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Q 1. The dimensions of angular velocity are :

(a) M1L1T-1 (b) M1L0T-2 (c) M0L0T-2 (d) M0L0T-1

Q 2. The dimensional formula for angular momentum L is:

(a) MLT0 (b) M1L2T-1 (c) M1L-1T-1 (d) M0L-1T

Q 3. The dimensions of power are : [RAJ PMT 93; CPMT 96]

(a) M 1L2T - 2 (b) M2L1T-2 (c) M1L1T-3 (d) M1L2T -3

Q 4. Dimensional equation for energy density are :

(a) M1L1T-2 (b) M1L-1T-2 (c) M1L2T-2 (d) M1L-2T-2

Q 5. The dimensions of impulse are :

[EAMT 98; CPMT 86; AFMC 97; UPCPMT 99]
1 1 -2 1 1 -1
(a) M L T (b) M L T (c) M1L2T (d) M2LT-1

Q 6. 'J' the mechanical equivalent of heat has dimensions:

(l) M1L-2T (b) M1L2T-2 (c) M1L1T-2 (d) M0L0T0

Q 7. Torque has dimension, of : [BIHAR PMT 96; AFMC 97; RAJ PET 2003; RAJ PMT 93;99]
(a) M1L2T-2 (b) M1L2T2 (c) M1L-2T-2 (d) M1L2T-3

Q 8. The dimensions of intensity are:

(a) M1L2T-3 (b) M1LT-3 (c) M1L2T-3 (d) M1L-2T-3

Q 9. The dimensions of surface tension are :

[MP PMT 94, 99: RAJ PET 87; RAJ PMT 98]
(a) M1L1T-1 (b) M1LT-2 (c) M1L2 T-1 (d) M1L2T-2

Q 10. Coefficient of viscosity has dimensions: [CBSE PMT 92; CPMT 92; AJQMS 99; RAJ PMT 93]
(a) M1L1T-2 (b) M1L1T-2 (c) M1L-1T-1 (d) M2L2T-1

Q 11. Modulus of rigidity has dimensions : [MP PMT 97]

(a) M 1L2T-2 (b) M1L-2T-2 (c) M1 L-1T-2 (d) M1L-2T-2

Q 12. 'G' the gravitational constant has dimensions:

[UP CPMT 96; MP PET 82. 96, 99; RAJ PMT 87; CBSE 92; CPMT 93; JK CET 97; APMC 99;
MP PMT 20OO;RAS 99: UP PET 2000; AIIMS 2000]
(a) M1L2T-1 (b) M1L-1T-1 (c) M1 L3 T-2 (d) M-1 L3T-2

Q 13. The dimensions of Planck's constant 'h' are :

[RAJ PMT 99; MP PMT 95, 96; RAJ PET 87; AFMC 2003; AIIMS 97; BHU 98]
(a) M1 L1 T-1 (b) M1L1T-2 (c) M1 L2 T-1 (d) M1 L2 T-2

Q 14. Gas constant 'R' has dimensions :

(a) M1 L2 T2 K-1 (b) M1 L2 T-2 K-1 (c) M-1 L-2 T-2 K-1 (d) M1 L1 T2 K1
Q 15. Boltzmann's constant 'k' has dimension of :
(a) M L2 T-2 K-1 (b) M1 L2 T-2 K-1 (c) M L2 T-2 (d) M1 L2 T-2 .

Q 16. The dimensional formula for Stefan's constant '' is :

(a) M1 LT-3 K-4 (b) M1 L2 T-3 K-4 (c) MLT-3 K-4 (d) M1 L2 T-2 K-1

Q 17. The dimensional formula for specific heat is :

(a) M L2 T-2 (b) M1 L2 T-2 K-1 (c) M L2 T-2 K-1 (d) M1 L2 T-2

Q 18. The dimensions of quantity of heat are : [CPMT 85]

(a) M1 L-2 T-2 (b) M1 L1 T-2 (c) M1 L2 T-2 (d) M1 L2 T-1

Q 19. 'K' the thermal conductivity has dimensions :

