death, fear never having lived.

21. Philosophy renders meaning and purpose to life.

22. Achievement is attained through a thousand small victories.

23. Youre will is your freedom.

24. Active non-action is the most authentic effectiveness: knowing what NOT
TO DO is as important as knowing what To Do.

25. Preserve your strength and focus on what is important.

26. Happiness is a learned pattern of behaviour, so your life should be your

principal qualification.

27. Active imagination is the gateway.

28. Thinking conditions therefore cherish how and what you think.

29. Be generous but do not be naive to the motivations and manipulations of others.

30. Withdraw from the engagement with the 10,000 things. Be one.

31. The knowing is wasteful and meaningless without the doing.

32. Pain repressed is the font of mental anguish. Let the stress of anxiety go
like the leaf carried away on the broad shoulders of a mighty river.

33. Withdraw from illusion.

34. Forgiving yourself is the path to the forgiveness of others.

35. Money is the exchange of trust within a community. It belongs to the

community per se, not to any one institutional group.

36. Failure is growth in motion when regarded as a stepping stone to victory. Attitude is

37. It is better to do a few things in mastery than many things superficially.

38. The spirit is the only antidote to the machine of modern society.

39. Thinking will never encompass the all.

40. Epiphanies crystallise the sublime hidden within everyday experience.

41. "Time" is simply the conscious now within the cycles of nature you are
living through.

42. Seek to have your inner life dictate your outer circumstance.

43. Let the spirit master the matter.

44. Authority originally came from "awe-thority".

45. Let truth take the lead and, in grace, live with the consequences. It will all work out.
46. Symbols communicate the essence that language cannot.

47. By being in spirit you radiate, emanate and empower but never
lose sight of the practical.

48. Intuition: the silent marriage of experience and wisdom.

49. Meaning endures.

50. Prudence masters wealth.

51. Minimize what you need to maximize your being.

52. The ancient Benedictine rule is: "Ora et Labora", prayer and work
or in other words reflection and action. This rule is as relevant now as during the dark

53. It takes a community to rear a human being. Avoid the atomization, banality
and isolation the mechanistic system daily commands and demands.

54. The word is not the thing.

55. Play the song of life slowly but with passion and depth.

56. Appreciation is a true prayer.

57. Observe: Reflect: Learn: Remember: Apply.

58. Let your needs dictate, not your desires.

59. Deepen your attention. Listen.

60. Worry saps and constrains. Replace paranoia with metanoia.

61. Over-specialization is a big risk.

62. Being self is not being selfish.

63. Self-submission is true power for it is better to be master of your-self than

to become the slave of many.

64. Conscious consciousness is rarer than you think. Most folk trance: do not.

65. Humility attracts. Narcissism repels.

66. Decide slowly with best information available but act decisively and never second

67. Worked time is the only real asset in any balance sheet but very few
accountants or politicians or bankers or economists know this fact.
68. Sustained good order requires the balancing of the regularity of the
forever with the chaos of daily happenstance. Let wisdom be your guide.

69. Integrate, bind and heal those around you with authenticity.

70. Globalism cannot bribe nature indefinitely.

71. There is a divine order in the world and you have an important place in
its unfolding. Discovering your role in this mystery makes life a joy to behold.

72. Morality is the practice of integrity in society.

73. Self-order is the original law and the bedrock of the sovereign family.

74. You will never mature until you take responsibility.

75. You can self-initiate yourself towards growth through intuitive reflection.

76. Seek out who you are and consistently strive to nurture this ever effective

77. Society is an artificial construct. It needs civitas to survive: an active and

practical living sense of the greater good. If civitas dies, living ends and survival

78. The more options you have the greater your ability to adapt to the unforeseen.

79. The tyranny of the lash has been replaced by the tyranny of conceptual
money. Never accept tyranny.

80. A sustaining society cannot be based on competition alone: it requires love,

reciprocation, co-operation and charity.

81. Sublimely effective action will be presented to you when your consciousness
and sub-consciousness are in accord. This is TAO. Tao is the successful
integration of the Universal with the Particular. When you achieve this you
will be in essence. Finding your Tao is akin to falling in love, except not
with a personality but with life itself.

Christopher Michael Quigley

1st September 2015, Dublin, Ireland.