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On Task, On Target Jessica Burke

Student #2

Undesirable Behavior Targeted: Off task behavior Desirable Behavior Targeted: Students will remain
interferes with learning by keeping the students from on task in order to engage in the lesson.
engaging in the lesson.
Talking Active listening
Cell phone use Cell phone put away
Walking around room Stay in assigned area
Standing at door/window Complete assignment
Sleeping in class

Types of Positive Reinforcements

1. Immediate R+ When student is observed exhibiting desired behaviors, a missile (or other designated
item) will be placed on their desk.
2. Ongoing R+ The student will then choose an x and y coordinate and place the missile on the coordinate
grid. Once a ship is blown up, write the x,y coordinates from the sunken ship in a table and an equation
in the form of y = mx+b, then distinguish between proportional and non-proportional (TEK 8.5F). When
a subsequent ship is blown up, choose two different points on the sunken ships to determine the distance
between the two points using Pythagorean Theorem (TEK 8.7D). When the third ship is blown up,
choose points from that ship and another sunken ship that is diagonal from it, thus using a similar right
triangle to compare the change in y-values to the change in x-values, (y2-y1)/(x2-x1), finding slope
(TEK 8.4A). When the fourth ship is blown up, use the coordinates from the missiles to determine rate
of change (TEK 8.4C). When the last ship is blown up, use the coordinates to create a table and an
equation in the form of y = mx+b (TEK 8.5B).
3. Overall R+ When class goal is met students will have a math game day.
4. Students will be allowed to choose coordinates using a 10 count die at appropriate times and a
positive/negative cube (i.e., when assignment is completed, during brain break). The student will place a
white circle (miss) or red circle (hit) as appropriate. As ships are sunken, the activity related to that ship
will take place in lieu of an exit ticket at the end of the class period. The overall reinforcement of game
day will take place the following day after all ships have been destroyed.

Interactive Learning Activity: Students will play math games in which they use a problem solving method
that incorporates analyzing given information, formulating a plan or strategy, determining a solution, justifying
the solution, and evaluating the problem solving process and the reasonableness of the solution (TEK 8.1B).

Teach the Desired Behaviors: Desired behaviors will be taught through discussion, then demonstration, then
practice for a period of two days. On the third day, students will be monitored to determine if they are ready to
start the plan or if another day of practice is needed.

Teach the Plan: The plan will be taught when multiple students are exhibiting off task behaviors over a period
of time (weeks) and classroom rewards/consequences are no longer an effective deterrent. The plan will be
taught as a fun rewarding game that all students can easily participate in.

Provide Options: To implement the plan across sections, create different colored "Battleships" for each class
and provide each class with their own coordinate grid.
On Task, On Target Jessica Burke
Student #2