(a) M1 L1 T3 K-1 (b) M1 L1 T-3 K-1 (c) M1 L3 T1 K-1 (d) M1 L-1 T-1 K-1

Q 20. The dimensions of latent heat (L) are: [RAJ PET2002]

(a) M1 L1 T1 (b) ML2 T-2 2
(c) M L T 2 -2 1
(d) M LT -2

Q 21. Vander Waal's gas equation is :

(P + 2 ) (V - b) = RT the dimensions of constant 'a' as given above are : [RAJ PMT 2003]
(a) M1 L4 T-2 (b) M1 L5T-2 (c) M1 L3 T-2 (d) M1 L2 T-2

Q 22. In above question the dimensions of 'b' are :

(a) M1 L5 T-2 (b) ML -2T (c) M-1 L1 T-2 (d) M L3 T

Q 23. The dimensions of RC are : [CBSE PMT 95: CPMT 94: RAJ PET 85]
(a) M L1 T1 (b) MLT1 (c) M0 L1 T-1 (d) M0 L-1 T-1

Q 24. Self inductance has dimensions : [CBSE PMT 92]

(a) M1 L2 T-2 A-2 (b) M1 L1 T-2 A2 2
(c) M L T A -1 -2 -1
(d) M L T-2

Q 25. Capacitance has dimensions:

(a) M-1 L-2 T4 A2 (b) M-1 L2T4A2 (c) M-1 L2 T-4 A-2 (d) M-1 L2 T-1 A2

Q 26. The dimension of (L/R) are : [RAJ. PET 85,CPMT 81]

(a) M0 L0 T1 (b) M0 L0 T-1 (c) M0 L1 T-1 (d) M0 L0 T2

Q 27. LC has dimension of : [MP PET 97]

(a) M0 L0 T1 (b) M0 L0 T2 2 2
(c) M L T A 3 -1
(d) M L-2A-1

Q 28. E.M.F. has dimensions of:

(a) M1L2T-3A-1 (b) M2L2T-3A-1 (c) M2L2T3A-1 (d) M2L-2A-1

1 2
Q 29. For any coil the work done for a current I is given Li , then dimensions of Li2 are:
(a) M1L2T-2 (b) M2L2T-2 (c) ML-1T (d) can not be expressed in terms of M.L.T.

Q 30. The dimensional formula for (1/2 LC ) is:

(a) M0L1T-1 (b) M0L0T-1 (c) M0L0T1 (d) can not be expressed in terms of M.L.T.
Q 31. Z the impedence has dimension :
(a) M0L2T-2 (b) M1L2T-3A-2 (c) M1L2T-2A-1 (d) M1L1T-3A2

Q 32. What is the rependance has dimension : [UP CPMT 99]

(a) M1L2T-2A2 (b) M1L2T-2 (c) M1L2T-3A-2 (d) M1L2T-2

Q 33. The dimensions of 1/CR are :

(a) M0L0T0 (b) M1L2T-1A-1 (c) M0L0T-1 (d) M0L1T-1
Q 34. the resistivity has dimensions :
(a) M1L2T-2A-2 (b) M1L3T-3A-2 (c) M1L-2T-3A-2 (d) M1L2T-2A-3

Q 35. The magnetic flux density has dimension :

(a) M-1LT-2A-1 (b) ML1T-2A-2 (c) ML2T-2A-1 (d) MLT-1A-2.

Q 36. Bqv has dimensions :

(a) M1L1T-2 (b) M2L2T-2
(c) M1L1T-3 (d) can not be expressed in terms of MLT

Q 37. The dimension formula for magnetic flux is : [EMCET 2003; KCET 2004; CBSE,CPMT 89]
(a) M1L1T2A-1 (b) M1L2T2A-1 (c) M1L2T-2A-1 (d) M2LT-2A1
Q 38. The dimensions of rotational kinetic energy are :
(a) M1L2T-1 (b) M2L-1T-2 (c) M1L2T-2 (d) M2L-1T-2
Q 39. Force F density C is a dimensionally correct relation, then X will have dimension:
(a) MLT-2 (b) MLT-3 (c) ML2T-3 (d) M2L-2T-2
Q 40. In the above relation the dimension of C are :
(a) M2L-2T-2 (b) M0L0T0 (c) M1L1T-2 (d) M1L1T

