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2 marks (b) Write how the total mechanical energy of the

1. What is sublimation? Write the name of two swinging bob of a simple pendulum varies during its
substances that sublime. oscillation.
2. What is soil ? What is the harmful effect of using large 17. Write the four conventions that are followed while
amount of fertilizers and pesticides over a long period writing the scientific name of an organism.
of time? or
3. Any luggage kept on the roof of cars or busses is (a) Write any two important features that are present in
always tied with a rope. Why? all chordates.
4. Which wave property determines (a) loudness (b) (b) Write one difference between the pseudocoelom
pitch ? and true coelom.
Name the characteristic property of the sound which 18. What are weeds ? How do they prevent growth of a
helps you to distinguish your friends voice while crop?
talking in a dark room. 19. Why dust comes out of a carpet when it is beaten with
5. What is meant by water-cycle? How are nutrients from a stick?
land made available to marine organism by this cycle? 20. What produces more severe burns, boiling water or
or steam? Give reason for your answer.
State in brief the role of photosynthesis and respiration 21. What is SONAR? Write two uses of SONAR
in carbon-cycle in nature. technique?
6. Draw a diagram of prokaryotic cell and label on it the 22. Name the two gases given out by burning of fossil
following : fuels, which dissolves in rain to form acid rain.
Nucleoid, Ribosomes, Plasma membrane. 23. Write two advantages of the use of manure over
7. (a) Name the principle behind the working of a rocket. fertilizers?
(b) In the given diagram which of the two: A or B has 24. What are the factors or processes that make soil?
the greater velocity? 25. Write two differences between prokaryotic and
eukaryotic cell.

A 26. With the help of a schematic diagram show the oxygen

cycle in nature.
B 27. (a) Convert 100oC to kelvin scale
(b) Expand CNG
28. (a) Define kinetic energy.
(b) Write an expression for kinetic energy of an object
and also given its S.I. unit.
29. Give reasons:
8. What is meant by Laweof Conservation of mass? If 12 (a) Naphthalene balls disappear with time without
g of C, is burnt in the presence of 32 g of O 2, how leaving any solid.
much CO2, will be formed? (b) A gas exerts pressure on the walls of container.
9. An electric heater of 1000 W is used for 2 hours a day. 30. A solution contains 50 g common salt in 350g water.
What is the cost of using it for a month of 28 days, if 1 Calculate the concentration of solution.
unit costs Rs. 3.00? 31. What is pasturage ? How is it related to honey
10. Give a flow diagram showing the process of obtaining production?
different gaseous components of air. 32. Give two points of difference between a prokaryotic
11. Draw a well labeled diagram of neuron. (Label any 4 and eukaryotic cell.
parts) 33. We are normally advised to take bland and nourishing
or food when we are sick why?
Give any two differences between a Prokaryotic and 34. (a) Given one important application of ultra sound.
Eukaryotic cell. (b) It is difficult for a fireman to hold a hose, which
12. Write four elements of Xylem. ejects a large amount of water at a high speed. Why?
13. (a) Write the relation between force and momentum. 35. 16 bulbs of 40 W are used for 6 hours a day along with
(b) It is difficult for a fireman to hold a hose, which one 100 W bulb for 2 hours. Calculate the units of
ejects a large amount of water at high speed ? why? energy consumed in one day by all bulbs.
14. (a) Name the elements the isotopes of which are used 36. How is ozone layer important to living organisms?
in the treatment of : how is it getting depleted? Give one reason.
(i) Cancer (ii) Goitre 37. What is greenhouse effect? Name any one green house
(b) Write the electronic configuration of any one pair gas.
of isotopes. 38. Why is plasma membrane called a selectively
15. Why is water necessary for living organisms? Give permeably membrane? How do substances like CO2
any two reasons. and water move in and out of the cell?
16. (a) State the law of conservation of energy. How is a prokaryotic cell different from an eukaryotic
cell ?
(Any 4 differences) 55. How do insect-pests attack the crops?
39. Draw a well labeled diagram to show carbon cycle in 56. Which type of vacuoles are found in plant cells and
nature. animal cells?
40. What are the two different means by which infectious 57. Under which of the following conditions are you most
diseases spread? Give one suitable example of both. likely to fall sick? Given reason.
41. A solution is made by dissolving 50 g of glucose in (i) When you are taking examination?
250 g of water, calculate the concentration of this (ii) When you have traveled by bus and train for two
solution in mass percentage. days?
42. When a carpet is beaten with stick, dust particles come (iii) When your friend is suffering from measles?
out of it. Explain the reason.
43. What is the Universal Law of Gravitation? Write the
value of Gravitational Constant G.
44. What is an ion ? Write the symbol of Calcium ion,
Aluminium ion.
45. Differentiate between Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cell.
(Any Two).
46. Draw a labeled diagram of neuron.
47. (i) What are the harmful effects of pesticides and
fertilizer over a long period of time on soil?
(ii) Define Humus.
48. Define Chronic and Acute diseases with example.
49. The preferred handles for the school bags are broad
ones. Why ?
50. (i) Write the chemical formula of Aluminium hydride.
(ii) Calculate the formula unit mass of K 2CO3 (K=39
u, C =12 u and O = 16u)
51. the figure below shows two paths to shift a 5 kg body
from point A to point B. How do the work done in
the two cases, compare with each other?
5 kg 5
100 m

Path I
Path II

10 m
5 kg 5
A A kg

52. (a) Differentiate, giving an example, between a

transverse wave and a longitudinal wave.
(b) A person produced a strong sound near a cliff and
heard the echo after 5 seconds.
What is the distance of the cliff from the person if the
speed of the sound is taken as 346 ms1?
53. (i) Name the scientist who first proposed a model for
the structure of an atom.
(ii) What is the maximum number of electrons which
can be accommodated in the outermost orbit of an
atom ?
(iii) Draw the atomic structure of Sulphur (S) atom
showing the arrangement of all its 16 electrons.
(iv) Define valency by taking example of magnesium.
54. State two disadvantages of fertilizers.