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General Science-IX 1.

00Hrs Test- MCQ Marks - 40 Date :

1 Purity of a solid substance can be checked by its characteristics
(a) Boiling point (c) Solubility in water
(b) Melting point (d) Solubility in alcohol
2 The alloys are examples of
(a) Pure metals (c) Homogenous mixture of metal
(b) Pure compounds (d) Heterogenous mixture of metal
3 Which of the following provides an example of a true solution
(a) Blood (c) Starch solution
(b) Milk (d) Sugar solution
4 The charge on M is +2 and anion A is -3. The compound has the formula
(a) MA2 (b) M3A2 (c) M2A3 (d) M2A
5 Valency of sulphur in SO2 and SO3 is ..and ..respectively
(a) 3,6 (b) 2,6 (c) 3, 2 (d) 4, 6
35 37
6 17 C and 17Cl are examples of
(a) Isobars (b) Isotopes (c) Isotones (d) None
7 When the vapour pressure of a liquid is equal to its atmospheric pressure then it
(a) Freezes (c) Boils
(b) Evaporates (d) Does not undergo any change
8 When ice is converted into water
(a) Heat is absorbed (c) Temperature increase
(b) Heat is released (d) Temperature decrease
9 Sublimation of iodine and Naphthalene is an example of
(a) Chemical change (c) Physical change
(b) Energy change (d) Irreversible change
10 Which of the following shells can have a maximum number of 18 electron
(a) K-shell (b) L-shell (c) M-shell (d) N-shell
11 Cathod rays are:
(a) Alpha ray (b) Electron (c) Neutron (d) Proton
12 1023 molecules of water is equivalent to:
(a) 1 mole of H2O (c) 1/6.023 mol of H2O
(b) 6.023 mol of H2O (d) 6.023 1023 mol of H2O
13 The no. of electrons in 13Al is:
(a) 13 (b) 12 (c) 11 (d) 10
14 Neutron is not present in
(a) Helium (b) Deuterium (c) Protium (d) Tritium
15 Recoiling of gun can be explained on
(a) Newtons first law of motion (c) Law of conservation of linear momentum
(b) Newtons 2nd law of motion (d) The basis of balanced forces
16 Speed of sound in solid and liquid is
(a) Zero (c) Larger than that in a gas
(b) Same as in gas (d) Same as in gas
17 The shrillness of a musical note depends upon
(a) Amplitude (b) Loudness (c) Frequency (d) Quality
18 A body is taken from equator towards North pole. The weight of the body
(a) Goes on decreasing (c) Remain constant
(b) Goes on increasing (d) First increase and then decrease

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General Science-IX 1.00Hrs Test- MCQ Marks - 40 Date :
19 Ratio of force and acceleration measures.
(a) Velocity (b) Impulse (c) Momentum (d) Mass
20 The mass of a ball A is twice the mass of another ball B. The ball A moves at half the speed
of the ball B. The ratio of K.E. of A to that of B is:
(a) 3/2 (b) (c) 5/2 (d) 4/2
21 Find the time period of a wave whose frequency is 400 Mhz
(a) 0.0012 sec (b) 0.0025 sec (c) 0.0015sec (d) 0.0010 sec
22 Inertia of motion depends on
(a) Mass (b) Velocity (c) Acceleration (d) Displacement
23 Newtons law of gravitation is valid
(a) On the earth only (c) In the laboratory
(b) On the moon only (d) Everywhere
24 A space shuttle is launched into space. During the first 8 minutes of its launch the average
acceleration of the shuttle is 17.5 m/sec2. What is its speed after 8 minutes?
(a) 8000 m/s (b) 8400 m/s (c) 1200 m/s (d) 15 m/s
25 A ball dropped from a height h reaches the ground in time T. What is its height at time T/2?
(a) h/28 (b) h/4 (c) h/2 (d) 3h/4
26 A bomb explodes on moon. How long will it take for the sound to reach the ground
(a) 10 sec (b) 1000 sec (c) 1 day (d) None of these
27 A man on a bench will exert the greatest pressure on the bench when he:
(a) Lies flat on his back (c) Stands on one foot only
(b) Stand on both feet (d) Stands on the toes of one foot
28 Besides nucleus, DNA is also present in:
(a) Ribosome (b) Mitochondria (c) Lysosomes (d) Golgi complex
29 True nucleus is absent in:
(a) Bacteria (b) Green algae (c) Fungi (d) Lichens
30 The rough ER(Endoplasmic Reticulum) is specially will developed in cells actively engaged in
(a) Protein synthesis (c) Lipid synthesis
(b) Nucleotide synthesis (d) Secretory function
31 The bones are connected to each other by
(a) Tendons (b) Cartilage (c) Ligament (d) Muscles
32 The tissue composed of living, thin walled cell made of cellulose is
(a) Parenchyma (b) Collenchyma (c) Sclerenchyma (d) Vessel
33 Which of the following is voluntary muscle?
(a) Skeletal muscle (b) Cardiac muscle (c) Smooth muscle (d) All of the above
34 Which of the following is an egg laying mammals
(a) Duck billed platypus (c) Whale
(b) Kangaroo (d) Pigeon
35 Which of the following is not an amphibian
(a) Lizard (b) Frog (c) Salamander (d) Newt
36 Pterido phytes differ from bryophytes in having
(a) Vascular tissues (c) Alternation of generation
(b) Archegonia (d) Motile sperms

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General Science-IX 1.00Hrs Test- MCQ Marks - 40 Date :
37 Vaccination
(a) Develops resistance against the attack of a disease
(b) Can control every disease
(c) Kills all the disease causing organism in the area
(d) Involves the use of antibodies
38 Which of the following is non-infectious disease
(a) Arthritis (c) Tetanus
(b) AIDS (d) Sleeping sickness
39 The component that causes eutrophication is
(a) Fertilizers (b) Vermicompost (c) Manure (d) Compost
40 Global warming could cause a rise in sea level because
(a) Ocean expand as they get warmer (c) Both of the above
(b) Glaciers and ice sheets melts (d) None of these

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