n2 - n1
Q 41. If n = D. where n is the number of particle crossing unit area per sec perpendicular to x-axis and
x1 - x1
n1 , n2 are particles per unit volume at x2 and x1. Then the dimension formula for D the diffusion
coefficient will be : [CPMT 79]
(a) MT-2 (b) L2T4 (c) LT-3 (d) L2T-1
Q 42. If M and I are the magnetic moment, moment of inertia of a bar magnet oscillating in a magnetic
induction of B, then I / MB has the dimension of :
(a) MLT (b) MLT1 (c) M1L2T-2 (d) ML1T-1

Q 43. For torsional oscillator, I / C has dimensions of :

(a) MLT-1 (b) MLT1 (c) ML1T-1 (d) MLT2

Q 44. For the question S n u (2n 1) the dimension of Sn are : [JIPMER 2000]
(a) M0L1T0 (b) M0L1T-1 (c) M1L0T-1 (d) M0L1T-2
Q 45. The dimension representation of wave number is :
(a) M0L0T-1 (b) M0L-1T0 (c) M0L0T0 (d) M-1L-1T0

Q 46. Pressure has dimension : [KCET 2003; CBSE PMT 94]

(a) M1L1T-2 1
(b) M L T -1 -1 -1
(c) M L T -1 -2
(d) M1L-1T2
Q 47. In the equation PV=RT for one mole of a gas, the dimension of R will be :
(a) M1L2T-2K-1 (b) M1L-2T-2K-1 (c) M1L-2T2K-1 (d) M2L1T-2K-1

Q 48. If muscle times speed equals power, dimension of muscle are :

(a) M1L1T-1 (b) M1L1T-2 (c) M1L2T-3 (d) M1L2T-2

Q 49. If force (F), area (A) and density (D) are taken as the fundamental units, the dimensional representation
of youngs modulus will be :
(a) F-1A-1D-2 (b) FA-2D-2 (c) FA-1D0 (d) FA-1D

Q 50. The frequency of oscillation of an object of mass m suspended by means of a spring of force constant K
is given by f = CmxKy, where C is a dimension less constant. The values of x and y are :
(a) x = 1/2, y = 1/2 (b) x =-1/2, y = 1/2 (c) x = 1/2, y = -1/2 (d) x =-1/2, y = -1/2

Q 51. Which of the following has dimension of M1L1T-1 :

(a) pressure (b) impulse (c) Angular moment (d) Force

Q 52. M1L-1T-3A-2 does not represent the dimension of :

(a) pressure (b) stress (c) Y (youngs modulus) (d) power

Q 53. M1L2T-3A-2 are the dimension of:

(a) Resistant (R) (b) magnetic moment (M)
(c) Intensity of magnetization (I) (d) self inductance (L)

Q 54. M1L2T-1 represents :

(a) Linear moment (b) Force (c) Angular moment (d) Energy

Q 55. M1L0T-3 are the dimension of :

(a) power (b) Angular momentum (c) Intensity (d) Torque per unit twist

Q 56. M1L-2T-2 are the dimension of :

(a) Pressure (b) Torque (c) Energy (d) Pressure gradient

Q 57. Which of the following has dimensional representation of M1L0T-2 :

(a) Impulse (d) Force constant (c) Angular impulse (d) Momentum

Q 58. M1L-1T-2 has dimension of :

(a) Torque (b) Surface tension
(c) Modulus of elasticity (d) Coefficient of viscocity

Q 59. The dimension of light years is :

(a) T (b) L (c) LT (d) T-1

Q 60. The unit of magnetic permeability in SI units is :

(a) Wb m-1 A-1 (b) Wb mA-1 (c) Wb m-1A-2 (d) Wb mA

Q 61. ML2T-2 are the dimension of : [PONDY PMT 97]

(a) pressure (b) momentum (c) kinetic energy (d) power

Q 62. 1 degree is equivalent to :

(a) /60 rad (b) /180 rad (c) /90 rad (d) rad
Q 63. Which of the following is not a unit of work : [RAJ PMT 98]
(a) W. s. (b) Kg. m/s (c) N. m. (d) J

