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AHP Microscopic Charactarization of Botanical Medicines( Americal Herbal Pharmacopeia) 1st Ed. 2
Ali Pharmacognosy ( Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry) 2 Vols set 1st Ed. 1 Rs.695
ASHP Herbal Therapy, Medicinal Plants,and Natural Products: An IPA Compilation 1st Ed. 1 $68.95 SAAHTR
Avalos Dermatologic Botany 1st Ed. 3 $95 PTAACCNR68
Bakhru A Handbook of Natural Beauty 1st Ed. 1 Rs.65
Basch Natural Standard ( Herb & Suppliment Handbook ) 1st Ed. 1 $45 ITZ
Basra Heterosis and Hybrid Seed Production in Agronomic Crops 1st Ed. 2 RS.995
Basu Indian Medicinal Plants (set) 2nd Ed. 1
Bhattacharya Anticancer Botanicals 1st Ed. 1 Rs.750
Bhat Fruit & Vegetable Processing 1st Ed. 2 Rs.160
Blatter Some Beautiful Indian Trees 1st Ed. 1 Rs.210
Butler Poucher's Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps 10th Ed. 1 EONZ
Casida Pyrethrum Flowers 1st Ed. 2 2450 VACIE
Chaudhuri Endangered Medicinal Plants 1st Ed. 1 Rs.800
Chaudhury Herbal Medicine for Human Health 1st Ed. 1 Rs.60
Chrispeels Plants, Genes and Crop Biotechnology 2nd Ed. 1 RAHHHQ
Compton Success With Unusual Plants 1st Ed. 1 UKP.15 TBBT
Cupp Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology of Herbal Products 1st Ed. 1 $77
Dhiman Sacred Plants and Their Medicinal Uses 1st Ed. 1 Rs.695
Duke Handbook of Medicinal Herbs 2nd Ed. 2 $249 KHTAGRP
Duke Duke's Handbook of Medicinal Plants of The Bible 1st Ed. 2 $121.95 UATC
Ellison Cultivated Plants of the World( Trees*Shrubs*Climbers) 1st Ed. 2 XMBEETP
Elsner Cometicals Drugs vs. Cosmetics 1st Ed. 1 Ukp.99 UZZZ
Endacott The Encyclopedia of Complementary Medicine 1st Ed. 1 UKP.17.99 QHFER
Farooqi Medicinal Plants in The Traditions of Prophet Muhammad(S:) Prophetic Medicine 1st Ed. 1 500 UAU
Fitch Pharmaceutical Drug and Drugs Products Vol.1 1st Ed. 1 3 Vol Rs 9500/AZ ONAZ
Foster Desk Reference to Nature's Medicine 1st Ed. 2 2800 EDDN
Frohne Poisonous Plants 2nd Ed. 1 UKP.80 TDTZ
Ghosh Ethnobiology ( Therapeutics and Natural Resources) 1st Ed. 1 Rs.595
Hatfield Encyclopedia of Folk Medicine ( Old World & New World Traditions) 1st Ed. 1 $85 EEDZ
Herwig 350 Trees,Shrubs and Conifers 1st Ed. 1 700 ZBITQ
Israel The Natural Pharmacy Product Guide 1st Ed. 1 Spec.400/=
Janardhanan Diseases of Major Medicinal Plants 1st Ed. 3 790 DGD
Jarald Colour Atlas of Medicinal Plants ( Common Name & Classications) 1st Ed. 2 Rs.1995 DCCZ
Joshi Medicinal Plants 1st Ed. 2 1390/D
Kala Medicinal Plant of Uttarakhand 1st Ed. 1 Rs.750
Kalia Textbook of Industrial Pharmacognosy 1st Ed. 2 Rs.225
Kar Pharmacognosy and Pharmacobiotechnology 1st Ed. 1 TCGGQ68
Kent Kent's Technology of Cereals 4th Ed. 1 1390/D NZU
Khan Leung's Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients 3rd Ed. 1 $135 ATCU
Khare Indian Medicinal Plants ( An Illustrated Dictionary) 1st Ed. 1 $324 EUOD
Kohli Herbal Drugs Industry 2nd Ed. 1 6000/D.A/UD DIAZ
Kumar Scientific Exposition of Ayurveda A Wholistic Science 1st Ed. 1 Rs.500
Kumar Spices,Plantation Crops Medicinal and Aromatic Plants 1st Ed. 3 500 CIC
Longman Indian Medicinal Plants , a Compendiam of 500 Species (5 Vols.set) 1st Ed. 1 SET Rs.4000/CT
Malviya Textbook of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry 1st Ed. 1 790/D
McKenna Botanical Medicines The Desk Reference for Major Herbal Suppliments 2nd Ed. 3 Rs.1095 EEAZ
