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Implementation Morphology Methods For Sign Language

Recognition On Increasing The Extraction Process


Isa Mahfudi*1, Moechammad Sarosa2, Rosa Andrie Asmara3

Graduate School of Electronics Engineering Department
The State Polytechnic of Malang, Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 9, Malang 65141, Indonesia,,

Abstract. Morphology is a process in the processing of the image used for the extraction of the image
of components that are useful on the description and structure. Morphology method have been
implemented in various problems. On this occasion researchers want to implement morphology method
at extraction process of sign language recognition. Sign language that will be recognized is a numbers
(from 1 to 9). Stages of the proposed research is the beginning from capturing image as RGB format,
RGB images will be converted to HSV to take the color of the skin of the hands as objects in this research.
The process of eliminating between background and object used with tresholding. a variety of
morphology methods will be used and analyzed to find out the best methods. Research is also done testing
to changes in light intensity and change camera angles as well as the best distance between objects
towards the camera.
Keyword : Morphology, Morphology Method, Image