Q 64. Which of the following units, denote the dimension ML2/Q2, where Q denotes the electric charge ?
(a) Wb/m2 (b) Henry (H) (c) H/m2 (d) Weber (Wb)

Answers (A)

1. D 2. B 3. D 4. B 5. B 6. D 7. A
8. B 9. B 10. C 11. C 12. D 13. C 14. B
15. B 16. A 17. C 18. C 19. B 20. B 21 B
22. D 23. B 24. A 25. A 26. A 27. B 28 A
29. A 30. B 31. B 32. D 33. C 34. B 35. A
36. A 37. C 38. C 39. D 40. C 41. D 42. B
43. B 44. A 45. B 46. C 47. A 48. B 49. C
50. B 51. B 52. D 53. A 54. C 55. C 56. D
57. B 58. C 59. B 60. A 61. C 62. B 63. B
64. B

Q 1. Which of the following pairs do not have same dimension ?
[UP PMT 2000; KERLA 2001; BHU 97; MP PMT 98]
(a) Angular momentum and h (b) Moment of inertia and torque
(c) Work and torque (d) Impulse and momentum

Q 2. Which of the following pair have same dimensions ?

[RAJ PET 94; CPMT 93, UP PMT 97: CPET (AIEEE) 2002; MP PMT]
(a) Torque and work (b) Stress and work
(c) Energy and Y (d) Light year and time period

Q 3. L/R and RC has same dimension which of the following has same dimension as those of above ?
(a) Velocity (b) Acceleration (c) Time (d) Force

Q 4. Which of the following pairs have some dimension : [UP PMT 97; RAJ PMT 2001 ; IIT 88]
(a) Work and angular momentum (b) Light year and wave length
(c) Stress and work (d) Energy and modulus of elasticity

Q 5. Impulse has same dimensions as that of : [CBSE PMT 97]

(a) Momentum (b) Velocity (c) Force/time (d) Energy

Q 6. Bulk modulus of elasticity has same dimensions as those of : [MP PMT 94]
(a) Work (b) Force (c) Pressure (d) Shear strain

Q 7. Which of the following pair does not have same dimension ? [RAJ PET 98; MP PMT 98]
(a) Pressure and stress (b) Work and pressure energy
(c) torque and linear momentum (d) angular momentum and h

Q 8. 1/ m0 0 has the same dimension as that of : [CPST 2003 ; MNR 98]

(a) Force (b) Displacement (c) Acceleration (d) Velocity

Q 9. Energy density has same dimension as that of : [MP PMT 87; CPMT 90; EAMCET 90]

(a) Force (b) Pressure (c) Velocity (d) Acceleration

Q 10. h has same dimensions as that of :

[RAJ PMT 99; RAJ PET 94. 2002, 2003; CPMT 93; 94; CBSE PMT 2002]
(a) Energy (b) Linear momentum
(c) Angular momentum (d) Torque

Q 11. Which of the following pairs of have same dimensions ? [RAS 99]
(a) Work and heat (b) Torque and force (c) Pressure and strain (d) Stream and force constant

Q 12. The dimensions of power are same as that of :

(a) Momentum (b) Work/time (c) Velocity (d) Force

Q 13. The dimension A and B related by A/B = m where m is linear density and A is force. The dimension of
B will be same as that of :
(a) Pressure (b) Work (c) Momentum (d) Latent heat

Q 14. Which of the following has not been expressed in proper unit ? [MNR 95]
(a) Stress/strain = Nm-2 (b) Surface tension = Nm-1
(c) Energy = kg.m sec-1 (d) Pressure = Nm-2

Q 15. Which of the following pairs has identical dimensions ? [RAJ PET 98]
(a) Momentum of force (b) Pressure and surface tension
(c) Moment of force and angular momentum (d) surface tension and surface energy

Q 16. Which of the following pairs of physical quantities has different dimension ?
(a) Stress, Pressure (b) Youngs Modulus, energy density
(c) Density, Relative density (d) Energy, Torque

Q 17. S.I. unit for dipole moment is : [RAJ PMT 98]

(a) C-m (b) C/m (c) N/m (d) Nm


1. B 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. C 7. C
8. D 9. B 10. C 11. A 12. B 13. D 14. C
15. D 16. C 17. A

