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Unit 1

My new school
Date of teaching:
A closer look 1
I. Aims
By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to:
- Pronounce correctly the sounds /u / and / / in
isolation and in context;
- Use the combinations: to study, to have, to do, to
play + Noun.
- Improve their listening skill, writing skill and
II. Objectives
- Vocabulary: School lexical items
- Grammar: The simple present, the present
III. Materials
- Text book
- Board, chalk, slides...
- A cassette and an audio compact disk.
IV. Anticipated problems
Students may get confused when practising the sound
/u / and //.
V. Procedure
1. Warmer
- Greeting.
- Checking attendance.
- Asking for the teaching date.
2. Revision
Teacher Students
Kim's game:
? Look at the picture on
page 7 in 20 seconds and - Look at the pictures
try to remember as many only
words as possible.
- Teacher divides the class
into two teams. - Work in groups
? Go to the board and write
the words - Write on the board.
- Teacher gives feedback
-> Today we are going to
learn some more
combinations about school.
3. New lesson
Teachers activities Students activities
I. Vocabulary - 'physics (n): mn vt l
1. Teaching vocab
- Teacher uses
different techniques - 'judo (n): mn v nhu o
to teach vocab - hope (v: hy vng
(situation, realia) - ride (rode) (v): i (xe my), ci
- Follow the seven - month (n): thng
steps of teaching
vacab. - post (v: gi
- Repeat in chorus and
* Checking vocab: Slap - Copy all the words
the board

2. Listen and repeat

the words (1 P8)
- Listen and repeat chorally and
? Listen and repeat individually
all the words in part
1 P8
- Play the recording
and let Ss listen
- Play it again and
pause for them to
repeat each word. play do have study
- Correct their footb homewor school physics
pronunciation. all k lunch English
? Listen and read then
music judo lessons history
check your answer for
the last question. exercis vocabula
3. Put the words into es ry
groups (2 P8) science
? Work in pairs,
putting the words in 1
into groups. - Do the task individually
- Get feedback and Key:
explain to Ss which
1. homework 2.
words go with each
verb football 3. lesson
4. judo
4. Gap filling (3 P8) 5. science
? How many sentences
are there in 3 P8
? Are they completed?
? Copy the numbers.
? Put one of the given Ex: I/We have English lessons on
words in each blank. Tuesday and Thursday.
- Ask some Ss to write
on the board, then
check their answers.
5. Writing (4 P8)
? Write sentences
about yourselves using
the combinatiions
- Let some Ss read - Listen and repeat
their sentences.
II. Pronunciation
1. /u / and / / (5
- Explain how to make
- Do the task individually
the two sounds.
? Listen and repeat. Key:
Pay attention to the Sound /u /: rode, don't, hope,
sounds /u / and / / homework, post. Sound / /:
2. Listen and group some, monday, month, come, one
the words (6 P8)
- Play the tape twice
? Work individually to
put the words into two
? Check your answers
in groups. - Listen and repeat
- Have two students
write on the board.
- Correct Ss' mistakes
if necessary.

3. Find out the sounds

Ex: We don't have music today.
/u / and / /
? Look at part 7P8.
? Listen and repeat
sentence by sentence.
? Recognize the two
sounds and underline
- Play the recording
III. Production
? Make up sentences
with the words in
part 6 P8

4. Consolidation
Teacher gets students to retell how to make sound
/u / and / /.
5. Homework
- Prepare for the next lesson: Unit 1: Closer look
- Learn by heart all the new words
- Do Ex A1 P3, B1,2 P4 (WB)