Mondol Homoeopathic Pharmacy 1st Ed. 1 Rs.175 DZD
Mueller Medicinal Plants in Tropical Countries 1st Ed. 3 Euro 99.95 EATZ
Nadkarni Indian Plants and Drugs With their Medical Properties And Uses 1st Ed. 1 Rs.1150
Nadkarni Indian Materia Medica ( 2 Vols Set) 1st Ed. 1 Rs.1200
Packer Herbal & Traditional Medicine 1st Ed. 1 UKP 115 TIITT
Panda Handbook on Herbal Medicines 1st Ed. 1 RS.750
Pandey Acarya Sodhala's Sodhala Nighantuh 1st Ed. 1 Rs.775
Patil Pharmacognosy 1st Ed. 1 4000 EOOZ
Phil The Guide to Natural Therapeutics ( Spine Damaged) 1st Ed. 1 UKP.12.95 NETTW
Preedy Encyclopedia of Vitamin E 1st Ed. 1 25960 DITZ
Pullaiah Encyclopedia of World Medicinal Plants ( 5 Vols Set) 1st Ed. 1 Rs.7000
Qadry Pharmacognosy with 140 Colour Photographs 6th Ed. 5 Rs.395
Raju Wild Plants of Indian Sub-Continent and Their Economic Use 1st Ed. 1 Rs.795
Ramawat Herbal Drugs: Ethnomedicine to Modern Medicine 1st Ed. 3 DIDO
Reddy Advanced in Medicinal Plants 1st Ed. 1 Rs.450 DI
Robbers Tyler's Herbs of Choice 1st Ed. 2 RS.995
Robinowitch Onions and Allied Crops ( Biochemistry, Food Science & Minor Crops) 1st Ed. 2 Set RCGGEQ68
Romm Botanical Medicine for Women's Health 4290/D DNEZ 1st Ed. 1 5290/D/DNEZ
Rosenthal Herbivores ( Their Interactions with Secondary Plant Metabolites) Vol.1 2nd Ed. 1 SET $360 PFBFCN 68
Ross Medicinal Plants of the World Vol.3 1st Ed. 1
Ross Plant Physiology 1st Ed. 1 Rs.225
Sammbamurthy Dictionary of Medicinal Plants 1st Ed. 1 RS.995
Sarin Illustrated Manual of Herbal Drugs in Ayurveda 1st Ed. 1 9990 NTEATTRP72
Schopfer Plants and Vitamins 1st Ed. 1 5000 PBFIEN
Shah Textbook of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry 2nd Ed. 1 Elsevier
Sharma Herbal Drugs A Twenty First Century Perspective 1st Ed. 3 Rs.695
Singh Herbal Medicine of Manipur A Color Encyclopedia 1st Ed. 1 Rs.1200
Singh Wild Medicinal Plants 1st Ed. 1 Rs.1100
Singh Indigenous Medicinal Plants, Social Forestry and Tribals 1st Ed. 1 RS.995
Sood Ethnic Healing Herbs for Cold Flu and Lungs Ailment 1st Ed. 1 Rs.800
Southwell Tea Tree: The Genus Melaleuca 1st Ed. 1 UKP.69 SCGTCQ
Tejovathi A Practical Manual for Plant Biotechnology 1st Ed. 1 Rs.50
Thatoi Medicinal Plants Ethomedicine And Biotechnological potential 1st Ed. 1 Rs.1490
Vallachira Veterinary Materia Media 1st Ed. 2 Rs.150
Varmudy Marketing of Spices 1st Ed. 4 590 QDFHY
Veeresham Medicional Plant Biotechnology 1st Ed. 1 Rs.1795 NTBBBTMR70
Wallis Textbook of Pharmacognosy 5th Ed. 2
Watanabe Pharmacological Research on Traditional Herbal Medicines 1st Ed. 1 UKP.75 TDOF (3590/D)
Wei-da Clinical Applications of Eight Essential Classical Formulae 1st Ed. 1
WHO WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Vol.2 1st Ed. 7 Rs.395
WHO WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Vol.1 1st Ed. 6 Rs.395
Who Medicinal Plants in The South Pacific 1st Ed. 1 1320/B/CT
WHO Medicinal Plants in The Viet Nam 1st Ed. 2 1800/B/CT OOD
WHO Medicinal Plants in The Republic of Korea 1st Ed. 1 1680/B/CT REHHP
Wyk Medicinal Plants of The World 1st Ed. 4 4995 EATZ
Xinrong Traditional Chinese Medicine A Manual From A-Z 1st Ed. 1
Yaniv Handbook of Medicinal Plants 1st Ed. 2 Rs.1495
Ying Clinical Manual of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture 1st Ed. 2 UKP.62 Tadbtr
Parimelazhagan Herbal Perspectives ( Present & Future) 1st Ed. 1 Rs.2550