Q 1. Which of the following is not the name of a physical quantity :
(a) Kilogram (b) Impulse (c) Time (d) Mass
Q 2. Which of the following is dimensional constant ?
(a) Refractive index (b) Poisson's ratio (c) Relative density (d) Gravitational constant

Q 3. Which of the following is different from others with a point of view of dimensions?
(a) Planck's constant (b) Coefficient of viscosity (c) Force constant (d) Poisson's ratio

Q 4. Luminous flux is expressed in:

(a) Lux (b) Weber (c) Candela (d) Lumen

Q 5. Which of the following is not the unit of energy : [MP PET 98, 2000]
(a) watt-hour (b) electron volt (c) Nm (d) kg m s-

Q 6. In SI units the angular acceleration has unit of :

(a) Nmkg-1 (b) ms-2 (c) rads-2 (d) Nkg-1

Q 7. The MKS unit of 'G' is :

(a) Nm2kg-2 (b) N.kg2.m-2 (c) N.m2.kg2 (d)

Q 8. Surface tension has unit of : [DCEEE 2001]

(a) joule.m2 (b) joule.m-2 (c) joule.m (d) joule.m

Q 9. Surface tension has MKS unit of : [OrissaJEE2004]

(a) N/m (b) N/m2 (c) N.m (d) N.m2

Q 10. The unit of Stefan's constant is : [CBSEPMT2002]

(a) joule sec-2 K-4 (b) joule.sec.K-4 (c) watt.m K 2 -4 -2
(d) Watt.m .K -4

Q 11. In Vander Waal's equation the unit of 'a' is :

(a) N.m4 (b) Nm-4 (c) Nm-2 (d) Nm2

Q 12. The M.K.S. units of coefficient of viscosity is : [MP PMT 97]

(a) kg m-1 s-1 (b) kg m s-2 (c) kg m2 s-1 (d) kg-1 m-1 S2

Q 13. The unit of magnetic moment is :

(a) amp. m2 (b) amp m-2 (c) amp. m (d) amp m-1

Q 14. Unit of magnetic induction (B) is :

(a) weber (b) Weber/metre (c) newton/ampmetre (d) henry

Q 15. The electrical permitivity for vacuum has unit:

(a) farad (b) farad m2 (c) farad/m (d) volt x metre

Q 16. The unit of intensity of magnetisation is :

(a) amp. m2 (b) amp. m-2 (c) amp. m (d) amp. m-1

Q 17. The mutual inductance has unit of :

(a) gauss (b) weber (c) farad (d) henry

Q 18. The unit of electric field is newton/coulomb, its other equivalent term is potential gradient. What will
be its unit:
(a) V.m (b) V.m2 (c) Vm-2 (d) Vm-1
Q 19. The specific resistance has the unit of:
(a) ohm/m (b) ohm/m2 (c) ohm.m2 (d) ohm.m

Q 20. Which of the following statement is wrong?

(a) Unit of K.E. is Newton metre (b) Unit of viscosity is poise
(c) Work and energy have same dimensions (d) Unit of surface tension is Newton.metre

Q 21. Farad is not equivalent to : [RAJ PET 88]

(q : coulomb, v : volt, J : Joule)
(a) q/V (b) qV2 (c) q2/J (d) J/V2

Q 22. SI unit of thermal conductivity is : [UP PMT 93]

(a) Js-1moc-1 (b) Jsm -1 c -1 (c) Js m (d) Js

-1 -1 -1 -1
c c -1

Q 23. Which of the following quantities is dimension less : [AFMC 97]

(a) strain (b) relative density (c) angle (d) all of these

Answers C

1. A 2. D 3. D 4. D 5. C 6. C 7. A
8. B 9. A 10. D 11. A 12. A 13. A 14. C
15. C 16. D 17. D 18. D 19. D 20. D 21 B
22. C 23. D

Q 1. N Kg-1 is the unit of :
(a) velocity (b) momentum (c) angular momentum (d) acceleration

Q 2. Candela is the unit of :

(a) Luminous flux (b) Light intensity (c) Illuminating power (d) None of the above

Q 3. Newton-second is the unit of :

(a) velocity (b) angular moment (c) momentum (d) energy

Q 4. Which of the following physical quantities and units do not match : [RAJ PET 91]
(a) magnetic field-weber (b) Inductance-henry
(c) Capacitance-farad (d) Electric flux-volt meter

Q 5. N.m-2 is the unit of : [DSM 93]

(a) Force constant (b) G (c) R (d) Elastic modulas

Q 6. amp.meter2 is unit of :
(a) Intensity of magnetisation (b) Magnetic moment
(c) Magnetic field (d) Magnetic flux

Q 7. Which of the following has unit of electron volt ? [MP PMT 93]
(a) Energy (b) Electric current (c) Potential (d) Intensity of electric field
Q 8. Coulomb.meter is the unit of :
(a) magnetic moment (b) electric dipole moment
(c) magnetic flux (d) reactance

Q 9. Which of the following does not have dimension of length:

(a) Fermi (b) micron (c) angstrom (d) radian

Q 10. LI2 has same unit as that of :

(a) force (b) momentum (c) energy (d) charge

Q 11. Which of the following is not correctly represented with its unit:
(a) stress/strain = N.m-2 (b) surface tension = N.m-1
(c) pressure = Nm (d) Energy = kg m sec-2

Q 12. The ratio of S.I to C.G.S. unit for stefans constant is :

1 1
(a) (b) (c) 100 (d) 1000
100 1000

Q 13. The ratio of S.I. unit to the C.G.S. units of G is :

(a) 10-2 (b) 10-3 (c) 102 (d) 103

Q 14. The ratio of coefficient of viscosity in MKS system to that in CGS system is :
(a) 10-1 (b) 10-2 (c) 10 (d) 102.

Q 15. Time taken by light to travel from sun to the earth is approximately:
(a) 8 seconds (b) 8 hours (c) 8 minutes (d) 8 days

Q 16. Order of magnitude of wavelength of visible light in meter is:

(a) 10-6 (b) 10-10 (c) 10-8 (d) 10-7

Q 17. If the units M and L are increased three times, then the units of energy will be increased by :
(a) 3 times (b) 6 times (c) 27 times (d) 81 times

Q 18. The density of a cube is measured by measuring its mass and length of side. If the maximum error in
their measurement is 3 % and 2 % respectively, the maximum error in the measurement of density is :
(a) 7 % (b) 5 % (c) 9 % 3%

Q 19. A body weight 22.42 gm and has a volume 4.7cc. The possible error in the measurement of mass is 0.01
and in volume is 0.1 respectively. The maximum error in density is :
(a) 2 % (b) 0.02 % (c) 0.2 % (d) 2.2 %

Q 20. If c, the velocity of light, g the acceleration due to gravity and p the atmospheric pressure in M.K.S.
units are fundamental units, the dimension of length will be :
(a) c/g (b) p.c.g. (c) c/p (d) c2/g

Q 21. The percentage error in measurement of length and time period is 2 % and 1 % respectively. The
percentage error in measurement of g is :
(a) 2 % (b) 4 % (c) 6 % 4%
Q 22. The velocity of a body falling freely under gravity g through height h is = kg2hb. The values of a and b
by method of dimension are :
(a) a = 1, b = 1 (b) a = 1/2 , b = 1/2 (c) a = 1/2, B = 1 (d) a = 1, b = 1/2

Q 23. The dimension formula for specific resistance in terms of [M], [L] and [Q], where [Q] is dimension for
charge is :
(a) [M] [L]3[T]-1[Q]-2 (b) [M][L]3[T]-3[Q]-1 (c) [M][L]2[T]-2[Q]-1 (d) [M][L][T]-1[Q]-1

Q 24. Temperature can be represented as a derived unit from which of the combination of units given below :
(a) mass and length (b) mass and time
(c) mass, length and time (d) none of these

Q 25. In the equation S = a + bt + ct 2 if S and t are measured in meter and second respectively then the unit of
C is :
(a) no unit (b) m (c) ms-1 (d) ms-2
Q 26. Dimension of farad are :
(a) M-1L-2T2Q2 (b) M-1L-2TQ (c) M-1L-3T2Q (d) M-1L-2TQ2

Q 27. In equation x = at + bt2, the dimension of a and b are : [CBSE PMT 93]
(a) LT-1LT-2 (b) LT-2LT-1 (c) L2T2LT2 (d) LT2LT-2

Q 28. The dimension of M.I. are : [RAS 93]

(a) M1L2T0 (b) M0L2T-1 (c) M2L2T0 (d) M1L2T-2

Q 29. The dimension of which quantity is different then remaining three quantities : [AIIMS 87]
(a) Energy per unit volume (b) force per unit area
(c) product of potential and charge density (d) angular momentum per unit mass

Q 30. The formula of a physical quantity is represented by X = M aLbT-c. If the error in the measurement of M,
L and T are %, %, and %. Then the total error is :
(a) (a - b + c)% (b) (a + b + c)% (c) (a + b - c)% (d) None of these above

Q 31. A spherical body of mass m and radius r is allowed to fall in a medium of coefficient of viscosity . The
time in which its velocity rises to 0.63 times the critical velocity V is known as . is dimensionally
represented by : [AIIMS
(a) mr2/6 (b) (6mr/g)1/2 (c) m/6rv (d) none of the above

Q 32. If the radiation pressure, velocity of light and radiation energy per unit area per sec are represented by P,
C and Q respectively. Then what are the value of the non-zero whole numbers x, y and z such that the
quantity PxQyCz becomes dimension less :
(a) x = 1, y = 1 , z = -1 (b) x = 1, y = -1, z = 1
(c) x = -1, y = 1 , z = 1 (d) x = y = z = 1

Q 33. Ampere hour is the unit of:

(a) energy (b) power of current (c) power (d) quantitative value of electricity

Q 34. Which of the following has dimension of length : [RAJ PMT 93]
(a) angular velocity (b) angular acceleration (c) surface tension (d) angular momentum

Q 35. Following pair of quantities have same dimensions: [UP PMT 96]
(a) potential energy and torque (b) power and velocity
(c) potential energy and gravitational constant (d) force and velocity

Q 36. Kilowatt hour is the unit of : [RAJ PET 97; RAJ PMT 93]
(a) electric potential (b) electrical power (c) power (d) electrical energy

Q 37. If a, b, c, are the percentage errors in the measurement of A, B and C, then percentage error in ABC
would be approximately : [BIHAR PMT 96]
(a) abc (b) a + b + c (c) ab + bc + ac (d) a/b + b/c + c/a

Q 38. If A and B have different dimensions then the correct relation according to dimensional principles will
be :
(a) A + B (b) A B (c) A/B (d) eA/B

Q 39. In standard notations, the correct relation for frequency is : [MP PMT 95]
(a) LC (b) (LC)-1/2 (c) (L/C)-1/2 (d) C/L

Q 40. If E, V and T represent energy, velocity and time, then surface tension will have dimension in terms of
E, V and T as : [RAJ PMT 93]
1 -2 -2 2 1 -1 -1 2 2 -2 1 1
(a) E V T (b) E V T (c) E V T (d) E E T

Q 41. The equation of state for a gas is :

a Rq
P 2
where P, V and q are pressure, volume an absolute temperature respectively while a and R are
constants. The dimension of a are :
(a) M-1L5T-2 (b) ML5T-2 (c) ML-5T2 (d) ML-2T-2

Q 42. The density of a cube is determined by measuring its mass and length of its one side. If maximum error
in measurement of mass is 4% and edge is measured with an error of 3% then the % error in the
measurement of density will be: [AIPV 2003; CBSE PMT 96]
(a) 13% (b) 9% (c) 7% (d) 1%

Q 43. If force F = at + bt2 where t denotes time, the dimension of a and b shall be : [BHU 98]
(a) MLT-3, ML2T4 (b) MLT-3 (c) MLT-1, MLT0 (d) MLT-4, MLT1
Q 44. Weber/m2 is equivalent to : [AFMC 97]
(a) Volt (b) Henery (c) Tesla (d) all the above

Q 45. The unit of impulse is : [UP CPMT 97]

(a) Newton (b) kg/m (c) kg-m/s. (d) joule

Q 46. Which of the following is dimensionally different then others : [CBSE PMT 93]
(a) Energy per unit volume (b) Force per unit area
(c) Product of voltage and charge per unit volume (d) Angular momentum

Q 47. Which of the following set of quantities has similar dimensions : [MP PET 97]
(a) Work, energy force (b) Potential energy, kinetic energy, momentum
(c) Velocity, impulse, momentum (d) Pressure, stress, modulus of elasticity

Q 48. The dimension of 0 E 2 ( 0 permittivity of free space, E electric field) : [IIT (screening) 2000]
(a) MLT-1 (b) ML2T-2 (c) MLT-2 (d) ML2T-1

Q 49. The ratio of the dimension of plancks constant and that of the moment of inertia is the dimension of:
[CBSE PMT 2005]
(a) Time (b) Frequency
(c) Angular momentum (d) Velocity

Answers D

1. 4 2. 2 3. 3 4. 1 5. 4 6. 2 7. 1
8. 2 9. 4 10. 3 11. 4 12. 2 13. 2 14. 1
15. 3 16. 4 17. 3 18. 3 19. 1 20. 4 21 2
22. 2 23. 1 24. 4 25. 4 26. 3 27. 1 28 1
29. 4 30. 2 31. 4 32. 2 33. 4 34. 4 35. 1
36. 2 37. 2 38. 3 39. 2 40. 1 41. 2 42. 1
43. 2 44. 3 45. 3 46. 4 47. 4 48. 2 49. 2


Q 1. The displacement in the nth second, of a uniformly acceleration motion given by:
Sn u
2(2n - 1)
This equation is dimensionally: [JIPMER 2000]
(a) Correct. (b) not correct.
(c) can be made correct by multiplying the right hand side of the equation by n.
(d) can be made correct by dividing the left hand side of the equation by n.

Q 2. If P is the pressure of a gas and is its density, then dimension of velocity is given by :
(a) P1/2 -1/2 (b) P1/2 1/2 (c) P-1/2 1/2 (d) P-1/2 -1/2

Q 3. If G, C and h are the fundamental constants of Physics, then the unit of time is expressed as:
(a) (hc / G ) (b) (hG / c 5 ) (c) (hc/G) (d) hGc3

Q 4. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the Lists :
List I List II
(Quantities of rotational motion) (Their dimensions)
A. Energy 1. M1L2T-1
B. Moment of Inertia 2. M1L2T0
C. Angular acceleration 3. M1L2T-2
D. Angular Momentum 4. M0L-T-2
Codes :
(a) 3 4 2 1 (b) 1 3 4 2
(c) 4 2 1 3 (d) 3 2 4 1
Q 5. A quantity X is given by 0 L where 0 is the permittivity of free space L is length, DV is potential
difference and Dt is a time interval. The dimensional formula for X is the same as that of :
(a) Resistance (b) charge (c) Voltage (d) Current

Q 6. The pairs of physical quantities that have the same dimensions is (are) : [IIT 95]
(a) Reynolds number and coefficient of friction.
(b) Curie and frequency of light wave.
(c) Latent that and gravitational potential.
(d) Plancks constant and torque.

Q 7. Let [0] denote the dimensional formula of the permittivity of the vaccum and [m0] that of the
permeability of the vaccum. If M = mass, L = length, T = time and I = electric currant then, :
(a) [0] = M-1L-3T2I (b) [0] = M-1L-3T4I2 (c) [m0] MLT-2I-2 (d) [m0] = ML-2T-1I

Q 8. The SI Unit of inductance, the Henry, can be written as: [IIT 98]
(a) Weber/ampere (b) Volt second/ampere (c) joule/(ampere)2 (d) Ohm-second

Q 9. The velocity of a particle at time t is given by = at + , where a, b, and c are constants. The
dimensions of a, b, and c are respectively: [CBSE PMT 2006]
(a) LT2, L and T (b) L2,T and LT2 (c) LT2, LT and L (d) L, LT and T2
Answers E

1. 1 2. 2 3. 2 4. 1 5. 4 6. 1,2,3 7. 2,3
8. 2 9. 1